Welcome back to our ChocoPro Wrestling double bill. We’ve reached episode 70 and to celebrate, the company was giving us another three-match show of fun. Mei Suruga would take on the ChocoPro Ninja Sayuri with Emi Sakura as the referee, Chie Koishikawa and Baliyan Akki would team up again to take on Emi Sakura and Sayaka Obihiro, and last but not least Lulu Pencil returns with her lucky pink hat to take on the terrifying Ryo Mizunami. Who would win and who would lose as Emi Sakura continued to strike at the Best Bros and Lulu Pencil looked to pick up a massive win as the general of Pencil Army? Let’s get into it!

Mei Suruga defeated Sayuri via Double-Stomp Propellor Pin

The first match of the show would see Mei Suruga take on the crafty ninja Sayuri. Taking on Sayuri is a task in of itself but with Emi Sakura as the ref in this match, could we see the Best Bros rivalry lead to sabotage. Sakura has cost Suruga in the past, would she do it again? The two started with a technical exchange, going for each other’s wrists and heads. Sayuri turned up the aggression with a series of forearms and rolling wall slams. Suruga locked in a body-scissor and rolled Sayuri into a kawaii pin. She hit the window-sill arm-drag and locked in a deathlock and STF. That transitioned to a bow and arrow and a Camel Clutch. Sakura broke up the submission so Suruga hit a trio of snapmares. Sayuri escaped a duo of slams and hit the wall-run toss, then missed a wall kick. Suruga bounced her head off the wall and tried to attack her with a leaping sign attack but Sayuri woke up and forearmed her out of the window. She baited Suruga into a series of through the window chops until Suruga opened the other window and forearmed her through it. Sayuri fired back with a sleeper through the window. The pair tried to crush each other in the window and went into a vicious forearm exchange. Suruga tripped Sayuri back through the window and attacked her with a sponsor sign, then blasted her with a dropkick that would have got three but Sakura wasn’t paying attention. The pair tried to throw each other into the wall but Sayuri kicked Suruga’s leg into the splits and pummelled her with more forearms. Suruga locked in the Full Nelson and transitioned to the Apple Cut Mutilation. Sayuri forced a break and launched Suruga into the wall again, then threw more forearms. She tried for the wall-run toss again but Suruga blocked it and downed her with a thudding forearm. She drove Sayuri head-first into the wall and dropkicked her against it. She then hit Sayuri with a series of pinfalls and roll-ups until Sakura gave her a second slow count. She caught Sakura in the face going for the propellor pin and after a frantic series of roll-ups, nailed Sayuri with a wall-run double stomp into a propellor pin for the win. Despite some dodgy referee work, Suruga pulled out the win. Sayuri continues to entertain even if she doesn’t get wins, she’s fun to watch and gave Suruga a great fight.

Emi Sakura & Sayaka Obihiro defeated Baliyan Akki & Chie Koishikawa via Diving Splash to Koishikawa

Next up was team Hyper Namaste working together again to try and pull out a win before their big Korakuen Hall match. They would once again be taking on Emi Sakura but this time she was teaming with Sayaka Obihiro. Would they be able to best Sakura or fall to her veteran wiles once again? Chaos rang everywhere as the veteran team rushed Hyper Namaste. They withstood and bullied Sakura with back attacks and the running posing straightjacket. Sakura escaped and tried to strike back but Akki caught her and slammed her into the wall, then ground her into the mat for a knee drop. He barred her arms, then brought in Koishikawa who planted a boot in Sakura’s back, then locked in a bow and arrow. Akki did the same and Koishikawa posed on top of her. Obihiro broke the hold so Akki knocked them both away. Akki dropped another knee and continued to punish the back of Sakura. She tried to hit him with strikes and kicks but Akki kicked her back down with a leg kick and dropped another knee. Sakura bit free of a slam and hit Akki with a swinging face buster, then landed a wall splash to get the needed tag out. Obihiro came in chopping and blistered both members of Hyper Namaste. She launched Akki with a dropkick and hit him in the throat but got caught into a backbreaker. He tagged out and Koishikawa came out swinging. She ran over Obihiro and chopped down Sakura. She slammed down Obihiro with an arm-drag and hit her with the scary chops she’s known for. She ran Obihiro into the wall but missed an X chop and ate a wall elbow.

She hit Koishikawa with a rolling chop and both tagged out. Sakura came out swinging at Akki and both went into a round of Rockem Sockem Robots-Esque brawling. Sakura ducked a thrust kick and splashed Akki’s arm against the wall. She winded him with a jumping kick to the gut but he quickly fired back with a slam and went for the Spider. Sakura tried to drag him down but Akki leapfrogged her and tried for a roll-up. Sakura tried to use the Kawaii pin but Akki locked her up and tried to get her to tap with a deathlock armbar combo. Obihiro broke this up so Akki tried for a Swanton and missed. He quickly rebounded with a roll-up and Hurricanrana but couldn’t keep Sakura down. Koishikawa came in and locked in the stretch muffler but fighting broke out everywhere. As the chaos subsided, Akki and Koishikawa nailed Sakura with a thrust kick/chop combo and went to the top but Obihiro knocked them both down and tossed Koishikawa with a Suplex for a Sakura diving splash. The veterans got the win again as Akki and Koishikawa once again get the bitter taste of defeat. They put on one hell of a fight but once again the veteran’s adaptability and survivability won them the day.

Ryo Mizunami defeated Lulu Pencil via Boston Crab

Very few people in this world have the swagger, coolness, and raw destructibility of Ryo Mizunami. Mizunami has graced the Chocolate Square on several occasions and more often than not, walks away the winner. This would be their second match with Lulu Pencil and potentially their second win over the commander of the Pencil Army. However, this was a different Lulu Pencil. She and the Pencil Army had been reborn. How would this help her here though against someone as imposing as Mizunami? Pencil tried to start with a charge but Mizunami accidentally knocked her down. Pencil tried to whip Mizunami but couldn’t move her and went to forearms as a countermeasure but Mizunami no-sold these and caught her arm on the last one for a wrist-lock. Mizunami continued to snap and bend Pencil’s arm, then trapped her in a side headlock. Mizumori finally released Pencil and got caught off-guard by a Pencil Roll into a single-leg crab. Mizumori bucked off Pencil and slowly dissected her with a kick and slug before egging on Pencil to hit her back. When Pencil didn’t hit back hard enough, Mizunami deadlifted her into a slam and sandbagged Pencil’s slam attempt into a splash. Pencil escaped an armbar and tried to run away but fell over a training bag by the studio entrance. ChocoPro’s aniki tried to fire up Pencil again and she launched back with stomps and chops but Mizunami once again shrugged these off and kicked her back down. The ref checked on Pencil and she fired up into another round of stomps and chops, this time with more vigour. Mizunami was still unaffected and threw Pencil into the wall and showed Pencil their power with a barrage of chops, paying tribute to their idol Satoshi Kojima with an extra helping of Machine Gun Chops.

They posed a bit too much though and Pencil slumped out of the way of another chop, resulting in Mizumori cracking their hand off the wall. Pencil couldn’t capitalise as Mizunami was straight back on her and threw her at the bathroom door. Mizunami went for the lariat but Pencil trapped them in the bathroom. She blocked up the door and hid behind the training bag until Mizunami burst free and rampaged around looking for her. She set up a table and laid a trap for Mizunami by laying a pile of boxes in front of the main door. Mizunami charged through them and Pencil blinded them with a sponsor sign. Pencil tried for a duo of roll-ups but couldn’t keep Mizunami down so she tripped them onto a table. She climbed up to the window and slid down the table to nail a pencil strike to Mizunami’s shoulder. She went back up for the Stabber but only got two. Mizunami caught her out of a second but Pencil was able to drive them head-first into the table. They chopped down Pencil but got caught by another crafty roll-up. She blasted Mizunami with another pencil attack but got tripped out of La Magistral onto the table. Mizunami hoisted Pencil up into a Wheelbarrow hold and rolled through into a Boston Crab forcing Pencil to tap. Mizunami had won the pair’s second encounter but they had suffered a lot of damage from the sneaky tactics and resiliency of the Pencil Army commander. Pencil showed a lot of heart but nothing could stand in the way of Mizunami’s raw power.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move Twitter, FlyingVTrigger Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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