Welcome back to ChocoPro wrestling. All good things must come to an end and this episode was the grand finale of season 4. Because of this, the little company that could was going to go out with a bang. Three matches were being gifted to us as Chie Koishikawa took on Emi Sakura ahead of her meeting with her at Korakuen Hall, The Best Bros were going to battle Black Komanechi and our main event would be a deathmatch between Lulu Pencil and the current BJW Deathmatch champion, Minoru Fujita. There were going to be thrills and chills for the big ending, so let’s delay no more and get into the action.

Emi Sakura defeated Chie Koishikawa via La Magistral

First up was the ever-energetic Chie Koishikawa getting one more chance to best Emi Sakura before she meets her and Mei Suruga at Korakuen Hall. She came out swinging and murdered Sakura with a dropkick. She continued with a trio of snapmares and tried for an armbar but Sakura attacked her leg. Sakura threw her into the wall and dragged her out of a pose to launch her across the mat by her hair. She continued to grind down Koishikawa with chin-locks and went back to working the leg. She put Koishikawa in a surfboard hold but had it broken by pulling her hair. Koishikawa started to slug back but Sakura snuffed out her fire with a windmill punch to the kidneys. Koishikawa rolled out of an underhook and hit Sakura with an arm-drag and a rolling barrage of back kicks. She tried to run away but Sakura caught her and pummelled her with Mongolian chops. Koishikawa regained control with another arm-drag and the pair fought over wall whips until Koishikawa sent Sakura into it with a running wrist-lock. She dropkicked Sakura against the wall and dragged Sakura into the bow and arrow. Sakura kicked out of her attempts and locked her in a hanging submission, then dumped her on the mat. A slugfest broke out with Sakura really laying them in snug until Koishikawa tried for a leapfrog sunset flip and dragged Sakura around the mat. She locked in a leg-lock and single-leg crab but Sakura made the break. She blasted Sakura with dropkicks but couldn’t knock Sakura down. Sakura tanked them all and eventually kicked Koishikawa down with her own dropkick. She chopped and splashed Koishikawa against the wall, then Koishikawa escaped another underhook to down Sakura with chops. She delivered a devastating back chop, then ran at Sakura for an X chop but Sakura dodged. Koishikawa scored a near fall with a backslide and went to the top for a diving chop but Sakura caught her into La Magistral for the win. Koishikawa was distraught but she certainly put on a strong showing here, taking Sakura to her limits in her final season 4 show.

Best Bros (Mei Suruga & Baliyan Akki) defeated Black Komanechi (Antonio Honda & Tokiko Kirihara) via Assisted Propellor on Kirihara

Next up was the nightmarish visage of a made-up Honda and the comedy terror of Black Komanechi as they took on the Best Bros. After their massive win at the last episode, could the Best Bros score one more win to end the season. Emi Sakura was going to have a hell of a time keeping this one in check. Kirihara and Akki started with a quick technical exchange, then tagged out. Suruga and Honda locked up and Honda instantly dragged up her wrist cover and slapped her wrist. She howled in pain as Honda threatened her with a toy sword. Sakura broke this up after Akki spurred her into action and the pair traded ownership of Honda’s hat. Suruga launched Honda with the window-sill arm-drag and Honda hit her with a time-out strike. He pulled at her hair and tried to cut it off with his toy sword. He brought in Kirihara, who continued the hair torture and slammed her against the wall. Honda choked her out with his sword sheath and pretended it was a phone when Sakura looked to reprimand him. He continued to torture Suruga until she caught him with an arm-drag and roll-up. She tried to throw him into the wall but he slapped her wrist again. She was still able to launch him into the wall and floored him with a crossbody. She brought in Akki, who instantly kicked the life out of Honda. Honda fired back with rapid jabs but Akki cut him off with a gut kick, elbow to the back of the neck, and a flipping kick.

He crashed and burned on a Swanton so Honda punished him with more hard jabs. He went for the bionic elbow but Akki took his face off with a thrust kick. Both men tagged out and Suruga took out Kirihara with another dropkick. She bounced her off the wall and locked in the Full Nelson, then tried to drag Kirihara into the Apple Cut Mutilation. Kirihara muscled out into a wall slam, then scooped Suruga up and slammed her into the mat. The punishment continued with a diving stomp and an abdominal stretch. Suruga rolled through into a basement dropkick and locked in the Apple Cut Mutilation. Honda broke this up and Akki battered down both Honda and Kirihara. Black Komanechi reversed a double-team sign attack and locked both Best Bros in straight jackets. We got another double spider and the Best Bros trapped both Honda and Kirihara in diving sunset flips. Kirihara dodged the wall-run double stomp and booted down Suruga, then baited Akki into splashing his own partner. She locked on a double straight jacket and the pair rolled up Kirihara with the double La Magistral. Honda broke this up with a mat and whacked Akki with it. We got a four-way jab battle and Honda blocked the battering ram to punch both Best Bros in the head. He tried to hit Suruga with a rubber mallet but ended up cracking his partner, then himself with it. The Best Bros took advantage and nailed the battering ram/propellor combo on Kirihara. This was a mental match but it was fun as hell to watch. I love that Kirihara is having fun in this comedy team and the Best Bros end the season on a high.

Deathmatch: Minoru Fujita defeated Lulu Pencil via Bead Trip

Last but not least, the last match of the season and our main event, Lulu Pencil taking on BJW Deathmatch Champion Minoru Fujita in his own home turf, a ChocoPro deathmatch. Would Lulu Pencil finally get the solo win she’d been craving or would Fujita pop the balloon that was her hopes? The weapons were out, titles could be claimed and there would be a 30-minute time limit with Fujita making the plays. Sakura had another nightmare of a match to officiate. Pencil rushed Fujita with a stepladder and the pair battled over it. Fujita snatched it off her and started bending her arm. She rolled through and tried to do the same to him but he rolled through and prevented her from escaping again. Fujita chopped at Pencil’s ankle and the pair fought over a chair. Pencil forced Fujita to drag her around and let go at just the right time to send him flying into a table. She tripped him with a pencil roll and locked an arm and leg but couldn’t get him to submit. He broke out and started barring the arm again. He set up a table and threatened Pencil’s hand with pencils, playing five finger fillet around it. He trapped pencils between her fingers and ground them around, claiming how strong they were. Pencil struck back, stuck a pencil between his finger, and cracked his hand off the table, then trapped his arms in the window.

Fujita knocked out the lights and scared everyone by appearing with a flashlight. Pencil tried to attack him with a lightsabre but Fujita blinded her with the flashlight and stole the lightsabre, choking her out with it. He went back to the flashlight so Pencil hit him with stomps and lightsabre chops. She jabbed it into his chests and he stumbled back into the light switch. Pencil wanted to get even more hardcore and covered the mat in generic LEGO© blocks. Fujita charged and got tripped into the blocks, clutching his gut in pain. She tried to follow-up with the stabber but Fujita rolled away and she got nothing but blocks. He scooped up a ton of the blocks and ground them into her back. Fujita went over to the gimmick table and grabbed another of Pencil’s deathmatch bowls and opened it in confusion. He covered the mat in beads and slammed her face-first off them. She did the same to him and took another face full of beads. She powered up off this and gave him multiple slams into the beads but got a little too carried away and slipped on them. He took her down with a flying shoulder tackle and hit her with Three Amigos into a tombstone but couldn’t connect with it. He looked down and saw that Pencil was blocking the impact with a stool. She jabbed him in the ribs with the stool and grabbed a mop but he hit her with that and an elbow to the back of the neck. He tried for a DDT onto the stepladder but Pencil blocked and Fujita hit his back off the ladder. She hit the diving stabber and tried for La Magistral but Fujita kept her suspended and dropped her face first across the stepladder.

Fujita laid out his flag and wrapped Pencil up in it after a backbreaker. He locked her in place with stools and climbed to the top for a splash. He dived on her from the window but got nothing but stools as he clearly didn’t think this one through. Pencil hit him with the flag pole and tried La Magistral but only got two. They slugged it out until Pencil kicked out Fujita’s knee and locked in an armbar. Fujita kicked free and grabbed Pencil off the stepladder but she was able to make it work for her and drove him into the stepladder with a tornado DDT. She tried to clothesline Fujita but was having a little impact so pulled down her straps and charged but he tripped her up with more beads for the three-count. It was a surprising end but it worked well as Pencil’s own momentum took her out. Minoru Fujita clearly got more than he expected fighting Lulu Pencil and inducted himself into Pencil Army at the end of the match. This whole season has seen Lulu Pencil grow stronger and stronger as she got her hat back and took on the strongest of competition. She may not have won but she proved once again, she can push any opponent to their limits. That wraps up another fun season of ChocoPro wrestling. Season 5 is going to be here before you know it with new records to break and more fun to be had. See you on December 19 for the start of season 5!

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, Mattsdl, FlyingVTrigger, SnowDogu

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