Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling. The new year was here but the action still needed to go on. This time we’d see out first season 5 appearance for Hagane Shinno as he teamed with Chie Koishikawa against the Best Bros, MC RinRin would get the opening match spot against Antonio Honda and the main event was a last-minute decision match between the devil’s of ChocoPro, Emi Sakura and Minoru Fujita that has pissed Akki off by stealing the main event. How many stools would Fujita be willing to dive onto this time? Let’s get into the action and find out.

Antonio Honda defeated MC RinRin via Musical Number Backslide

The first match of the show was going to be a unique one. Antonio Honda king of comedy would do battle with the sumo style dynamite, RinRin. Would RinRin be able to continue her winning streak or would Honda and Gon be ready for an upset? Honda gave her the too cool handshake and danced at her. The pair started with a Sumo fight where RinRin easily decimated Honda but he used the disguise of a second contest to hit her with a bell clap. She nearly made him give up with a Hammerlock but Honda hulked up. This didn’t help him though as RinRin took him down with palm strikes. He finally found an equaliser in a time-out strike and stomps. He slapped her wrist and stepped on her forehead but only got two. Honda pulled her hair and attacked her with big knees but RinRin tanked it and sent Honda into the wall and soared into him with a crossbody. RinRin locked on a sleeper into a cross-arm breaker but Honda forced the break. She locked on a second Sleeper and Honda looked to fade but Gon came to the rescue. Honda locked RinRin in a Gon powered sleeper but RinRin also had a guardian angel in the form of a snake. The two animals fought with the snake besting Gon. Honda went savage and bit into the snake. The loss of Gon powered him up and the 2.0 traded jabs. They tried to charge up a dancing bionic elbow and ended up going into a full-on dance routine with Honda lying in wait to hit the elbow. Honda locked on an arm lock and tried to get RinRin to submit but she broke free with the power of song. The pair locked arms for the singing of A Whole New World so Honda used this to score a win with a backslide. Poor RinRin, no one was expecting that level of betrayal.

Best Bros (Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga) defeated Chie Koishikawa & Hagane Shinno via Propellor Pin to Koishikawa

Next up was the original main event of the match, Best Bros going to war with the hyperactive Chie Koishikawa and the Assassin of ChocoPro, Hagane Shinno. That pair couldn’t be any more different as Shinno did not have the energy to keep up with Koishikawa’s introduction or energy. Throughout the build, Shinno had expressed his intention to kick Suruga very hard. Would he follow through on that and would Koishikawa finally get a win alongside someone so powerful? Akki decided to spare Suruga early on and started things against Shinno. A battle of the wrist-lock broke out and Akki tried for the Namaste Stretch early. Shinno grew tired of Akki and brought in Koishikawa, giving us a Warm Caterpillars showdown. They too had a battle of the wrist-lock, then went into a chaotic series of trades. Suruga took Koishikawa on a run and locked in the bow and arrow but Koishikawa reversed into a crossbody pin. She too tried for the bow and arrow and Suruga gave the same reversal. The Kawaii pin followed but Shinno sent Suruga running by threatening to kick her. The beatdown continued as Akki came in and locked her in a chin-lock. He dropped a knee and brought Suruga back in. She hit Koishikawa with a sponsor sign and peppered Koishikawa and Shinno with kicks. Koishikawa broke free with an arm-drag and blasted Suruga with a nasty dropkick, giving her the space to make a much-needed and much-feared tag. He took out both members of the Best Bros and slammed them on top of each other, bringing in Koishikawa and adding her to the body pile. Suruga dodged another deadly kick and got aided into a hurricanrana by Akki. She tagged out and Akki nailed Shinno with a knee drop into the Spider.

The pair traded kicks where Akki scored a surprise stun with a head kick and climbed to the top for a Swanton. He crashed onto Shinno’s knees and got trapped in a hammerlock sleeper. Shinno continued to assault him with stiff kicks and walked straight into a standing dropkick. Both men tagged out so Koishikawa went on a run around Suruga and tried for those terrifying heavy chops. Suruga dodged and drove her into the wall for a dropkick. She locked on the Full Nelson but Shinno lifted her out of the Apple Cut mutilation and held her in place for a chop from Koishikawa, then a nasty back kick. Koishikawa took advantage of the new injured spot and dragged Suruga around the mat, then locked on the stretch muffler. She hit Suruga with a barrage of chops and fired off another dropkick but still only got two. An X chop followed and Shinno straight-up kicked her head off but it still somehow wasn’t enough. Suruga reversed Koishikawa into a slam and Akki climbed up for the Namaste splash. This could have ended the match but Shinno was lurking and booted Akki out of the window. Shinno looked to terrorise Suruga again but this plan was foiled by an arm-drag and Akki returning with the Namaste splash. Suruga ended things by tripping Koishikawa into a wall-run double stomp and got the three-count with the propellor pin. The Best Bros made it through another match with Suruga doing a lot of the heavy-lifting here. Shinno was the highlight for me though as his focus on kicking Mei Suruga to death was hilarious. I want another match between the two because the results could be insane.

Emi Sakura vs Minoru Fujita ends in double pin

It seems even though the Best Bros feud is over, Sakura still loves to screw over ChocoPro’s top team. After a heated argument with Fujita, the former champions, Fujita sadly losing his BJW Deathmatch title on December 2nd, decided to have a match and claim the main event spot for themselves. It would be a fight between two branches of the Pencil Army. Sakura instantly leapt onto Fujita like a wild animal and hammered him with forearms. The pair traded tackle attempts and Sakura raked Fujita’s back. A test of strength yielded little result so the pair arm-wrestled on the floor. Sakura dropped elbows on Fujita’s arm and clawed her nails down it, earning an admonishment from the ref. Mongolian chops rained down and she threw Fujita across the mat by his head into a face-clawing Camel Clutch. Fujita broke free by biting her arm and elbowed her in the back. He taunted her lack of reach and locked in a toe hold, watching her squirm. Sakura returned fire by trapping his arm in a window and hammering him with chest kicks. She continued to work over Fujita’s limbs showing off a wealth of submissions. Fujita finally escaped with a Russian Leg Sweep and locked Sakura in the Koji Clutch. She forced a break and started assaulting Fujita against the wall, nailing Fujita with a series of wall splashes. She tore up a sponsor sign and trapped Fujita in an armbar. He escaped with an Iron Claw and the pair both tried to crush the other’s face with headbutts. It was very clear Sakura was having the most fun she’d had in ages as she continued to break down Fujita with forearms to the back and mocking boots.

She pushed too far though as Fujita eventually caught a kick and elbowed her in the back. He crushed her against the sponsor wall and snapped at her fingers, also earning an admonishment from the ref. He also focused his attacks on the back and paid homage to Mizumori and Honda with a tropical bionic splash. He drove pointed elbows into Sakura’s kidneys and trapped her in a deathlock. She struggled to the mat edge for a break and was dragged into position for a wall-run splash. Fujita turned up the evil with a choke and the pair went back to trading vicious strikes. She elbowed free of an exploder and punished Fujita with a flurry of explosive chops into a dropkick to the outside. Fujita crashed against a table and ate two more dropkicks before getting admonished for breaking a stool. He tried to play it cool as she berated him on the cost of things and dropkicked him in the mouth. He punched Sakura in the gut and started burying her under stools. Everyone knew what time it was but right as he was set to splash onto them, Sakura burst out in a fit of rage and swung chairs and Fujita’s flag at everyone. Fujita tanked this and knocked her down with a diving shoulder tackle. He hit a second and tried for a pin but Sakura hit him in the head with a stool. He kept her trapped in another long and damaging submission sequence, then wound up for a kick and missed. He reversed La Magistral and fought out of a wall-trapped backslide but couldn’t keep Sakura down with a lariat. Sakura found a burst of energy and chopped Fujita hard to soften him up for a Tiger Bomb. She tried to end things with a tombstone but Fujita fought back. This angered her further so she unleashed a blistering series of strikes, chops, and kicks on him, then ran into an elbow and both got trapped in a double pin. The exhaustion had led to both fighters going for the same pin and both ending up on their shoulders.

Thus, ended one hell of a match. This might have been the best match I have seen from Sakura in singles action. She was full of fire, anger, and vinegar and used Fujita as a crash-test dummy to expel that energy. After getting over the double-pin, the pair argued for a bit about losing titles, then formed a bond over the most important thing in ChocoPro, Pencil Army. The Best Bros were not happy about this and wanted their main event back. I feel like Sakura might have just found another outlet for revenge against the Best Bros by utilising this Dark Pencil Army, giving ChocoPro it’s first six-man tag match. Once again, ChocoPro leaves us with more questions than answers, and honestly, given how madcap ChocoPro is, that ain’t a bad thing. Right now though, Sakura should probably stop making enemies. Everyone was pissed with her after this one, even Shinno and he usually just wants to kick people.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move Twitter, FlyingVTrigger, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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