ICW No Holds Barred is back again and this time it’s coming from the Sunshine State of Florida. The home of Florida Man was about to host a weekend of deathmatch violence and cage-fighting brutality. Tonight’s offering would show us, the return of Dominic Garrini to the cage, Justin Kyle vs Bruce Santee, AKIRA vs Nolan Edward in a fight where both guys could die, Alex Ocean vs John Wayne Murdoch, and a main-event that would see SHLAK look to murder Neil Diamond Cutter… again. it was night one of the most violent weekends in wrestling, so let’s get into it.

Fights, Camera, Action

Eric Ryan defeated Jimmy Lloyd via Cage-Side Stomps

The show opened with a fight between the Different Boy, Jimmy Lloyd, and the 2020 King of the Deathmatch, Eric Ryan. Could Lloyd give 44OH! a bloody nose by beating one of its best or would he be snuffed out like the rest of Ryan’s opponents? Lloyd started by playing ping pong with Ryan and the cage walls. Ryan stopped a whip and tried to talk smack but Lloyd tossed him through a barbed-wire door. Lloyd continued to pound away and carved up Ryan with a fork. He drove Ryan into a can-board and dragged barbed-wire into his head. Ryan got thrown at another door but stopped himself and leapfrogged Lloyd. Lloyd was unable to stop his momentum and crashed through the door. Ryan took the fork to him and ground him against the cage. Ryan stabbed him in the back with more forks and continued to torture Lloyd with kicks and barbed-wire. Ryan copied Lloyd and crashed into the can-board, then locked Lloyd in a fork-stabbing deathlock. Ryan booted Lloyd against the cage and stomped down on his head until the ref stopped the match. He had notched another win by stomping the brains out of his opponent. He was as gracious as ever in victory, then again, I think Lloyd gave him way more of a fight than he expected. Fuck 44OH! Count: 1

Dominic Garrini defeated Eddy Only via Calf Slicer

Continuing the train of people potentially murdering 44OH! Dominic Garrini was given his chance to beat up a green and black goon too, Eddy Only. Would the BJJ and submission expert be able to stop the deathmatch dirtbag or would Only find a way to win? There was no fuckery in the cage so Only was relying on his newly learned karate skills and headlocks. For the opening minutes of the match, Garrini just threw Only around, pummelled him with strikes and knees, and watched Only scramble out of holds. He laughed off Only’s attempt at an armbar and kicked him against the cage. Garrini locked in a rear-naked choke and had Only on the ropes until Only pulled at his hair. Garrini made him pay with a massive Atomic Drop, a barrage of cage-trapped strikes and finished him off with a Calf Slicer. Garrini made light work of Only, which to be honest, everyone was expecting. That being said, Only doesn’t need to fight to get over, just give him a couple of minutes on the mic. 44OH! Fucked Count: 1

Justin Kyle defeated Bruce Santee via Spear beatdown

We go from BJJ to MMA-infused fighting as Justin Kyle looked to continue his winning streak by taking out veteran Florida wrestler Bruce Santee. Would Kyle continue to dominate his foes or was Santee going to be the bane of his existence? This started rough with full-on fisticuffs and just kept on getting stronger. Santee wanted a fight and Kyle gave him it as the two hossed it out. Kyle bitch-slapped Santee and the pair got into a slugging contest. The pair continued to trade knockout level blows like nothing and smiling the whole time. This might have been the most violent match of the night so far and it didn’t even need fuckery. After a torrent of strike exchanges, superman punches, and so many violent shots, Kyle blasted Santee with a flying knee, a spear, and punched him against the cage until the referee had to drag him off. Kyle was that fired up he didn’t want to stop until Santee was unconscious. Talk about violence personified. These two had a caged bar-fight, in a bar in front of fans who were shellshocked by the level of pain being dished out. I’d never seen Bruce Santee in action before but I’m going to have to look back now.

AKIRA defeated Nolan Edward via STF

Next up was the most anticipated match of the night. AKIRA vs Nolan Edward, two guys with no flinch and no self-control. These two would fight until one of them was completely destroyed. The only question is, who would be the one left standing? The pair started with some feeling out kicks and slaps, then went into a competitive ground exchange where AKIRA tried to drive Edward into a barbed-wire board with a kneebar. Edward escaped by going to the wounds on AKIRA’s back and the pair went back to another technical exchange after more kicks. AKIRA went for a rear-naked choke but Edward reversed into a pin and screamed as AKIRA locked a wrist. AKIRA picked him apart with strikes and kicks with very little reaction from Edward. AKIRA upped the ante with a series of punches and a Northern Lights. Edward answered back by locking an arm for some head punches and a Vertical Suplex. AKIRA drove Edward into a chair with a Koppu Kick and after failing to pick a leg, dropkicked a barbed-wire board into Edward’s chest. AKIRA broke the board over his head and when Edward’s asked for another shot, kicked him in the chest. The pair went into another strike exchange and Edward winded AKIRA with a thunderous chop. The pair fired off with combos but Edward’s struck second and downed AKIRA with a Saito. AKIRA caught Edwards with a standing Scorpion kick and took him down with another Saito. He crunched Edward against the cage with a hesitation, dropkick. They fought over a Suplex onto an open chair and Edward took aim at AKIRA’s arm with a Pelé kick. He then dumped AKIRA onto the chair with a cage-running Tornado DDT. Edward barred the arm and tried to break it with strikes, digging into open words as he did so. He went into the Three Amigos but AKIRA escaped the third and trapped Edward in the Gory Special. He then slammed Edward into one of the cages supports with a Gory Bomb, folding Edward like an accordion. AKIRA willed him back to life with another series of kicks and after tanking a nasty forearm, cut down Edward with another flurry of elbows and palm strikes. Edward caught him out of a charge and put him through the remains of a can-board with a Thatcher Suplex.

With AKIRA still breathing, Edward went back to the arm with a stand of barbed-wire. He bitch-slapped AKIRA and told him to fight. AKIRA answered back with a spinning back-elbow and head kick but Edward reversed a Gotch Piledriver into a double stomp. He pelted AKIRA with a chair and took another kicking from AKIRA. The gussets came out and AKIRA locked on an Octopus and hammered one into Edward’s arm. This transitioned to the Hentai Stretch as the Gusset was hammered in. Edward escaped with a series of knee strikes and hit a surfboard stomp onto AKIRA with a plywood board. The pair traded headbutts on their knees and got more vicious with them as they got to their feet. They set up a door across a chair and AKIRA directed Edward to the top of the cage. They traded overhand chops on the top and AKIRA locked in a choke. Edward tried to escape and the pair tumbled through the door off a Uranage. Both guys fired up off of the fall and went into a rock-em sock-em robots Esque fistfight. The chops came out again and Edward took a gusset to AKIRA’s head. AKIRA kicked free, hammered the plate in harder, and delivered another headbutt. He ran at Edward again and got lawn darted into the cage wall. AKIRA escaped a second and kicked Edward’s into the chair for a forearm. That was followed by a German onto the chair and the beautiful hacksaw Muta-Lock, dragging the saw across Edward’s mouth. That moved into an STF and Edward passed out. AKIRA had won the war here in what was the perfect mix of traditional fighting and deathmatch fuckery. AKIRA came out in a Shibata tribute shirt and I think he’d have been proud of the fighting spirit present in both guys. What a fucking match. These guys are friends… I dread to think what they do to their enemies.

Atticus Cogar defeated Reed Bentley via Fuckery Pile Tiger Driver

These two are pretty much the underrated members of their factions. Reed Bentley, someone who consistently has exceptional matches against Atticus Cogar, the most consistent deathmatch star out there right now. These two had a barn-burner at Volume 6 where Bentley nearly killed Cogar. Would he get his revenge now? The fuckery was here and both men were going to use it. They started by scrapping around the cage and trading chops. Bentley got the better of the exchange and cracked a fleeing Cogar with the cage door. He attacked Cogar with a gusset bat and got the same bat taken to his head and a gusset to the arm. Cogar continued by taking a barbed-wire bat to Bentley’s head and brought it down across his back. They got into another nasty strike exchange as Bentley got more and more fired-up against Cogar. Bentley caught one of Cogar’s forearms and transitioned it into a cutter. He hammered Cogar in the ribs with the barbed-wire bat and dug it into his neck. They traded more gussets as Cogar took one to the head and Bentley got one in each arm. Cogar threw caution to the wind and hit Bentley with a splash of the cage. He stabbed up Bentley with skewers and hammered them into his head. He ejected them with a superkick and regretted his life choices when Bentley answered back with a ripcord forearm and backdrop driver. Bentley KO’ed him with a right hook and hammered him with a keg to the ribs. He took another to Cogar’s head and set a fuckery door on top of them. He tried for the Tiger Driver but Cogar fought out with a low blow. He scooped up Bentley and put him through the door with an Air Raid Crash. When Bentley kicked out, he took a pizza cutter to his head, a less than tasteful homage to a particular god of this shit. He went for the Brain Haemorrhage (what I had been calling the faceplant) but Bentley broke free and caught him into the Tiger Driver onto a fuckery pile for the win. Bentley had bested Cogar a second time, this time inside the confines of a cage. Reed Bentley really is the unmovable object of the Rejects it would seem. 44OH! Fucked Count: 2

John Wayne Murdoch defeated Alex Ocean via Chair Brainbuster

Talk about a unique match-up. Alex Ocean, the slowly bittering future star of deathmatch taking on the current king and stablemate of his star opponent AKIRA, John Wayne Murdoch. Ocean might not be able to die but based on Murdoch’s kill list, I don’t think that would get him much more than a load of punishment. Ocean tried to act cocky but Murdoch invited him to hit him, then took his head off. Murdoch hammered him to the ground and rained down punches. He dragged Ocean outside the cage and beat him down amongst the fans. Murdoch brained him with a door, cutting up his head, and continued to bring it down on him until it was nothing but shrapnel. He dragged him back into the cage and took a hacksaw to Ocean’s head. He ran Ocean through a barbed-wire door and carved him up further with barbed-wire. Ocean tried to fight back but Murdoch swatted him away and scooped him onto a razor board. He broke the board over Ocean’s head and stabbed in a gusset, then drove him through a second razor board. Murdoch gave Ocean a gusset 2×4 and swung away at him, trying to get him to fight. Ocean finally swung back and hit Murdoch so badly he had to use his shirt as a tourniquet. Murdoch got taped up and they went into a slugfest, both guys throwing them in snug. Ocean tried for the 2K1 Bomb onto a chair but Murdoch powered out and won the match with his patented chair brainbuster. Murdoch won the battle but not without gaining another war wound from a very game Ocean. Whilst he may have taken the brunt of the beating, Ocean was smiling the whole time, taking enjoyment from the sadism directed his way. Talking about leaving an eerie impression before his big match tomorrow.

SHLAK defeated Neil Diamond Cutter via Fuckery Door SHLAK Bomb

Last but not least, the main event. This was a rematch of the Insane 8 tournament finals where SHLAK murdered Neil Diamond Cutter. It’s safe to say SHLAK was going to try and do that again within the confines of the case. NDC can take a beating, that’s for sure but how would that fair against someone as sadistic as SHLAK? Within seconds, SHLAK hit Cutter with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and threw him against the cage. Cutter tried to hop on his back for a choke but SHLAK just drove him through a fuckery door. He tore off a bit of the door and stabbed it into Cutter’s head. He chopped and headbutted Cutter, then drove a gusset into his pec. SHLAK was like an animal, clawing and biting Cutter’s head and wound. He hammered another gusset into Cutter’s back and slammed him down with an Exploder. He bit at Cutter’s hand and smashed him against the cage. He tried to break his arm and choked him out with more broken door. Cutter finally got back into the match by clubbing SHLAK with his thang staple-gun and tried to staple a dollar to SHLAK’s head but SHLAK snatched it off him, pried out his tongue and stapled the dollar to Cutter’s tongue then stapled his head. He hoisted Cutter up and threw him through another fuckery door with a Gorilla Press. He gave Cutter some barbed-wire to the head, then slammed him onto a keg. SHLAK brained him with another door and threw him overhead with another Exploder. Cutter tanked it and speared SHLAK through the final fuckery door. He continued with the double-stomp and senton combo, then dropped a keg on SHLAK’s guts. He set-up a door remnant onto the kegs and got caught into a powerbomb against the cage and through the fuckery door by SHLAK. NDC tried to give SHLAK a fight but it was another murder in the cage.

Best of the Bloodletting

  • So, Eddy Only is one of the best goddamn trash-talkers on the planet. It’s awesome to see him absorbing some of Tracey Smothers’ mannerisms and character traits as he feels like one of the best to do it.
  • You don’t always need fuckery to put on something horrifying. Justin Kyle and Bruce Santee tore shreds off each other with their bare hands. This was nothing but vicious strikes and knees. They destroyed one another until the ref decided Kyle had done enough. Also, Santee did all this in jeans. What a fucking madman.
  • AKIRA and Nolan Edward put on one of the absolute best matches I’ve seen from a Pitfighter Show so far. These two took each other past the limit and exercised both brutality and catch brilliance in equal measure. An absolute must-watch match.
  • Reed Bentley continues to be unkillable as he has bested Cogar a second time in bloody fashion. Cogar nearly had him on several occasions but Bentley has ungodly fortitude and a very sadistic side that once again led him to put on an exceptional match with Cogar.
  • Murdoch vs Ocean was a very grizzly match. I’m not squeamish but the wounds they got did not look pleasant. That being said, they kept going and continued to make the other bleed buckets. A gruesome slice of deathmatch violence and probably the most bloodshed so far.
  • SHLAK murdered Neil Diamond Cutter. It was a very nasty battle as SHLAK did everything in his power to put Cutter down and keep him down. NDC took a beating as always but he finally succumbed to SHLAK’s sadistic might.

What Comes Next?

  • Both Lloyd and Ryan seem fired up for their matches tomorrow after the brief encounter they had in the cage. Ryan has Dom Garrini who just put down Eddy Only and Lloyd will be battling Reed Bentley in the name of No Peace Underground.
  • Eddy Only isn’t having the best of luck in ICW. Now he is going to be G-Raver’s first victim… I mean opponent back into wrestling for ICW NHB.
  • Justin Kyle still remains undefeated in ICW. Even someone as stiff as Santee couldn’t get the job done. Just what will it take to best this monster?
  • AKIRA and Alex Ocean both went through brutal fights tonight, it’s hard not to wonder how banged up they’ll be for their Future of Deathmatch war tomorrow. Not to mention Murdoch has a 60-minute Ironman Deathmatch tomorrow. Has Ocean just made his fight a whole lot harder?
  • Nothing too much to add but NDC vs Atticus and SHLAK vs Meng are going to be insane tomorrow.

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