Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling. After the riotous new year’s series, it’s back to our more regular schedule. To start off this new wave of shows, the president of Pro Wrestling HEAT-UP was paying a visit for the main event spot. TAMURA was going to give Baliyan Akki hell. Alongside this, we’d see Tokiko Kirihara make her first 2021 appearance against Mei Suruga and we’d see tag team chaos between Pencil Army and the Hyperactive Army. Would TAMURA and Kirihara be able to upset the Best Bros momentum in singles action and would Pencil Army get another strong showing? Let’s find out and get into the action!

Mei Suruga defeated Tokiko Kirihara via Propellor Pin

The first match of the show saw Tokiko Kirihara return to ChocoPro and try to kill one of its aces, Mei Suruga in a singles bout. The kickboxing pro and straightjacket enthusiast would have her work cut out for her if she was going to keep Suruga down. She instantly tried to win with a pin of a single-leg takedown and the pair went into a technical exchange. They fought over wrist and head control until a stalemate was reached and Kirihara tried for her first straightjacket. Suruga fought out and locked on a body-scissor for the Kawaii pin and threw her over with a series of snapmares. She rained down stomps and hit the window-sill arm-drag before dropkicking Kirihara in the chest and attacked her with a sponsor sign in the window. Kirihara had had enough and scooped up Suruga, slamming her against the wall and into the mat. This was followed by more trapped wall smashes and started kicking out her legs. Suruga fired back with forearms so Kirihara tried to cave her chest in with wall-trapped kicks. Suruga ducked the last and struck her in the leg, trying to soften Kirihara up for a wall ram. She landed a wall dropkick and hopped on Kirihara’s back to bar both arms. Kirihara broke free and slammed Suruga against the wall a second time. She locked Suruga in a Cobra Twist but Suruga was able to roll free for a double stomp and locked on the Apple Cut Mutilation. She continued with another slam but missed a diving double stomp so improvised into a wall ram and a second double stomp for two. Kirihara blasted Suruga with another stiff kick but could also only get two. She slammed Suruga into the mat and went for her diving single stomp but still couldn’t keep Suruga down. She scored another near-fall with a Judo throw and got caught by a wall-run splash and wall-run double-stomp. Suruga sensed the end was near and hit the Propellor pin for the win. She had once again proved why she was worthy of being a champion and got a small taste of what was soon to come. Plus, it’s always nice to see Kirihara back.

Hyperactive Army (Chie Koishikawa & Sayaka Obihiro) defeated Pencil Army (Lulu Pencil & Emi “Pencil” Sakura) via Bridging Butterfly Suplex on Pencil

Next up was some tag team chaos. It would be the Hyperactive Army of Koishikawa and Obihiro taking on the Pencil Army’s Lulu and Emi Pencil. Would the hyperactive energy of Koishikawa and the heavy hands of Obihiro be enough to trump Pencil Army? They certainly tried to win quickly as they instantly locked Lulu Pencil in the double posing armbar. Sakura broke her free and booted at Obihiro but the hyperactive ones threw Pencil into her and went on a run. They blistered both with chops and Obihiro worked over Pencil’s back. She made the tag and Koishikawa tried to choke out Pencil with a rolling Guillotine. They continued to tag and work over Pencil until she was able to escape by sliding out of a wall tackle and hitting a Pencil Roll. She hit a quick back elbow drop and tagged to Sakura before any more damage could be done. Sakura entered with an elbow drop and punished Obihiro with chop-lines against the wall. She didn’t get to do much though as Obihiro quickly hit back with her heavy chops and hit Sakura in the throat for a rolling chop. Koishikawa ran in and dragged Sakura around the mat, then locked on the Stretch Muffler. Obihiro kept Pencil at bay by trapping her under her legs and Sakura had to struggle to force a break. She reversed a wall whip and elbowed Koishikawa into the wall. She grabbed Koishikawa by the leg and rammed her into the wall again before trying for a wall splash. Koishikawa got her knees up and delivered a nightmarish chop to Sakura’s back. She continued to assault Sakura with more chops and a vicious duo of dropkicks. The Hyperactive Army tried for a double-team chop but Sakura looked to have it reversed until Koishikawa went under her and a trapped Obihiro to chop her in the chest. That was followed by a leapfrog X Chop and a second from the window. Obihiro was tagged in and continued the Sakura torture with a diving throat thrust and sliding double-chop.

Sakura got sick of being a crash test dummy and no-sold Obihiro’s next chop. After defiantly standing through it, she ragged Obihiro to the wall and delivered her own lethal chop, then kicked her down and splashed her legs. She tagged in Pencil and set up for an assisted Stabber by dropkicking the resistance out of Obihiro. She locked on a Figure Four and Pencil dived from the window and delivered a back elbow. Pencil continued to keep Obihiro subdued with stabbing attacks and downed the heavy-hitter with a series of clotheslines and a back elbow. Obihiro did the same with a single clothesline and dragged Pencil off the window-sill for her own window strike with Koishikawa but Sakura interrupted proceedings and the Pencil Army chopped at their legs. They tried for a double La Magistral but the Hyperactive Army kicked out and Obihiro finished of Pencil with a bridging Butterfly Suplex. The Hyperactive Army had bested the Pencil Army, giving Chie Koishikawa a win! Koishikawa and Obihiro worked exceptionally well together and picked up a big win because of it.

TAMURA defeated Baliyan Akki via Figure-Four Pin

Last but not least, the main event. It was time for another test of ChocoPro’s ace, Baliyan Akki. He would be going against someone dangerous this time though, the president of HEAT-UP, TAMURA. I might not know much of TAMURA but I knew he was going to be a big opponent for Akki to fight and from how big a deal Akki was making of it. They started with a handshake and kept the interest on hands as they traded wrist and Hammerlocks. This transitioned to headlocks and went back to the arms, Akki trying to lift TAMURA. They reached a stalemate and both knocked the other down with a hurricanrana from TAMURA and a dropkick from Akki. He went after TAMURA’s neck with elbows and forearms, causing a slugfest to break out and TAMURA to take advantage with a gut punch. TAMURA continued to strike Akki’s guts and drove him against the wall with a running back elbow and sunset-flip double stomp. TAMURA gave Akki some Good Vibrations and continued to stomp Akki’s guts despite ref Sakura’s admonishment. He fired up Akki just to knock him back down with another gut punch. He switched things up with a snapmare back kick and dropped kettle weights on Akki’s guts, continuing his relentless assault. TAMURA picked up the heaviest one and distracted Sakura but Akki finally found the energy to stop him and caught one gut punch but couldn’t stop a second from the opposite hand. He powered up for a rocket punch but Akki jumped over it and downed TAMURA with his patented strike to flying head kick combo.

It was Akki’s time to strike as he caught TAMURA with a knee drop and fought through the abdominal pain to assault him with shoulder tackles. He hit the Spider crossbody and sacrificed his already injured midsection to deliver the Spider Splash. He climbed to the top for the Namaste Splash but TAMURA was already on his feet and stunned Akki in the window with another gut punch. He punished the trapped Akki and tried for a window Ace Crusher but Akki reversed it into a backbreaker. Akki also crashed and burned though as TAMURA dodged a Swanton and TAMURA kicked out his leg for a Figure Four. Akki escaped and locked on a deathlock, then hoisted him up and gave him a taste of his own medicine with a gutbuster onto his knee. He went up top again and collided mid-air with TAMURA who turned his Namaste Splash into an Ace Crusher. They fought to their feet, trading slugs and debilitating kicks until Akki floored TAMURA with a massive thrust kick to the face. He climbed to the top again for a Namaste Splash but met nothing but TAMURA’s knees and a roll-up. He kicked out but TAMURA was ready and hit a Dragon Screw and a combo of leg kicks to deliver one final Buzzsaw Kick and win with a Figure-Four Pinfall.

With that, the match was won and TAMURA revelled in his victory. It was a hard-fought match that saw TAMURA aided by ref Sakura being seemingly blind to his antics. Akki did everything in his power to win but experience and shenanigans cost him the day. It was still one hell of a fight and a fun main event. Next up will be ChocoPro #80 taking place in a few hours at the time of writing where Mei Suruga is taking the main event spot against someone who seemingly only exists to kick her, Hagane Shinno. Plus, we’ll see Yuna Mizumori return to ChocoPro to team with Emi Sakura against Chie Koishikawa and Baliyan Akki. The ChocoPro fun is only just resuming.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move Twitter, FlyingVTrigger, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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