New Australian wrestling company, Deathmatch Downunder has announced their first official wrestling show. Through both a press release and an announcement on their official Twitter account, we’ve now learned that… And Out Come the Wolves will be their debut show coming from Wurundjeri Country on January 16, 2021.

As the company is looking to bring a whole new brand of violence to the Kulin Nation, they have announced two matches for the event so far. The first will see Australian wrestling stand-out “HEARTBREAKcore” Shazza McKenzie taking on “Smash Mouth” Ritchie Taylor in singles action and “The Smash Hit” Joel Bateman taking on American Deathmatch Champion Gweedo in a cut-can board and gusset plate deathmatch for the Total Violence Championship.

For anyone who missed the last bit of news on the company, Deathmatch Downunder is a new deathmatch and strong wrestling company coming out of the Kulin Nation in Australia. They have already announced their support for important causes like Black Lives Matter and LGBTQIA+ rights alongside respecting and supporting their natural heritage. They’ve slowly been announcing a roster including the names mentioned alongside Aysha, JXT, and Mad Dog who also appear on the poster, and many other names like Sicko Smacks, Caveman Ugg, and Vixsin getting official reveals.

…And Out Come the Wolves is once again taking place January 16, 2021, at Arrow on Swanson in Wurundjeri Country. Tickets are to be on sale at Eventbrite from December 7 and will be limited due to COVID-safe strategies. With the company working with Indie Wrestling TV, there’s also hope it’ll be live-streamed or available on VOD for international audiences. For more information, I recommend staying tuned to their Twitter or their official site.

All images courtesy of Deathmatch Downunder Twitter,

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