Welcome back to No Peace Underground. It’s time for another foray into the bar of blood as IWTV brings the no-ring violence to an even bigger audience. This time the company would be bringing the pain with the self-titled Body Count Battle, a deathmatch Royal Rumble, Kit Osbourne would fight for the No Peace Title against Eric Ryan, EC3 would battle Atticus Cogar, and much much more. it was going to get wild as Underground deathmatch world of Florida got its biggest time to shine alongside ICW NHB’s Florida weekender. Let’s get into the action.

Parrow defeated Satu Jinn & Tye Hill via Fire-Thunder Driver on Hill

When in doubt open with a triple threat of big men and Tye Hill. He was going to have to rely on speed against the might of Satu Jinn and Parrow. Hill set up plunder as jinn pummelled Parrow with strikes. Hill and Jinn worked together to control Parrow with strikes and chops, then drive him through a door. Hill turned on Jinn and caught him with a Hurricanrana off the stage into Parrow. He tossed a bundle at Jinn and hit him with a standing Shooting Star Press. Parrow returned to his feet and downed Hill with a palm strike, then ripped his shirt and hammered him with chops. He dodged Hill’s retaliation and took his head off with another lariat. He booted Jinn up to the stage and slammed him onto the stage. He grabbed Hill by the throat and chokeslammed him onto Jinn. Jinn tried to fight back but got thrown into a pillar and Hill got powerbombed against the wall. Jinn smashed Parrow in the back with a bundle but Parrow no-sold it and gave Jinn the “you fucked up” look. Jinn fled off the stage and speared Parrow into it when he followed then, after a barrage of headbutts, suplexed him onto the floor. He tried to attack Parrow with a chair but again, Parrow no-sold and snatched it away. He tenderised Jinn with chair shots to the body, then brained him with the final hit. Parrow set up a guardrail on some chairs and gave Jinn another chair shot to the head. Hill woke up and nailed Parrow with a Meteora and hit Jinn with a spinal tap onto the guardrail. Parrow snatched him off a pin, powerbombed him onto Jinn and the guardrail, then finished him off with a Fire-Thunder Driver onto the door. This was an excellent opening match with Parrow getting to be the murderous monster he is. Even the Majin Buu of pro-wrestling, Satu Jinn couldn’t stand up to the might of Parrow.

Kevin Blackwood defeated AKIRA via Blackwood Stretch

Next up was a match I never knew I needed, AKIRA filling in for Lee Moriarty against Kevin Blackwood. This was going to get technical and it was going to get brutal, my type of style. Things started with technical exchanges as both men went for leg-based submissions. AKIRA locked in an elevated Figure Four and the pair chopped it out to break it. Blackwood even got to enjoy a spanking from AKIRA as they traded holds. They took the submission trading up to arms and chokes, then they started to throw in strikes and AKIRA broke a sleeper hold by ramming Blackwood into the pillar. They traded kicks and stomps, then Blackwood was able to kick AKIRA into a half crab. The niceties went out of the window and the pair laid into each other with vicious palm strikes and kicks, then AKIRA choked out Blackwood with a hanging rear-naked. He backed up and threw AKIRA to the floor. Blackwood kicked AKIRA against the guardrail and hammered him with blows until AKIRA dumped him onto the guardrail and assailed him with more kicks. He brought him crashing off the guardrail with a sliding forearm and AKIRA got thrown onto the floor with a Northern Lights. AKIRA countered another choke with a Bridging Northern Lights and locked in another arm-breaker. He transitioned into a triangle but Blackwood dragged him across the glassy floor and chopped him against the guardrail. He kicked AKIRA in the face for good measure and threw him back up to the stage. He plonked AKIRA in a chair and stomped him through it with a running dropkick/double-stomp. They traded pinfalls and Blackwood took AKIRA’s head off with another duo of deadly kicks. Blackwood threw some trapped elbows and AKIRA snapped him over for a head kick and set-up a door emblazoned with “FUCK COPS.” They fought around the door until AKIRA drove Blackwood through with a Tiger Bomb. AKIRA locked in the Muta Lock and pried at Blackwood’s mouth with a bit of broken door. Blackwood stabbed the door part into AKIRA’s head and went into one final strike exchange, then won the match with a Piledriver into what I dub the Blackwood Stretch, a modified Regal Stretch. This was insanely fun. A hybrid-technical bout pulled off in a no-ring environment with countless series of counter wrestling. Both guys were evenly-matched in technical abilities and it came down to one lethal counter to score the win. Plus, it was fun listening to Drennen get shocked at the displays of technical wrestling.

EC3 defeated Atticus Cogar via Arm-Trapped Crossface

I never thought I’d see EC3 in a deathmatch. Ever since Essential Character III has taken control of his narrative, he has popped up all over the place, taking names and changing people. Would he have the same effect on Atticus Cogar, the Silver Teeth Satan, and usurper of skewers? Cogar jumped EC3 as he finished his entrance and tried to break him with punches but EC3 shook it off and threw him into the wall. EC3 pummelled him down and bounced him off more walls. He threw Cogar off the stage and stalked towards him but Cogar nailed him with a jawbreaker and went to the eyes. He slugged off at the blinded EC3 and introduced silver teeth to his forehead. Cogar chopped EC3 against the guardrail but it just seemed to fire him up as he begged Cogar to bring it. Cogar tried to enter machine gun chop mode but EC3 dragged him off and cut him up with chops of his own. He dragged Cogar to the stage with a fishhook and suplexed him onto the stage. Cogar answered back with a head kick and hit a double-stomp to a hanging EC3. He then gave EC3 a head full of skewers but EC3 seemed to like it so he kicked them back out with a superkick. EC3 threw him out of the Brain Haemorrhage and brutalised him with ground and pound punches, head slams, and screams. He hit a TKO knee strike into an inverted DDT and locked in a crossface for the win. Cogar tried to take on EC3 but he couldn’t match the power or madness of this new EC3 and found himself forced to tap out. EC3 bested 44OH! and probably became a hero of the Sound Bar because of it. He showed Cogar respect but Cogar shook it off. 44OH! Fucked Count: 1

AJ Gray defeated 1 Called Manders via Barbed-Wire Door Awesome Bomb

Who’s up for some SGC brand violence? It would be AJ Gray taking on fellow SGC powerhouse Manders in some deathmatch action! There’s nothing I love more than violent powerhouse style matches and brothers fighting brothers. It was going to be fun. They started with respectful tube shots, then went into a slugfest. The shirts came off and the chops came out, then Gray brought out more tubes and carved into Manders’ head. They chopped it out again on the stage and after a nasty forearm from Gray, Manders started using tubes on Gray’s head. Manders chopped down Gray, then got ran into the post. Gray hit Manders with more glass and cracked him in the head with a cowbell. Manders struck back with the cowbell and locked in a sleeper hold. Gray set up a door and got suplexed through it by Manders. A part of the door was ripped off and Manders introduced it to Gray’s head. Gray berated him for not hitting hard enough so Manders brought it crashing down again. Gray snatched it off him and broke it over Manders’ head. Gray continued to stab him with the shrapnel and set up some chairs for a bar fight. The pair traded hard strikes and headbutts, then went for tube shots. Gray took a bundle and a chair to Manders’ head but it just seemed to wake him up. Gray pelted it into his face and powerbombed him onto another chair on the floor. He set up a barbed-wire door and got cracked by a chair shot from Manders. He dumped Gray against the stage and tried to decapitate him with a lariat. The pair fought on the stage again and Gray used glass to the head to set up for an Awesome Bomb through the barbed-wire door for the win. Once again, SGC fucking nailed it with their brand of violence. It was stiff, strong and full of glass. Deathmatch Manders is a thing of beauty and something I hope to see more of.

No Peace Underground Title: Eric Ryan defeated Kit Osbourne via Snuff Stomp

After that, it was time for a title match. Markus Crane was the current champion but had to vacate it because of horrific circumstances. It’s vital to have a champion to challenge if you’re doing a 15-person deathmatch to determine a number one contender. The two challengers, Kit Osbourne who won the last Body Count Battle, and Eric Ryan, who won Gauntlet of Death. By some miracle, Osbourne was the more liked in the match as everybody despises 44OH! Could he best the 2020 King of the Deathmatch or would he become another 44OH! victim? Cogar and Only crept in behind Osbourne but he was able to get rid of them with pocket sand. He then kicked Ryan in the dick and made him do a double stunner to his stablemates. He threw Only and Cogar out, then broke a bundle over Ryan. He took a second bundle to Ryan and threw him into the guardrail. They traded chops, then went to Ryan’s eyes to avoid a hockey fight. He sent Ryan into the stage with a flying head-scissor and dropkicked another bundle into his head. He tried to do a leaping tube break but it was a Japanese tube so he settled for headbutting it into Ryan. He covered the stage in tacks and ground Ryan’s face into them before taking a backdrop into them and regretting his choices. Ryan took tubes to the head of Osbourne and jammed a gusset into his arm. The tube assault continued with more shots to the head and a bundle senton into Osbourne’s ribs. Ryan dragged out an Orlando Death Squad barbed-wire door contraption and broke a pane of glass with a chair. Osbourne booted Ryan in the head and dragged both of them through the barbed-wire door with a leg sweep. They slugged it out on the ground and fought their way back up to the stage. Osbourne rushed Ryan with a broken tube but Ryan tripped him and dragged him into the Snuff Stomp for the win. Osbourne put up a valiant effort but it seems few people have an escape for the Snuff Stomp. Eric Ryan is your new No Peace Underground Champion. Markus Crane himself presented Ryan with the title but he didn’t come alone… G-Raver was lurking in the shadows and gave Ryan a headful of tattoo needles. Fuck 44OH! Count: 1

Body Count Battle: Allie Kat defeated Casanova Valentine (w/Riley Madison), Matthew Justice, Neil Diamond Cutter, Lindsay Snow, Eddy Only, Dominic Garrini, Otis Cogar, Alex Ocean, Reed Bentley, AKIRA, Jimmy Lloyd, Robert Martyr, John Wayne Murdoch & Orin Veidt via Pussy Piledriver on Only

Last but not least on this car-crash show of carnage was the Body Count Battle, a 15-person battle where people would enter at 2-minute intervals and could only be eliminated by pinfall, submission, knock-out, or being put through a door or pane of glass. Fifteen people would enter but only one would leave with a title shot. This thing lasted an hour so brace yourselves for a quick rundown. It was a fucking blast anyway so I’d recommend watching for yourself. Matthew Justice and Casanova Valentine started things with some old-school fighting on the stage and gussets being introduced to various parts of Valentine’s anatomy. They went into a bar fight, then as Valentine got knocked down, Sweet Caroline came on, Neil Diamond Cutter was out next. He dived onto Justice and hit Valentine with a tube senton. He battled with Justice and put him through a door. Justice attacked Cutter with the door parts and Lindsay Snow came out next. The Bloodsport Champion went after everyone with forearms and kicked the life out of Cutter. She chopped down Justice, then made him watch her assault Cutter with a gusset. Cutter escaped and broke a tube on Snow but ran straight into a Michinoku Driver. Justice got more door shots and nobody seemed capable of besting Snow. Eddy Only was out next and he had a mic so everyone sighed in disgust. He claimed his last real fight was in pre-school against a girl and he was gonna whoop a women’s ass again. Everyone attacked Only with throat chops or atomic drops and Justice crotched him on the guardrail. Valentine called out Snow and instantly regretted it as Snow put him in a heel hook on the stage. Valentine gave her a gusset to the knee and the two continued to brawl until Cutter went ham on Valentine with a door. He took a swing at Snow but she hopped down and beat his ass again.

Dominic Garrini was up next and became the second MMA/BJJ trained fighter in the match. He got hit with a beer and battered Justice with a door and threw him through a chair with a Judo throw. Justice tanked the damage and celebrated when Garrini hit him in the head with a chair. Snow attacked Garrini with his purple belt and the pair traded submissions on the stage. Next out was Otis Cogar, the brother of Atticus Cogar. He threw Cutter into the mass of bodies and followed with a senton as Garrini set up a door. Snow locked Garrini in a choke but took them both out by throwing himself off the stage, through a door. Cogar whipped the remaining fighters with a belt and got a chair and door to the face from Cutter. Alex Ocean was out next and he’d brought the glass. He introduced tubes to Cogar’s head and set up a ladder. Cogar mauled him and set up a door, then took a glass field goal to the head. Cogar fell on the door and Ocean put him through it with an elbow drop off the ladder. Cutter and Ocean had a barfight so Justice and Valentine sat back with a beer and watched. Cutter gave Ocean a gusset to the head and Reed Bentley came out as the next entrant. He made his presence known by sandwiching Cutter with bundles and carving up Ocean with the broken fragments. Cutter entered another bar fight with Bentley and Ocean tried to join in but just kept getting punched. Valentine wanted to join but Bentley was too occupied with Ocean so he just slugged it out with Cutter. Bentley dealt with Ocean and joined the bar fight. Valentine got taken out by a gusset and Cutter and Bentley threw plunder at each other. AKIRA was out next and he went straight after Ocean with light-tubes. He teamed up with Bentley and the pair used a fan as a battering ram. AKIRA used Cutter to attack Ocean’s balls and Bentley used more fans as weapons. They turned their attention to Justice and beat him with chairs. Justice tried to take out both with a stage dive but got nothing but chairs.

Jimmy Lloyd was out next and watched as AKIRA eliminated Matthew Justice. He hit Bentley with a keyboard and went slugging with AKIRA. They went into an entertaining exchange as the more tired men in the fight watched on. Bentley saved AKIRA with a barbed-wire bat and went after Lloyd. Valentine locked in the Mandible Claw on Bentley but AKIRA saved him by choking out Valentine. Robert Martyr was out next and he two went after AKIRA, leaping off the stage onto him. His flurry ended quickly and AKIRA used the guardrail to punish him. Everyone bullied Martyr and Bentley broke a buster sword over Lloyd and Martyr. AKIRA went one step further and stabbed him up with a broken tube against the stage. John Wayne Murdoch was out next and he instantly went after Martyr with a super bundle and with the help of the other Rejects, put him through a door with a triple powerbomb. A riot shield entered the fray and the action went everywhere as multiple fights broke out. Murdoch took the garden weasel to Ocean’s balls and AKIRA kicked the riot shield into his head. Lloyd caused Bentley to eliminate AKIRA (well we all thought so) with a superkick into a DVD through a pane of glass, then pinned Bentley. Murdoch avenged his teammates by rolling up Lloyd and getting him eliminated too. Ocean hammered down Murdoch and Orin Veidt entered next. He went after Murdoch and eliminated AKIRA for a second time. A four-way bar fight broke out until Murdoch took out Veidt with a low blow and chopped it out with Ocean and Valentine. They double-teamed him and went after each other on the stage. He broke a tube fan on Ocean as Murdoch set up another glass pane. Ocean returned fire by spearing him into a door and getting a three-count. Valentine lasted 55 minutes in there, give him an award. He then scored a second quick elimination by stomping Murdoch and Veidt through a flaming glass pane.

Ocean was then attacked by Only and Atticus Cogar. They attacked him with tubes and had a bed of nails brought out. Cogar drove Ocean onto it with a Brain Haemorrhage and lazily pinned him. That left Cutter and the last entrant, Allie Kat to deal with Only. She tossed her White Claw at Only and worked with the Honey Badger to beat down Only and Cogar. Cutter hit Cogar with a cutter on the stage as Allie beatdown Only at the guardrail. Cutter set up the nail bed and the pair stabbed and pelted Only on the stage. Only raked their eyes and threw Cutter onto the nail bed for a pin elimination. Allie rained down the punches and set up what she thought would be the final glass pane but Only attacked her with tubes and hitting a piledriver on the stage. She smashed Only in the balls and the pair traded punches. Only got rid of the glass pane so Allie hit him with a wall of tubes and dropped him with a Pussy Piledriver onto the upturned nail-board for the win. Allie Kat emerges as the victor of the Body Count Battle and will get a shot at Eric Ryan in the future. What a feel-good moment to end an hour of bloody carnage. This show fucking rocked. Welcome to IWTC No Peace, I hope you get a boost in viewers, you deserve it. I fucking love no-ring deathmatches. 44OH! Fucked Count: 2

All images courtesy of IWTV Twitter, Speedy Photo, Ash Dabbath, HeyyImRob, No Peace Underground Twitter, Allie Kat Twitter, 

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