MLW presents its first marquee special of 2021 tomorrow night Wednesday, January 6 for FREE at 7 pm ET (midnight GMT) available on MLW YouTube Channel, Fubo Sports, and The Roku Channel. MLW is making its January 6 marquee event Kings of Colosseum free for fans as a special thank you. The special will air on beIN SPORTS on January 9. Learn more about where to watch. The event will be broadcast on a delay internationally.

Kings of Colosseum promises to be a big marquee card and adding this big title match backs that hype up,” said MLW CEO Court Bauer. “This is the proverbial immovable force meeting the immovable object and I can’t wait to see what goes down January 6.”

Here is the card for the 2021 Kings of Colosseum special.

World Middleweight Championship: Myron Reed (c) vs. Lio Rush

For the first-time ever Lio Rush will step into an MLW ring and when he does, he will challenge the longest reigning World Middleweight Champion in league history in Myron Reed.

Reed, on the brink of clearing out the division, called out Rush after a dominant title defence last month. Determined to cement his legacy as the “Young GOAT”, Reed sees the arrival of Lio Rush as his greatest challenge and an opportunity.

Standing in his way is the pound-for-pound best-uncrowned middleweight in the sport. Describing himself as an influencer, musician, reality star, and Moneyweight, Rush enters MLW with immense fanfare.

While Reed has defeated all challengers from Japan to Mexico, Lio Rush is a wrestling prodigy with ambitious plans for a big 2021 and it starts with being decorated in MLW gold.

“We promised to deliver big fights at Kings of Colosseum and Rush/Reed delivers on that promise,” said Court Bauer. “These two athletes are the best in their weight class and want that glory and gold bad. The trash-talking online (between Rush and Reed) has been going on for over a month. By the time January 6 comes around, these guys are going to hold nothing back when that bell rings… and you get to see this marquee match up for free.”

Who is pound-for-pound the best middleweight in the world? Will Reed realize his destiny or will he be denied by the “Man of the Hour”? January 6 all questions will be answered.

National Openweight Championship: Alex Hammerstone (c) vs. Mads Krügger

Since storming into MLW at #TheRestart, “Mads Krügger has put MLW in a death grip. Putting Hammerstone in the hospital and on the shelf for a month, the “Black Hand of CONTRA” would dominate all in his campaign of violence since debuting November 18. Undefeated and vowing to crush Hammerstone, CONTRA’s masked mercenary is a threat to everyone.

Recently cleared to return to the ring, Hammerstone wants a piece of the man who severely injured him and he’ll now have that chance January 6th at Kings of Colosseum.

Hammerstone emerged during CONTRA’s hostile takeover as the man who would spearhead taking back MLW from CONTRA and end CONTRA’s occupation of MLW headquarters. Hammerstone is credited with recruiting and unifying the roster to come together and strike back at CONTRA.

Calling himself the CONTRA Hunter, perhaps even a Samoan Werewolf hunter, the #1 ranked wrestler in MLW looks to put an end to Krügger’s reign of terror in MLW at Kings of Colosseum.

The National Openweight Champion since June 1, 2019, Hammerstone looks to vanquish the man who stands between him and CONTRA kingpin, Jacob Fatu. But will Mads end his reign at Kings of Colosseum? January 6 all questions will be answered.

Tornado World Tag Team Championship: Von Erichs (c) vs. Dirty Blondes

“Three title fights in one night for free!” After Colonel Parker’s overtures to recruit the World Tag Team Champions for his new Stud Stable were rebuked, the legendary southern promoter reportedly went to work on politicking a title match. Knowing the league was focused on a third title fight, Parker saw his opportunity and successfully brokered the match with league officials.

The reigning World Tag Team Champions since November 2, 2019, Ross and Marshall Von Erich are the longest reigning tag team champions in league history. Recently, Col. Parker sent a “hospitality envoy” to Hawaii including his girlfriend, debutante Aria Blake. Evidently, it was returned to sender.

On a recent episode of MLW FUSION, Kevin Von Erich warned his sons of the suspicious practices of Parker as a promoter, labelling the southern blowhard as a “snake oil salesman.” Now, Col. Parker looks to right the wrong by taking the Von Erichs’ prized titles at Kings of Colosseum in an anything goes Tornado tag team match.

Grudge Match: Simon Gotch vs. Jordan Oliver

For almost 8 months Jordan Oliver and Myron Reed have wanted to get CONTRA in the ring or on the street. On May 9th, CONTRA Unit attacked MLW during the Super Series. During the chaos, CONTRA took out a member of Injustice.

Since then, Reed and Oliver have been calling out various members of CONTRA, with Jordan Oliver targeting Gotch. This led to an altercation in September on Pulp FUSION where Jordan Oliver was jumped from behind and choked out by Gotch.

Now the stage is set Gotch/Oliver in a grudge match. Will CONTRA play a role in this fight? Will Jordan Oliver get some justice?

Salina de la Renta will drop bombshells

Salina de la Renta has something she’s been waiting to share and this Wednesday she will drop the bombshell on Major League Wrestling. Salina de la Renta has had a turbulent few months in MLW. Her alleged financial hardships caused the Puerto Rican powerbroker to be compromised and owe a “dangerous person a lot of money.” Then came Konnan revealing Salina’s ties to CONTRA followed by severe sanctions by the league.

Recently, Salina was spotted in Mexico City where she hinted she was taking care of business and revenge. Soon thereafter, she journeyed to the Aztec Ruins where among crumbled temples Salina summoned a wicked force, Mil Muertes. Now, Salina has plotted her next move: dropping a bombshell at MLW’s Kings of Colosseum.

Also scheduled: Alicia Atout, Tom Lawlor and Team Filthy, and many more.


All pics and videos courtesy of MLW

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