Welcome back to MLW Fusion. After the shocks of Kings of Colosseum, it was time for something darker and much more personal. Salina de la Renta had been given the keys to the MLW castle once again and she was going to use her executive producer status to exact revenge on her enemies and try to gain allies old and new. She would be showing off the demon she had resurrected in Mexico, Mil Muertes in a match against Brian Pillman Jr, Low Ki would be in action for the first time since the Opera Cup and Los Parks would get a shot at the Von Erichs Tag-Team Titles with Filthy Tom Lawlor as the guest referee. Things were going to get interesting, so let’s get into the action!

Low Ki defeated Budd Heavy via Knock-Out

The show opened with a “match” between Low Ki and Budd Heavy. From the opponent alone you could tell what type of match this is (no offence Heavy) and it was plain to see Low Ki was still agitated from the loss he’d suffered in the Opera Cup finals. The bell rang, Low Ki charged and won the match in mere seconds. Heavy was completely out after one devastating right flash from Low Ki. He had to be dragged away from Heavy as he wanted to send a message. This was one of the quickest knock-outs in MLW history and was meant purely for King Mo as Low Ki was not done with him.

Mil Muertes (w/Salina de la Renta) defeated Brian Pillman Jr via Straight to Hell

Next up was the big debut match for Salina de la Renta’s bloodthirsty monster Mil Muertes. The Man of 1000 Deaths was back from the grave once again after being dormant for so long on national TV. Now, Salina had given him new life and a new sacrifice, Brian Pillman Jr. Pillman wanted none of Muertes and bailed to the outside, forcing the monster to wait as he planned his next move. He tried to charge Muertes with his speed but couldn’t keep a handle on Muertes and was knocked down by a shoulder tackle. He bailed outside again and tried to chop down Muertes for a sunset flip. None of this worked and Muertes stagged Pillman with a chop, then clotheslined him to the mat for some frenzied ground and pound strikes. He bounced Pillman off the turnbuckles and dumped him back to the mat with a Back Suplex. He continued to work the back with some seated knees and caught Pillman off the ropes into a powerslam. He dug his fingers into Pillman’s face and dragged him to the corner for some manic clotheslines, then delivered the killing blow with the Straight to Hell. Muertes had done exactly what she wanted here, destroyed a top-tier talent in Pillman with her new soldier, who had barely flinched during the match. The MLW roster has better watch out or they could end up receiving a visit from Mil Muertes.

Between the Matches:

  • Lio Rush cut a promo on winning the title claiming to be the right man at the right time.
  • Konnan was missing in action so Salina cut to a video of her unleashing the monster Mil Muertes on him, promising to unleash the same fate on anyone who has wronged her in MLW.
  • Mads Krügger interrupted the video-feed to both compliment and cut down Alex Hammerstone by demanding a title fight within the CONTRA compound. Hammerstone responded later in the episode and warned Krügger that the only thing he was scared of was getting fined for hurting him too much, oh, and challenge accepted.
  • As MLW formed a partnership with IWA Puerto Rico, Richard Holliday addressed the status of his Caribbean Championship. He was very unhappy with how he’d not been recognised as a proper champ after doing so much for it. He offered Savio Vega a shot at the gold as he was tired of Vega’s excuses and accusations.
  • Injustice addressed the CONTRA sucker punch that was delivered last week and warned them that they’d get their justice.
  • Salina de la Renta received some concerning news that Promociones Dorado had been acquired. By who or what, we had no idea but she was definitely not happy about it.
  • PWI Top 10: Laredo Kid, ACH, Myron Reed, Mads Krügger, Richard Holliday, Lio Rush, LA Park, Low Ki, Filthy Tom Lawlor, and number one as always, Alex Hammerstone.

MLW Tag Team Titles Tornado Rules: Los Parks (LA Park & El Hijo de LA Park w/Salina de la Renta) defeated Ross & Marshall Von Erich via Los Parks Spear

Last but not least was the big main event. No rules, no tags and no regard for the champions as Salina de la Renta wanted to get Los Parks back in Promociones Dorado. She gifted them a Tornado Rules Tag Title match with a special guest ref who hated the Von Erichs, Filthy Tom Lawlor. He’d promised to be a fair official but anyone with a brain would call BS on that. LA Park used Lawlor as a weapon by throwing him into Marshall, then Los Parks went to work beating down the Von Erichs. There were chops, chokes and boots administered by Los Parks as they tried to snuff out the champions early. Los Parks used their belts as weapons and were given free rein as they threatened Lawlor any time he got close, not that he really cared for their wellbeing. LA Park attacked both Von Erichs with a metal stool and Hijo de LA Park threw Ross into a ring-post before dumping him back in the ring. After some Los Parks double-team, the Von Erichs were finally able to create some separation with double dropkicks. Los Parks bailed so Ross and Marshall followed with stereo dives. They stomped down and slammed down Los Parks on the outside, then threw them both back in the ring. Marshall and LA Park got into a chopping contest and traded corner clotheslines. Hijo and Ross did the same with forearms, then Hijo ran into a superkick. Lawlor gave him a slow count on a Falcon Arrow and the pair went kick crazy, with Hijo winning the exchange with a superkick combo. Lawlor gave Hijo a fast count on a Code Red but Ross managed to kick out. Ross punched Hijo out of an Asai Moonsault so Marshall and Ross took over. Park dodged a corner changed and bounced Marshall off the turnbuckle into a lariat. Marshall somehow kicked out of a fast-count Hangman’s Elbow and ate a dropkick and Suicide Dive from Park. Hijo followed suit and hit a Suicide Dive onto Ross. Lawlor got a cramp and couldn’t count a double roll-up but got his limbs back for Los Parks’ roll-ups, yet again though the fast count failed. Lawlor took a spill to the outside and bodies crashed everywhere until Ross locked the Claw in on Hijo. Salina attacked him with mace and LA Park took out Marshall with a spear. LA Park Jr crept into the match, kneed Ross in the face, and held him in place for a second LA Park spear, gaining Los Parks the win and the MLW tag-team titles.

With that, the show ended on a high note for Tom Lawlor, Los Parks, and LA Park fans everywhere. It’s great to see LA Park with another belt and even if it was won under dubious circumstances, the Von Erichs made them work for their win. It was an enjoyable car crash of a match with Los Parks and Tom Lawlor making all the rules look like jokes. It won’t be for everyone but I had fun. Despite the circumstances surrounding Promociones Dorado being sketchy at best, Salina de la Renta had clearly won the night by acquiring Los Parks again, unleashing Mil Muertes for the first time, and showing the world what she’d done to Konnan. Next week, things continue to get wild as we’ll see another MLW World Heavyweight Title match. this time between ACH and Jacob Fatu. Can ACH topple the CONTRA beast or will he become another body bag in CONTRA’s morgue? We’ll find out next week!

All images courtesy of MLW Twitter, Video courtesy of MLW YouTube

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