Welcome Back to ChocoPro Wrestling. This weekend, the Chocolate Square would be blessed by a double-bill of manic shows. For the first show of the weekend, we’ll see Yuna Mizumori taking on the Makai Project muscle, Hagane Shinno, as our main event, and a tag team bout between the Warm Caterpillars and Emi Sakura and Sayaka Obihiro. Could the Warm Caterpillars return to their winning ways and could Mizumori rack up a singles win against a foe she’s been locking horns with since 2019? Let’s get into it and find out.

Emi Sakura & Sayaka Obihiro defeated The Warm Caterpillars (Mei Suruga & Chie Koishikawa) via La Magistral on Suruga

The first match of the show was a tag team match between The Warm Caterpillars, Mei Suruga and Chie Koishikawa and the team of grudge-holding boss Emi Sakura and the returning Sayaka Obihiro. Koishikawa has found herself dragged into this feud between Suruga and Sakura as she has had to face two Sakura tag teams now. Sakura, as part of Reset, will be taking on Suruga as part of the Best Bros and these have been the build-up bouts as Sakura scouts her competition. She’d beaten Baliyan Akki, could she beat Suruga’s team too? The match started with Koishikawa and Obihiro trading waistlocks at a rapid pace and Koishikawa dodging elbows. They moved to wrist-locks where Koishikawa escaped with a roll and launched Obihiro with an arm drag. They tagged out and Suruga locked Sakura in a grounded headlock. She worked upwards and started a Snapmare chain. Koishikawa kept it going and the pair moved onto forearms and stomps. They took her on the running arm-drag and continued to stomp the back. Suruga hit her with the window arm-drag and landed a body attack to prevent her tagging out. The Caterpillars locked in a posing Camel Clutch but Obihiro broke it up. Koishikawa locked in a bow and arrow as Suruga took pictures. Suruga came back in a went to the hair but Sakura yanked back. Sakura tried to launch her with a Biel but Suruga cartwheeled out and tried for a slam. Sakura slammed her against the wall and finally got the tag out of the match.

Obihiro started her own Snapmare chain and hit both Caterpillars with a double splash. She punished Sakura with chops and a sliding chop, then the pair traded strikes as both tried for slams. Suruga fired back with rapid forearms and launched her into the wall. Koishikawa came back in and dragged Obihiro around the mat before locking in the Stretch Muffler. The pair traded wall slams and both missed wall chops, then Koishikawa chopped Obihiro’s hand. She rained down more chops and dropped Obihiro with a dropkick but could only get two. Suruga locked in Apple Cut Mutilation but Sakura kicked her out of it. She tried for Lucifer but Obihiro struck her in the throat and landed a bridging Suplex. She quickly tagged in Sakura who made her presence felt with a wall splash and tried for a window move but Suruga pushed her through and hammered her back again. She hit a jumping back chop and both Caterpillars blasted Sakura with dropkicks. Obihiro broke up their pin so they took her out with a window hung leapfrog attack. She tried to finish off Sakura with the electric chair pin but Sakura shrugged her off and nearly hit cameraman Akki with a kick. Suruga took advantage with a wall-run forearm and ate a thrust kick from Sakura. The Caterpillars went for a double pin but Obihiro broke it up again. Everyone tried for pinfalls and Sakura took the win by bouncing Suruga off ref Mizumori into a La Magistral. Sakura took the win again with a very crafty pin on her opponents. The Best Bros have now both lost tag matches against Sakura.

Hagane Shinno defeated Yuna Mizumori via Crucifix Armbar

The main event of today’s show would be the continuation of a blood feud that’s been building since 2019. Hagane Shinno and Yuna Mizumori have been trying to kill each other for a long time and since their last bout where Shinno beat Mizumori in less than 2 minutes, things had only gotten more intense. Would Mizumori be able to best Shinno or would history repeat itself? They started by wrestling for ground control. They tried to lock in different limb holds until Shinno got on an ankle lock. He gave her a clean break but she did not return the favour, hammering him in the back as she broke a waistlock. Mizumori went to the wrists and tried for a dancing arm-lock but Shinno kicked her leg out. He continued to blast her leg with kicks and baited her into trying to answer back. He blocked her kicks and peppered her with more of his own. She covered her leg with a stool and dared him to kick that so he did, multiple times, then kicked her in the face. He trapped her under the stool and slapped away at her, then went back to the kicks. He locked in a Camel Clutch and continued to kick and lock in new holds when she escaped. Mizumori tried to fight back but earned Muay Thai knees and a back kick for her trouble.

They fought over a slam which Mizumori was successful in getting and she continued the momentum splash and Boston Crab. Shinno responded by launching her into a table and tried for a table kick but Mizumori dodged and tripped him into the table. She sandwiched him between two tables and pummelled the table at his back with elbows. They fought over the table and Shinno used it to ram Mizumori into the wall. He choked her out with it through the window but Mizumori bucked it and the table jabbed Shinno in the throat. He casually ducked a dropkick and dumped the table on top of her for a standing moonsault to both. Everyone in the studio winced as Shinno got a chest full of table but Mizumori was able to kick out. The pair traded strikes as Mizumori tried to exacerbate the damage Shinno had done to himself and caught him out of a kick to deliver a coconut crush. He dodged another dropkick and delivered one to her back. She caught him into a wall charge and dived from the window with a shoulder block, then he kicked her out of the wall-run splash. The pair traded manic dropkicks and clotheslines until Shinno caught her into a Crucifix Armbar for the win. This match was incredibly nasty. I loved the sheer violence on display as the two just tried to beat the hell out of each other by any means. Shinno has some incredible kicks and they got to be on full display here. Be sure to come back tomorrow for more ChocoPro goodness as we see the return of Lulu Pencil and more for ChocoPro #70.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Pro Twitter, FlyingVTrigger, TDE Wrestling Video courtesy of ChocoPro YouTube

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