Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling. We stand before a trio of shows going into the new year. The first one is the not exactly calm before the storm as we’ll see the Best Bros in action one final time against Lulu Pencil and Antonio Honda before their title match against RESET on the 31st. Alongside that, we’d see Cherry team up with Yuna Mizumori against Chie Koishikawa and Sayaka Obihiro then as an opening contest, we’d have the return of MC RinRin as she battles the big boss Emi Sakura. Let’s get into the action!

Emi Sakura defeated MC RinRin via Diving Headbutt

After a moment of silence for Jon Huber or as you may know him, Luke Harper or Brodie Lee. They took a minute to honour him, then went through the normal introductions. Our first match was the returning MC RinRin returning to ChocoPro with a whole new set of gear. She was all set to take on Emi Sakura but would the returning star get a big return win? The pair started by trying to overpower each other in lock-ups, then both worked the other’s wrists. Sakura stomped RinRin’s wrist under her boot and the pair assaulted each other with dropkicks. Sakura overpowered RinRin with Mongolian chops and tossed her across the mat with a Biel. She stretched out RinRin and dragged her into a body-scissor for her parody of Suruga’s Kawaii Pin. That got a one-count so Sakura continued the punishment against the wall and kicked out at RinRin’s legs. She locked on a Lion-Tamer into a Boston Crab but RinRin forced a break and downed her with a running crossbody. She charged Sakura into the wall and hammered her with forearms, then ducked Sakura’s counterattacks to continue throwing forearms. She was thrown off by a slap to the face, and Sakura chopped her against the wall. RinRin slumped so Sakura went for the We Will Rock You wall splash but RinRin cleverly dodged with a low split. Sakura splatted against the wall and RinRin wasted no time in trying to bar an arm. Sakura fought out of a Cross-Armbreaker and after fighting off a slam, planted RinRin with the twisting facecrusher. The We Will Rock You Splash, slam, and diving headbutt followed for the win. This was Sakura at her devilish best. She spent most of her time toying with RinRin and bust out some classic moves to show she was more than ready to fight the Best Bros. RinRin tried her best and did rock Sakura but it just wasn’t enough.

Cherry & Yuna Mizumori defeated Chie Koishikawa & Sayaka Obihiro via Roll-Up on Koishikawa

Next up was a tag team contest that saw Chie Koishikawa team with a woman she idolised, Sayaka Obihiro against the domineering team of powerhouses in Yuna Mizumori and the ground game specialist Cherry. Would the hyperactive star be able to overcome the power on display here? The hyperactive pair tried to rush Cherry and Mizumori but the pair withstood and threw Obihiro into Koishikawa. The hyperactive duo avoided disaster and confused their opponents by running around them, then caught both with double foot stomps. They tried to put Mizumori in a double posing armbar but Cherry shunted them both away. Mizumori elbowed Koishikawa against the wall and went for the Mango/Papaya charge but Cherry joined in a both hit Koishikawa with a wall charge. Mizumori hit Koishikawa with a spinning powerslam and tagged in Cherry who trapped her in a headlock whilst pulling her hair and raking her back. The duo continued to bully Koishikawa, with Mizumori hitting a giant swing into a Boston Crab and Cherry messing with her breaks. Koishikawa fired back with forearms and leapfrogged a charge to assault Mizumori with a barrage of vicious chops. She downed Mizumori with a dropkick and made a much-needed tag to Obihiro. She rushed Cherry and Mizumori with double chops and stunned Mizumori out of another charge with an uppercut. The pair fought over position until Mizumori winded Obihiro with a headbutt to the gut into a Coconut Crush. She missed a follow-up splash so Obihiro cracked her with a running double chop. A slug/chop-fest broke out with Obihiro firing up until she ran into a shoulder tackle and splash from Mizumori.

Cherry rushed in to help Mizumori by snapmaring her onto Obihiro and threw Koishikawa onto Obihiro for good measure. Obihiro nearly rolled-up Cherry, then brought in Koishikawa who tried her best to give Cherry a friction burn by dragging her around the mat. She put Cherry in the Stretch Muffler but Mizumori broke this up and used Cherry as a battering ram. Obihiro made the save so the pair both hit Cherry with a nasty chop. She ducked a second and drove Koishikawa into the mat with a judo trip, then locked in a sleeper. Cherry attacked Obihiro again, then Koishikawa used her as a leapfrog for an X Chop. Chaos broke out, then Mizumori was unwillingly used as a weapon again as Cherry threw her into a splash and double-stomped her into Koishikawa. Obihiro dragged Cherry to the wall and tried to help Koishikawa nail a wall dropkick but Cherry dodged and Koishikawa blasted Obihiro into the wall. The pair bullied Koishikawa, then Cherry rolled her up for the win. This was another excellent tag bout with Koishikawa her best to win but it wasn’t to be as Cherry and Mizumori just had her number. Plus, this match gets bonus points for Cherry using Mizumori as an unwilling weapon.

Best Bros (Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga) defeated Lulu Pencil & Antonio Honda via Double La Magistral on Pencil

Last but not least, the main event. The Best Bros had one final match before their big tag title bout the next day against RESET. They’d have their work cut out for them though as they’d be battling Lulu Pencil and the man who had already bested Akki once this season, Antonio Honda. Would Akki avenge his loss and aid the Best Bros in coming into their next match strong? Referee Sakura wouldn’t even give the Best Bros a proper intro as she was laughing too hard. Pencil started the match by trying to charge Akki but Akki had no issue overpowering her into a wrist-lock and re-applied it when Pencil tried and failed to escape with an arm-drag. The two traded hold attempts and Pencil escaped making a tag with a Pencil Roll. Akki also tagged so Suruga and Hondo took to the mat. Honda was able to trap Suruga in a leglock but quickly released and the action reset. Honda tried to get under Suruga’s skin and she nearly made him give up with a hammerlock. She caught Honda with the window-sill arm-drag and he caught her with a time out strike to the throat. He tagged in Pencil who went for a clothesline but Suruga tripped her up and gave her a double stomp to the back. They put her in a double-team deathlock with Suruga rolling it into a bow and arrow before kicking Pencil away. She delivered another double stomp to Pencil and forearmed Honda again before tagging in Akki. He crushed Pencil’s legs, then the Best Bros delivered a second double-team deathlock. Akki bent Pencil into a Namaste Camel Clutch and let Suruga attack both members of Pencil’s team. The Best Bros ran over both, then Suruga bounced Pencil off the wall. She went for a wall dropkick but Pencil fell to the side and Suruga came up empty. Pencil took advantage with a Pencil strike and rolled over Suruga to make a much-needed tag. Honda came in hot and massacred Suruga with chops and wrist slaps, then stunned her with a forehead flick. The jabs followed but the bionic elbow was ducked into a leg-catch pin.

Honda raked Suruga’s back and she surprised him with a wall-run crossbody into the Apple Cut mutilation. Pencil made the save so Suruga and Honda traded wall slam attempts. Suruga backflipped over Honda, kicked him into the wall then drove him head-first into it with a proper wall charge. She made the tag to Akki, who lit up Honda with a series of strikes and kicks. He splashed Honda against the wall and broke him in half with a lethal backbreaker. Honda fought out of a Suplex attempt but got downed again with a wall-run head kick. Honda escaped doom by biting Akki’s thigh and chopped the Best Bro down. The pair traded shots to the mouth until both men were downed with thrust kicks to the head. Pencil came in and tried to attack Akki with clotheslines but they had no effect so she gave him a pencil strike to the head and hit him with the stomps and chops combo. She powered up for a super strike but Akki stopped it with a punch to the shoulder. Sakura tripped on the mat and distracted Akki momentarily but Suruga took care of her and Akki continued to punch Pencil in the shoulder. He tried to lift her up for a backbreaker but she climbed onto his back and locked in a sleeper. Suruga broke this with a leaping double chop and Honda saved Pencil from the Spider. Honda hoisted Suruga into a backbreaker and put Pencil on his shoulders for an elevated stabber. They then did the same to Akki with a catapult Stabber. We got a four-way punch-out and the Best Bros caught them into a double team crossbody using Pencil as a weapon. Pencil rolled out of the way of a Namaste splash and Honda attacked the Best Bros with Gon. Honda tried to use Pencil for an assisted Tornado DDT but Akki held strong and swung her back round to kick Honda in the head. They then rolled up Pencil with the double La Magistral and claimed the win. it was a chaotic end to a very chaotic match.

With that, the Best Bros claimed another victory before their big title match at ChocoPro #76. They saw off the stiff competition of Honda and Pencil. We saw some excellent double team combos and creative offense out of both teams and there were a lot of fun spots throughout. Next up will be the big one. Best Bros will take on RESET with the Asia Dream Tag Titles on the line. The Best Bros have beaten them once, can they do it again with a bigger prize on the line? It would certainly be the best way to end 2020 for both Baliyan Akki and Mei Suruga.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move Twitter, FlyingVTrigger, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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