Welcome back to the second half of the ICW double-header of doom. Tonight, we say goodbye to the cage and hello to the chains as ICW does what they do best, a show full of ghoulish fun. On tonight’s offering of bloody violence and wrestling excellence, we’ll see, SHLAK take on the legendary Meng is a dream match no one knew we needed, the return of Deathmatch Dom Garrini against Eric Ryan, Eddy Only vs G-Raver, the Future of Death battle between Alex Ocean and AKIRA and as the main event, a 60-minute Ironman deathmatch between John Wayne Murdoch and Orin Veidt. Let’s get into the action, shall we?

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SHLAK vs Meng ended in double count-out

The show opened with the dream match we didn’t know we needed, SHLAK taking on the legendary Tongan savage, Meng. We know Meng can kill men with his bare hands, but would he indulge in the deathmatch toys? Meng was not intimidated and shrugged off a SHLAK strike with a combo of his own into a hook kick. He sent SHLAK to the outside with lariats and the pair brawled around the ring, pummelling each other with headbutts, chops, and the great equaliser, a chair. Meng seemed unphased by anything SHLAK was doing to him and continued to beat him down with trash-talking glee. We were watching two monsters chop it out until Meng grew tired of SHLAK’s headbutt attempts and bit into his face, then threw him into the crowd. They continued to brawl into the fans with flurries of chair-shots and straight punches. SHLAK took a multitude of chair shots to the head and retreated to the ring where Meng bit his nose. SHLAK powered up off this and started to rock Meng with his shots and dodged his splash to put him through a chair with a Samoan Drop. Meng retreated outside and another brawl broke out. Meng drove SHLAK into the steps and broke a bundle over his head. These two continued to swing away on each other so the ref gave up and counted them both out. To be fair, that’s the best possible result as neither of these monsters would accept defeat.

Eric Ryan defeated Dominic Garrini via Snuff Stomp

Next up was the interesting return of deathmatch Dominic Garrini to tackle one of the most technically gifted deathmatch wrestlers, Eric Ryan. Could BJJ and deathmatch fuckery be enough to beat the 2020 King of the Deathmatch? Garrini started by taking down and surprising Ryan with a slew of technical takedowns and holds, then got blasted by a bundle to the head. Ryan assaulted Garrini with more tubes and carved broken glass into his head. He stomped a tube into Garrini’s head and trapped him in a chin-lock. Garrini escaped, kneed a bundle into Ryan’s ribs, and pummelled him with tubes. The tube frenzy continued as deathmatch Dom came out and cut up Ryan with broken glass. Garrini went into a violence party and chopped tubes into Ryan’s chest. Ryan was assaulted by so many bundles, then begged for a time out so he could trip up Garrini and kick a bundle into his chest. He stomped another bundle into his guts and tried for the snuff stomp but Garrini broke free with a bundle. They both traded ground and pound strikes, then Garrini trapped Ryan in a triangle. Ryan dragged him into a glass pile and broke free into the Snuff Stomp and won the match. Deathmatch Dom left Ryan bloodied as fuck but he was in Ryan’s kingdom and he was still king when the match was called off. Fuck 44OH! Count: 1

Reed Bentley defeated Jimmy Lloyd via Tiger Driller

After that, it was time for a No Peace Underground vs ICW NHB warfare bout. Two rivals were going to go to war again for the first time in years flying the flag for their company of choice. ICW was in enemy territory, could Bentley prevail and fly high the flag of ICW? They started with a bat vs bundle standoff which saw Bentley lose his bundle and take repeated strikes from the bat to the head. Bentley gave him a bat shot back and hammered a gusset into Lloyd’s head. Lloyd did the same to Bentley and hammered it further in with the tack-bat. Lloyd drove the gusset into Bentley’s arm and broke a bauble bat over his back. Lloyd set up a door and got into a heated strike exchange with Bentley. Lloyd rushed with a rolling elbow but Bentley caught it into a cutter through the door. H bludgeoned Lloyd with the broken parts and the pair hit each other with VHS tapes, then keyboards. They then went into duelling light-tubes and knocked each other down with dual rolling elbows. Lloyd drove Bentley into a barbed-wire frame with a dropkick and crushed him with a cannonball. The ring was flooded with chairs and the pair pelted each other with them. Bentley climbed to the top to dump Lloyd through a grill but Lloyd work up and broke the grill with Bentley’s back. They both hulked up and Bentley finished the match with a duo of Regal-plexes and a Tiger Driller for the win. This got fucking crazy as both guys went to war with every possible element they could. Lloyd had one of his best matches in a while here.

Atticus Cogar defeated Neil Diamond Cutter via super Brain Haemorrhage

Neil Diamond Cutter cannot catch a break this weekend. First SHLAK, now he had to take on 44OH!’s deathmatch specialist, Atticus Cogar. Would the 1st Prince of the Deathmatch be able to contend with the 2020 Prince of the Deathmatch or would 44OH! claim this win? He even had a riot taking down Cogar or A-Cuckus on the mic. He then tanked a tube and beat Cogar down with elbows and a chair. He tripped Cogar onto a chair, rammed him into the top platform, and hit the step-up senton on the chair trapped Cogar. He headbutted a bundle into Cogar and carved him up with broken tubes. Cogar headbutted a gusset into Cutter and hammered him with tubes. He tripped Cutter into the chains and hit a chain-trapped backbreaker and lionsault. He took a tack bat to Cutter’s arm and gave him a crack to the chest. Cutter answered back with a bundle to Cogar’s face and hit the double stomp/senton combo with another bundle. He headbutted the tack back into Cogar’s forehead (and regretted it), then finally got a gusset into Cogar’s head. Cogar fired back with a headbutt and suplexed Cutter into the glass. He pelted Cutter with a light-tube cabin but Cutter tanked it and smashed Cogar with the shrapnel. Cogar threw Cutter through a tube board and hit a double-stomp before climbing to the top. He was handed up a pane of glass and missed a moonsault, bringing the pane on his own ribs. Cutter dropped him on a second with a backdrop driver and dumped him in the glass pile with a cutter. Cogar dumped Cutter through a bundle with an Air Raid Crash. He set up one final pane of glass and after a fight at the top, drove Cutter face-first through the glass with the Brain Haemorrhage. Cogar had bested Cutter in one hell of a deathmatch. It was fun, brutal, and full of hilarious Cutter trash-talk. Cogar continues to be one of 2020’s best wrestlers. Fuck 440H! Count: 2

G-Raver defeated Eddy Only via Meteora

Well, this one is obvious, isn’t it? it wouldn’t be a case of if G-Raver would win, it was a question of what he’d do to him before letting Only leave, dead or alive? I never want to rule out the deathmatch dirtbag but it’s G-Raver, on his return… yeah, he’s dead. Eddy Only delivered a verbal beatdown at the start of it all that even he couldn’t keep a straight face for. Only tried to light a cigarette but Raver stole it and enjoyed it himself. Only was stupefied as Raver took a seat and basically stole his gimmick. Only threw more barbs so Raver threw the cigarette at him and chased him around the ring. Only got scared by a ring post and smashed up his hand punching it. Raver didn’t need to do too much and just stalked Only and occasionally bounced him off the apron or delivered a forearm to keep him moving. Only locked himself in an old display case and enjoyed a cigarette. Raver stalked the case and broke it with a cinderblock, making Only flee once again. He threw Only back into the ring and kicked the chains into his balls when he tried to flee again. He hit Only with an atomic drop and blasted him with a running knee. He continued with a half and a half and another vicious knee. Raver continued to systematically destroy Only with an assortment of kicks and chokes, then kicked him out of a chair. Only broke the repaired arm of Raver over the chains and tried to continue to work the arm but Raver slugged back and tripped Only into the chains. He punished Only with more elbows and gave Only a head-full of tattoo needles. Raver drove them in even further with an implant DDT and nailed Only with a Swanton. Only kicked out and kicked low, then tried to hit Raver with a tennis racquet but Raver snatched it off him and cracked it off Only’s head. Raver tried to set fire to Only’s dick but for once, Only wasn’t hammered so he didn’t have the alcohol content to catch fire. He climbed to the top once more and ended Only with a Meteora. Raver had succeeded in his first match back and bested one of ICW’s nastiest competitors. 44OH! Fucked count: 1

Alex Ocean defeated AKIRA via Bundle Elbow Drop

The future of death is here! Alex Ocean and AKIRA have been touted as the future by so many guys and now, after months of waiting, it was time to see who was better. Would it be the blackening heart of Ocean or the catch spirit of AKIRA? They started technical with Ocean trying to prove he can do what AKIRA brings to the dance. Ocean got pissed and started shouting and slapping so AKIRA gave him the Aja Kong treatment with some spinning back-fists and a kick to the chest. AKIRA hammered him with kicks and gave him a neck-twist. Ocean stalled, getting the ref to hold back AKIRA and hit him with a chop-block. Ocean started working over the knee, using a tack bat for extra spice. AKIRA nailed him in the head with the tack-bat, taking him on a tour of the ring, then slapped it out with Ocean. They traded shots to the head and AKIRA tried for a chain choke but got a bundle to the head. Ocean continued to press with tubes and the Sliced Bread, then focused on tacks and destroying AKIRA’s knee. He even gave it a carved into AKIRA’s leg with a broken tube. Ocean then made the grave mistake of mocking Eddie Guerrero, a very bad move. AKIRA made everyone happy by trapping Ocean in the Gory Special and delivered another nasty Gory Bomb against the chains. AKIRA continued to apply the pressure and doled out more punishment but Ocean stopped it all by going back to the knee. They worked around submissions; AKIRA even dragged Ocean into the Hentai Stretch with a broken tube. They fought to the outside and brawled around ringside until Ocean used a tyre to cause more knee damage and AKIRA used the concrete to fight him off. Back in-ring, Ocean took more tack bats to AKIRA and after tanking a chair, speared him through a door. He brought out the glass and tried to re-open Tremont’s Crater, the chest wound AKIRA got months ago. The pair got into a chop off, then a punch off as feelings flew as much as the blood. Ocean hammered AKIRA with more tubes but AKIRA just powered up off of it. AKIRA stabbed up Ocean and carved his own chest for power. He kicked and struck Ocean down and broke another tube into him with a Hesitation dropkick. He dodged a tube shot with a DVD and kicked it into Ocean’s chest. Ocean dodged a charged and locked in a Cloverleaf over the chains. He went back to the knee until AKIRA caught him into a Northern Lights combo. Ocean reversed a second into the 2K1 Bomb and AKIRA blasted him into a super bundle with the Scorpion Kick. He hit Ocean with a German and climbed to the top for the Shatter Star Bomb but Riley Madison came out of nowhere and threw him from the top. She gave him a bundle to use and the pair won the match with a bundle elbow drop into a double pin. Ocean found himself a new partner and won the match here but he was coming away with a wealth of injuries. AKIRA lost the match but definitely kept the fans.

60-Minute Ironman Deathmatch: John Wayne Murdoch defeated Orin Veidt via Fuckery Tower Deep South Destroyer (2-1)

Now, let’s make some history. 60-minutes, two of deathmatch wrestling’s best and a whole match of violence. It was going to be fun; it was going to be vicious and it was going to be a nightmare to review. Instead of play by play, we’re going for summary mode for this because two monsters were going to fight for 60 minutes and that would need an essay. The first 13 minutes were dedicated to some minor chain wrestling, door smashing, and a whole lot of fighting on the outside. As the fight went everywhere, improvised fuckery was used to cut up and fuck up both men. They had an excellent outside bar fight and the first fall came from Murdoch catching Orin in a backslide. After the first fall, we saw the fire rage in Veidt who became even more vicious using records, LEGO, light bulbs, and more to damage Murdoch. It got extra heated as you could feel how slighted and underappreciated Veidt felt. He slapped about Murdoch trying to get the Ace to act like one. We even saw a tube-covered trolley enter the fray. The shirts came off and we got bundle warfare to the light of a glowing chair. Veidt delivered Cradle Shock to this lightbulb covered chair but couldn’t score a three-count. We’d continue to see gussets, chairs, tubes, and bar fights all continue as the pair took their war anywhere and everywhere around the ring. Hacksaws came into play as the pair slapped each other with them and Veidt gave him a lot of cuts from it. They took sickening saw shots to the head and neck and took the fight to the production area. Here they found even more fuckery and fuckery components that were introduced to several different body parts.

Murdoch caused a fuckery parade and the fight returned to the ring. We saw bundle warfare and knife-boards return with horrific success and the chains were brought down. Veidt stole the show with a flipping leg drop through a door and took the fact that it looked cool as a win. Exhaustion hit but these two continued to battle through and drop each other with vicious brainbusters, drivers and so much more. Anywhere was a warzone and the guys just kept dropping bombs. We got even wilder bundle warfare and Orin Veidt became Cloud Strife with a buster sword to Murdoch’s head. No matter what he did, Veidt couldn’t get a pin no matter how hard he tried. As the minutes drained away, Veidt got more desperate and the strikes and shots got more frantic. Savagery took over and more glass panes were broken. There were wrist tape garrottes, slug-fests, and shocked expressions as nothing would keep either man down. Veidt snapped and started throwing panes of glass, jagged tubes, and more at Murdoch. Frustration continued to cloud Veidt’s judgement as he gave Murdoch a verbal and physical beating but would not go for pins. The final five minutes quickly came and went in a blur of broken glass, a running Assault Driver through a fence/glass pane contraption that earned Orin a pinfall, and a final 60-second dash for that elusive final fall. It technically ended on a draw so a sudden death extension was added and one final fuckery tower was made. The duo fought to the top and Murdoch claimed the final pin with a repeat of Volume 6, a Deep South Destroyer through a flaming fuckery pile. 60+ minutes of deathmatch wrestling excellence ended in a 2-1 win to Murdoch. Both men scratched, stabbed, fought, and clawed their way through a vicious hour of mutilation, blood, and violence, and by God, they pulled it off. This was exceptional.

Best of the Bloodletting

  • SHLAK vs Meng was every bit as mad as you’d want. Whilst there was no winner, it was damn fun to watch, and Meng’s fuck you all at the end had me in stitches.
  • Lloyd vs Bentley had everything I wanted it to. There was a creative mix of fuckery, Lloyd got to show off more and as always Bentley brought the match home in vicious fashion. A grill full of VHS tapes… who’d have thunk it?
  • Atticus Cogar and Neil Diamond Cutter had one hell of a bout. It had some fun fuckery and back and forth and delivered a beatdown that only Cutter can usually take. Cogar has a knack for bringing out the best and bloodiest actions of his opponents.
  • Eddy Only should become a scream queen if wrestling doesn’t work out. The performance he put on running from G-Raver would land him so many places in slasher movies and B-Movies. His match against Raver was everything I needed it to be. Raver looked menacing as fuck and Eddy Only was Eddy Only.
  • So, yes. Ocean vs AKIRA wasn’t quite what we wanted. It was long, slow, and a bit messy but it still had a nice amount of AKIRA flavour to it. The story was kind of there and I don’t think this match could ever have lived up to the hype it had. The pair did what they could and it wasn’t absolutely terrible just kind of messy.
  • Fucking hell, what can I say about the Ironman Deathmatch? 60 Minutes of excessive violence, storytelling, and war. There was no drag, no slack, no rest-holds. Just raw violence, brawling, fuckery, and spots. I can’t think of many people who’d be able to pull this off but Veidt and Murdoch 100% did.

What Comes Next?

  • SHLAK has continued to go against some of the absolute veterans of wrestling. He’s bested Necro Butcher and been murdered by Homicide. Meng came entirely out of left-field, so what’s next for Public Animal Number One?
  • Reed Bentley still remains one of the toughest bastards on the roster with a very stacked win/loss ratio. He has to be due to the main event soon and despite them being stablemates, a shot at the king himself, John Wayne Murdoch. Then again, the same could be said of Cogar, who since losing to Murdoch at a previous Volume, has been on a tear.
  • G-Raver is back and seems more than ready to play. He killed Eddy Only, it’s time for him to take on someone tougher. I’m thinking Atticus Cogar…
  • Alex Ocean and Riley Madison are now a duo. What does this mean for the new golden boy going forward and where does this leave Casanova Valentine now that his valet appears to have moved on?
  • What the fuck can ICW NHB do to top that main event? 60 minutes seemed like an impossible task to pull off, especially for deathmatches but they managed. John Wayne Murdoch is still the king of ICW and Orin Veidt proved he can go longer than most other wrestlers. What is next for those two now?

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