Welcome back to Paradigm Pro Wrestling and their hard-hitting UWFI wrestling series. After the awesome start of the series last week, it’s time to continue that momentum with four more UWFI flavoured fights. We’d see Matthew Justice battle Robert Martyr, Ron Mathis take on Aaron Williams, Flash Thompson fight back-to-back, taking on Jeffery John this time, and Don’t Die Miles get his shot at Bobby Beverly. Can Miles get his big win here after the beatdown last week and will Justice make Martyr a martyr for his cause? Let’s get into the action!

We’ll quickly revisit the rules first. Victories can come from knock-out, TKO, submission, and by having more points than your opponents by the end. You won’t win by DQ, pinfall, or count-out. There’s no frills or pageantry, just knock your opponent down, try to tap them out, or Suplex them on their heads. If your opponent goes for the ropes or gets knocked down, then they lose points so try to drain those 15 points fast. You can only use open strikes to the head and neck, can’t use dirty tricks so keep your dick kicks at home and stay in the ring as you can’t intentionally leave at any time.

Matthew Justice defeated Robert Martyr via Knees to Head

The first fight of the night would be Matthew Justice embracing order for once to take on No Peace regular and surprising shooter, Robert Martyr. This was a chance for Martyr to show what he could do and a chance for Justice to show he didn’t need always need chaos to succeed, as Paradigm Pro often proves. Martyr was the underdog in the fight but despite appearances and age, already had five years’ experience under his belt. Justice let Martyr give him a few strikes to the face and the pair ended up in the ropes, making the ref break them up. Justice came back with a front chancery and grounded Martyr for a Gator Roll. He tried for a Doctor Bomb but Martyr climbed onto his back and locked in a Rear-Naked Choke. Justice rammed him into the buckles and fell onto his back, then savaged Martyr with elbows. He locked in another headlock and took Martyr over with a headlock Suplex. The pair traded head strikes and chops, then Martyr dumped Justice with a German. He hit Justice with a second and the ref pushed him back. Justice fired back with a Spear and sickening knee strike, then tried to bar and arm whilst dropping more elbows. Martyr broke free but seemed stunned so Justice dropped him with a Doctor Bomb and dropped heavy knees onto Martyr’s head for the win. Martyr surprised a lot of people here by not getting pasted instantly but Justice was too destructive to handle. Justice finally has his first UWFI rules win.

Flash Thompson defeated Jeffery John via Kneebar

Next up was Flash Thompson trying to get back to winning after his loss last week to the Hoodfoot. The Golden Gloves champion was facing Jeffery John this week, an MMA trained male model. It wasn’t going to be an easy win for the self-proclaimed King of Indiana as his opponent could kick ass and look fine doing it. Flash no-sold and dodged for the first minute as John tried to smack him in the face. He started fighting back but John caught his kick and smacked him to the mat. He took Flash over with a backdrop and watched on as his opponent’s points drained. Flash tanked a barrage of Muay Thai knees and took the fight to the mat. John tried for a guillotine but Flash broke out and dropped knees into his midsection. He went for the kneebar but John instantly grabbed the ropes. The pair traded more strikes and knees, then just like that, Flash dropped into the kneebar and John tapped. Flash got his win back and proved once again that he is almost untouchable under UWFI. Funnily enough, this was less about flashy moves and more just Flash taking his time and striking when he needed to.

Aaron Williams defeated Ron Mathis (w/Officially Licensed Manager Bruce Grey) via Elbowing Triangle Choke

After that, we got our first taste of the White Trash star Ron Mathis as he took on Aaron Williams under UWFI rules. The H2O heavyweight champion had a lot to prove given he wasn’t exactly known for his technical prowess. He’d be taking on a man he knows well, the Baddest Man Alive, Aaron Williams. He would have his work cut out for him though as Williams has one hell of an achievement list. Mathis got a shock start with a powerslam and tanked a barrage of knees to toss Williams with a Fallaway Slam. The fight went to the ground and Mathis remained on top, hammering away at Williams. Mathis was forced to the ropes and was cost a point. Williams tossed Mathis with a Butterfly Suplex but couldn’t follow up as Mathis snaked away and jumped him for more ground and pound. Mathis tried for a Cobra Clutch but Williams made it to the ropes, losing a point in the process. Williams removed his tie and looked to throw down off a single-leg takedown but Mathis grabbed the ropes again. The pair locked-up again and went to the mat where Mathis ended up in a triangle choke and after a failed one-armed powerbomb break, tapped out as Williams elbowed him in the head. Mathis had put on a surprisingly good showing under the rules-set but unfortunately, Williams is a pro of this style and just had to pick his moment to win. This was one hell of a fight and post-match Williams laid out a challenge to Matthew Justice.

Bobby Beverly defeated Don’t Die Miles via Points

Last but not least was Don’t Die Miles getting his shot at Bobby Beverly. After the pair clashed on episode one, an official match had been made and Miles had been given a chance to show off what he could do against the former Heavy-Hitters champion. Miles tried to rush in but he was instantly stunned by a pop-up knee from Beverly. The assault of knees continued and Miles lost points. Miles tried to strike back with a flurry of palm strikes but Beverly just grabbed and threw him with a Snap Suplex. Beverly didn’t let up and planted Miles into the mat again with a backdrop bomb and two snap Butterfly Suplexes. Miles managed to regroup and got his first knockdown with a duo of Trouble in Paradise jumping kicks. He kicked out Beverly’s knee and delivered a sliding forearm but missed a third jumping kick and got dropped on his head with a Saito Suplex. He delivered a second, then a third, then many more until Miles was left with just two points. One final knockout knee drained the last two points and Beverly became the first person of the series to win on points. He brutalised Miles with suplexes galore but couldn’t keep him down. instead, he had to finish him off by draining his points and forcing a stop. it was a valiant effort from Miles but guts and heart can only take you so far in UWFI rules. Beverly jaw-jacked with the Hoodfoot to end the show, making his intentions at getting his belt back more than clear.

That ends another exciting episode of the Paradigm UWFI Rules Contender Series. We got four more excellent matches full of surprises, shocks, and sheer brutality as all the fighters involved tried to claim glory, scalps, and future opportunities. This trend will continue next week with four more hard-hitting bouts including the return of Lord Crewe, Chase Holliday’s first fight of the series, and the debut of AKIRA against Yoya Shooterweight. It’s all going to fire off in a big way and I cannot wait to see it.

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