Welcome back to ChocoPro wrestling. It’s time for a new season which means new beginnings, new stories, and new hopes, wait that last one might be copyrighted. Anyway, it’s time to start new season rankings and the company was ready to start with a bang. On today’s show, we would see, Chie Koishikawa battle Yuna Mizumori, Lulu Pencil, and Mei Suruga teaming up against Sayaka Obihiro and Emi Sakura and for the main event, The Ace Baliyan Akki taking on Antonio Honda. Things were going to get fun so let’s get into the action!

Yuna Mizumori defeated Chie Koishikawa via Wall-Run Splash

Our first match of the season would see the hyperactive Chie Koishikawa try to outrun the raw power of the tropical powerhouse Yuna Mizumori. After mixed records in the last season, both were ready to start fresh with a big win. But who would take that first win? Koishikawa seemed confident going into the match as she ran around Mizumori and talked to the people behind the camera. As Mizumori has been taking driving lessons, she scolded Koishikawa for recklessly running and posted some handmade stop signs to the wall. Koishikawa wouldn’t stop running so Mizumori tripped her up and stomped her into the mat. She hammered her with a forearm to the back and whipped her into the wall, claiming she had no speed limit. She locked in a sleeper and transitioned to a Camel Clutch with added driving motions and songs. Koishikawa forced a break so Mizumori slammed her into the mat. She drove Koishikawa into the wall again and rocked her with elbows but took too long setting up a wall charge and ran into nothing but bricks and a roll-up. Koishikawa nailed a dropkick and leapfrogged over Mizumori as she ducked chops, delivering an X chop to her back on a third duck. She put Mizumori in the bow and arrow, then dropkicked Mizumori into the wall through the stop sign. Koishikawa tried for another submission but Mizumori kicked her off and flattened her with a wall splash and tropical back body drop. She tried to whip Koishikawa again but Koishikawa turned it into an arm-drag and chopped her soul out. This was followed by another dropkick and another two-count. She went to the top but Mizumori dragged her off the windowsill and tried for another drop. Koishikawa rolled her up again and after a chain of pin attempts, locked on the stretch muffler. Mizumori escaped and forearmed Koishikawa out of an X chop, then hit the Coconut Crush. The handstand splash came next and Mizumori finished Koishikawa with the wall-run splash. Koishikawa put up on hell of a fight but the raw power of Mizumori was too much for her today. What a match to kick things off with though. It was fun, fast, and furious. Plus, Koishikawa’s chops still scare the hell out of me.

Emi Sakura & Sayaka Obihiro defeated Lulu Pencil & Mei Suruga via Propellor Pin Trap on Pencil

Next up was the Gatoh Move originals taking on the ChocoPro MVPs as Emi Sakura and Sayaka Obihiro took on the season 3 and season 4 MVPs in Mei Suruga and Lulu Pencil. Would experience or youth triumph in this battle of the best? Not to mention I still don’t think Sakura has forgiven Suruga for the Best Bros feud. The MVPs nearly stole the match in mere seconds as Pencil rolled up Sakura. They double-teamed Sakura and put her in a double armbar whilst posing. When Sakura fought out of that, they stomped her down and walked all over her. Sakura dragged down Pencil and chased away Suruga, leading her to hide in the entranceway. Sakura tagged out and Obihiro beat down Pencil, focusing heavily on the legs. She forced Pencil into the wall and continued grinding down her knees. Sakura and Obihiro continued to work the legs, even taking the bell hammer to the knee of Pencil. They even threw in double team combos as Sakura had Pencil in a Figure-Four and Obihiro dropped elbows and yanked at Pencil’s arm. Sakura rubbed more salt in the wounds by stealing Suruga’s kawaii pin, prompting a shot to the face from Suruga. Pencil finally got her escape by kicking Obihiro into the wall and hit her with a sliding crossbody. She overshot and Sakura gave her a back kick. Obihiro tried to drag Pencil around but Pencil dropkicked her knee and made the tag. Suruga came out swinging and pummelled down Sakura in the corner. She put her in a headlock and used her as a battering ram on Obihiro. Suruga hit the pair with a wall-run double chop and tanked a wall charge into a slugfest. The pair fought around a Suplex with Suruga taking the chance to lock in a Full Nelson and Obihiro escaped into a chop and sliding chop combo.

Sakura came in and both she and Suruga took turns going into the wall. Suruga dropkicked Sakura out the window and hit her with another wall-run double chop. Sakura kicked out of a Boston Crab and launched Suruga into the wall with a giant swing. She hit the double arm backbreaker but Suruga brought in Pencil and the pair caught her into a wall slam and pencil hold. Obihiro saved the match and Sakura tried to torture Pencil but the MVPs fought through and beat down Sakura on the window. After more struggling, Sakura got Pencil against the wall and teased the splash but Suruga made the save by dropkicking her head off. Sakura tried to whip Suruga into the wall but Suruga bounced off the wall for a wall-run crossbody. The Apple Cut Mutilation was locked in and Pencil went for La Magistral but it wasn’t enough. Pencil tried to down Sakura with a clothesline but Sakura fired back with one that was way harder. She then cleverly used Suruga as a weapon to trap Pencil in a Propellor pin for the win. Obihiro and Sakura even forced Suruga to celebrate the win with them since she had been so instrumental in their win. Once again, Sakura and Suruga have embroiled themselves in more turmoil. She attacked Sakura to round out the segment. This was a fun tag bout that has already set the tone for Suruga and Sakura’s relationship whilst Pencil was just left confused.

Antonio Honda defeated Baliyan Akki via European Clutch

Last but not least, our first season 5 main event. The Ace Baliyan Akki would take on the master of comedy Antonio Honda. These two could easily steal the show and that’s just what they set out to do. Honda was a class act and professed his love for Akki, promising to give the match his all. The pair started with a lock-up and fought for wrist control. Honda put Akki in an Indian Deathlock and added extra torque by dancing. The pair continued to go back and forth with Honda learning from his mistakes, blocking after Akki kicked him in the leg. It didn’t last though as Akki kicked his leg out again by blocking a punch. Honda went back to the drawing board and tried to get into a blocking bout with Akki but again, gotten taken down with a leg kick. He asked for a time-out and nailed Akki in the throat with a time-out strike, then choked him out under his boot. Honda then slammed Akki’s knees into the mat and continued to try and break his legs. He continued to twist and stretch Akki’s knees and ankles, then sent him hobbling away with a stump puller. After more knee-based abuse, Akki started to strike back and nearly made Honda give up with a hammerlock. Honda started singing to forget about the pain so Akki locked him in a rear-naked choke. Honda went back to the knee and tried to attack it in the window but Akki moved and Honda elbowed the wall. Akki hit his comeback combo and downed Honda with a head kick, then risked further injury with a running knee drop. Akki was thrown at the wall and escaped with the Spider but Honda was smart and attacked his knee as he hung on. He went back to working the knee with more holds and slams, then got locked in a sleeper.

Just as things looked at their bleakest, Gon the Fox appeared and struck at Akki. Gon bit at Akki’s hand and throat, being allowed to run rampant by ref Sakura. Gon looked to end things with a dive of the window but Akki caught him, pummelled him, and threw him away. Honda stunned Akki with punches whilst blocking his kicks, then succumbed to a head kick. Akki went up top and crashed and burned on the Namaste Splash. Akki kicked Honda into the wall and splashed him against it, then landed the Spider on a second attempt. He squashed Honda with a Namaste Swanton, then slugged it out with him. Honda missed the bionic elbow and got downed with another head kick. Akki tried for a Vertical Suplex but Honda reversed it into an overhead belly to belly. The straps came down and Honda landed the bionic elbow on a second attempt. Akki kicked down Honda and put him in La Magistral but ref Sakura had bailed to avoid getting caught in it and failed to count. He tried it again but Honda reversed it into a European Clutch for the win. This should have been Akki’s match but once again referee Sakura managed to conveniently miss his winning pinfall. She started a shoving contest when he tried to protest and kicked him in the head. He no-sold this and kicked out her leg but she ripped his vest and moved away before he could do anything else. He would instead wait until after the daily Janken tournament to blast her in the head with a thrust kick to pay her back for dropkicking him in the head.

That didn’t detract from the match though. It was another top-tier main event match from Akki. Both he and Honda put on a nicely paced traditional match with a lot of limb targeting and classic psychology. Whilst Sakura might have cost him the win, the fans and everyone in the studio knew it was his match. Both Best Bros lost this time because of Sakura. Hopefully, they can recoup these losses at the Christmas Special. There we’ll see the Best Bros team up against Yuna Mizumori and the debuting Hikaru Sato. Plus, Chris Brookes is back, which is always a good time. Welcome back ChocoPro!

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, FlyingVTrigger, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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