Welcome back to Violence X Suffering. The company of diversity and surprises for generations old and new is back with another show that lives up to its mantra. There were going to be even more dream matches and surprise opponents as VxS rolls with more punches to put on another card of dream matches we both knew and didn’t know we needed. We’d see Eli Everfly vs Cole Radrick, Brian Cage vs Blake Christian, Myron Reed vs 2 Cold Scorpio, Carlito’s Cabana making its indie return, JTG vs Rickey Shane Page, and perhaps Jimmy Lloyd’s weirdest to match to date against Judas Mesias. Yes, you heard that right. There’s all this and more as we get into Eternal Atake.

Gabriel Skye defeated Lucky 13 via Skye-Fall

The first match was set to be Gabriel Skye vs Jordan Oliver but as the card is always subject to change so the Very Good Deathmatch Wrestler and all-round indie wrestling veteran, Lucky 13 stepped in to fill the role. When opportunity knocks, you’ve always got to answer the door, no matter the opponent. I already knew Gabriel Skye had taste as he came out to The Smiths, ‘How Soon is Now?’ They started with lock-ups, then Skye got the first hit with a wheel kick. Skye continued this assault with a tilt-a-whirl head-scissor into a low dropkick and spike Rana driver. 13 reversed a charge into a pop-up boot which made Skye bail. 13 tried to follow but missed an apron kick and moonsault, then ate a springboard moonsault from Skye. He tried to throw 13 back into the ring but 13 rebounded into a rolling elbow. 13 continued by slamming off the apron and bouncing him off a ring-post. He continued to grind Skye down with a chin-lock and dragged him back to the mat by his hair. Skye came back with a flurry of strikes but got clipped by a flipping knee into a German from 13. He was ground down again by 13, then suplexed into the turnbuckle. Skye launched another strike flurry and KO’ed 13 with a running low head kick into a Falcon Arrow. 13 hit a backdrop onto his knees and the pair went into a slug exchange. That led to Skye taking an Air Raid Crash onto the apron and Skye taking 13 off the turnbuckle with a Tiger Feint Kick into his finisher, the Skye Fall, a double-stop to a rope trapped 13. Skye pulled off a nice win and impressed the hell out of me with his resiliency and variety of offence.

Brian Cage defeated Blake Christian via Gory Flatliner

Next up was a dream match none of us knew we needed. It would be The Machine vs All-Heart Blake Christian. It would be brawn and speed vs heart and speed in the ultimate clash of styles. Cage has been unstoppable in VxS so far, would Christian be the one to stop him? The pair started fast with a series of speedy counters and reversals until Christian was able to make Cage bail with a hurricanrana. He taunted Cage with a pose, then blasted him with a kick. He tried for a Tornado DDT but got caught into a pop-up underhook neckbreaker. Cage took his time beating down Christian in the corner and launched him across the ring. He hit him with more corner-trapped shoulder barges and sent him flying into the turnbuckle. He sent Christian flipping with a German and put him into a Camel Clutch. Christian reversed into a stunner and tried for a crossbody but Cage caught him, curled him, and threw him away with a Fallaway Slam. Cage showed-off with a standing moonsault and locked in a side headlock. Christian fired back with forearms and broke out of a wheelbarrow to hit a springboard enzuigiri. Christian locked Cage in a Camel Clutch and dodged a corner charge to hit a running knee and hesitation dropkick. That was followed by a split-legged moonsault for two. Christian tried to pick up Cage but Cage powered out and hit him with a ripcord elbow and an F5. He tried for a second but Christian escaped with a superkick into a rolling senton and running Shooting Star Press. Cage winded Christian with an out to in Suplex and threw him into the turnbuckle with a buckle bomb. Cage went for the kill with a spinning sit-out powerbomb and propped Christian on the top rope. Christian fought back and bounced Cage’s head of the ring-post for a sunset bomb. He missed Elia and got confronted with a discus lariat and a gory flatliner for the three-count. Brian Cage remains undefeated after an absolute masterclass of a match. I hope we get a rematch, these two are made for each other in terms of wrestling chemistry.

DLC, Doors, Ladders & Chairs – Eli Everfly defeated Cole Radrick via Top-Rope Arm-Trapped Door-Stroyer

It was time to get crazy. Our next match would be two of the most hectic wrestlers on the scene taking it to each other in a match full of plunder. Both guys were coming into this with a lot to prove. Radrick was making his VxS debut and Everfly was looking to continue his winning ways. Radrick didn’t even get an entrance as Everfly attacked him as he reached the ring with sliced bread on the apron and dived onto him with a moonsault. They fought around ringside and continued the trading in the ring until Radrick rocked Everfly with a rebound hurricanrana. Radrick hit a step-up moonsault and launched Everfly at a ladder. Everfly dodged but Radrick drilled him with a superkick and ate a twisting head-scissor off the top. They continued to trade and Radrick reversed another Sliced Bread to drop Everfly on his face. Radrick looked for a second superkick but Everfly reversed and threw him into a ladder. The fight returned to the outside and the pair traded more chops, then Radrick tossed a chair to Everfly for the Bobby Knight Kick. Everfly took the fight into the crowd and bashed Radrick with chairs and a Sliced Bread off the wall. Everfly set up some chairs but Radrick reversed his attack and drove him onto them. The two went into another heated strike exchange and Everfly reversed a DVD into a Package Shoulder-breaker, then dumped Radrick on the ladder again, granted the ladder bounced back and hit Everfly in the mouth. They went into a grounded slugfest that Everfly won with a punt kick and a door was set up. A super ladder was brought in and the pair fought to the top of it. Everfly headbutted Radrick off the ladder, through the door, and hit a Frog Splash off the top of the ladder. This didn’t land as smoothly as he wanted and Radrick kicked out. Everfly hit an arm-trap destroyer onto the door and when that failed to keep him down, grabbed another door. He took Radrick to the top rope and hit another top-rope arm-trapped Destroyer through that door for the win. This was every bit the fight you expected it to be. It was a bit messy but also full of violent strikes and vicious plunder spots. Both guys gave it their best here and took some nasty lumps.

Myron Reed defeated 2 Cold Scorpio via No Cap Splash

Next up was another of those dream matches you never knew you needed. The Young GOAT, Myron Reed was going to take on a walking legend, 2 Cold Scorpio. ECW Legend vs Injustice’s champion member in a generational super-fight. The pair started with rope pushing and dancing break-ups, then Scorpio took Reed through a series of technical holds and pushed him into the ropes. Reed escaped a wristlock with a series of kip-ups and hit Scorpio with an arm-wringer. Scorpio picked a leg and after another trip to the ropes got trapped in a headlock. He kicked Reed to the outside and treated the audience to more dancing. When Reed returned to the ring, he punished him with stomps and elbows, then ate a guillotine leg drop. Reed hit a springboard corkscrew elbow and tried for a dive but Scorpio knocked him out of the air with a chair. Scorpio got him back in the ring and ground him down with a chin-lock. He beat down Reed in the corner and ran into a moonsault Frankensteiner. Reed nailed a second dive and heavily pummelled Scorpio in a crowd seat. He came back in with a slingshot leg drop for two and Scorpio decapitated him with a clothesline. He threw Reed with a release German and dropped him with a powerbomb. He hit Reed with the somersault leg drop and nailed him in the head with a backflip kick. He kept the flips coming with a moonsault and belted Reed with forearms. Reed kicked him out of the corner and nailed him with a codebreaker. A slugfest broke out where the Fiyahman fired-up off of forearms but was extinguished with Muay Thai knees from Scorpio. He ate a mid-kick but fired back with a Matrix Escape Enzuigiri to the head of Scorpio. Scorpio came back with a series of fast jabs but had his neck snapped with a Stundog Millionaire. The Clout Cutter followed and Reed put Scorpio away with the No Cap Splash. That ended an excellent match between two generational bests and gave us the tension and athleticism we could have wanted. This is a huge win for Reed.

Sandman didn’t seem too happy with the result and attacked Reed and several security members with a kendo stick. They stared down Reed and we got an Injustice vs ECW Legends tag match for the next show. That was highly unexpected but I sure as hell ain’t going to say no to that.

Carlito’s Cabana: Brian Pillman defeated Carlito via Jackhammer

After a brief intermission, we returned to Carlito’s Cabana. He had all his old tricks with him, including apples to spit at people. He welcomed his guest as Brian Pillman Jr and made some jokes about the Cabana’s budget. Pillman complained about not having a match and made some jabs at Carlito’s age. Carlito got tired of the talk and challenged him to a 2nd Generation match. Pillman attacked from behind and the match was made. He chopped Carlito around the turnbuckles and ran into a rebound clothesline. Carlito gave him a tour of the turnbuckles and brought down Pillman with a dropkick. He avoided more attacks and downed Pillman again with a head kick. He got caught up in the turnbuckle so Pillman kicked him in the back and slammed him into the mat. Pillman cracked his leg off the ring-post and pulled at Carlito’s hair for a back kick. Carlito fought out of a Suplex but ran into a powerslam. Pillman locked in a body-scissor stretch and hammered away at his ribs until Carlito made the ropes. Pillman got distracted arguing with the ref and took a low kick into a neckbreaker. He missed a follow-up elbow and got stomped down by Pillman. Carlito fought out of a superplex and hit a second attempt at the “diving” elbow. A strike exchange broke out and Carlito hit a trio of hair pulls into a running knee and clothesline. Carlito went for the backstabber but Pillman dodged and chinned him with a running knee. He stormed off when Carlito kicked out and hit him with an inflatable palm tree. He was somehow surprised when this did no damage and ate a DDT. A second backstabber attempt failed so Pillman blasted him with a superkick. He grabbed one of Carlito’s apples and tried to spit it at Carlito but missed and hit the ref. Carlito tried for a roll-up but the ref was blinded. Pillman took advantage with a low blow into a jackhammer for the win. This wasn’t bad but I feel it outstayed its welcome a bit. I’m loving aggressive asshole Pillman and it’s nice to see Carlito in action again but yeah, could have done with being a few minutes shorter.

Calvin Tankman defeated G-Raver via Hidden Blade

So, once again in a card subject to change moments, we no longer had KTB vs Calvin Tankman in the ultimate hoss fight. Instead, we had something wholly different but no less insane. Calvin Tankman without an opponent ended up taking on the sadistic deathmatch luchador, G-Raver. Tankman started by battering him in the corners with stiff strikes and dared G-Raver to hit him back, then downed him with a headbutt. They brawled around the outside and Tankman dumped Raver back first onto the apron. Raver struck back hard but Tankman seemed to be savouring it. They traded chair shots and Tankman got slammed off the apron. They fought into the crowd and Tankman dumped Raver onto more chairs with a backdrop. He continued with a ring-post ram and chopped him against it. Raver swung back with more chops and knocked him out of a chair with an apron knee strike. Raver downed Tankman with a missile dropkick and challenged Tankman to another slugfest. The two threw bombs until both were dazed after a slew of forearms. They went for round two and Raver pelted Tankman with chairs. Tankman got his revenge by ducking a chair charge and pouncing it into Raver’s face. Tankman knocked Raver loopy with a back fist and drove him through a chair with a brainbuster. Tankman got more chairs and after more punishing chops, tried for a superplex. Raver broke free and sent Tankman through the chairs with a Meteora. Raver tried to start a chair riot but it made Nick Gage laugh as a lot of the chairs didn’t make it. He blasted Tankman with running knees but still couldn’t keep Tankman down. Raver tried to give him a headful of tattoo needles but Tankman was able to grab them and ram them into Raver’s head. He kneed the needles further in and finished Raver with a Powerbomb onto the chairs and a hidden blade elbow. This was exceptional. It was a nice mix of violence in both the plunder and traditional sense. Raver might have lost but he gave Tankman a fight. It’s so nice to have Raver back.

JTG defeated Rickey Shane Page via Roll-Up

Now came a massive match. Rickey Shane Page, the most hated man in wrestling and leader of the 44OH! taking on one of the faces of VxS, the Gawd, JTG. Now, RSP had made plenty of jokes at JTG’s expense, now it was time for action. They started with lock-up and knockdown attempts but RSP was a bitch and kicked JTG before his tackle to take him down. JTG made RSP run the ropes and hit him with a dropkick. He continued with a sliding uppercut and sling blade, then RSP took the fight to the outside. He whacked JTG’s head off of the apron and went for the plunder. He baited in JTG and threw a chair into his face. He continued to stomp him down and went for more plunder. He brought in a door and took a few blows to the face, then kicked JTG in the head and put him through the door with a Suplex Toss. He set up a second door and went off to get a light-tube. RSP broke the tube in JTG’s mouth and locked in a crossface with a chair. JTG trapped RSP’s hand under the chair and punched his way up. He Sabu’ed RSP and dropped him with a series of clotheslines into a pop-up neckbreaker. He put RSP through the door with a running powerslam. He tried for the Brooklyn’s Edge but got dumped with a back-body drop. RSP fired back with a throat thrust into an Enzuigiri and Cutter. He flattened JTG with a Swanton Bomb but it only got two. A slugfest broke out and JTG reversed a chokebreaker into a roll-up for the win. JTG scored a shock win over RSP after one nasty beating. RSP did not take the loss well but got scared off when Nick Gage ran at him from commentary with a bundle of tubes. Gage then broke the bundle over JTG just to prove a point. What a massacre of a match.

Jimmy Lloyd defeated Judas Mesias via DVD through a Door

Last but not least, came the main event. Jimmy Lloyd looking to continue his winning ways against some of wrestling’s best and wildest. He’d beaten AR Fox and Sabu and now he was taking on someone so far out of left field, Judas Mesias. Would he be able to best a man who survived the barbed-wire massacre? They started with shoves and tackles, then threw straight rights. Mesias took control with chops and elbows, then slammed him into the mat. Lloyd popped up and charged Mesias in the corner. Lloyd tried to bounce off the ropes but Mesias threw him overhead and planted Lloyd head-first into the mat. He threw Lloyd headfirst into the buckles and tore at his face in the ropes. Lloyd got the boots up out of the corner and tried to stab Mesias with a syringe but Mesias snatched it off him and stabbed it through Lloyd’s cheek. Lloyd blasted back with stiff strikes and ran into a straight right and clothesline. He threw Lloyd to the outside and bounced him off the fan’s chairs. He even cracked the security guy with a chair. Lloyd fired back again and pelted Mesias with a chair. Mesias no-sold it and slammed Lloyd’s head off a metal wall. He threw Mesias into the ring-post and tried for a piledriver on the apron but Mesias broke free and hit an apron DDT. Mesias dragged Lloyd over to the commentary table and dumped Lloyd onto it with a one-armed powerbomb. He dragged out a bundle and broke them over Lloyd’s skull, then ground the broken tubes into his face.

Mesias slapped Lloyd about and missed a corner charge, getting nothing but ring-post. Lloyd did the same and the pair went down with a double clothesline. Lloyd kicked down Mesias with a roundhouse and superkick but couldn’t get the pin. Mesias speared Lloyd but that only got two so he pummelled him with corner clotheslines. Lloyd booted him again and landed an Ace Crusher for two. Mesias grabbed another chair and ran Lloyd into it, then got a two-count with a spike DDT. Lloyd tripped Mesias into a 619 and hit him with a slingshot senton. He choked out Mesias as he waited for a door to be brought out. He set it up in the corner and returned to get Mesias but ate another right hand and a destroyer. Lloyd powered out of a follow-up and cracked Mesias with an enzuigiri, then beat him the same way he beat Sabu with a DVD through a door. Lloyd tanked another beatdown to score another win over a shock opponent. This kicked so much ass as Mesias took Lloyd to the limit and probably broke a lot of broadcasting equipment in the process.

So, there you have it, VxS Eternal Atake reviewed for your reading pleasure. Once again, the VxS team knocked it out of the park. The show had its weird moments but the overall vibe and matches kicked ass. I never thought I’d see a Judas Mesias (specifically that persona) main event in 2020 but here we are and guess what it was awesome. Alongside that, the shock win for JTG, G-Raver fighting a wrestling kaiju, and Myron Reed beating a wrestling legend all made for amazing moments. VxS are really going all-out to offer something unique and I love tuning in for it. There’s always plenty to enjoy so if you like what you read, it looked better on FITE.

All images courtesy of VxS Twitter, 2ndGunny, HeyyImRob, SirLARIATO

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