Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling. After the last episode’s crippling loss for Mei Suruga, we’ll see her in action once again today as she takes on the returning Chon Shiryu in singles action. Shiryu was successful in his last outing at the Chocolate Square, will he do the same against Mei? Alongside this, we’ll see team Hyper Namaste reunite to take on Yuna Mizumori and Emi Sakura in tag team action. After Akki’s kick to her face last episode, just how aggressive was Emi Sakura going to be here? Let’s get into the action and find out.

Emi Sakura & Yuna Mizumori defeated Chie Koishikawa & Baliyan Akki via Wall-Run Splash on Koishikawa

The first match of the show would see Baliyan Akki and Chie Koishikawa team up once again ahead of their big Korakuen Hall show to take on the strong team of Yuna Mizumori and a very angry Emi Sakura. After coming to Suruga’s aid at the end of the last episode, it’s safe to assume Sakura was out to avenge that kick she got from him. The pair started the action with Sakura trying and failing to thrust kick Akki. Akki baited her in and slammed her into the wall for a trapped clothesline. Sakura went to the shoulder with elbows and kicks but this just seemed to piss off Akki who trapped her in a hammerlock. He survived an elbow barrage and hit her with a backbreaker. He tagged and the pair locked Sakura in a running Namaste posing straightjacket. Mizumori made the save and tried to put Koishikawa in a wrist-lock but she escaped by going on a run. Mizumori kicked her back and slammed her into the mat, then worked with Sakura to bully Koishikawa’s legs. Sakura made the tag and pummelled Koishikawa with bell claps and Biels whilst dishing out punishment to Akki too. The pair hit Koishikawa with rolling sentons and locked on a double crab. Akki made the save so Mizumori elbowed her against the wall and got rolled up out of a failed wall charge. Koishikawa downed Mizumori with a dropkick and got to Akki who came in like a bull in a china shop wrecking everyone. Mizumori stopped his momentum but slamming his leg into the wall and charging him into a knee lift and shoulder block.

Sakura tagged in and hit a low shoulder block, then went back to the shoulder. She raked Akki’s back and hit Sister Abagail. She tried to hit the We Will Rock You splash but Akki caught her into a backbreaker. He missed a Swanton bomb and the pair trapped wrist-locked shoulder tackles. They went into forearms and Akki stunned Sakura with a chop. Sakura fired back with one of her own and hit the double underhook backbreaker. She tried for a thrust kick but Akki caught it and kicked her in the face. He made the tag and Koishikawa chopped the pair down. They hit double dropkicks but got KO’ed by double crossbodies. Mizumori bullied Koishikawa with wall splashes but got cut down by more chops. Koishikawa dragged her across the mat but got kicked out of the stretch muffler and dumped with a back-body drop. She hit Koishikawa with a splash and tried for the handstand splash but Akki stopped her and helped Koishikawa lock on the stretch muffler. Sakura saved that but got hit by a massive jumping knee. Mizumori threw Akki into Koishikawa and launched Sakura into a wall splash, then hit the handstand splash for two. Mizumori was blasted by another dropkick and more chops but missed an X chop and got hit with a wall dropkick and wall-run splash for the win. Mizumori and Sakura picked up the win after a very aggressive war between the teams. Akki and Koishikawa are going to have to go back to the drawing board if they’re going to succeed at Korakuen.

Chon Shiryu defeated Mei Suruga via Koko Koyama Pinfall

The main event today would see the return of ChocoPro’s Dragon Chon Shiryu. The kung-fu specialist was here to take on Mei Suruga and further damage the streak she had been on. Would Suruga be able to tackle this monster or was she doomed to suffer another loss? They started with a series of technical exchanges until they reached a body-scissor spot that Shiryu countered into a toe hold. Suruga caught Shiryu into the window sill arm-drag and got caught into a roll-up. Shiryu appeared to have an answer for almost every Suruga threw at him. He locked her in another wrist-lock and tried for a quick pin. Suruga caught him into another arm-drag and pushed him against the studio entrance, grinding him against sponsor signs. Suruga tripped him into the window sill and attacked him with a sponsor sign. She then locked in a Full Nelson and after a series of escape attempts transitioned to the Apple Cut Mutilation. Shiryu escaped with a handstand and swept out Suruga’s legs. He stomped on her chest and landed a neck twist into a fist drop that sent Suruga shooting up. Shiryu twisted her face and launched himself into the wall on a rolling senton. He locked in a guillotine and pummelled Suruga with wall slams, then ran knee-first into the wall. They traded wall headlock charge attempts and slugged it out. They both tried to smack the other off the wall but couldn’t so Shiryu went for a headbutt and Suruga finally drove him into the wall. She tried for the window-sill arm-drag again but Shiryu tripped her up. He tried with a 619 but forgot that ChocoPro has windows, not ropes.

He made a 61 new 9 by hopping onto the window sill and crushing her with the window. The fight went outside and Suruga some revenge by dragging Shiryu across the wall. Since it was late at night he couldn’t even scream in pain. He missed a wall chop and silently cried out over his injured hands, then got dragged across the wall again. The fight returned inside and Suruga struck Shiryu with a diving chop. She hit a trio of whips into the wall and escaped danger to deliver another back chop. Shiryu came back hard by slamming her into the mat and locking in a Camel Clutch. That transitioned into a Romero Choke and pinfall attempt, then he missed a diving double-stomp and Suruga tripped him into a table. Suruga tried to swing off the studio crane but Shiryu kicked her off and choked her from the rafters with his legs. He kicked her down and nailed a diving Yakuza kick for a two-count. He pummelled her with body chops and took her head off with a hook kick. He whipped Suruga at a wall but she reversed and pasted him with a wall-run crossbody. She downed him with a dropkick and tried for the electric chair pin but Shiryu escaped and the pair traded roll-ups. Suruga tried for the Kawaii pin but accidentally clipped the ref and in the moment of guilt, Shiryu took advantage with a pinfall of his own and stole the win. Suruga had suffered loss number two and it wasn’t wholly her fault as Akki thought ref Sakura had screwed her by getting in the way. They had one hell of a fight though and regardless of the finish, Suruga put up a valiant effort against the Kung-Fu monster Shiryu. As the season finale rolls closer, I have a feeling things are only going to keep heating up.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move Twitter, FlyingVTrigger

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