Welcome back to ICW NHB. Our US deathmatch company of 2020 was back in action as they returned to Florida for another wild show. This card would see new faces in Lord Crewe, fan favourites fight in Satu Jinn vs Neil Diamond Cutter, 44OH! showing up for marquee matches as AKIRA took on Atticus Cogar and Rickey Shane Page took on SHLAK, all to culminate in the main event that would give ICW its first taste of the Deathmatch Iron Demon as Shane Mercer made his chains debut against the King of the company, John Wayne Murdoch. Let’s get into the violence!

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Neil Diamond Cutter defeated Satu Jinn via Honey Badger Splash

What better way to kick off the show than with a mad-cap match between two of the biggest characters in the company. The Bloodbath Majin Buu taking on the Honey Badger in a ring full of fuckery. It started with a bar fight that saw Jinn getting the advantage so NDC had more light tubes brought to the ring. They went for bar fight round two with tubes and Jinn went headbutt mad only to get tripped head-first onto the chair. He launched the chair-wrapped Jinn into the ring post and tripped him down again to put a tack chair into his back with a step-up senton. He hit a second senton but couldn’t keep the angry Jinn down. Jinn smacked back and dumped NDC on the tack chair with a swinging uranage. He chopped a gusset into Cutter’s head and scoop slammed him into the glass pile. NDC headbutted a gusset into Jinn but it seemed to have little effect as Jinn broke more tubes over him. He took Cutter on a carving tour with a broken tube but another strike exchange saw NDC come back to life and dump him back-fist on a gusset chair. The pair continued to trade as NDC hit a tube senton and Jinn slammed NDC onto an open chair. He hit a diving headbutt and a tube to the head but NDC got up again and shocked Jinn with a cutter. He hit Jinn with a moonsault off a chair and Jinn slammed him onto the tack chair again. A tube board spinebuster and powerbomb followed but NDC continued to kick out. He dumped NDC through a bundle on the top but NDC attacked with a broken tube and hooked Jinn by the hand for a chain-walking tornado DDT. He covered Jinn with a glass pane and tube board, then climbed to the top for the Honey Badger splash and the win. He had been taken to hell and back but found a way to overpower Jinn and take that all-important win.

Nolan Edward defeated Brandon Kirk (w/Kasey Catal) via Fence-Board Butterfly Neckbreaker

Up next was the Deathmatch Rogue taking on No Flinch Nolan Edward. Kirk was enjoying a slew of victories after being joined by his better half and looked to continue that here whilst Edward was still looking for his first-ever win with the company. The pair started with a dropkick and Edward being sent flying into a barbed-wire door with a shotgun dropkick. Kirk took the tubes to Edward and carved him up with a broken tube, then put down Edward’s comeback and hammered gussets into his arms. He looked to do the same to Edward’s head but he flexed free, stunned Kirk with a kick, and hammered the gusset into Kirk’s head. They fought around a LEGO™ chair that Edward was slammed on to and Kirk covered the ring in tacks. Edward whipped Kirk into the chains and locked on a Gory Special, downing Kirk with an Ax kick when he broke free. He looked for a second kick but Kirk threw tacks in his face. Edward shook this off and rocked Kirk with a headbutt into a Tiger Driver. He nearly won with a diving headbutt but Kasey pulled out the ref. She tried to hold Edward in place so Kirk could hit him with a bundle but Edward broke free and Kasey got a head-full of tubes. Edward kicked Kirk to the outside and the pair brawled around the outside. Kirk sent Edward flying into the steps and cut him up with a cheese grater. Kirk pelted Edward with chairs and dragged him up the steps for a killing blow into a fence-board covered in glass. Edward held his ground so Kirk pulverised him with headbutts. Edward delivered one of his own and dumped Kirk through the fence-board with a twisting butterfly neckbreaker for the win. The master of No Flinch had finally picked up his first win at the expense of Brandon Kirk after taking one hell of a beating.

Alex Ocean (w/Riley Madison) defeated Lord Crewe via Flaming Elbow Drop

Time for some rolling with the punches. This was originally set to be Alex Ocean vs Lindsay Snow but injury intervened and Snow had to step aside. We wish her all the best and would see what her replacement would do here as Lord Crewe stepped up to try and kill the unkillable. Ocean tried to start by being a dick but Crewe wasn’t taking it and both got hit in the head with tubes. They traded another round of tubes, then Crewe showed off a bit with a cyclone kick into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Ocean kicked out Crewe’s leg and assaulted him with more tubes. That was followed by a brainbuster across his knee and Ocean getting a syringe in the neck. Crewe kept inserting needles into Ocean until he resembled a low-effort pin cushion. Riley came in to distract Crewe so Ocean used the chance to beat him down. He stabbed syringes through Crewe’s cheeks and set up a door. He covered the door in syringes and Crewe put him through it with a Twisting Front Suplex. Crewe set up a tube door and tried to drag Ocean to the top but Riley interfered again and Ocean punched him in the balls. They both went crashing through the tube door off of a superplex and Ocean introduced more of the fuckery to Crewe’s head. He set up a second tube door and went to the top again but Crewe was ready and sent him through the door with a deadly drive. Riley interrupted another pin so Crewe kicked Ocean into her. He then grabbed a bundle and drove Ocean through it with a Fire Thunder Driver. Ocean kicked out so Crewe gave an evil laugh and threw Ocean to the outside. He dragged him to another door outside but Ocean was playing possum and hit him in the dick again for some tube rain. He laid out Crewe on the door and climbed atop a storage van to deliver the killing blow, a flaming elbow drop. Well, it would be but nature fucked it up for him. This wasn’t the smoothest match by any means and a lot fucked up during the course of it but when it worked, it worked. Crewe seems like a natural for ICW and Ocean always tries to deliver despite the backlash.

Atticus Cogar defeated AKIRA via Fuckery Board Leverage Pin

Time for one of the most hyped matches on the card. Atticus Cogar and AKIRA are two of the most beloved young deathmatch guys on the planet. As factions divide them, they’ve evolved an organic rivalry that has seen AKIRA lose each time they meet. Would history repeat itself or would the Death Samurai send the Silver Teeth Satan packing as their blood feud met the chains? There was nothing pretty to start here as fists flew before Larry Legend could even leave the ring. Things found a technical edge as the pair fought to put the other through a door and hit early finishers. AKIRA got the first plunder break as he put Cogar through a door with an overhead belly to belly after stunning him with a boot. Cogar took a breather on the outside so AKIRA gave chase with an apron cannonball to the concrete. He took Cogar on a chopping tour of the ringside and kicked him against the ring post before throwing him through the fan seats. Cogar found the great equaliser in a chair to the head and poured a bag of tacks over AKIRA. He took things one step further by forcing a tack through AKIRA’s ear but this seemed to fire him up and he dropped Cogar with a Vertical Suplex. He also played with the tacks, booting several into Cogar’s crotch and gut. He continued to slam Cogar head-first into the tacks and kicked a gusset plate into the side of his head. He launched Cogar with a Saito and tried to choke him out with a Dragon Sleeper but took too much time setting up gussets and got his eyes raked. Cogar gave AKIRA the gusset treatment and stabbed him up with skewers, firing up AKIRA again and earning himself a bite to the ear and double knees. AKIRA opened up a box of Kenzans and dumped them across the ring. He tried to force one into Cogar’s head but Cogar broke free, kicked him in the head, and hammered it into AKIRA’s forehead. He gave AKIRA a superkick and half and half, then watched as AKIRA tried to pry out the Kenzan.

When he finally succeeded, he was angry and smashed a bundle into Cogar with a rolling forearm after another lethal series of kicks. He went tube crazy on Cogar, smashing and kicking tubes into him in a frenzy, and climbed to the top for the Shatter Star Bomb. He took too long to pose so Cogar pelted a chair into the bundle and threw him off the top into a door/tube contraption on the outside. AKIRA kicked out and scrambled to collect skewers to use on Cogar as Cogar set up another door. Cogar snatched away the skewers and berated AKIRA but the attempted Brain Haemorrhage saw him get dumped through the door with a 2K1 Bomb. Cogar kicked out so AKIRA fired up by cutting himself with a broken tube and looked for Sudden Death onto a fuckery board but Cogar low-blowed him and rolled him up onto the board with his feet on the chains to win. Cogar quickly bailed before the crowd and AKIRA could tear him apart. Yet again, Cogar pulled out the win here but he literally had to use a leverage pin to do it. AKIRA took him further than their previous fights but again, Cogar was just one step ahead. Like Batman and the Joker, they may be doomed to do this forever. But that wouldn’t be a bad thing. Fuck 44OH! count: 1

Reed Bentley defeated Orin Veidt via Bulb Door Tiger Driller

After intermission, we got the second Reject match. It would be one of the most underrated men in deathmatches, Reed Bentley taking on the Wizard King Orin Veidt. After his unsuccessful run against Murdoch, would Veidt have better luck against a different member of the Rejects? They started technically with Bentley and Veidt trading a slew of holds. The physicality was upped as the two traded strikes and kicks, then we saw Bentley crumble as Veidt craftily got a tube in his way and broke it across Bentley’s leg. They continued to trade with light-up barbed-wire bats to the arm and mini gusset planks to the head. Neither man could find an advantage as they continued to beat each other with various plunder to various body parts. Things went another step further as Veidt strangled Bentley with carpet strips and a cactus to the balls/arse area. He somehow tanked this and dumped Veidt over the chains to hit him with a CD board. He played the drums with Veidt’s head using tack bats for drumsticks and got cracked in the ribs by a chair so Veidt could do the same on the outside. They continued to trade plunder shots using chairs, shopping carts and more around the outside, then sat down for a bar fight. The fight saw the famous display case make a return, Veidt get buried under a fence and Bentley try to crush him with an oven. The pair both enjoyed gussets to the chest and Veidt was dropped head-first on the apron. The fight finally returned to the ring and Bentley rained down even more punches on Veidt. Both men crashed onto a tube and strip bumped sword off of a double clothesline and Veidt locked on a knife-cutting Muta Lock. The pair had a knife fight where Bentley cut at Veidt’s head and Veidt caught Bentley into the throat, allowing him to hit a Suplex. He continued to torture Bentley with tubes and carpet strips and dropped him on his head with a DDT. He set up a can door and stuck more knives into Bentley’s head. They fought to the top and Bentley drove Veidt through the door with a Pespi Plunge. He tried for a Glass Pane Regal-Plex but Veidt flipped out and dropped Bentley through it with Total Anarchy. He set up another fuckery pile using a shopping cart, chairs, and light bulb door. A slugfest broke out and after another slew of horrific strikes, Bentley won with a Tiger Driller through the tube door. it was one hell of a vicious bout here as both men took part in a fuckery one-upmanship contest where the only real winner was the fans.

Rickey Shane Page defeated SHLAK via Folding Pinfall

Part one of the double main event was up next. SHLAK, the beloved animal of ICW was taking on the most hated man on the indies, Rickey Shane Page. The 44OH! frontman was determined to break the ICW favourites before coming after the king, John Wayne Murdoch. Would he fall at his first challenge? He instantly bailed after introductions and kept winding SHLAK up by taking a seat on the outside. SHLAK went for the power play by drinking two goddamn beers at the same goddamn fucking time and threw the cans at RSP. He finally entered the ring, broke a bundle so SHLAK couldn’t use it, and pelted SHLAK in the arm with a chair. That was followed by a chair DDT and stabbed SHLAK in the eye with a chair leg. He continued the chair assault and blasted SHLAK with heavy punches to the head. He whipped SHLAK into the chains and hit a low crossbody, slamming SHLAK further into the chains. SHLAK tried to choke RSP but RSP broke free with a throat thrust and caught SHLAK with more chops and an enzuigiri. The chair assault continued again, then RSP picked him up into a bearhug. This went on, only broken up by RSP throwing some more shots at SHLAK’s head, then re-applying the hold. SHLAK broke free but RSP instantly booted him back down. RSP tried to be cocky and hit the chair brainbuster but SHLAK spun it and dropped RSP on the open chair with a Suplex. SHLAK used the break to set up doors and whipped RSP through them. He continued to break the pieces over RSP and threw a bundle to him but RSP broke it over his head and tripped him out of a charge into a folding pin. RSP had finally come to ICW and in the ultimate dick move beaten one of its best and bloodiest with an almost plunder-less match and won with a glorified roll-up. The fans were livid and so was SHLAK. This was a genius move by RSP, even if I hated it. Fuck 44OH! count: 2

John Wayne Murdoch defeated Shane Mercer via Glass Pane Brainbuster

Last but not least, the main event. The Duke of Hardcore would have his first ICW match of the new year against a monstrous opponent, the Iron Demon, Shane Mercer. This would be ICW’s first real taste of the deathmatch demon and we’d soon see if Murdoch could cope with the deathmatch powerhouse style of violence. Mercer was nice enough to discard his nun-chuck for later so Murdoch repaid the favour by breaking a duo of bundles over him. Mercer was unphased and tanked a flurry of elbows to put Murdoch through a glass pane with an Overhead Belly to Belly. He ground into Murdoch with a gusset 2×4 and suplexed him through a knife board. After a duo of vicious crossfaces, he retrieved the nun-chuck and ground the bladed middle into Murdoch’s face, choking him out in the process. Murdoch headbutted the 2×4 into Mercer’s head and broke a razor board across his back. Mercer returned fire by throwing Mercer threw Murdoch through another door and punched a tube into his face. Murdoch decided to get vengeance by breaking a whole board of tubes on Mercer and broke the leftover bit with a senton. Neither could keep momentum though as Mercer put Murdoch through another bundle with an X Plex and a second glass pane with a DVD. Murdoch crawled outside and attacked Mercer with his own nun-chuck. The pair brawled around the outside into the back area where Mercer attempted straight-up murder by holding Murdoch over a fire barrel. He tossed Murdoch aside and rolled the barrel at him, scorching Murdoch’s arm.

Murdoch hit low on the way back to the ring and the pair pelted each other with chairs. Murdoch returned the flaming barrel attack by getting a giant flaming torch and setting Mercer alight with it. He tried to crush Mercer’s will with a barrage of tube shots but Mercer remained defiant. The pair traded forearms on the floor and Mercer tried to launch Murdoch over the chains with a Gorilla Press but Murdoch reversed into the Deep South Destroyer but only got two. Mercer caught him out of a charge into a pop-up twisting powerslam and the pair crawled away to the outside. Mercer superkicked a razor board into Murdoch and punched the display case, then the pair climbed atop the storage van. The pair fought atop it until Mercer threw Murdoch off the top through a trio of glass doors. Somehow that didn’t end it so Mercer tried to go up for Moonsault and Battery but Murdoch reversed, hit a brainbuster to the glass pile, and finished Mercer with a brainbuster through the glass pane. This ended the show on a high note as these two went even more OTT with the punishment. The use of fire, power moves, and all-out savagery made this one kick-ass main event.

Best of the Bloodletting

  • Neil Diamond Cutter and Satu Jinn opened the show with an absolute bang. Their opening contest had everything you’d want from it with a nice blend of comedic trash-talking and nasty-ass spots. Definitely an enjoyable one to watch.
  • Brandon Kirk and Nolan Edward had a nice little car crash match that offered a lot of nasty spots and gave Edward his first win. Can’t really complain at that, can you?
  • Well, AKIRA and Cogar put on yet another banger. They took the classic Memphis roll-up finish and somehow worked it into a deathmatch where no one would be pissed off. The violence was there, the story was there, the Kenzans made an appearance. This just fucking rocked.
  • Reed and Orin continue to be two of the most dependable guys in deathmatch wrestling as they put on a brutal war against each other. No plunder was too deadly as we even saw a ball sack cactus shot.
  • Deathmatch Mercer is a fucking gem. The powerhouse style lends itself so nicely to deathmatches as you can find whole new ways to use the fuckery. Mercer nearly killed Murdoch, that has a lot of sway in ICW and goddamn they’d be stupid not to let him have another go at killing someone else.

What Comes Next?

  • Nolan Edward finally has a win under his belt in ICW. This could be the start of a streak for him or it could fizzle out fast but we now know that he is capable of getting wins and not just being a human crash test dummy.
  • Lord Crewe is a natural fit for ICW. The bare-knuckle berserker had no problems dishing out the violence to Ocean and the crowd seemed to dig him. He’s no stranger to the deathmatch world and ICW would be missing a beat not bringing him back.
  • AKIRA still can’t beat Atticus Cogar. The duo is doomed to dance forever or at least until AKIRA can finally best the Ohio baddie. I cannot wait for the next time they fight because it’s going to be even better.
  • Reed Bentley continues to run undefeated in ICW. Who if anyone is going to be able to best the monster and when is he going to get a shot at being the king of the company again?
  • RSP has been his path of destruction through ICW. He took out SHLAK without the need for plunder, bar a chair, and won with a pinfall. Nothing explosive or violent, just classic wrestling. I feel this will be a common theme on RSP’s way to the Duke.
  • Shane Mercer has better be back in ICW at some point. He is exceptionally tough, dangerously destructive, and clearly mad enough to take the fight to the King. They ended the show in an excellent way and honestly, I’ll be happy to see what happens at the next show.

All images courtesy of ICW NHB Twitter, HeyyImRob, Kayden

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