Welcome back to MLW Fusion. The Opera Cup continues with another scintillating semi-final match as Filthy Tom Lawlor takes on ACH in what is sure to be an instant classic. Alongside that, we’ll see the return of Alex Hammerstone to competition, the double debut of both Bu Ku Dao and LA Park Jr, and the CONTRA Black Hand Mads Krugger taking on not one but two victims… I mean opponents. Let’s get into the action!

Bu Ku Dao (w/ TJP) defeated LA Park Jr (w/Los Parks) via Ref Incompetence Roll-Up

The first match of the show was the double debut extravaganza between the youngest member of Los Parks, LA Park Jr, and TJP’s protégé, Bu Ku Dao. It would be imposing silence vs hyperactive speed in this contest. Park instantly went on the attack by distracting Dao and stomping him down. He distracted the ref as the rest of Los Parks beat Dao down on the outside. Back in-ring, Park stomped him down some more, then opened the floor for a slugfest, encouraging Dao to hit him. They went back and forth, then Park scored a very low gut kick and dived on the bailing Dao. LA Park Sr distracted the ref again as El Hijo de LA Park stomped on Dao again. The action returned to the ring again and Dao dodged a corner charge and hit Park with a diving crossbody. Park kicked out and downed Dao with a step-up enzuigiri. Park caught him out of the corner and slammed him into the mat with a hip-swivelling Alabama Slam. Dao just kicked out and ducked a lariat to take down Park with a tornado flatliner. He tried to whip Park but Park dragged him up into a guillotine position for either a choke or a DDT. Dao rolled him up, but Park had an obvious shoulder up. Somehow the ref didn’t see this and declared Dao the winner. As debuts go, it was a surprisingly even contest. Park had his size and his family to help him dominate whilst Dao used his slight size and speed to sneak one out over Park.

Mads Krügger defeated Budd Heavy & Daniel Starling via Full-Nelson Facebuster

Next up was the first part of MLW’s monster madness double bill. Both Mads Krügger and Alex Hammerstone were set to be in action on this show and a wall of security was separating Hammerstone from Krügger’s match who was up first. The Black Hand of CONTRA was set to prove his might against not one but two opponents. Heavy and Starling were just going to be the next sacrificial lambs for this CONTRA juggernaut. The pair tried to rush Krügger but he just grabbed both by the throat and them into the corner. He used Starling as a battering ram to knock down Heavy and ran him into the corner and his partner with a running turnbuckle slam. He then ended the pair with a Full-Nelson facebuster on Starling onto Heavy. Once again, the Black Hand Krügger made it look easy. This new monster looks set to tear the roster apart as CONTRA took away more victims in body bags. Later in the show, Hammerstone’s segment was meant to be next but commentary was interrupted by news of a fight and vague footage of CONTRA and Hammerstone brawling in the parking lot. There would be more interjections of footage throughout the rest of the show.

Between the Matches:

  • MLW opened with Alicia Atout attempting to interview The Dynasty as they pulled in but Holliday’s awkwardness and an attack from the Sentai Death Squad interrupted this. Holliday and Hammerstone got rid of them fairly easily.
  • Jordan Oliver celebrated his attack on Gotch during the chaos at the end of last week’s episode and challenged him to a match at the Kings of Colosseum to avenge what he did to Kotto Brazil.
  • PWI gave us a rundown of the Top 10 wrestlers. From 10 to 1, it was Krügger, Calvin Tankman, Holliday, Laredo Kid, ACH, Myron Reed, LA Park, Filthy Tom Lawlor, Low Ki, and Alex Hammerstone keeps the number one spot.

  • We got a rundown of the Kings of Colosseum free event that is running on January 6 on all of MLW’s viewing platforms. So far, we have Lio Rush vs. Myron Reed, and Alex Hammerstone vs. Mads Krügger confirmed for the event.
  • Salina de la Renta had another video from Aztec Ruins as she continued her ritual to summon the object of her revenge. With a bloody hand and evil smile, she revealed the name of the man she was bringing to MLW, Mil Muertes. To those who know, an absolute force is coming.

Opera Cup Semi-final: Filthy Tom Lawlor (w/Violence is Forever) defeated ACH via Knee Crash Pinfall

Last but not least, the main event. Our second semi-final Opera Cup bout. It would be Team Filthy leader Filthy Tom Lawlor taking on the high-flying powerhouse and all-round indie sensation ACH for the second spot of the Opera Cup final. ACH was also going to have to deal with potential interference as Dominic Garrini and Kevin Ku had followed Lawlor to ringside. They opened with a lengthy technical exchange, trying for different submissions and Lawlor going for a quick schoolboy. They continued to work technical as Lawlor tried for a Cross Armbreaker and ACH tried to use the leverage for a pin. ACH forced a break and trapped Lawlor in a side headlock. Lawlor tried to do the same but ACH trapped him in another headlock. The chokes and headlocks continued to be traded as the pair fought for mat dominance. The pace picked up and after a series of leapfrogs, ACH reversed an arm drag attempt and launched Lawlor with one. Lawlor fled to the corner and cracked ACH in the ribs with a cheap shot, then started slugging away at him. He bullied ACH around the corners and trapped him in a cravat for a series of Muay Thai knees. He rocked ACH with a low clothesline and tried to pry the arm again. He was finally able to hammerlock ACH’s arm and hammered him with elbows to the chest and collarbone. ACH was finally given a reprieve when Lawlor tried to whip him and he was able to turn this into a cartwheel dropkick. He chopped the soul out of Lawlor and tried for an abdominal stretch into a roll-up. He continued to chop and beat down Lawlor in the ropes and corners then scored a near fall with a backbreaker. Lawlor escaped a double underhook with a back body drop and dropped ACH with a Vertical Suplex. He went to the arm again but ACH made the ropes. They fought in the ropes and ACH scored another near fall with a slingshot sunset flip. Lawlor answered back with a vicious back elbow and the pair slugged it out again. Lawlor dodged a leg-sweep double stomp and locked in the rear-naked choke but had to break it when ACH used the turnbuckle to cause a pinfall. ACH continued to roll-up and pin Lawlor but Lawlor was always able to break free. He peppered Lawlor with kicks into a Tiger Driver but still only got two. ACH went to the top for a Frog Splash but Lawlor got his knees up and folded ACH up into a pin for the win.

What an amazing match. This was a technical masterclass with exceptional pacing, countering, and hard-hitting striking. Both guys put on a clinic and Lawlor used his cunning and ability to get the win. He will reignite an old rivalry in the final as he joins Low Ki in one final battle to decide who wins the 2020 Opera Cup. Alongside that final match, we’ll see the return of The Dirty Blondes to MLW and I imagine more from the Hammerstone/Krügger war and Salina de la Renta’s nightmarish vengeance plan.

All images courtesy of MLW Twitter, Video courtesy of MLW YouTube

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