Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling. We are on the brink of the second Pencil War and most of the participants are going through their final challenge before being let loose on each other the next day. The Best Bros will have to go through Chon Shiryu and Chie Koishikawa, Lulu Pencil fights Yuna Mizumori and in the opening contest, Emi Sakura goes to war with the returning AnCham. Who would come away with a big win going into the war ahead and who would be left struggling for momentum? Let’s find out!

Emi Sakura defeated AnCham via Chop-Line rush pin

First up was the returning fighting Grauve idol, AnCham taking on the evil boss of ChocoPro, Emi Sakura. Would she have a successful return or would Sakura take the first momentum-building win in the name of the Pencil Army? AnCham didn’t give Sakura the chance at an intro as she kicked her in the leg instantly. They both bullied the other’s leg, then AnCham downed Sakura with a nasty chest kick. Sakura tried to bar her arm but AnCham reversed it with a flipping arm-drag and flattened her with a crossbody. She locked on a posing armbar and the pair had a cute-off but Sakura’s injured back prevented her from hitting the poses and AnCham trapped her in a leg choke. They went into a forearm vs Mongolian Chop exchange that Sakura won by stomping AnCham’s feet. She tried to throw AnCham into the wall and climbed to the window but AnCham caught herself and started posing in the other window. Sakura tried to copy again but got embarrassed and dragged AnCham into a swinging choke. AnCham was released towards a mirror so she grabbed it, dragged it into camera view, and posed again. Sakura kicked her away and created infinite Emi’s by having the mirror reflected in the studio’s mirror. She finally put the mirror back, making sure to hit AnCham with it on the way back. Sakura tried to put AnCham in a body-scissor but AnCham picked her ankle and turned the hold against her. She then tried for a pin and cross-arm-breaker but Sakura fought through both so AnCham locked her in a lying armbar. Sakura forced a break so AnCham tried to dropkick her soul out. She tried for a Suplex but Sakura reversed into the spinning facebuster and tried for the Stabber but AnCham caught it into a Triangle. The kicks came back out and this time AnCham was able to bait Sakura into a head kick and Backstabber. Sakura panicked and rushed AnCham into a chop-line and suspicious pin that Suruga reluctantly counted as three. Sakura had stolen the first win of the day but AnCham had given her hell and looked good whilst doing it.

Yuna Mizumori defeated Lulu Pencil via Supergirl Pin

Next up was the other member of Pencil Army present, Lulu Pencil taking on Yuna Mizumori of the Tropical Bros. Pencil has yet to have a singles win so could she get one before the big war tomorrow? With her opponent being Mizumori, the odds weren’t looking good. Pencil wasn’t in the mood for playing and tried to get a quick win with a roll-up but referee Sakura wasn’t ready. The roll-up train continued as Sakura tried to fast-count her teammate to victory. Pencil grabbed a stool and crushed it into Mizumori’s gut whilst taking a seat. Mizumori bucked free and tried for a pin of her own but Sakura was conveniently nowhere to be seen. She continued to lose her patience with Sakura and took out that aggression on Pencil with big stomps and a Giant Swing. Mizumori locked on a Boston Crab but Pencil made the break and Sakura shoved her away. Despite Sakura saving her countless times, Pencil couldn’t mount a comeback and found herself slammed into the mat, then elbowed against the wall. She was finally able to dodge the Mango Papaya charge and locked in a Pencil Crab. Mizumori rolled away from the Stabber and reversed it into another pinfall, that Sakura was too late to count and nailed Pencil with the Coconut Crush. She climbed up the window but Pencil was already up and kicked her out the window. She attacked Mizumori through the window, then baited her into missing a splash and hit the Stabber for a two-count. She gave Mizumori a stiff kick to the back and trapped her in a low split with a Pencil Roll. She broke free and hoisted Pencil up for a wall charge but Sakura once again saved her life and Pencil reversed into another roll-up.

Pencil tried to charge with clotheslines but as usual, this didn’t really work. She started throwing shoulders and when Mizumori tried to fire back, dropkicked her ankles. She followed up with a second low dropkick to the gut and one to the head. She found the seat of the chair she’d broken on Mizumori earlier and elbowed it into Mizumori’s back. She made cameraman Akki and Sakura stretch a bungee cord and used it to slingshot herself at Mizumori for a wall-trapped clothesline. Mizumori got her knees up on the Stabber and landed her first Tropical Splash. She hit a second rolling splash but, on both occasions, Sakura counted too slow. Sakura continued to be a thorn in Mizumori’s side by blocking the wall and almost allowing Pencil to nail La Magistral. Mizumori tried for a Tombstone, paying homage to Minoru “Pencil” Fujita with her trash talk, and turned Pencil’s reversal into an inverted Crab. Pencil escaped and came back with the stomp and chop combo, then watched as Sakura gave Mizumori a crafty chop and rolled her up. La Magistral failed and Mizumori was able to break out of a backslide to win the match with a Supergirl pinfall despite Sakura’s slow count. Mizumori has evened out the scores between the teams and sent off both Pencil Army members and their cheating ways. Sakura wasn’t happy with this and gave Mizumori a dropkick on the way out.

Best Bros (Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga) defeated Chon Shiryu & Chie Koishikawa via Propellor Pin on Koishikawa

Last but not least, the main event. The Best Bros would have to fight enemy and ally as they took on the odd couple team of the Dragon Chon Shiryu and the Hyperactive Chopping Machine, Chie Koishikawa. Thankfully, this match also had an impartial ref as Mizumori had taken on the duty. Sportsmanship was shown, then Suruga and Koishikawa started things off with some fast-paced technical exchanges. Suruga made the tag and we got Akki vs Koishikawa where he too, looked to control Koishikawa’s arm and targeted her back with elbows and knees. He tagged out again and Suruga tried to lock in the bridging deathlock and armbar combo but Shiryu made the save. Koishikawa tried to use this chance to strike but Suruga kicked her down and threw her through the window for an attack from a very ironic sponsor sign. Akki came back in and punished her with more stiff strikes and tried for a slam that saw him get launched by an arm-drag and Koishikawa finally get to tag out to Shiryu after a barrage of elbows and a nasty dropkick. He came out like a house on fire and murdered Akki with a series of kicks. He trapped Akki in the window and used Mizumori as a stepping stone for a flying knee. After kicking Akki down again, he went to the well one too many times and got caught into a backbreaker.  The pair continued to work stiff and Akki tanked a head kick to slam Shiryu into the mat again. Akki tried for the Spider but Shiryu was ready and double-chopped him down. This didn’t deter Akki who trapped Shiryu in a Gory Special, then tried for a Splash Mountain bomb only to get caught into a Dragonrana. The two went through more frantic pinfalls, then went back to the brutal striking and kicking games they’d played earlier. Both guys got some solid hits in but Shiryu came out on top with another vicious head kick. However, Shiryu didn’t enjoy much of an advantage as Akki caught him with a snap Rana and launched him into a table.

He made the tag to Suruga and the pair jumped Shiryu with a roll-up/Swanton combo for a two count. Suruga bounced Shiryu off the wall and jumped on his back for a body-scissor Full Nelson. Shiryu used the wall to break free and locked Suruga in a Camel Clutch, bending her back at a near right angle. He transitioned to a backbreaker chin-lock and kicked her away when she didn’t tap. He dropped fists and elbows on Suruga but missed a double stomp and had to improvise into a Gory Bomb that Akki ruined by catching his partner. He whipped Suruga into a dropkick on Shiryu, then nearly dropkicked Shiryu’s teeth out. Suruga followed that with a wall-run double stomp but Koishikawa broke up the pin with a chop. The Best Bros tried to double-team Koishikawa but Shiryu battered away Suruga and pulled Koishikawa into a cutter on Akki. She got the tag and dragged Suruga around the mat for the stretch muffler. Suruga forced a break and tried to roll Koishikawa up but Koishikawa just went on a run. Suruga rolled away and pushed Koishikawa into the camera, stunning her into a wall-run Superman forearm. She locked on the Apple Cut Mutilation but Shiryu broke it up. Team Koishikawa avoided dual double stomps and hit dual dropkicks onto the Best Bros, Shiryu going one step further and launching Akki into a table. Suruga became a chopping bag and nearly lost to a unique variant of Total Elimination, then spooked Koishikawa out of a dropkick. She tried to ram Koishikawa into the wall but got caught in a roll-up chain and had to have Akki save her from a standing kneebar. Akki saved Suruga a second time by catching Koishikawa out of a diving X Chop and threw her with a double-team slam. He took out Shiryu with a wall-run crossbody and Suruga won with a wall-run double stomp into the Propellor pin.

With that, Best Bros had won the day but they weren’t arrogant about it, talking about how good a competitor Koishikawa is. Everyone killed it in this exceptional tag bout and made it feel like a worthy main event. The Tropical Bros side is going into tomorrow’s war with a massive momentum advantage. All of them won today whilst the Pencil Army only had one victory on this show. Tomorrow will be a different story though. A one-match episode dedicated to ChocoPro’s first-ever six-man tag match. The Tropical Bros will battle the full might of the Pencil Army. Can Minoru Fujita be the secret weapon that gives the Pencil Army its first win? War is coming once again, come back soon to see who won.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move Twitter, FlyingVTrigger, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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