Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling. It’s Day 2 of the ChocoPro triple-bill to celebrate the new year. In this edition, we see Chie Koishikawa take on Tokiko Kirihara, Lulu Pencil, and Sayaka Obihiro take on MC RinRin and DDT’s Toru Owashi, and of course, the big match all this has been building to, RESET vs Best Bros for the Asia Dream Tag Titles. Could Baliyan Akki and Mei Suruga best the old guard of Emi Sakura and Kaori Yoneyama once again and end 2020 with some shiny new titles? Let’s get into the action and find out.

Tokiko Kirihara defeated Chie Koishikawa via Straightjacket Pin

First up was the hyperactive Chie Koishikawa taking on one of the few people who may be her perfect foil, Tokiko Kirihara. As a stiff striker and submission specialist, Kirihara seemed the perfect choice to cancel out Koishikawa’s excessive energy. The pair started by trading technical exchanges and submission attempts until the pair reached a posing stalemate. Koishikawa went for a run so Kirihara grabbed her legs and locked on a Boston Crab. When Koishikawa escaped, she slammed her against the wall, then locked her in a straightjacket. Koishikawa broke free a second time and downed Kirihara with a dropkick. She put Kirihara in the Bow and Arrow, then tried to drag her around the mat but Kirihara picked her ankle and locked on a heel hook. Koishikawa forced a break and punished Kirihara with a barrage of chops and another devastating dropkick. Kirihara created space with Muay Thai knees and scored a two-count with a diving foot stomp. Koishikawa broke away from another submission attempt and locked in the Stretch Muffler, then went for a series of roll-ups. She hit Kirihara with a wall-trapped X chop but still only got two. She went for a second running X chop but Kirihara reversed with a judo throw and locked on another straightjacket which she adapted into a trapping pin. Kirihara had won the match but it had taken all her skills and cunning to do so. Koishikawa continues her streak of coming close to win but it never being enough. She puts on cracking matches though.

MC RinRin & Toru Owashi defeated Lulu Pencil & Sayaka Obihiro via Stabber Roll-Up


Next up was a tag bout between two teams I’d never seen in action before, Lulu Pencil formed a new branch of Pencil Army with Sayaka Obihiro whilst MC RinRin came back with the company this time, the man whose merch always appears in ChocoPro, Toru Owashi. RinRin and Pencil started with a lock-up and transitioned to Sumo rules where RinRin dominated. Obihiro looked set to also take on the Sumo challenge but instead, kicked RinRin in the gut and took on Owashi, who threw her down with ease. He was rushed by every one and took everyone out without breaking a sweat. He led everyone on a stretching routine where RinRin showed off her splits technique and Pencil cried as she struggled to stretch. Owashi and RinRin tried to use this as a submission but Obihiro was having none of it. She threw down RinRin and locked on a body-scissor, pulling RinRin’s arms back when she tried to tag. She hit RinRin with overhand punches, then tagged in Pencil. She put RinRin in a guillotine and flattened her with a Pencil roll. Pencil continued to lock up RinRin whilst Obihiro dealt with a corpsing Owashi. Pencil made the tag and Obihiro drove RinRin into the wall, then bent her wrist. RinRin suffered through a double wrist-lock and tried to escape but Obihiro cracked her in the head with elbows and chopped her soul out. RinRin fired up and unloaded on Obihiro with forearms. Pencil made the save with a Pencil strike and Obihiro went back to the wrist, taunting Owashi by throwing RinRin within tagging range and dragging her back.

RinRin escaped and downed Obihiro with a crossbody, then finally got the tag to Owashi. He downed both opponents with shoulder tackles, then took off all his t-shirts, advertising each one as he went. He tried to cover his modesty as Pencil and Obihiro chopped his chest. They tried to charge him but he once again breezed through them and chopped the heart out of Obihiro. RinRin hit a duo of double stomps and the pair posed to hit her with dual Sumo stomps. Pencil broke up the pin so Owashi dispatched her with a skull crush and looked to finish things with a window splash but Pencil held one of his figures hostage. This made them climb down from the windows and take a shot to the throat. They tried for a double roll-up on Owashi but RinRin made the save and Pencil got rolled up off of a failed Stabber, giving Owashi and RinRin the win. Once again, great fun from all involved and it was nice to see Owashi in the Chocolate Square.

Best Bros (Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga) defeated RESET (Emi Sakura & Kaori Yoneyama) via Best Bro Moonsault to Sakura

Last but not least, the big one. It was time for the Best Bros to try and take the Asia Dream Tag Titles from RESET. Emi Sakura had made their lives hell since Akki delivered the kick that sparked this all to Sakura’s face. The future was ready to battle the old guard and spark a new year for ChocoPro on New Year’s. What followed was a gruelling near half-hour epic of a tag contest. They started by trading wrist-locks until Best Bros were able to throw RESET with arm-drags. This continued with a crossbody combo and the Best Bros pose, then the pair were taken out by a RESET flipping arm-drag and dropkick combo. Akki was elbowed against the wall and trapped in a double Camel Clutch with added hair pulling. The pair threw Akki around by his head and stomped him down but a double Suplex attempt landed them in trouble as Suruga threw them to the mat with a double Cazadora and Akki hit them with a double Spider Splash. The Best Bros targeted Yoneyama and snapped her with a backbreaker, then locked in an arm-wrenching Octopus hold. The assault continued with a series of wall strikes and a massive splash into the Namaste Stretch. They continued to trap Yoneyama in holds but every time Sakura would break her out. Sakura had enough and threw both Best Bros into each other and locked in a double crab. She threw both at the wall and kicked them out of a double spider pose. RESET tried to whip the pair but they swung around each other and hit RESET with wall-run crossbodies. They tried to set up a double team move but Sakura broke free and sent Suruga flying out of the window and hit Akki with the swinging facebuster. She started a sing-along for the We Will Rock You Splash but Akki leapt over it and chopped Sakura to hell. She gave back as good as she got and both took ridiculously hard chops and forearms. This transitioned to kicks and when Akki took the advantage he folded Sakura up with a backbreaker and dropkicked her in the head.

Yoneyama burst back onto the scene and tried to assail Akki with Mongolian chops but he withstood this so she punched him in the kidneys and the throat. She tried for a senton but Akki dodged and tried for a roll-up but she was one step ahead and kneed him in the face, then the back of the head. Akki tied her up in another submission as Suruga did the same to Sakura. She forced a break and dodge a running knee from Akki, watching on as he collided with the wall and clutched at his knee. She dropped him on his head with an Around-The-World DDT and fought out of Suruga’s Full Nelson to hit her with a wall-trapped knee. She climbed to the window sill and kicked at Yoneyama, then dragged her through to the outside with an X-Factor. She then elbowed Sakura away and hit Yoneyama with two sponsor signs. She locked on the Full Nelson and transitioned to the Apple Cut Mutilation but Sakura was ready and grabbed her out of it into a giant swing. She then hit Suruga with the underhook gutbuster and blasted her with the wall splash. RESET tried for a double team splash but Sakura got trapped on the window and Suruga used Akki and Yoneyama as stepping stones to knock her outside. She dived onto Sakura and Akki climbed the window to dive onto Yoneyama with a crossbody. Suruga threw Sakura back in and Akki caught her in a swinging backbreaker for the two-count. Suruga attempted a Spider but Sakura caught her and swung her into the wall, then the pair went into a roll-up war and Yoneyama saved Sakura from the Propellor with a Northern Lights. RESET tried to double team Akki but he threw them into Suruga and used her as a battering ram. Sakura was trapped in the Apple Cut Mutilation and the Best Bros leapt onto her with dual ariel attacks. Yoneyama made the save but also got caught in a Best Bros backbreaker combo. Sakura tried to fire back with chops but the Best Bros caught her into the double La Magistral and Yoneyama had to make another save.

Akki crashed and burned on the Namaste Splash as Sakura got her knees up and Yoneyama hit him with a running senton. They then hit Suruga with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker whip and a double team facebuster. They looked to finish the match with double diving headbutts but Suruga somehow kicked out. Another pinfall scramble broke out and chaos spilt everywhere as Akki and Yoneyama were both taken out by dropkicks and double stomps. Suruga and Sakura had a forearm-off, then Suruga nailed a dropkick into the Propellor for a 2.9-count. Sakura got the same with a chop-line and tried for another underhook but Akki thrust kicked her in the teeth and hit a brainbuster onto his kneecap to KO Sakura. He then hoisted Suruga up for an assisted moonsault and took out Yoneyama with a crossbody. Suruga got the three-count and the Best Bros were the new Asia Dream Tag Champions. What a match to end an amazing episode. ChocoPro was saving the best until last as the episode was exceptional from top to bottom. The main event was a tag team masterpiece and offered all the drama, suspense, and action of any big-fight. Congratulations to the Best Bros on their massive win and long may they reign as the aces of ChocoPro. The emotion on display from the pair over their victory actually melted some of the ice around my deathmatch blackened heart. Congratulations once again to the Best Bros. Be sure to come back soon for the review of the final episode in this chaotic triple-bill of ChocoPro action.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move Twitter, FlyingVTrigger, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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