Welcome back to the final part of the New Year’s triple-bill. In this episode, there is not one but two deathmatches on the card. We’ll see Chie Koishikawa take on Yuna Mizumori in the opening match, then we’ll have a 5-way New Year deathmatch and the new Pencil Army, Minoru Fujita, and Lulu Pencil take on the Best Bros in a match that was going to be some hardcore fun. It’s a new year but the company plans on bringing us the same kind of fun, let’s get into the action.

Yuna Mizumori defeated Chie Koishikawa via Wall-Run Splash

The first match of the night was a singles encounter between the hyperactive Chie Koishikawa and the tropical powerhouse Yuna Mizumori. Koishikawa had been unsuccessful in tag action against Mizumori recently, could she avenge that loss here? The match started with Mizumori shunting Koishikawa off the mat, then the pair went into a series of technical exchanges. Mizumori locked on an incredibly tight headlock which Koishikawa reversed into a guillotine and a stalemate was reached. Mizumori tried to go for a wrist-lock but Koishikawa went on a run and wound Mizumori up. She waited patiently and downed Koishikawa with a shoulder tackle when she too close. Mizumori crushed her under her boot and put her in a Camel Clutch. That transitioned into a Giant Swing and Boston Crab that saw Koishikawa make a break, only to be dragged into an even nastier Crab. She followed up by elbowing Koishikawa against the wall and charging through an attempted chop. Koishikawa ate a slam but was able to tank through and turned a second one into an arm-drag and back chop/bow and arrow combo. Koishikawa was like a woman possessed as she chased after Mizumori with chops intended to kill. Mizumori rolled to dodge them until she ran out of the studio to roll through, then finally took one of these lethal chops to the gut and a second bow and arrow on the floor. The ref broke this up and Mizumori came back hard with a wall splash and Coconut Crush into a second splash. Koishikawa withstood and pummelled Mizumori with chops and downed her with a dropkick. Mizumori was dragged around the mat but kicked off Koishikawa and catapulted her into the wall. She tried for another wall charge but Koishikawa dodged and trapped her in the Stretch Muffler. She launched a series of dropkicks, the third launching Mizumori into the window, and went to the top for an X Chop but Mizumori pried her free. Mizumori attempted another wall charge but Koishikawa reversed into a choke and nearly made Mizumori tap but she managed to force a break. She missed a wall chop and got dropkicked into the wall, then hit with a rolling press and locked in an inverted Boston Crab. A wall-run splash later and the match was won. Koishikawa had given Mizumori hell but the Tropical Powerhouse had won the day. I hope I get to see Koishikawa win a singles match soon, she’s more than ready for it.

New Year’s Deathmatch: MC RinRin defeated Antonio Honda, Sayaka Obihiro, Emi Sakura & Chon Shiryu via Two Tribe Clash

Next up was the first batch of deathmatch-tinged chaos. Five top tier fighters were about to clash in a lawless match for dominance. RinRin, Honda, Obihiro, Sakura, and Shiryu would all battle it out in a match where the only way to win is to pluck the ceremonial mandarin down from the rafters and place it on the ceremonial rice cakes, or in this case a giant rice-cake hat. Sakura was too tired to fight so she watched Honda fight Obihiro and RinRin battle Shiryu. A chain of waist-locks broke out that RinRin broke by kneeing Honda in the back of the leg and tried to grab the mandarin but Sakura was having none of it and booted her away. A wrist-lock chain broke out that turned into a Mexican Wave of pain after Honda slapped everyone. RinRin returned the wave and Honda was sent flying. He begged for a time out, then chopped everyone’s throat with a time-out strike. Shiryu made him pay with a Hammerlock and nearly made Honda quit but Honda wasn’t having it so Shiryu dropkicked him instead. They fought over a Suplex and RinRin tried to use them as a ladder but Obihiro sent her flying with an uppercut. Sakura kicked them all away and hit everyone with a We Will Rock You Splash as RinRin held them in place. RinRin put her in a Boston Crab and knocked everyone down with palm strikes.

She charged everyone against the wall and used the body pile to reach the mandarin. Honda snatched it away from her with a wrist slap, then used it as a prop for some jokes. Everyone else got in on the joking until Gon appeared and hit everyone in the head. Honda placed Gon on the window and hit everyone with a Fox Splash. Sakura put on the rice cake hat and headbutted anyone still standing and hunted for the mandarin. Honda had eaten it as he’d forgotten he was in a match and gotten hungry so Sayaka, who had placed the first mandarin up in the rafters, brought out a second. Everyone fought everyone and we got a chain of everyone trying to hit Honda’s wiggling elbow. Honda slapped everyone for their plagiarism, then started a musical number and elbowed everyone. Everyone traded finishers as everyone tried to put the mandarin on RinRin’s head. RinRin was lying against the wall as two melees broke out and everyone but RinRin knocked each other out by butting heads. She scrambled across the mat and put the mandarin on her head to be declared the winner. This was absolute chaos but it was also funny as hell with everyone involved going all-in on the comedic violence. That is certainly one way to bring in the new year and gave RinRin one of her first wins.

Best Bros (Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga) defeated Deathmatch Pencil Army (Lulu Pencil & Minoru Fujita) via Propellor Pin to Pencil

Last but not least, the newest branch of the Pencil Army was set to go to war as Lulu Pencil and newest recruit and fellow MVP Minoru Fujita were set to go to war with the new Asia Dream tag champs, the Best Bros. Fujita had a Wolverine claw of pencils ready to use and given his last ChocoPro deathmatch, things were going to get wild. Fujita and Akki started with a lock-up and Fujita attacking Akki’s throat. He did the same off a second lock-up and used pencil attacks to break free of a waist-lock. The pair fought around more technical holds, then both tagged out. Suruga gave Pencil the lock-up treatment and started bending Pencil’s limbs. Pencil tried to fight back but she was whipped into a Best Bros elevated forearm. They bragged to the camera as Fujita picked up Pencil and used her as a spear on both Best Bros. Fujita went back to Akki’s throat and hit him with a falling Pencil attack. He nailed a second and barred Akki’s arm, manipulating the fingers in the process, and stabbed away Suruga when she broke it up. Fujita set up some stools and broke Akki over his knee, then held him in place as Pencil leapt onto him with a stabber. She got a two count and attacked Akki with more stabs but struggled with a submission hold and had Fujita help her get Akki in a Figure Four.  Akki was able to reverse the pressure and made a much-needed tag to Suruga. She stepped all over Pencil and the Best Bros locked her in a double toe hold. They unleashed a train of run-overs on Pencil, then Akki dropped his knees into her guts.

They continued to target Pencil’s legs and arms with some knee drops to immobilise her and Akki locked in the Namaste Stretch, prompting Fujita to get involved and break the hold. Akki tried to fire up Pencil but seemed unphased by her attacks and punched her in the shoulder. Referee Sakura admonished Akki for using closed fists, so Suruga tried to set something up but Akki inadvertently ignored it and got elbowed in the head. Pencil escaped with another hard stab attack and got the tag to Fujita who rushed Akki with a shoulder tackle and took the Best Bros down with a clothesline tornado. Akki tried to strike back but Fujita caught him into an exploder and dropped him on his head. He tried to follow-up but Akki dropkicked his head off and the pair went into a slugfest. Akki got the better of the exchange and nearly took Fujita’s head off again with a wall-run kick. The Best Bros took the advantage and unleashed a high-flying combo of offence with Akki getting to hit the Spider. They tried for another double-team but Pencil caught Suruga in the air with a shot to the throat and Akki dropped her to the mat. Fujita buried her under a pile of stools and climbed to the window. With Akki booted away, no one could stop him delivering a splash to the stools, and… well only the stools, Mei was pretty safe under them. Once again, Fujita had taken himself out by diving onto stools for no reason.

Pencil took advantage with an elbow drop but Akki rescued Suruga from another attack by yanking Pencil up and delivering a backbreaker onto his knee. He helped her hit the Spider Splash and the pair climbed up to the windows but Fujita was ready and jabbed both of them to the outside. The Pencil Army both set up tables and fought with the Best Bros around them until Akki took out both with a Spider crossbody. They climbed up top again but the Pencil Army was ready to drag them down, chopping out their arms and letting them slide down the tables. They hit dual table Pencil slides but only got a two-count. Pencil hit the stomp/chop combo and tried to down Suruga with clotheslines but Suruga rolled her up, then chased her around the table before kicking out her legs. She ran Pencil into the wall and ran up the table to hit a flying double chop. Fujita made the save and Pencil tripped Suruga with a Pencil Roll. She tried for La Magistral but Akki made the save and got thrown into catering by Fujita. He tried to slam Suruga onto the door but she turned it into a flatliner and Akki kicked him in the head. They dispatched of Fujita with the Best Bros Moonsault, leaving just Pencil to fight. Pencil and Suruga fought over pinfalls with Pencil unleashing a spinning Pencil attack and climbing to the top only to have her Stabber reversed into the Propellor for a Best Bros win. The champs remain on an undefeated streak and Lulu Pencil, unfortunately, continues to lose. The Deathmatch Pencil Army put the Best Bros through their paces but it wasn’t enough to beat them. Yet again, ChocoPro proves to be one of the pillars of not only tag team wrestling but also comedy deathmatch wrestling. See you soon for more as at #78, Emi Sakura battles Minoru Fujita.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move Twitter, FlyingVTrigger, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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