Welcome back to ChocoPro Live! This week is the big one. After multiple shows of in-fighting, sniping, and thrust kicks, we’re finally at the Best Bros vs RESET match. Baliyan Akki and Mei Suruga would have their work cut out for them as they took on the Asia Dream Tag Team champions Emi Sakura and Kaori Yoneyama. They wouldn’t be alone as Lulu Pencil, today’s host, Chie Koishikawa and the world watched from the side-lines as this monumental match took place. Would the Best Bros get the biggest win of their tag-team or would Emi Sakura continue to kill of Mei Suruga’s impressive season 4 win record? Let’s get into the action!

Best Bros (Mei Suruga & Baliyan Akki) defeated RESET (Emi Sakura & Kaori Yoneyama) via Bros be Back double La Magistral on Sakura

After the introductions and welcomes to the show, it was time to get into the one big match of the show, Best Bros vs RESET. Ever since Baliyan Akki kicked Emi Sakura in the face defending Mei Suruga, a nasty side has been brought out of Sakura as she has bested both Best Bros in separate matches. Now it was time for their greatest challenge as they took on the Asia Dream Tag Team champions. This was the fight for their future! The teams shook hands and the action started. Yoneyama and Suruga started things by trying to out-hype the other. They then traded wrist and waist-locks with Suruga playing dodge around elbows and Yoneyama breaking free by stomping on Suruga’s foot. Yoneyama tried to throw Suruga by her hair but Suruga cartwheeled out and launched Yoneyama with the window-sill arm-drag. Yoneyama fired back with her own and the pair traded pinfalls, then tagged out. Sakura tried to rush Akki with kicks but he just knocked them away and after a duo of gut kicks, the pair went into a vicious strike exchange. Sakura tried to yank Akki’s hair so he grabbed her wrist and smashed her with shoulder barges whilst throwing up the peace sign. Sakura attacked back with forearms and baited Akki into dropkicking the wall. Suruga dropkicked Sakura from the side-lines and Akki took out both members of RESET with a step-up crossbody of Suruga’s back.

The Best Bros took a moment to celebrate, then went back to breaking down Sakura as Akki treated her back like a walking machine. He tagged in Suruga who did the same but ended her running combo with a double stomp. She whipped Sakura into the wall numerous times and tried for a quick pin but Sakura still had plenty of strength left. Akki came flying back in and delivered some devastating knee-drops to Sakura’s back and sent her thudding into the wall again. He locked her in a deathlock and rained down punches into her back. The Best Bros then started a stomping train as Suruga was tagged in and dropped boots onto Sakura’s already injured back as Akki held her in place. She locked Sakura in a body-scissor and after a little assistance from Akki, trapped Sakura in the kawaii pin. Yoneyama quickly broke this up and watched in horror as Suruga dropkicked Sakura into the wall. Akki came back in and locked on his own body-scissors, then tanked a flurry of elbows to deliver a stiff forearm to her back. Sakura reversed his whip into the wall and delivered a splash to the formerly-injured shoulder, then used to the window-sill to hit a leaping spin kick. He tried to power through into a slam but Sakura reversed it into the swinging facebuster. She made the tag to Yoneyama who assaulted Akki with a barrage of Mongolian Chops, foot stops, and a double throat thrust. She locked in a Camel Clutch, then started a game of musical chairs when Akki forced a break. She danced around with Suruga and Akki but lost her temper when Suruga won the game and attacked the pair with another stool.

Yoneyama hijacked the camera and gave the audience a POV sequence as she threw Suruga into Akki, then threw Sakura into the Best Bros and panned the camera down as she pinned Akki. The pair went into a frantic sequence of trades, avoiding slams, submissions, and around-the-world moves until Yoneyama planted Akki with a hanging DDT. We got a double spider pose and both Best Bros hit diving sunset flips. RESET kicked out so the pair flattened them with wall-run crossbodies. Suruga locked in the Full Nelson but Sakura crept behind and put her in one. Akki held Yoneyama hostage in a Full Nelson and we got a submission Mexican Stand-off. Both women broke free and Suruga used Yoneyama as a battering ram to drive Sakura into the studio window. Reset struck back with a flipping double arm drag and double dropkicks, then Yoneyama charged Suruga with a wall-trapped knee. She tried for a Northern Lights but Suruga reversed into a roll-up. Suruga bounced her off the wall and forced her into the Apple Cut Mutilation. Sakura dragged her off and RESET hit her with a Giant swing/senton combo. Sakura took over and winded Suruga with an underhook gutbuster and hit her with a We Will Rock You wall splash. Akki intervened and the Best Bros hit Sakura with a battering ram and Akki threw Suruga into a head-scissor takeover on Yoneyama. Sakura was put in the Apple Cut Mutilation but Sakura forced a break and threw Suruga out of the window.

RESET looked to dive but Akki grabbed Sakura and Suruga knocked Yoneyama back into the studio. They double-teamed Sakura into a sign slam and Suplex combo, then tripped her into the wall. They tried for an assisted propellor pin but Yoneyama ripped Suruga up and dropped her with a Northern Lights. Akki tagged in and instantly went back after Sakura with more knee drops, then downed her with a leaping knee. RESET tried to swarm so Suruga took them down with a double trip and Akki nailed them with a double Spider splash. They locked on an Octopus and Abdominal stretch on Yoneyama and Sakura, then got run into each other for a senton/dropkick combo from Yoneyama. She crunched the pair under another senton and both members of RESET went to the top again. They missed a double diving headbutt and Sakura got hit with an assisted double stomp. He crashed into Sakura’s knees off a Namaste splash and traded roll-ups with Sakura. Best Bros hit Yoneyama with a wall-run double stomp and Namaste Splash combo, then Akki kicked the soul out of Sakura. Yoneyama caught him out of another Namaste Splash and Suruga saved him from La Magistral. Sakura lashed out at her and Yoneyama climbed to the top but Akki kicked Yoneyama out of the window and the Best Bros trapped Sakura in a double La Magistral or as Gatoh Move called it, the Bros be Back.

As you can see, this was a very packed match. A lot of high-quality wrestling took place here and the heat between the two teams got pretty intense. Neither team was willing to back down and even after the bell, the fighting continued. Eventually, the blows stopped and the Best Bros could celebrate. They may have lost some of the battles but they’d won the war here. This was exceptionally good fun and one of the best ChocoPro matches I’ve reviewed yet. Everyone was firing on all cylinders and as the season finale looms, I imagine a few of the ChocoPro members have more to give and one day, the Best Bros will get a shot at the Asia Dream Tag Titles. For now, they can celebrate knowing they made Sakura pay for the past few episodes and the shenanigans throughout. The next episode is the finale and Antonio Honda and Minoru Fujita will be in attendance. It’s going to get wild…

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move Twitter, TDE Gifs, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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