Welcome back to ChocoPro wrestling. We have more returns to Chocolate Square today. In today’s 2-match episode, we’d see Yuna Mizumori take on the returning TransAm Hiroshi in singles action and Emi Sakura team with Kaori Yoneyama as RESET, the Asia Dream Team Tag Champions in another attempt to break the win streak of Mei Suruga who teams with Chie Koshikawa to take them on. Could the Warm Caterpillars best the RESET or would Mei finally suffer a loss? Let’s find out!

TransAm Hiroshi defeated Yuna Mizumori via Musical Roll-Up

First up today was Yuna Mizumori trying to pick up a singles win this season. Her efforts this season have fallen short but she had been gifted another chance in the form of the returning TransAm Hiroshi. Instead of doing a typical wrestling lock-up, Hiroshi started doing yoga instead. He went into a lock-up and put Mizumori into a yoga pose, much to Mizumori’s disgust. Mizumori tried to lock in Hiroshi for a taunt but it ended with him in another yoga pose, terrifying Mizumori further. She chopped him in the back and slammed him into the wall but he dodged the tropical charge with another yoga pose. Hiroshi started meditating so Mizumori tried to kick him out of it but she couldn’t break his will. She put him in a sleeper hold and it finally started to affect him, then forced him to break the trance by pinning him with a splash. Mizumori tried for a back-body drop but Hiroshi just did another pose across her back. He swung round into a roll-up, then jump-scared Mizumori with singing.

She tried to escape the singing by crushing him behind some plastic but the power of the song couldn’t be stopped. He walked into the studio toilet and Mizumori stormed in on him so he blew out the audio with more song and pulled a yoga pose on the desk. He shouted at Mizumori again and walked out of the studio. He stood behind one of the windows and blasted her with more auditory assaults. He dragged her out through the window and when cameraman Akki ran outside to find out what had happened, he found them doing yoga outside. He attacked her from behind and threw her back inside. He ran himself into the wall and got caught with a wall charge into a knee lift. She hit him with the tropical splash and tried for a wall slam but Hiroshi stopped her with the power of song by singing a Whole New World at her. Hiroshi let the pair duet, then won the match with a roll-up. That monster tricked Mizumori with the power of song and stole the win. This match was hilarious. I loved the horror movie aesthetic through-out as Mizumori was terrified of the weird auditory yoga monster.

RESET (Kaori Yoneyama & Emi Sakura) defeated The Warm Caterpillars (Mei Suruga & Chie Koshikawa) via La Magistral on Suruga

The main event for today’s show would be the boss of ChocoPro, Emi Sakura trying to best the future of the company. Mei Suruga has been on a massive win streak lately and Sakura wanted to stop that. What we got was team RESET, the Asia Dream Tag Champs Kaori Yoneyama, and Emi Sakura taking on the Warm Caterpillars with Baliyan Akki as ref. Koshikawa might have finally found someone as hyperactive as her in Yoneyama as they started things. The pair both escaped wrist-locks by running and were both shocked at the result so tagged out. Sakura and Suruga came in and Suruga shocked Sakura with a quick kick. A hockey fight broke out and Sakura tossed Suruga across the mat with a Biel. She cartwheeled out of a second one and dropped Sakura with a dropkick. The Caterpillars hit Sakura with a running, twisting arm-drag and chased Yoneyama around outside. Suruga continued to punish Sakura with kicks, then tagged in Koshikawa for the double Bow and Arrow. Yoneyama saved Sakura from a wall charge and chopped Sakura through a sponsor sign. The Caterpillars continued to control Sakura as Suruga tagged in Koshikawa and she dragged Sakura around the mat, then put her in a Boston Crab. The pair hammered her with forearms, then Koshikawa tried to slam Sakura but got slammed herself. A slugfest broke out so Suruga aided Koshikawa with a forearm to the back and tried for a double Suplex. Sakura broke free and downed both Caterpillars with a crossbody. She tagged in Yoneyama who went straight after Koshikawa with Mongolian chops, jabs to the gut, and a face-pulling Camel Clutch. The pair then went into a kendo/fencing match with mops which Koshikawa won. Yoneyama wasn’t happy with this so she repeated the match but Koshikawa had to use the ring bell instead. Koshikawa still won so Yoneyama attacked her with a mop and threw both Caterpillars into the wall. She then threw Sakura at them and hijacked the camera to throw TransAm Hiroshi at them too.

Koshikawa fired back with a chop and dropkicked Yoneyama against the wall. Suruga trapped her in a Full Nelson and fought through multiple escape attempts to keep her trapped. She transitioned into the Apple Cut Mutilation until Yoneyama escaped and kicked her into the wall. The pair traded whips into the cameraman and then traded roll-up attempts around the mat. Yoneyama ended the chain with a senton and tagged in Sakura. She dropped Suruga with a gutbuster, then crashed and burned on a We Will Rock you Splash. The Caterpillars came back with a pop-up chop and double dropkicks, then double pop-up chops, one with a sponsor sign. Sakura reversed a slam into a Sister Abagail and hit the wall splash into an Underhook Backbreaker. RESET went for double splashes but Koshikawa chopped them down. Suruga and Yoneyama went out of the window and brawled outside, then Koshikawa chopped down Sakura and blasted her with another dropkick. Suruga went for an electric chair propellor but Sakura slammed her against the wall and after several frantic exchanges of counters and pin attempts, Yoneyama pushed Suruga off the wall and Sakura locked in La Magistral for the win. Sakura had finally broken the win-streak of Suruga by pinning her herself. It hadn’t been easy but RESET had managed to pick up the win.

This match was exceptionally good. I know I talk about this a lot but ChocoPro really does have a nice balance of serious and silly which this match proved again. Baliyan Akki even came to Suruga’s aid when a fight broke out by superkicking Sakura. The Best Bros will always have each other’s backs regardless of the consequence. I think we’re about to see Best Bros vs RESET. That is going to get very heated after Best Bros actions here.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move Twitter, FlyingVTrigger

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