We now return to GCW for part two of their New Year’s celebrations. After the shocking I Quit match the night before, GCW looked to continue the blood flow with Alex Colon taking on Atticus Cogar in what was set to be a glass-filled war. Alongside that, Ken Broadway made his return to GCW, Mance Warner battled Calvin Tankman, Lee Moriarty fought Blake Christian and so much more. Lot’s get into round-two of GCW’s packed New Year’s feast.

Jordan Oliver defeated Tre Lamar via Clout Cutter

First up was the Clout Cutter taking on anyone who dared to challenge him. He’d put the question out of Twitter and Tre Lamar answered. Could Oliver make it two wins for two nights or would Lamar harsh Oliver’s buzz? What we got was an interesting exchange of two young stars with a lot to prove. Lamar had the speed advantage and seemed to be more willing to take shortcuts than Oliver. He took the fight to Oliver using an assortment of his quick strikes and quicker moves but Oliver was able to survive it and came back stronger whenever the opportunity arose. In the end, the added mass, power, and experience of Oliver got him the win after a match that saw the duo trade all-around the ring with a cutter reversal and a Clout Cutter out of nowhere. Lamar definitely took Oliver by surprise and had control for most of the match, forcing Oliver to take him seriously presenting a damn good way to open the show.

Ken Broadway defeated ACH via 450 Counter Roll-up

After that, we’d see the GCW return of Ken Broadway against the indie megastar ACH. Both of these guys are hard-hitting as hell but could Broadway score an upset over ACH? After the previous result, ACH was pissed and would no doubt take it out on Broadway. That he certainly tried to do as ACH came to this match intending to kill Broadway. The strikes were stiff, the kicks vicious and the power plays from both sides all culminated in this heavy-hitting battle of wits that saw the best of both men in the ring. Ken Broadway finally got a new chance to show how damn good he is and with a win like this, they better bring him back for more matches like this. He had to use every tool in his arsenal to cope with the murder ACH wanted to commit and actually turned the tide on several occasions. In the end, a simple counter gave him the win. This loss made a star of Broadway and brought a new level of rage out of an already pissed ACH. What a fight.

Chris Dickinson defeated Cole Radrick via Piledriver

Following that was potentially another murder as Cole Radrick took on Chris Dickinson. These two briefly met in the scramble the night before and would now go the distance in a match that was sure to leave both men aching. Dickinson usually only has two modes, kill or cripple. He came out to cripple tonight and started by targeting the legs of Radrick but Radrick was able to not only counter and withstand but made Dickinson change strategy and work his match. For everything Dickinson threw at him, he would adapt and survive, tanking Axe Bombers, brainbusters, and everything else to give it back to Dickinson just as hard. In the end, Dickinson was so incensed by Radrick’s resiliency and murder him with a lethal combo that finished with a match-ending piledriver. Radrick once again proved just how good he is between those ropes; he worked his own style into a Dickinson match and took the Dirty Daddy to a limit we don’t always say.

Crazy Tough Enemies (Joshua Bishop & Matthew Justice) defeated Team Bussy (EFFY & Allie Kat) via Door 3D on EFFY

It was time for some chaos. The team of Allie Kat and EFFY, who came out dancing to WAP, were taking on the CTE stars, Joshua Bishop and Matthew Justice. Plunder would break alongside the bodies in the one as the former enemies were coming to kill. We got chair shots, dives, and exceptional teamwork from both sides as Bussy caught CTE by surprise with their rapid-paced violence. Both teams beat the hell out of each other as CTE obviously took dangerous chair shots and gave Bussy more. Disaster struck for Bussy though as Allie got trapped behind a door and EFFY accidentally crushed her trying to kill off Bishop with a DVD through it. Justice launched into the body pile just to make things worse. The violence continued to escalate as CTE set up even more plunder and ended Bussy with a 3D through a door. This was every bit as chaotic as I’d want it to be. It had some fun comedy and a whole lot of ass-kicking from both teams. This is how you want to establish CTE successfully by having them kill off beloved favourites of GCW.

Eight-Way War: IronBeast (KTB & Shane Mercer) defeated 1 Called Manders, YDNB (Charlie Tiger & Ellis Taylor), Elayna Black, Levi Everett & Steve Scott via Asmodeus Bomb on YDMB

After intermission, we got something just as chaotic as the match before. An 8-person war that would see IronBeast take on some of wrestling’s established veterans and a whole slew of breakouts. We’d have Young Dumb n Broke, Elayna Black, Too Hot Steve Scott, Levi Everett, Manders, and Elayna Black start things off as a traditional six-man only to get invaded by IronBeast and see six become eight. We got an excellent mix of hoss fighting, high-flying, butter churns going where no churn should go, and selfie denial before IronBeast came to disrupt proceedings. They murdered everyone in sight, tossing bodies around like ragdolls until YDNB came at them. The match blew apart, bodies flew everywhere and everyone got their moment to shine before the inevitable IronBeast murder to finish. KTB technically won but the unit celebrated. Their festivities were interrupted though as CTE struck again and we got another brawl between the two monster-sized teams. It might seem cheap to throw a team in mid-way through a scramble but I think it all worked well as everyone teamed to take out the monsters, then went back to showing off how damn good they all are.

Mance Warner defeated Calvin Tankman via Top Rope Plunder Pile DDT

Oh, this was going to get ugly. Mance Warner and Calvin Tankman are two of the deadliest strikers in GCW and once again they were getting let loose on each other. Would it be the Southern Psycho or Heavyweight Hustle standing tall at the end of this? Would either actually be able to stand at the end of this? They’ve had wars elsewhere; it was time to show GCW their special brand of violence. This was exactly what you’d have wanted, an ugly, stiff mass of violent strikes, nasty slams, and both guys doing what they do best. Tankman dropped his heaviest bombs but Manc was always resilient enough to come back and with the help of plunder, eye pokes and his own deadly strikes was able to put away Tankman. Both guys fought to their last gasp with Mance using a devastating plunder pile super DDT to KO Tankman. What an enjoyable and physical war between two guys at the top of their game.

Blake Christian defeated Lee Moriarty via submission

Oh, fucking hell. Pardon the swearing but this feels like the only reaction when you hear these two are about to fight. Both guys have their own unique styles of hybrid fighting and they’d now go head-to-head to see if All-Heart or TAIGA STYLE would be dominant. Christian was out to get one final win to build momentum before his big Impact Wrestling debut and Moriarty was trying to continue the streak he’d built. Moriarty worked to ground Christian and spent a lot of time striking or twisting him up. There was more fire to Moriarty as if he could sense the importance of this match. it became a very evenly-match fight with both guys showing their best. An ill-fate ring post kick gave Christian a target to focus on and he spent the rest of the match mixing leg-focused attacks and his usual brand of fighting. This one went long and had plenty of trading, tension, throwbacks and so much more as we got one hell of an epic from two of the best guys in indie wrestling. No amount of words could sum up the fun I had with this one. It was the perfect blend of both styles of wrestling from two guys who feel they have everything to prove. This was the technical masterpiece of the night with the Blackheart music-making another unwanted appearance that thankfully didn’t cost Christian the match this time. He took to the mic after the match and offered Lio Rush another match so he’d stop trying to haunt him by bribing the music guy.

Alex Colon defeated Atticus Cogar (w/Gregory Iron) via Glass Recliner

Last but not least, the main event. Atticus Cogar filling in for his leader, Rickey Shane Page against the top US deathmatch wrestler, Alex Colon. This was originally meant to be a GCW Title match but with RSP’s justifiable absence, Colon was just going to murder one of RSP’s stooges instead. There’d be pretty wrestling here but it would be reflecting in the deadly twinkle of broken glass. There was fuckery everywhere and two guys more than willing to use it. Cogar feigned giving Colon the first shot and went to his eyes. We instantly got a rapid exchange of counters and Cogar bit into Colon’s head on the top turnbuckle. Cogar threatened Colon with a tube but missed the swing and Colon stomped it into his chest. He then drove Cogar through a barbed-wire door and smashed a bundle over him. The torture continued on the outside as he carved up Cogar with a broken tube and broke another bundle on him but couldn’t follow up with the chair double knees as Iron got in the way. Cogar used the distraction to dive onto Colon and gave Colon the broken tube treatment. He cut him up with a cheese grater and pelted him with another bundle. The fight returned to the ring with a Snap Suplex and Colon trying to sandbag Cogar, only to be kicked in the face for his trouble. Cogar set up a glass pane and grated Colon’s head again but a fired-up Colon shot back with jabs and a baseball punch. He tried to whip Cogar through the pane but Cogar held on and dropped Colon with a half and half. He picked up the pane and performed a top-rope moonsault holding it but it didn’t break so he hoisted Colon up and broke the pane with a powerbomb.

Cogar dumped Colon on the top and set up more fuckery but Colon reversed his superplex with a nasty headbutt and looked to hit a sunset bomb onto the plunder. Iron interfered again and Cogar skewered Colon’s head whilst he was trapped. This just seemed to piss him off though and he stomped Cogar’s heart out with a rope-hung double-stomp into barbed-wire. Iron got a tube to the head and Cogar got bundles to the back, so Colon had time to set up another pane. Colon bit Cogar and dragged him to the top rope, where he tried for the Spanish Fly but Iron interfered for the umpteenth time and tried to beat him down. Colon swatted away Cogar and drove Iron through the pane with the Spanish Fly. Cogar struck whilst he could with a semi-destroyer and a shotgun dropkick into the tubes, then dropped Colon onto a barbed-wire ladder with an air raid crash. The pair wearily traded strikes and headbutts until Colon stunned Cogar with a pop-up knee strike and Spicolli Driver through a glass and can contraption on the outside. Cogar kicked out so Colon scooped up all the remaining tubes but Cogar hit low and drove Colon through the tubes with the Brain Haemorrhage. Colon got his turn to kick out of the impossible so Cogar frantically pelted him with tubes. Colon tanked this, slammed Cogar into the mat and broke every remaining tube across his chest and head, then locked in a Recliner amongst the glass for the win. This got properly violent and I loved it. Cogar gave a main-event level performance and made the most of this place he’d landed. It’s sad that there was no title on the line but Colon helped boost another star of the future and send a massive fuck you to RSP.

So, there you have it GCW 56 Nights reviewed for your reading pleasure. What a way to start the year. This was GCW proving it can still be the best of both worlds of wrestling. It had a kick-ass deathmatch main event bolstered by a card of frantic hardcore, technical excellence, and stiff fighting fun. They are setting up the field for break-out stars, jaded veterans, and more 44OH! antics ahead of what should hopefully be a year of excellent shows. Next up will be the 24-hour live show Fight Forever at the end of the month. I’m scared to think about what they have planned for that. We’ll see soon enough.

All images courtesy of GCW Twitter, FREEBIRDS Shop, Kayden, ParasiticEye, GO PRO Wrestling

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