Welcome back to ChocoPro. On Christmas Day, the show gave us a riotous Christmas special. Now that I’m free of the haze of turkey, stuffing, and merriment, I can now bring you the review of all the holiday-themed action. Our Christmas presents were, a returning Chris Brookes teaming up with Chie Koishikawa against Emi Sakura and Sayaka Obihiro, Lulu Pencil and Antonio Honda would go to war in a Christmas deathmatch and our main event would be a tag team battle between the teams of the newly debuting, Hikaru Sato and Yuna Mizumori and the Best Bros, Baliyan Akki and Mei Suruga. Let’s get into the action of this packed card.

Emi Sakura & Sayaka Obihiro defeated Chris Brookes & Chie Koishikawa via Bridging Suplex to Koishikawa

Our first match would be the returning ChocoPro villain teaming up with the hyperactive Chie Koishikawa against the boss Emi Sakura and Sayaka Obihiro. Brookes doesn’t have the best record with ChocoPro tag partner and seemed to be extra lethargic compared to Koishikawa. He decided to stray back and let Koishikawa start. She started against Obihiro and the pair traded wristlocks. Obihiro trapped both of Koishikawa’s arms and kicked her to the mat, then stomped her gut and tagged in Sakura. She gave Koishikawa more stomps and attacked Brookes, who had to be restrained as he was going to hit her with a stool. Sakura launched Koishikawa with a Biel and continued to wind Brookes up with more attacks. Koishikawa got revenge with a trio of snapmares and tried to lock on the bow and arrow. She was having difficulty so Brookes helped by putting both her and Sakura in the painful submission. Brookes tried to hype Koishikawa back up after she got pissed at him and the pair did a makeshift pose, that Sakura broke up with a boot to Koishikawa’s face. Obihiro came back in and hammered down Koishikawa for a Boston Crab but Koishikawa forced a break. She continued to attack both with overhead strikes, prompting another stool standoff from Brookes and after pulling Koishikawa’s hair, pummelled her legs and tagged out. Sakura bounced Koishikawa off the wall and locked in a Camel Clutch which Obihiro joined to form a Christmas Tree.

Brookes broke this up and finally got tagged in after a vicious dropkick let Koishikawa escape. He kicked Sakura square in the face and waited for a KO count. He tried for the Praying Mantis Bomb twice but Sakura escaped both times and tried for a slam but Sakura reversed into the swinging facebuster. Both tagged out and Koishikawa tanked a running kick to throw Obihiro into the wall and punish her with a barrage of running stomps. She climbed onto Brookes’ shoulders for a Tokyo Tower double team but scraped her head on the ceiling and Brookes got down by a pair of foot stomps. Obihiro and Sakura tried the same thing but Koishikawa tied them up with Christmas lights and Brookes delivered a one-inch punch to Sakura’s back. Obihiro was dropkicked onto Sakura and after a lethargic leapfrog from Brookes, he threw Koishikawa onto Sakura and hit Obihiro with a senton. They broke down Obihiro with chops and went for something but miscommunication gave Sakura time to interfere. She caught Brookes’ kick and used it to blast Koishikawa in the head. Brookes was taken out and the pair battered Koishikawa. Obihiro went to the top but Brookes tried to stop her. He was thrown out of the window and Koishikawa valiantly fought back with chops and an arm-drag but another failed double team saw her driven into the wall with a shotgun dropkick from Brookes. Sakura upped the ante with a wall splash and Obihiro finished her with a bridging Suplex. Koishikawa was justifiably pissed at Brookes as he basically cost them the match. This was silly fun with Brookes being his usual villainous self.

Antonio Honda defeated Lulu Pencil via War is Over Cross Armbreaker

Next up was a Christmas deathmatch. Lulu Pencil and Antonio Honda would go to war in a match where weapons were contained in presents that could be gained through a lottery. There’d be no DQs and all lottery tokens were attached to the far wall. We all know Pencil is deathmatch tough but would the numbers be on her side? The pair started with a knuckle lock and battered away each other’s attempts to grab a weapon token. The pair traded submissions and both nearly gave up to Hammerlocks. Honda feigned sportsmanship and slapped Pencil’s wrist and elbow, then ground her elbow into the mat whilst dancing. Honda got the first weapon token and got a banana as a weapon. He stabbed it into Pencil’s back, then chowed down on it as a nice energy boost. He tried to whip Pencil into the entrance window but Pencil held on and kicked him in the knee. She dropped an elbow and grabbed a weapon token. She got a tiger that Honda tried to mock as just a toy, then got savaged in the throat by it. The tiger assisted with a stabber, then Pencil tried for a Tiger Driver but Honda reversed into a cross arm breaker. He grabbed another weapon token and got his friend Gon the Fox. We got a battle of the animals which Gon won by eating the tiger, then the pair had a punch out and Honda tried for another submission. He tried to climb to the window for a splash but he slipped on the banana peel and fell to the floor. He scrambled for another weapon but Pencil slapped him away and grabbed a token herself. In her next weapon box was a Nintendo Switch. Pencil was shocked so Honda tried to snatch it off her and piledrive her onto it. Honda saw reason and saved the Switch so they could play MarioKart after. He then hit her in the arm and broke her over his knee and took the final weapon token. He had number one which was the biggest present of all. It was another wrestler in a Winnie the Pooh costume armed with a whacky hammer that rampaged on both of them. Honda snatched the hammer off her and started singing So This is Christmas by John Lennon. Winnie the Pooh and Lulu Pencil joined in too, then at the finish of the song Honda betrayed everyone and locked Pencil in a Cross Armbreaker for the win. Honda had won through the means of song and betrayal. Hey, at least the studio now has a Nintendo Switch right? This was absolutely hilarious, both fighters worked well with their weaponry and added some festive violence to the show.

Best Bros (Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga) defeated Hikaru Sato & Yuna Mizumori via Roll-Up on Mizumori

Last but not least, the main event. The Best Bros were set to do battle with the debuting Hikaru Sato and long-time rival Yuna Mizumori. The Best Bros are one of the top teams in ChocoPro but would they be able to stand up to Mizumori’s power and Sato’s storied style? Not to mention they had the unreliable referee Sakura calling the action. Would she screw them over again or would they get a fair fight? Suruga and Mizumori started the action with a lock-up. Mizumori forced Suruga off the mat and the pair went through a spree of technical exchanges. Suruga landed the window-sill arm-drag and the pair traded pinfalls. They both tagged and we got our first taste of Sato action. He shocked Akki with a hamstring kick and both men went into an intense kicking and blocking series. This switched to mat fighting and Akki trying to outwork the MMA specialist Sato. This turned into a forearm exchange with both men being knocked silly by the other’s strikes. A double-team crossbody didn’t work but Akki was able to knock Sato down with a crossbody. Suruga locked on a body-scissor and tried for the Kawaii pin but Sato locked her ankle as she posed. Mizumori dragged Suruga around the mat and locked on a Boston Crab as Sato stood guard. Akki broke it up but couldn’t save Suruga from further punishment as Sato blasted him. He punished Suruga with stiff kicks and tried for a slam but she escaped, stomped his feet, and suplexed him overhead. She tagged and Akki crashed in with a flying crossbody, then took Mizumori out of the equation with a forearm. He rocked Sato with a flurry of strikes and kicks, then hit a running knee drop and Sato reversed a Suplex into an armbar. He locked Akki in a cross arm breaker and continued working the shoulders until Akki fired back with a lethal chop. Sato fired up and the pair went all-in on a chop exchange. Sato took charge with a gut kick and downed him with a massive head kick. Suruga saved Akki from a Suplex with a foot stomp and Akki rocked Sato with a Snap Suplex. Suruga bounced him off the walls and Sakura actually helped by holding the deathmatch tokens mat in place for Sato to bounce off. Sato tried to do the same but missed so Suruga trapped his leg in the window and kicked him down. She locked on the Full Nelson but Sato broke free and barred her arm. He brought in Mizumori, who came out swinging and threw Suruga into Sato’s elbow.

She tried for a back-body drop but Suruga was able to drive her towards a window and hit her with a double chop. She used Mizumori as a battering ram on Sato and both teams tried for double teams that didn’t quite work. Mizumori hit a dizzy double splash and Suruga nailed the wall-run crossbody and wall ram. She tried for a trio of pin attempts but Mizumori escaped and she tagged in Akki. He tried for a backbreaker but Mizumori nailed the Coconut Crush and posed. Akki hit a backbreaker as she posed and chaos rang out as everyone went after everyone. Suruga attacked Sato with a broom and locked him out of the studio, then tried for an assisted sign attack but Sato appeared behind her and dragged her out of the window. Mizumori took advantage of the distraction and downed Akki with a shoulder block into a splash and rolling press. Akki tried for a deathlock as chaotic fighting could be seen through the windows between Suruga and Sato. Mizumori locked on an armbar as the other pair burst back into the studio. Sato accidentally KO’ed Mizumori with a head kick and tried to kick the soul out of Akki but got caught with a Dragon Screw. Suruga kicked him back out of the window but an angry Mizumori drove them both against the wall and dropkicked Akki down but got kicked out of a wall-run splash and rolled up by Akki. Sato was unable to make the save as Sato was locked outside.

That put the icing on one hell of a match between the two teams. Sato was finally allowed back into the studio and Sakura presented the winners without a hint of malice. She hadn’t cost the Best Bros this time. I now know I want a singles bout between Sato and Akki as those two had some magic moments in this match and feel sorry for Mizumori who got screwed by Sato’s incompetence with windows. This was an excellent match with Sato being the straight man to ChocoPro’s comedy. As the Janken tournament went ahead and Christmas traditions played out we got surprise appearances from Drew Parker, who no one seemed to know had appeared and MC Rin Rin who will be coming back very soon. ChocoPro brought a nice slice of happiness to a lacklustre Christmas season and the wide variety of matches and surprises offered a nice mix of fun to watch. Here’s to the next one. Happy belated holidays everyone.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, FlyingVTrigger, Video Courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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