Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling. It’s time for the second big Pencil Army conflict. Lulu Pencil built one of the most popular factions in wrestling, the Pencil Army but through the people who have joined and who she fights alongside, well, it’s become somewhat corrupted. Ever since RESET failed, Emi Sakura has hijacked Pencil Army for her own grudge against the Best Bros. Now we stand on the precipice of history as ChocoPro hosts its first-ever six-person match. It would be Lulu Pencil, Emi Pencil, and Minoru Pencil against Baliyan Akki, Mei Suruga, and Yuna Mizumori, The Tropical Bros. It was a one-match show, with Masahiro Takanashi in the house to enjoy the show so let’s get into the incredible action!

The Tropical Bros (Yuna Mizumori, Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga) defeated Pencil Army (Lulu Pencil, Emi “Pencil” Sakura & Minoru “Pencil” Fujita) via Wall-Run Tropical Splash on Sakura

The only match on today’s show was the big one. The first faction of ChocoPro was to do battle with its tag team aces and one of its first MVPs. Lulu Pencil had been dragged into this conflict by Sakura but that hadn’t stopped her from going along with it. Now it would be the full might of the Pencil Army against the Tropical Bros and it was going to be epic. After the Pencil Army’s introduction poses, pissed off Mizumori, it was Suruga and Lulu Pencil starting the action. It started with a fairly evenly-matched technical exchange that quickly lost its equality once Suruga initiated a test of strength and trapped Pencil in a swinging Guillotine. Pencil tried for a Pencil Roll but Suruga withstood and ground down Pencil under her boot. Suruga hit the window-sill arm-drag and backed Pencil into her corner prompting a tag to Fujita. The Pencil Army dragged the mat out from under Suruga so she brought in Akki. They too went into a technical exchange that Fujita tried to derail with targeted Pencil strikes to Akki’s throat and arm. They tagged out bringing in Sakura and Mizumori who went full-on hoss fight mode with heated shoulder tackles. Mizumori knocked Sakura around the mat but missed a wall splash and got knocked down with a shoulder block. She was attacked by a triple-team Pencil roll spree with Fujita taking it one step further and actually stabbing her in the head with a pencil. The trio continued to torture Mizumori, chanting at her and flattening her with more Pencil rolls. Fujita was the legal man and started stomping at her legs and bending her fingers, showing a blatant disregard for the rules. Sakura and Pencil hit a double-team foot stomp and Fujita stabbed into her boot with another hidden pencil. He tagged out to Pencil and held Mizumori up for some Pencil attacks but Mizumori wasn’t feeling them so he slammed her into the mat instead.

The stools came out again as Fujita and Pencil worked to bury Mizumori under them but Sakura reminded them of the stool budget and they quickly changed their minds, putting them back where they found them. Pencil tried to lock on a Figure Four but couldn’t quite make the hold work so Fujita helped her apply it and cranked her leg to up the pressure. Mizumori escaped and distracted Fujita with a dance, then hit him from the window with a diving Coconut Crush, well after some prompting because he was way too into the dance. She finally got a tag in to Suruga, who bounced Fujita off the wall and brought in Akki for a Hurricanrana into the roll through/Swanton combo. They continued making quick tags for more assisted splashes and Suruga tried for a pin, only for Sakura to break it up. Mizumori got a bit of revenge on Fujita too as Akki helped drag him into position for the Tropical Crab. The Tropical Bros continued to keep Fujita grounded with submissions as the Pencil Army tried to annoy them with cheerleading. The Army could do nothing but look on in horror though as Suruga locked in the Bridging deathlock and armbar and Akki put him in the Namaste stretch. Pencil and Sakura got dangerously close to Akki so Suruga tripped up Pencil and worked with Mizumori to give her a beating. The Best Bros tried to lock on a double-team submission but interference reared its ugly head again and we got a submission off. Fujita got his chance to escape by catching Suruga out of a wall-run crossbody into a backbreaker and brought in Sakura. She threw Suruga around by her head, then caught Suruga out of a wall splash into a Boston Crab. She ran fists into Suruga’s back but got hit by a wall-run crossbody and watched Suruga tag in Akki. The Pencil Army surrounded him for an ineffective three-way body attack which didn’t even phase Akki, leading to them all being swatted away.

He went up to the window for a Namaste splash and shrugged off handstand kicks from both Sakura and Pencil before getting launched out of the window by a handstand kick from Fujita. Akki tried to take them all out with a crossbody but got nothing but a human wall. Fujita picked up Sakura for an assisted Pencil stab but Akki kicked her away without a second thought. However, the Army was quick and Akki took an assisted Pencil stab from Lulu Pencil and a flying one from Fujita. Akki fell victim to a stabbing double-team backbreaker and a double-team submission from Pencil and Fujita. Mizumori and Suruga made the save and Sakura went wild on everyone. The Tropical Bros were stunned against the wall so Sakura tried for a We Will Rock You Splash. The Bros kept countering and pushing her away until everyone but Sakura was against the wall. She hit everyone with the splash and Pencil Army hit a trio of rolling suplexes. Tropical bros answered back with triple dropkicks and assaulted Sakura with assisted wall splashes until Sakura caught Mizumori into an underhook backbreaker. The Best Bros fought back with a double team backbreaker and Akki scored a near fall with the Spider. The match descended into chaos for a bit as everyone attacked everyone and both teams got into a slugfest. Both teams collided and Pencil Army tried a triple La Magistral but only got two. Suruga was hit by a triple Stabber and tried for a triple diving stabber but Akki kicked Fujita out of the window and Mizumori went after Sakura and Pencil. Fujita took her out with a diving shoulder block and took Suruga out with another elbow. Everyone was down and on the brink of being counted out.

We got a bit of a reset in the action as the fight went back to Pencil and Suruga, who had a ground slug and kick fest. Pencil hit the stomp and chop combo and tried for some clotheslines but couldn’t quite get the power behind them. She knocked Suruga down with a back elbow and launched off the bungee cord for a powerful clothesline. Akki made the save and tried for a double-team but Pencil turned it into Suruga hitting a Tornado DDT on Akki. Pencil snapped Suruga’s legs and locked in the Figure Four again, a decision she’d quickly regret as Suruga reversed the pressure. She capitalised with a wall-run double stomp on Pencil and tried for a window diving variant but Pencil dodged and Sakura interfered on her behalf with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Mizumori rushed her but the Pencil Army took her out with a low kick into a sliding clothesline. They tried to rush her with a double clothesline but Mizumori hammered both down and collided with Sakura for a double knockdown. Suruga and Pencil tagged and Akki and Fujita charged at each other for a hockey fight. Fujita knocked Akki loopy with a stiff elbow but ruined that momentum by running into a dropkick. Both fought through the other’s finisher and Akki expended the last of his energy for a low clothesline. Both tagged and Suruga quickly went to work trying to pin Sakura. She tried for the electric chair pin but Sakura dropped her against the wall and crushed her with a chop-line. Suruga came back with a wall-run Superman forearm and locked in the Apple Cut Mutilation. Sakura escaped but got no reprieve as she was hit by a diving foot stomp/Namaste splash combo from the Best Bros. Fujita made the save and took a beating from Mizumori but the Army surrounded her and buried her under black stools. A table was also set up against the window so that Pencil could hit the table slide strike onto the trapped Mizumori. She was trapped amongst the stools and Fujita dived onto both and the stools with a splash.

The bodies continued to pile up amongst the stools and Suruga jumped off the window onto the bodies below with a double stomp. Akki followed with the Namaste Splash and dragged out the one person not caught in the stools, Sakura. She tried to fight the Best Bros off with chops and win with La Magistral but Akki cut her off with a thrust kick to the head and a Fisherman’s Buster over his knee. They hit the Best Bros-Sault onto Sakura but couldn’t get the pin so Mizumori leapt onto Sakura with a wall-run Tropical Splash for the win. The Tropical Bros had won the day, even if the Best Bros wanted to win it themselves. This was 43 minutes of epic wrestling carnage and as you can see, a lot happened. This was worthy of its war title and seeing everyone vent their frustrations on Sakura was very fun to see. Things are far from over for the Best Bros and I can just see the list of challengers increasing, especially since Mizumori name-dropped Chris Brookes and the potential for Tropicalamari returning. For now, though, they can enjoy their victory and we can enjoy that excellent match we just got to witness.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move Twitter, FlyingVTrigger, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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