Welcome back to the Hardcore Hustle Organisation. Matt Tremont’s hybrid promotion and school were back with another big show that would address any fallout from the Last Extravaganza weekend. It’s all systems go as we see the company’s top stars, top students and top champions all go to war under the watchful eye of Matt Tremont. Anything can happen as we’ll see new number one contenders determined, WTF in action, and a good dose of deathmatch fuckery. Let’s get into the action!

Three Stages of Rotten Hell: Jimmy Lyon defeated JC Rotten via Fuckery Pile DVD (Final Score 2-1)

The first match was a Three Stages of Hell bout that would see Jimmy Lyon prove to people and himself that he wasn’t an embarrassment or a disappointment. It would be chairs, then barbed-wire bats, then Taipei deathmatch rules should it go to it. This was going to get ugly fast as Lyon only knows how to give it his all. The ring was quickly flooded with chairs and both took quick chair pelts or shots to the head. Lyon got a couple of shots into the back but Rotten snatched the chair from him and caved his head and back in with vicious chair shots. Rotten dropped him head-first on an open chair and choked him out with another whilst setting up a chair pile. The pair exchanged clubs and headbutts, then Rotten scored the first fall with a twisting Suplex onto the chair pile. Stage two was barbed-wire bats and after getting their bats, Lyon went swinging wild on Rotten. He ground the wire into Rotten’s head and arm, then took a gut kick and got worked over by Rotten and the wire. One of the bats got stuck in Lyon’s hair so Rotten hammered it in further with the second one. Rotten tried to whip him into a corner bat but Lyon reversed and whipped Rotten into the bat and scored the second fall with a roll-up. it was 1-1 going into the Rotten special, Taipei deathmatch rules. The pair were taped up and glassed up, then they swung away on each other. Lyon knocked down Rotten and carved up his arm with a discarded glass shard. The glass continued to meet Rotten’s forehead, then a broken bottle got gouged into Lyon’s forehead. Rotten continued to carve away at Lyon and made a fuckery pile of the previous stage’s toys. He dumped Lyon on it with a double-underhook Suplex but only got two. He tried to attack Lyon with the bucket but Lyon snatched it away and dumped the glass down Rotten’s back, then finished the match with a DVD onto the fuckery pile for the three-count. Lyon had managed to rack up a big win and put a lot of H2O on notice with his actions. This was very deserved for Lyon, the guy finally got rewarded for his service and insanity as he will enter the Southern Sickness Cup.

Darien Hardway defeated Jonny Nova via Injustice Lock

Next up, was a more traditional match between Always Over, Jonny Nova, and Darien Hardway. Nova was on the company’s shit-list for running away from a street-fight with Matt Tremont and now he was demanding another opportunity. Tremont asked the audience if they want to see this and a match was made. That man was the Kryptonian, Darien Hardway. The pair started with a rapid rope-running exchange into a stiff striking exchange and the pair took the fight to the apron. Hardway threw Nova over the ropes and Nova kicked Hardway in the head through the ropes. Hardway tossed Nova around like a rag-doll and slammed him into the mat. Nova fought out of a gutwrench duo and made Hardway Eat Defeat. He took Hardway over with a bridging German and fought out of Hardway’s Injustice submission. Nova started targeting the knee of Hardway and showed off some innovative knee-breakers. The injured knee prevented a uranage from Hardway so Nova embarrassed him with one of his own. He stomped low and locked Hardway in a Sharpshooter. Hardway made the ropes and stunned Nova with a flying uppercut. He downed Nova with a trio of lariats and planted him with a Full Nelson Slam. He threw Nova to the mat with a Running Razor’s Edge but couldn’t capitalise as his knee buckled. Nova collapsed so Hardway stalked him from across the ring and tried to lock-in Injustice again but got hit with a low-blow. He hit Hardway with a diving elbow but only got two. He argued with the ref and walked into a Superman Punch into the Injustice facebuster and lock. Hardway sealed Nova’s fate and sent him packing in a dramatic fashion. This was an excellent match between two excellent wrestlers.

Devon Moore defeated Mason Martin (w/Stockade) via Backslide

After that was a grudge match. Stockade’s right-hand man Mason Martin was about to get his chance to bury an H2O veteran in the Notorious Devon Moore. Could Martin overcome Moore or would the crafty Moore find a way to win against the numbers? Moore came out swinging and rocked Martin with a series of jabs into a dropkick, then dived onto the bailing Martin with a crossbody. Martin struck back as Moore got back in-ring and pummelled him in the corner. He choked Moore out on the rope and distracted the ref so Stockade could crack him in the jaw. Moore raked Martin’s eyes and fired back with headbutts. Martin struck Moore down with more jabs and dropped a leg. Moore shocked him with a cutter and took his jaw off with a superkick. The pair traded more strikes, then Martin took Moore down with a diving shoulder block. He shouted at the audience and nearly won with a swinging Uranage but Moore kicked out. He went for a lariat but Moore caught him into a backslide and stole the match. Martin was furious and I was slightly surprised at how quick this match was over. The pair beat him down after the match with Stockade giving him a chained fist to the head. GG Everson and Ryan Redfield came out to make the save but Everson turned on Redfield and sided with Martin and Stockade. That is one hell of a powerhouse unit.

G-Raver defeated Conor Claxton via Thumbtack Meteora

Time for things to get intense. It was time for two technical hardcore brawlers to clash. The next step on the G-Raver H2O return tour would see him clash with Conor Claxton. It was supposed to be against Lucky 13 but 13 was limping with a crutch. He didn’t get any sympathy from the crowd but he did announce his replacement G-Raver. The pair started trading hands with some trash-talking in between. The pace picked up and Raver knocked Claxton on his back with a dropkick. The two continued to trade forearms and knees, then Claxton ran Raver over. He missed a corner boot so Raver hit him with a rope-run Enzuigiri. He sent Claxton bailing and tried to follow with a baseball slide but Claxton trapped him in the apron and choked him out. They brawled around the outside and Claxton went flying into the fan’s chairs. He attacked Raver with a chair and threw him back into the ring with a “fuck you” to the fans. He trapped Raver in a cravat and booted him in the face for a double stomp. He set up two chairs in the corner and uppercut Raver into one. Raver caught a running boot and threw Claxton onto the other chair for his own running boot to the teeth. Claxton tried to kick back but Raver nailed him with a running knee into a half and half. He then flattened Claxton with a springboard senton and springboard moonsault for a two-count. He covered the ring in tacks and hammered Claxton with knee lifts, then stomped his head into the tacks, multiple times. Raver went for a Swanton but Claxton dodged and got a back-full of tacks. Claxton tombstoned him into the tacks but also only got two. He took Raver up for a superplex but Raver dumped him stomach first onto the tacks and finished him off with a Meteora. Raver racked up another win in his usual merciless style. Claxton put up a good fight but Raver seems almost unstoppable at the moment. This was an excellent little hardcore affair.

After the match, Sean Henderson was trying to fix the turnbuckles and clear the ring when two familiar faces burst onto the scene. Atticus Cogar and Gregory Iron rushed the ring and attacked him, holding him at skewer point in a chair as they delivered a message from Rickey Shane Page to Matt Tremont and H2O. They skewered Sean and ran as the H2O locker room gave chase.

H2O Hybrid Champion Contender bout: Mouse defeated Kit Osbourne, Terra Calaway & Marc Angel via Faceplant DDT to Angel

One of the biggest draws of the No Excuses show was the two four-way contender bouts. The first was for the Hybrid title that would see the rabid Mouse take on the outspoken Kit Osbourne, Marc Angel, and the Queen of the Dinosaurs, Terra Calaway. The bell rang and Osbourne ran into a forearm from Calaway and Angel got bitten by Mouse. He hopped on Calaway’s back and the pair forearmed Osbourne and Angel, then Calaway hit Mouse with a backpack stunner. Osbourne and Angel teamed up to throw out Calaway and wandered into a diving crossbody from Mouse. Angel blasted Mouse with a Stunner and Osbourne tried to steal the pin. He curb-stomped Angel and raked the eyes of Calaway to escape a choke-bomb. She slammed down Angel and got KO’ed by a baseball slide from Osbourne. He taunted so Mouse crept up on him, raked his back, and hit him with a backstabber. Angel hit him in the back and dumped him with a rope-hung DDT. Osbourne punt-kicked Angel and ran Mouse into the turnbuckle for a clothesline to the back of the head. Angel hit Osbourne with an Inverted Atomic Drop and locked in a Camel Clutch/Boston Crab combo on Mouse and Osbourne. Calaway kicked his head off and planted Angel with a Full Nelson Slam, then dumped Mouse on top of him with a wheelbarrow splash. They fought over the pin on Angel and Calaway hit Mouse with a Full Nelson Slam too. Osbourne dragged out Calaway and watched as Mouse took the win with a Cazadora Stunner into a Faceplant DDT. This was another short but chaotic bout with everyone getting their moment. I’m not sure why Osbourne decided not to try and save the match but hey, maybe he just doesn’t want the H2O Hybrid Title. Congratulations to Mouse.

H2O Danny Havoc Hardcore Title Stairway to Hell Match: Bam Sullivan defeated HC Loc via Ladder-Trapped Barbed-Wire Crossface

The only title match on the card was the first defence of the Danny Havoc Hardcore Title. The inaugural champion Bam Sullivan would have his first defence against the hardcore veteran HC Loc. Would Sullivan be able to hold his title against such stiff competition or would he lose his title at the first hurdle? For those new to Stairway to Hell matches, there is basically barbed-wire at the top of the ring, climb a ladder and grab it, then use it to carve up your opponent. The pair started by chopping the shit out of each other. Loc took advantage with some hard jabs and made Sullivan bail with a dropkick. They brawled around the outside, sampling some audience chairs as they passed. They both went into the ring posts, then the plunder came out. Loc tried to baseball slide a chair into Sullivan’s head but Sullivan moved and pelted the chair into his head. Sullivan continued to smash away at Loc’s head and brought out a ladder. Loc dragged him back down and started whooping ass again, slamming Sullivan into the mat. Sullivan pulled Loc off the ladder but all it did was earn him a trip into it. Loc dropped the ladder on Sullivan’s hip/quad and rocked him with a low clothesline. Loc slammed Sullivan onto the ladder and clawed into Sullivan’s head wound. They fought atop the ladder until Sullivan headbutted Loc off and retrieved the wire. He instantly whipped it into Loc’s back and raked it into Loc’s arm. Loc escaped more punishment with a rope-hung neckbreaker and got caught by a schoolboy roundhouse kick. He drove Loc onto the wire with a DVD and wrapped his arm in it for a barbed-wire rolling elbow. The ref got thrown into a spear and Loc suplexed Sullivan onto a chair and the wire. He wrapped his arm in the fire for a barbed-wire rainmaker but the ref was still out. He set up another ladder and whipped Sullivan around the ladder-bound turnbuckles. Sullivan reversed another whip and sandwiched Loc between the ladders, then trapped Loc in one and hammered it into him with a steel chair. He quickly retrieved the wire from the mat, wrapped it around Loc’s head, and made him tap to a ladder-trapped crossface. Sullivan successfully retained as he and Loc put on a vicious fight in honour of Danny Havoc. There was blood, brutality, and a lot of stiff shots. Just what you want to see. It was all nice and pleasant until two people jumped Sullivan and aligned themselves with Loc. So much for sportsmanship.

H2O Heavyweight Title Contender Doors and Chairs Four-way: Mitch Vallen defeated Jeff Cannonball, Lowlife Louie & Chuck Payne via WTF interference

After that insanity, it was time for yet more insanity as we had our second contender’s four-way. It would be four of H2O’s best and biggest going against each other for a shot at the H2O Heavyweight Title. Would it be the monster, the lowlife, or either of the Lone Rangers who became Ron Mathis’ next opponent? Payne took out Cannonball and Louie then got into a slugging contest with Mitch. Payne clotheslined him down and got taken out by Louie hitting him in the back. Mitch bitch-slapped Louie and threw him into the ropes for a series of elbow drops. The Lone Rangers took out Louie with the sandwich and hit Payne with double uppercuts. Cannonball tried to get Louie’s help in dispatching Payne but he was still too dazed. Cannonball dropped a door on him instead and Mitch followed suit. They broke the door over Payne’s back and played pinata with the broken pieces. Louie pried at Payne’s face as the Rangers set up some fuckery. They all headbutted Payne and put him through the door with a triple powerbomb. Payne went on a massacre, then ran into Mitch, who lit up his midsection with jabs. He continued to blast Payne and sent him to the outside with a clothesline. Payne leapt back in and downed Louie and Cannonball with a double clothesline. Mitch and Payne downed each other, then Cannonball tried to give a short soda review of Diet Pepsi but got hit with a Stunner from Louie. Mitch got rid of Louie with a DDT and slammed down Payne with a belly to belly. He set up a door and walked into a chokeslam from Payne. Louie and Cannonball got into a door beating contest outside as Payne went to the top rope. WTF rushed the ring, saved Mitch, and threw Payne through the door. They dragged Mitch onto Payne so he got the win and gloated over Payne’s second lost opportunity. Excellent match but I can’t imagine Mitch is happy with how he won and Payne can’t be happy he keeps getting put in handicap matches.

Six-Man Tag: The Kids (Dyln McKay, Marcus Mathers & Austin Luke) defeated White Trash Forever (Ron Mathis, Bruce Grey & Tyler Voxx w/Nick Papagiorgio) via Victory Roll-Up on Mathis

Last but not least, the main event. H2O champs WTF were giving back (unwillingly) to the younger generation of H2O in a six-man tag match against the Kids. Austin Luke, Marcus Mathers, and Dyln McKay would have to throw all differences aside if they were going to best the most underhanded faction in the game. WTF even hid in wait for them and ambushed them all as they made their entrance. They couldn’t even wait for the bell to ring to be dickheads. They continued to beatdown the Kids around the ring, paying special edition to the high-flying breakout Dyln McKay. They threw the Kids in the ring and spent too much time gloating as the Kids all recovered and took out Voxx with triple superkicks, then dived onto all of WTF. They were thrown in the ring and the bell finally rang. WTF was huddled so the Kids kicked their legs out and booted them all in the chest. They locked on a three-way rowing machine and then finalised this lower region assault with a triple Atomic Drop. Voxx and Grey were taken outside and Luke went to work on the legs of Mathis. Voxx dumped Luke outside and Mathers dumped him on his head with a schoolboy cutter. Grey sent Mathers flying so McKay rushed in and dumped him with a spinning neckbreaker into a twisting fisherman buster. Mathis dragged him out and knocked him to the floor with a lariat. Mathers beat the fuck out of Mathis and chased after Voxx which led to him eating a double flapjack from the tag team champs.

Austin Luke took them out with a double Pelé kick and got run into a Powerslam from Mathis. He continued to bully Luke and worked with his WTF goons to keep him trapped in their corner. Luke finally got his escape by dodging a leg drop, grazing Mathis with a kick, and dropping him on his head with a Regal-Plex. Mathers came in hot and beat down Voxx with a combo of strikes, knees, and kicks ending in a beautiful Code Red. Grey came in and Mathers hung him in the ropes for a lionsault/codebreaker combo with McKay. He killed off Voxx with a twisting Enzuigiri and Crucifix bomb, then went after Grey but Papagiorgio interfered, allowing Grey to go for a roll-up. McKay kicked out and went to the top but Grey caught him and crotched him. He brought McKay crashing down with a superplex but McKay reversed it into a small package. He reversed a DDT and tried for a springboard but Mathis snapped his throat off the ropes and nailed a piledriver on the apron. Grey DDT’ed Mathers and got into a fistfight with Luke as McKay recovered. Luke won with a rebound high knee and tried The Tower of London on Voxx but Voxx clung to the turnbuckle and beat him down. They were setting up a Doomsday Device but Chuck Payne reappeared to commit a murder. In the confusion, Luke rolled Mathis through into a victory roll and took the win for the Kids. Payne repaid WTF for what they did to him and the Kids got a massive win. They have their right to debut on the main roster and I can see them being a major threat in the main event.

So, there you have it, H2O No Excuses reviewed for your reading pleasure. As you can see, this was a big show. There were a lot of big matches and moments that any wrestling fan could enjoy. This had a lot of build towards the future of the company and showcased the biggest players, present and future. it was a very nice mixed bag of action with two new faction members in the Loc and Moore matches as well as a massive feel-good moment for the Kids. The future of the company looks bright and 2021 should see the talent in this company take it to a new height.

All images courtesy of Chris Grasso, Earl Gardner Photography, H2O Twitter,   

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