Today was another special episode for Baliyan Akki. After his tag victory with Chie Koshikawa last week, he was finally going to be taking on Yuna Mizumori in singles action and prove he could still go stronger than ever by avenging the hardest loss he had ever taken. Alongside that, we’d have tag-team action as The Warm Caterpillars took on Tokiko Kirihara and Antonio Honda and a super singles opener as Emi Sakura took on ChocoPro’s Ninja, Sayuri. Let’s get into this packed episode!

Emi Sakura defeated Sayuri via Gory Special

The opening match of the show would see ChocoPro Ninja Sayuri try to best ChocoPro boss Emi Sakura in singles action. The pair shook hands, then Sakura instantly pissed off Sayuri by shoving her off the mat. Sayuri shunted back and baited Sakura into a roll-up with one of the windows. That almost got three so she repeated the process by bouncing Sakura off the wall and rolling her up. Sakura powered out of a slam and trapped Sayuri in a double-underhook. Sayuri wiggled free and hit Sakura with a jawbreaker across one of the window sills. She pulled off her window ninja trick again and locked Sakura in a choke, then hit her with a wall-run toss. She locked in the sleeper again but got shook off and hit with a double chop. Sakura gave her a second chop to the throat and tossed her across the mat with a Biel. Sakura rained down stomps and locked in a Lion-tamer. That transitioned into a single-leg crab and Sakura stomping Sayuri’s hands when she forced a break. Sayuri dodged a wall chop and fired back with a slew of chops of her own. She tried for the slam again but Sakura reversed into a Dragon Sleeper. Sayuri rolled through and trapped Sakura in a Crucifix stretch. Sayuri drilled her with kicks and tried to leapfrog but got caught into a wall slam. Sakura rocked her with a wall splash and double-underhook chop and Sayuri fired back with a Yakuza kick and nearly got three with a crucifix bomb. Sakura fired back with the underhook backbreaker and made Sayuri quit with the Gory Special or as Gatoh Move calls it, the Cream Puff. ChocoPro once again opened with an excellent bout of wrestling action.

The Warm Caterpillars (Chie Koshikawa & Mei Suruga) defeated Antonio Honda & Tokiko Kirihara via Propellor Clutch on Kirihara

Next up was a tag-team bout where Antonio Honda and Tokiko Kirihara were going to try and disrupt the winning ways of the Warm Caterpillars. Suruga and Koshikawa had been enjoying themselves when they were interrupted by the comedy warriors themselves and their odd attire choices. Koshikawa started with her usual fare of running and screaming but found the technical side rivalled by Kirihara. Koshikawa escaped a wrist-lock by running in circles and played wrist-control with Kirihara. The pair continued to trade technical holds until both tagged out. It would be Suruga against a demonic-looking goblin-like Honda. After two failed attempts they finally went into a test of strength and after Honda nearly gave up, the pair dropped to all fours and acted like dogs. Suruga hit the wall-run arm drag and tagged in Koshikawa. She made Honda call for a time out with a chop, then took a time-out strike to the chest and got dragged to Kirihara. They attacked her with a plastic sword and played five-finger fillet with Koshikawa’s hand. They continued to distract ref Sayuri and attack Koshikawa with props. Koshikawa escaped a slam and floored Honda with another deadly chop and dropkick. Suruga came in and stomped over Honda and pelted Kirihara with props. Honda avoided the wall slam and struck Suruga with a shot to the gut. The pattern continued until Suruga flipped over Honda and gave him a duo of wall rams. She tried to attack Honda with a sponsor sign but he cracked her with a whacky hammer. He tried for the dancing jabs but Suruga stunned him into a roll-up. She did the same with a running pin and ran him into the wall again, then tried for an Electric Chair propellor pin but Honda caught her into a backbreaker.

The pair tagged out and Kirihara went full kickboxer mode on Koshikawa. She took her down and instantly went for an armbar. Suruga saved her from a second submission but Kirihara just took her frustration out on her instead. Koshikawa gave Kirihara the run-around again and chopped her into a mat drag. She tried for the stretch muffler but Kirihara transitioned to a kneebar. Koshikawa broke free and baited Kirihara into hitting a wall. She used this to pummel Kirihara with more chops and dropkicked her into the wall. Suruga was tagged in and tried to slam Kirihara but was reversed and hit with Muay Thai knees. Kirihara slammed her into the wall and mat, then locked in a Cobra Twist. Suruga rolled through into a double-stomp and locked in Apple Cut Mutilation. Honda broke it up and we got a four-way dancing jab fight until Kirihara and Honda hit bionic elbows. Both tried for Gon the fox but the Caterpillars drove them at each other and Honda hit the ref. Koshikawa took out Honda and Suruga hit the wall-run crossbody but there was no ref to count. Honda hit Koshikawa and Kirihara in the head with a whacky hammer, then hit himself in the head with the hammer. Kirihara took her over with a Judo throw but Suruga reversed into the propellor pin for the win. The black comedy antics of Honda and Kirihara were not enough to win the day. They did help put on a really fun match, though.

30-Minute Time Limit Singles Bout: Baliyan Akki defeated Yuna Mizumori via All in One

Last but not least was the main event. Baliyan Akki taking on the opponent that led to his injury in singles competition. This was for all the marbles. Akki needed to win this if he wanted to prove he was back and better than ever. They shook hands and went into a technical exchange. They traded wrist locks, side-headlocks, and hammerlocks. These exchanges continued to go on and get more heated until Akki locked in a deathlock. Akki continued to attack the knee and punished Mizumori with stomps, kicks, and more leg-based submissions, hitting knee drops to the damaged leg for extra punch. Akki was in total control as he kept Mizumori grounded and took away her source of power. Mizumori was able to finally get some leverage and nearly locked Akki in a cross-arm breaker. She continued to bend the arm and hammered away at his shoulder. Akki’s long legs kept getting him breaks so Mizumori went back to hammering him. Akki powered up and kicked out at her leg again and the pair traded shoulder tackles. Akki’s shoulder started to give out and Mizumori took him out with a flying shoulder block. Akki kicked her out of one of the windows and got taken out by a rolling senton from the same window. Akki dodged a high kick and went back to working the leg with a pointed forearm and elbow strikes.

Mizumori fought through the pain and caught Akki into a back-body drop. She followed with a splash and the rolling senton for two. Akki dodged another high kick and slammed Mizumori into the mat. He tried for the spider but Mizumori caught his leg and winded him with a dropkick. She slammed him into the wall and after cleverly avoiding his knees, hit him with a splash. She went for a wall-run splash but Akki blocked with his elbow, hurting them both. They slugged it out and traded kicks until both collapsed. Akki locked in another deathlock and forced Mizumori to break. He hit a Swanton to her legs and finally delivered a Spider splash to the same injured legs. Mizumori escaped another submission but the damage had been done. They struck down one another again and Akki was floored with a spin kick. He caught a wall-run splash into a roll-up and downed her with a dropkick. Mizumori threw a clothesline and Akki slammed her to the mat with a Uranage. Akki crashed and burned on a Namaste Splash but tripped Mizumori into an All in One submission and forced her to tap. This was an excellent end to another great episode as Akki and Mizumori put on a straight wrestling classic with none of the gimmicks or comedy. It was 22 minutes of pure wrestling drama and it worked exceptionally. Akki was able to get the win he so craved and Mizumori went down swinging.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move Twitter, FlyingVTrigger