It always sucks when things don’t go to plan and with COVID crippling industries around the world, wrestling plans have been continuously adapted to stay within ever-changing regulations. Slime Season was meant to bring GCW to the bright lights of Vegas and the fans there. Instead, it became a free show and fundraiser through the power of YouTube. I have to say based on the goal it was a success. Amongst this wrestling super-card, we’d have Blake Christian vs Lio Rush 2 with a very different Lio Rush, Jacob Fatu vs Matthew Justice in a bout of total chaos, Kikutaro returning to take on Allie Kat, Juicy Finau vs Rickey Shane Page and so much more. Let’s stop stalling and get into the action.

Chris Bey defeated Jordan Oliver via Springboard Crucifix Driver

The show opened with a banger as the Sauce God took on the Ultimate Finesser. Both guys are fast as hell so who knew what they’d do here. The pair started off technical, then picked up the pace fast with a series of arm-drags, pin attempts and Oliver trying for the Clout Cutter early. They fought around the ropes and Bey stomped down Oliver in the corner. He hit a roaring elbow in the ropes and tried for a leapfrog but Oliver caught him into a Bridging German. He continued to hold onto the waist and the pair walked out to the apron where Bey rammed him into a ring-post and planted him with a springboard DDT to the apron. Back in-ring, Bey continued to punish him with uppercuts to the neck and stinging double-chops. He fought Oliver on the top rope and caught him with a diving crossbody. Oliver temporarily broke free of a chin-lock with a stunner and launched his own combo of strikes but Bey cut him off with a spinning high kick. Bey locked on a Cobra Twist but Oliver broke out and the pair downed each other with double clotheslines. Oliver caught Bey into a bridging Northern Lights and sent him flying with a back body drop. He caught Bey in the corner with Cleopatra and tried for the Clout Cutter but Bey crotched him in the turnbuckles and brought him crashing down with an out-in backbreaker. They got into a slugfest, then Oliver kicked low and Bey kicked high with a spin kick. Oliver fired up off a German and dropped Bey with a vicious lariat into an Impaler DDT. Bey escaped a pump-handle slam with an arm-drag and after a bit of rope-trapping bested Oliver with a springboard Crucifix Driver. These two killed it in the opening spot of the card and gave it everything they had. Bey picks up a nice win over Oliver, a man with quite the win-streak over former X Division champions.

Sefa Fatu defeated Façade (w/Dani Mo) via Diving Splash

Next up was the first part of the Samoan Dynasty’s path of destruction. The Problem Sefa Fatu had come to GCW and after weeks without an announced opponent, found one in the Neon Ninja Façade. The pair locked up and Fatu easily overpowered Façade. The pair mocked each other, then Façade tried for some chops. Fatu answered back with some nasty forearms and a brutal headbutt. Façade baited him out of the corner and knocked Fatu down with a rope-walking dropkick. The fight broke to the outside where Façade dodged a faceplant on the apron only to get caught out of a lariat into an apron Uranage from Fatu. He continued to hammer Façade on the outside, then threw him in-ring for a scoop slam and senton. Façade struck and kicked back but got caught out of a rope run into a nasty Samoan Drop. He continued to wind and choke out Façade, then knocked him down again with a clothesline. Façade got more strikes and kicks in, then tried to down Fatu with a bulldog but Fatu withstood and fired back with a spinning wheel kick. He locked Façade in a nerve hold and ripped out one of the Neon Ninja’s dreads, then regretted this as Façade woke up and chopped the soul out of him. Façade continued with some nasty uppercuts into a foot stomp and sweep knee strike. He baited Fatu into a Matrix Escape wheel kick and blasted him on the outside with a step up 450 dive. That train of athleticism continued with a springboard cutter and a slew of chest kicks and chops. Fatu tried to block but Façade rocked him with a rewind head kick and kneed his face in. Fatu escaped death with a superkick into a pop-up Samoan Spike and tried for something aerial but Façade brought him crashing down with a springboard Frankensteiner. He tried for the Neon Terminator but Fatu dodged and hit Façade with a ring-shaking hip attack. He climbed to the top and ended Façade with a massive splash. Sefa Fatu had been victorious in his GCW debut and snuffed out one of its most colourful and athletic stars.

Jacob Fatu defeated Matthew Justice via Step-Up Moonsault

Time for Samoan Dynasty killing spree part 2. Jacob Fatu, the MLW World Heavyweight champion and scary as hell wrestler was about to lock horns with the one-man militia, Matthew Justice. Both guys live for chaos so this match could go anywhere. They started fast with knockdown attempts and both got stunned by headbutts and tackles. Justice sent Fatu out with a cactus clothesline and the pair brawled on the outside with Justice sending Fatu careening into a wall. Justice brought out the plunder and tried to hit a dive on a seated Fatu but got nothing but chairs and concrete. Fatu copied and launched Justice into the bleachers with a suicide dive. The fight continued up the bleachers as Fatu mercilessly pummelled Justice and tossed some plunder into the ring. Justice took a breather by the commentary table and cracked Fatu in the head with a foam Clownette head. Fatu ducked a kendo shot and gave Justice a caning with it, then continued to fill the ring with plunder. Fatu went to the top but Justice was there with him and pelted him with a chair. He hoisted Fatu up and drove him through a chair with a second rope DVD. He left for more plunder and tried to attack Fatu with a trashcan but Fatu trapped him in it and hammered him with chair shots and a nasty trashcan trapped Samoan Drop. Justice got he’s knees up off a springboard moonsault and speared Fatu through a door. Justice picked up the fragments and started a broken door barfight. Fatu’s head broke the door and he slammed Justice down with a swinging uranage. Justice caned Fatu in the head and scored a near-fall with a massive DDT. He tried again with an Awesome splash but still only got two. Justice set up another door and laid Fatu against it with a chair around his head. Fatu removed the chair and lobbed it at Justice, then KO’ed Justice with a top rope Samoan Drop through the door. He finished Justice with a chair shot to the head, superkick and pop-up Samoan drop into the step-up Moonsault. This was absolutely vicious and I loved it. Both guys just wanted carnage and they got it.

ScrambleFuck: KTB defeated Jimmy Lloyd, Eli Everfly, Matt Vandagriff, Spyder Nate Webb & Damian Drake via Imploding Springboard Splash on Drake

After that monstrous match, we got the GCW Scramble. Six men would enter but only one would leave a winner. It would be KTB, flying solo after his AEW Dark series, Jimmy Lloyd, Spyder Nate Webb, Eli Everfly and the team of Unguided Matt Vandagriff and Damian Drake all battling for GCW supremacy. This was every bit what you wanted with KTB being KTB and hitting things no one his size could be expected to do. The Harlequins of Hate Drake and Vandargriff showed off both their teamwork and solo skills in incredible fashion and everyone else in the match also did what they did best. We all know with these matches, it’s better to see than read. All the action was mad as it started with KTB pushing Webb out of his entrance and battling everyone, then tanking everything that came his way, throwing bodies around and creating body piles everywhere until he won with an imploding Springboard Splash on Drake. In-between we saw the Unguided pull off the coolest looking double team Suplex ever, a whole host of creative offence, the birth of the Bix Kick and Spyder Nate Webb using a submission I’d never seen. It was just a fun time and should be watched.

Mance Warner defeated Atticus Cogar via Super Door-DT

Things were about to get violent. It would be NGI 5 winner vs the 2020 Prince of Deathmatch in a grudge bout. Mance has had his problems with 44OH! and now he would get his chance to potentially kill one of their ranks off as he did battle with the Silver Teeth Satan, Atticus Cogar. There was nothing technical to start, just two guys trading headbutts. Cogar bit at Mance in the corner and Mance booted him over the ropes to the floor. They continued to brawl around the outside with the pair headbutting and chopping the hell out of each other. The action returned to the ring where Mance ran himself into the ropes and Cogar took advantage by turning that into a rope-hung lionsault. He choked out Mance with one of his suspenders and pummelled Mance in the corner for a schoolboy superkick. Mance started slapping back so Cogar choked him out with his own bandana, then dragged it into Mance’s eyes. Mance hit the jabs and bionic elbow but Cogar caught him off the ropes into a German Suplex. The pair duked it out in the corner, then Mance fired up with a series of rolling elbows. He pulled Cogar into a pop-up jab and blasted him with kneepad up kneepad down. He tried for a lariat but Cogar booted him down and dropped him on his head with a half and half. Cogar brought out the plunder and hit Mance with a chair assisted coast to coast. He tried to decapitate Mance with more chairs but Mance used the one wrapped around his head as a weapon and nailed a pop-up headbutt. He used the chair for an elbow drop and tried to drive Cogar through more chairs but Cogar reversed into an Air Raid Crash through the chairs. He set up a door and went to the top but Warner pelted him in the head with another chair and sent him crashing through the door with a super DDT. Mance Warner took the win over the 44OH! here and gave Cogar a beating he wouldn’t forget. This was an excellent fight and it was nice to see Warner get the big win here.

Allie Kat defeated Kikutaro via Laricat

It was time for something a bit different. Kikutaro was back and he was going to take on the girl with the best laricat, Allie Kat. Things had a chance of getting ridiculous here as Allie Kat would have to battle the King of Comedy. Allie went for a wrist-lock and used Kikutaro’s hand for head strokes. He tried to copy but ended up eating her hand. He spent a long time in a hammerlock and reversed into a side headlock at 95% of pain threshold. Allie escaped and offered an olive branch in the form of belly pets. Kikutaro accepted and gave her belly rubs but took it the wrong way and scared her off. The wrestling continued and Allie locked in a straightjacket, then hit a cartwheel dropkick and senton. Kikutaro retreated for a time out and told Allie not to dive. She went to and changed her mind but Kikutaro assured her he’d catch her. She decided against it and got stuck up the ring post. Kikutaro helped her down, then punched her in the mouth. He flipped off the crowd and chopped down Allie. He argued with the ref about slow counts and continued chopping Allie in the head. Kikutaro continued to berate Allie in the corner and even proposed marriage to get a green card. He threw the ref at her but he caught her boot and backed away. Kikutaro applauded the ref’s intelligence and got taken out by jabs and a high crossbody. She nearly won with an enzuigiri and headbutt, then put on a waist-lock. Kikutaro tried to kick low, realised it wouldn’t work on Allie after he’d already started dancing and shouted at the ref, “she has no balls!” Allie responded by kicking him low and he hit her with a Kancho. They traded chops and Kikutaro went back to the ass with another Kancho. He stunned her with the smell of his fingers and poked her in the eyes. He pushed the ref into her and she accidentally cock shot the ref. Kikutaro nailed a shining wizard but the ref was too hurt to count. We got a repeat of the corner spot and Allie used the ref to hit a DDT. She hit the laricat and got the three-count. Kikutaro will not be visiting the drive-through church tonight. This match was like a fever dream, completely insane and utterly hilarious.

Rickey Shane Page defeated Juicy Finau via La Magistral

Next up was something a bit more normal, a non-title match between the GCW champion Rickey Shane Page and the new favourite of GCW, Juicy Finau. RSP had little regard for his opponent so Finau was determined to beat some respect into him. Finau instantly charged so RSP took a breather on the outside. Once he was in, he tried to trip Finau, who reversed this into a handstand club and Bix Kick/flipping neckbreaker combo. He winded RSP with a massive senton and the champion quickly learned just who he was dealing with. RSP hit a chop block and cracked him with a low forearm. He continued to work Finau’s knee and locked on a toe-hold. RSP ate a throat thrust but Finau was too hurt to follow up so RSP nailed him with an enzuigiri. RSP went back to the knees again and hammered the Big Toko with discus elbows ending his spree with a sliding one. Juicy kicked out so RSP went to the top and missed a senton Atomico. Finau fought through his pain and climbed to the top and missed a Swanton bomb. Both men were down after missing moves and RSP tried for a second and missed again. Finau took advantage and came back with a series of clotheslines into a slam and the running what the fuck press. RSP tried to push him into the ropes but he caught him into a swinging Uranage. RSP caught him with a cutter and hit a rope-walking frog splash but couldn’t keep Finau down. He locked in a single-leg crab on the injured knee and tried for a chokebreaker but Finau broke free and nailed RSP with a headbutt into a Samoan Drop. Finau missed a moonsault so RSP locked in La Magistral and took the win. Finau gave it his all and actually had the champion scared for some of it. He may have lost but he showed even more freakish athleticism and hopefully won himself even more fans. Plus, RSP won without his goons for once.

All-Heart vs Blackheart: Blake Christian defeated “Blackheart” Lio Rush via Roll-Up

Now it was time for something special. The hotly-anticipated rematch between Lio Rush and Blake Christian. After an ego trip cost Rush their first match, Rush was coming back different. His inner evil was coming through and it would be the Blackheart taking on All Heart in a war of the fast, flippy and fierce. As soon as Rush appeared on the screen, the colour faded out of the building and a haunting rendition of Nancy Sinatra’s Bang Bang rang out. Rush made his entrance flanked by a contortionist dancer and menacingly crept towards Christian. Gone were the bright colours and happy go lucky attitude, in their place a painted up, all business blackheart. The colour returned and Rush dodged all of Christian’s opening shots. The pair picked up the pace and posed. He instantly nailed Rush Hour and loomed over Christian. The pair continued to trade as counters, kicks and everything flew by. This version of Rush craved the violence and continued to push Christian to be better. He slowed the pace down and tortured Christian, forcing him to come back flying with larger-than-life dropkicks before taking control again and further punishing Christian. Both men pulled out a whole host of moves from their bag of tricks and we saw so much gleeful sadism from the Blackheart. Christian finally got the chance to fire back by escaping a Frankensteiner and hitting a trio of dives ending in a Fosbury Flop. He caught Rush out of a handspring kick and locked in a Lion-Tamer over the ropes. He continued with a diving clothesline and caught Rush with a powerslam into a lionsault. The pair downed each other with kicks and the pair violented traded wake-up shots.

Christian stunned Rush with an Exploder and Rush blasted Christian with the handspring kick into a Falcon Arrow. Rush pulled out a door and set it up in the ropes. Christian tried to break free from Rush but he chased him outside and suplexed Christian onto the ramp. The pair fought around the outside and had a very tense stand-off on the bleachers. The action returned to the ring where Christian rocked Rush with a kip-up enzuigiri and a Burning 450 to a rope-trapped Rush. The pair fought on top of the door and Christian avoided certain doom with a spider head-scissor. Rush instantly made him pay with a pop-powerbomb and a second powerbomb through the door. A second door entered the mix and the duo traded yet again, this time Christian winning it with a poisonrana/back kick combo. He snapped and attacked Rush with a chair, then set up the door. He punched Rush onto the door and climbed to the top but Rush followed him up and another struggle ensued until Christian put Rush through the door with a backdrop. Christian staked Rush with a broken door and tried to slap some sense into him but Rush answered back with the Come Up. He nailed a second and flattened Christian with Dragon’s Call. That would have been three but Rush pulled Christian up. He took out Christian with a pair of lariats and tried for a submission but Christian caught him into a roll-up and fled. After half an hour of wrestling madness and extreme athleticism, Christian stole the win again and the Blackheart manically smiled in the ring. This fucking rocked and was well worth the watch. What a match. I can’t wait for Rush/Christian 3. It has to happen.

So, there you have it, GCW Slime Season reviewed for your reading pleasure. This was insane. This was top-tier PPV action and it was provided for free on YouTube. Every match offered something good and we saw newer people given massive opportunities. I hope to see more of the Unguided, I was glad to see Juicy Finau make the most of his RSP match and I cannot wait for the next time Christian and Rush lock horns. He survived the Blackheart but what else might be lurking now that Rush has fallen not once but twice because of his own actions. Don’t forget the GCW wrestler’s fundraiser is still active for now so click here if you want to donate. Just be aware it only lasts a few more hours from publication.

All images courtesy of GCW Twitter, Matt Vandagriff Twitter, Façade Twitter, SirLARIATO, HeyyImRob, video courtesy of GCW YouTube