After gallivanting around on Impact on Tuesday, the new AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and Don Callis returned to AEW Dynamite. What would they have to say for their actions?

The Young Bucks vs the Hybrid 2

The Hybrid 2 attempted a sneaky attack before the bell but the Young Bucks came back swinging with a pair of hefty spears on the outside and a flurry of high speed, high flying offence.

An impressive jumping counter to the corner from Jack Evans was able to give Hybrid 2 control as Evans followed up with a pair of standing 450s with the aid of Angélico.

The Young Bucks didn’t take long to fight back again as Nick Jackson hit an impressive flurry of offence and Matt Jackson tossed Angélico into the crowd at the Acclaimed.

It looked like the end as a nasty looking doomsday device to Jack Evans on the ramp left Angélico open for a double superkick but he kicked out.

More bang for your Buck was countered with knees up by Angélico and Evans hit a 450 to the outside taking out Nick.

Angélico put pressure on the still injured knee of Matt and locked in a Navarro death roll but Nick was able to save his brother.

Despite valiant efforts from the Hybrid 2, the Bucks would take it after taking out Evans with a Meltzer Driver on the outside and a BTE trigger to Angélico in the ring to get the three-count.

The pace of this match was breathtaking and didn’t slow down for a second. An absolutely frenetic opener that was sure to retain any audience members who are tuning in due to the Impact cross-promotion.

Sting confronts Cody

Cody came to the ring to speak with Tony Schiavone but before he could start, Sting came down to the ring.

After giving Schiavone a cuddle and getting him to scream his iconic “it’s Sting!” for him, Sting said he wasn’t in the ring for Cody and pointed to Darby Allin in the rafters.

He said he was signed and intended to spend a long time in AEW. He said however that whatever he did was his business and not Cody’s before giving Cody a patronising cuddle and saying “see you around kid”.

I’m not sure where this is going but I’m very intrigued and Sting being back on TV just warms my heart.

FTR vs the Varsity Blondes

A livid Cash Wheeler began aggressively beating on Brian Pillman Jr. Dax Harwood got some licks in himself before Pillman Jr began fighting back hard enough to allow a tag to Griff Garrison.

Despite this, FTR rangled back control, but a big shoulder block from Pillman Jr allowed the hot tag to Garrison to hit an impressive flurry of elbows and a double spear. However, this only mustered a two count.

Sadly, their momentum couldn’t clinch the win as a brainbuster to Pillman Jr was followed by the Midnight Express for the FTR win.

A good match here that showed the anger and frustration FTR have after their loss and gave a really impressive showing for the Varsity Blondes.

The Bucks and FTR showcasing the tag team division is a great avenue for both teams.

Dark Order’s 10 vs Dustin Rhodes w/ Lee Johnson

10 used his power to overcome Rhodes’s opening offence and hit an impressive spinebuster.

It would not be 10’s night however, 10 was distracted giving a punt kick to an audience member at ringside which gave Rhodes the opening to hit a rally ending in a bulldog giving Rhodes the victory.

After the match, Evil Uno and the Dark Order came out to the ring. Uno called Rhodes the 3rd most important Rhodes and invited him to be number 7 in the Dark Order.

Rhodes teased joining but instead struck Evil Uno. Uno responded by saying when Rhodes saw the light, he would come begging for it.

Not much to this match and we all knew Rhodes would never join the Dark Order. The time spent with this would have been better used elsewhere on the show.

Brandi Rhodes and Shaquille O’Neal face to face

Brandi in an arm cast said she wanted to face Jade Cargill as revenge for her broken arm and O’Neal said he looked forward to it.

O’Neal said Brandi should watch Cargill for tips while her arm was in a cast resulting in Brandi calling O’Neal an “overgrown asshole” and tossing Tony Schiavone’s water over him.

I have literally nothing to say about this one. A resounding meh.

The Inner Circle ultimatum

Jericho brought out his crew, sans Santana, to determine whether they would stay together or disband.

MJF said he was the issue but had no intention of causing the breakup.

Ortiz admitted MJF and Wardlow were not great people but were great competitors and Guevarra needed to shake MJF’s hand and heal the divide.

Guevarra agreed to shake his hand but said to both MJF and Jericho that any more shenanigans and he would leave the group.

After Hager and Wardlow had a little spat over staring at each other, Jericho got the group to put their middle fingers in a circle and move on.

This is likely leading to a Guevara face run after his amazing performance a few weeks ago and this is a good route to get there. I’m really interested to see how this plays out.

Eddie Kingston, The Butcher and the Blade w/ the Bunny vs Lancer Archer and The Lucha Brothers w/ Jake Roberts

Lance Archer dove at all three of his opponents immediately as the Butcher and the Blade took on Pentagon El Zero M and Fénix on the outside.

Butcher dumped Pentagon into the announcer’s table on the outside causing him to need to be taken to the back. We hope that Pentagon’s injuries aren’t severe and he makes a speedy recovery.

The family kept the pressure onto Fénix isolating him from Archer but he managed to break out with a rebound cutter to Kingston.

Archer cleaned house looking monstrous in the process as he dove around the ring with impressive speed and power. The only thing able to stop this rally was a cheap attack from Kingston that caused his leg to falter.

Kingston continued pressure on the leg along with Butcher and the Blade but a cheeky leg grab from Roberts to Blade gave Archer the time needed to strike back and make the hot tag to Fénix.

Sadly, even an impressive dive to the outside from Fénix couldn’t finish off the group as the numbers game was too great and the Butcher and the Blade put Fénix away with an assisted powerbomb.

After the match, Archer went on a tear against the family but they retreated before Archer could hit the Blackout onto Blade.

Really unfortunate to see Pentagon taken out of action but on the positive side of things, our friend of the review Lance Archer looked devastating and wholly impressive in this match. Despite PAC and Eddie Kingston being the end game here, a Kingston and Archer feud on the side is nothing to complain about.

Abadon vs Tesha Price

Abadon shrugged off the offence of Price and fought back with terrifying intensity. She put Price away quickly with the Widow’s Peak.

It looked as if Abadon would continue to beat up Price after the match but Shida came for the save with a nasty Kendo stick shot to Abadon’s head.

Like a real horror movie villain, Abadon rose and stared down Shida as she and Price retreated.

I think Abadon has a great gimmick that she gives 100% commitment to and Shida is really selling the fear aspect of it. I’m really excited to see a real feud for the women’s division being built here.

Kenny Omega and Don Callis return to Dynamite

After the Golden Screwjob and their stint in Impact Wrestling, the pair spoke to Tony Schiavone about what happened.

Callis talked about how upset the audience and Tony Khan were and sarcastically welcomed Khan to the realities of the wrestling business.

Omega took the mic and said he didn’t grovel for a place in AEW but instead bode his time preparing for the Screwjob and didn’t care how upset it made everyone.

He addressed Jon Moxley directly and said despite his wrestling prowess, he was too stupid to see the Screwjob coming. He finished by promising more was to come and they were just getting started.

This heel Omega is petulant, irritating and braggadocios. It’s a fantastic character, conniving and villainous in all the right ways. I can’t wait to see what Omega can do with this run.

Dynamite Diamond Ring match: MJF w/ the Inner Circle vs Orange Cassidy w/ Best Friends

MJF took a cheap shot before the bell and snapped Cassidy’s Ray-Bans to boot.

Cassidy tried to fight back but MJF managed a deft dive to dodge the Orange Punch causing Cassidy to punch the ring post.

MJF followed up with a nasty powerbomb to the apron and began putting heavy pressure onto the injured hand of Cassidy.

As the show went into the break, MJF tossed Cassidy out of the ring and distracted the referee allowing the Inner Circle to take cheap shots at Cassidy.

Best Friends seemed to abandon Cassidy in the ring but they actually had gone to get back up from the Varsity Blondes, Top Flight and Brandon Cutler to give Cassidy support.

An enraged Cassidy finally fought back with a standing missile dropkick, a suicide dive and spiked MJF with a pair of flying DDTs, yet MJF still kicked out.

After Best Friends argued with the referee due to an attempted rope leverage pin from MJF, MJF tried to use Floyd the bat to do his cheeky double-cross he used to trick Jericho.

However, Cassidy knew what was happening and turned the tables on MJF leaving the referee to chastise MJF instead. The distraction allowed Cassidy to hit the Beach Break yet MJF still kicked out and continued to kick out even after two Orange Punches.

In the end, the other wrestlers around the ring started arguing, distracting the referee long enough for Miro to run down to the ring, take out Cassidy and give MJF the win.

After the match, Miro took out a bunch of the crew and stood tall to end the show.

There were a couple of un-interesting segments on this episode but despite that, this was a thoroughly entertaining episode of AEW Dynamite this week. Storylines progressed nicely, the matches were of a really high calibre and Sting gave us a warm, comfy blanket of nostalgia.

All pictures and videos provided by AEW