Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling. It’s time for part two of the double-bill and as the title suggests, it would feature Hagane Shinno vs Mei Suruga. After the Best Bros battle, Shinno was still in the mood to kick Mei Suruga so a singles match was made between the pair. Alongside that we’d see Beauty as is, the team of Yuna Mizumori and Emi Sakura take on The Team with No Name, Chie Koishikawa, and Baliyan Akki. It might only be a two-match show but things were going to get wild and things were going to get physical. Let’s get into the action!

Beauty as Is (Yuna Mizumori & Emi Sakura) defeated The Team with No Name (Baliyan Akki & Chie Koishikawa) via Tropical Crab

First up was a tag team war between Beauty as Is and The Team with No Name. It seems that Baliyan Akki and Emi Sakura are destined to fight forever as fate keeps bringing them into fights and more specifically Akki’s boot into Sakura’s face. This could also be Koishikawa’s chance to finally get a win over Mizumori. Emi was representing the Pencil Army that left Mizumori seemingly confused. Akki and Mizumori started the action with shoulder tackles before Akki dragged her down by the neck and locked in a sleeper hold. The pair continued to trade submissions until they reached a stand-off and both tagged out. Koishikawa forced Sakura into a wall and took her on a run, then rolled away and went on a second run until Sakura tripped her up. She tried to swim away at high speed but Sakura dragged her back by the hair and tried to hoist up Koishikawa for a submission but her back gave out. She kicked at Koishikawa’s back and tried to swim back to Mizumori, who mistook this as a cry for double-teaming. She tried to catapult Sakura but a malfunction at the junction saw her break Sakura across her knees. Koishikawa took advantage by locking in the bow and arrow and delivered a nasty back chop before tagging back to Akki. He continued to work the back with elbows and a crush, holding her in a Camel Clutch as she desperately tried to fight back. She tried to slow-mo punch him so he punched her in the shoulder and went for a double punch but Sakura was prepared and dragged him into the swinging facebuster. Mizumori came in with a head of steam and rammed Akki against the wall. She uncorked a barrage of elbows against the walls and tried for the Mango Papaya Charge but Akki moved. She tried a second and Akki moved again. Not to be deterred, she tried for a third and got the same result again as Akki side-stepped. She launched him out of the window and finally hit the Mango Papaya charge as he recovered.

Akki kicked back and knocked Mizumori down with the wall-run kick. He pummelled her with uppercuts but she blasted back with a shoulder block and tagged out. Sakura seemed happy to play with Akki and knocked him down with a Pencil Style shoulder block. She splashed Akki’s arm against the wall and tried to start a chain of Pencil roll-call kicks but Akki caught her leg and gave it a stretch. She broke out of a Suplex attempt and assailed Akki with Riverdance kicks. He reversed an underhook attempt into an Air Raid Crash and tried for the Spider but Sakura pulled him down into a seated position. A pencil army splash attempt followed but didn’t hit as Akki just shoved her away. More trading followed as Sakura cracked Akki in the ear with a double chop and Akki caught her into a swinging backbreaker. Sakura fired back with a chop line and dropped Akki with her own backbreaker. She struggled to the top for a stabber and fell onto Akki’s knees, giving him a chance to hit the Spider for a two-count. He tagged in Koishikawa who accidentally kicked Sakura into Mizumori, bringing both fresh fighters in. Koishikawa nearly won with a roll-up and chased after Mizumori with high impact chops, then dragged her across the mat looking for the stretch muffler. Mizumori kicked free and repeatedly drove Koishikawa against the wall. She held Koishikawa in place for some Riverdance kicks into a Pencil Splash and hit her own Tropical Splash on her winded foe. We got an excellent display of double-team work as Akki came to Koishikawa’s aid and became a leapfrog for a double X chop. They launched both Sakura and Mizumori with double dropkicks and Koishikawa locked on the stretch muffler. The pair went counter for counter until Akki carried away Sakura and Koishikawa nailed Mizumori with a diving X Chop. Sakura and Akki took each other out with a stabber and head kick so Mizumori and Koishikawa continued the chops and trading until Mizumori won with the Tropical Crab. Koishikawa gave it her all in the final stretch but Mizumori was too strong. We got an excellent fight out of everyone as Sakura seemed invested in getting Pencil Army over and Akki wanted to kick her in the head again. After it all, Mizumori left Sakura and joined Best Bros in the six-person war against Pencil Army.

Hagane Shinno defeated Mei Suruga via Michinoku Driver

After the opening whirlwind, it was time for the main event. Hagane Shinno was back in the building to pick up where he left off last time. The continuation of his kicking quest on Mei Suruga. Would the Cold Warrior be able to best Suruga or would the Apple Girl pull off one of her biggest solo wins to date? He tried to kick her off the opening handshake but Suruga was smart enough to block it. As expected, the pair started out trading kicks, with Shinno getting angrier as Suruga made more kick attempts or dodges. She leaned away from a head kick so he surprised her with a leg kick and took things to the mat for some technical exchanges. They fought around wrist-locks as Shinno seemed content to try and break Suruga’s arm with a raising wrist-lock. He lackadaisically kicked out of a roll-up and got caught in a grounded hammerlock but easily forced a break. The wrist-lock war resumed with headlocks being traded and Suruga trying for the window-sill arm-drag. Shinno pulled her away from the window and nearly crippled her with an attempted back kick that Suruga dodged at the last second. Suruga unleashed a barrage of leg kicks but these seemed to have no effect and Shinno downed her with a single hamstring kick. He continued to work the leg and punished Suruga with leg locks and kicks, then let her back up and crushed her head against the wall. The wall-based offence continued with chops and an attempted wall kick that saw Shinno get nothing but wall. She took Shinno down with a low dropkick and gave Shinno’s leg the same treatment he’d given hers. He tried to catch Suruga with an armbreaker and swatted her away from his leg with elbows to the back. He let her fire-up on forearms, then snuffed out that fire with a single slug. Suruga went back to the leg and trapped Shinno in an Indian Deathlock, bridging it so her head dug into his back and barring his arms. She was forced to break the hold and sent Shinno flying with the window-sill arm-drag. She drove him into the wall and tried to charge but he’d woken up and booted her in the head.

She tried to keep things going with the wall-run crossbody but Shinno caught her and after a brief struggle, broke her back across his knee. He started kicking her in the back and stalked her around the mat, going back to the leg with more holds. Shinno’s Suplex attempt failed so Suruga took advantage with a Cazadora roll-up, threw him at the camera, and blasted him with a wall-run forearm. She climbed onto a sink and hammered down elbows, then launched Shinno with another arm-drag. She went for the killing blow with a wall-run double stomp to the leg and locked on a Figure Four. They fought to maintain the pressure and Shinno had to force a break. Suruga tried to keep Shinno down with forearms but yet again he punted her away with another boot to the head. She tried to leap onto him for a crossbody but once again he caught her and dropped her into the mat with a Michinoku Driver. Suruga tried a desperation series of roll-ups but still couldn’t keep Shinno down. They both hit heavy reversals with Shinno dropping Suruga into the wall and Suruga dropping Shinno on his face with a Tornado Flatliner. Suruga tried for another leg lock but Shinno forced another break. Shinno did the same with an ankle lock and dragged her into a final Michinoku Driver for the win.

Shinno hadn’t achieved his goal of kicking Suruga to death but he hadn’t certainly dismantled her piece by piece and come away with the victory. It had been a dark day for the Best Bros as both had lost today. Emi Sakura was more than happy to gloat at Mei’s loss but let’s face it, she just went 28 minutes with a vicious warrior like Shinno and nearly had his number on several occasions. Sakura called Suruga weak but Suruga proved once again she’s anything but. This was when we saw Mizumori turn on Sakura and align herself with the Best Bros for the Pencil War on #82. Things are only getting wilder on ChocoPro and despite the uncertain nature of wrestling right now, ChocoPro continues to deliver week after week. Until next time!

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move Twitter, FlyingVTrigger, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube