Welcome back to No Peace Underground but not as you know it. This time their specialist brand of deathmatch violence comes to us from somewhere we wouldn’t normally see it, in a ring. What better way to celebrate this than by having a stacked card of dream fights and batshit combos? We’d see Jamie Senegal fight Devon Monroe, The Rejects battle SGC, Jordan Oliver vs Rickey Shane Page, The Special No Peace vs 44OH! match and so much more. It’s time to dive into the biggest No Peace show yet! Just before we get there though, I also need to point out that Kit Osbourne had one of the best promos ever between matches on this show, attacking the whole of No Peace and its roster for leaving him off the card despite his mainstay status.

Five-Way Fight: Tye Hyll defeated Robert Martyr, Beastly, John Ex Machina & Alex Todd via Pin Steal on Todd

The show started with a five-way fight of some of its potential breakouts. It would be Tye Hyll taking on the shooter Robert Martyr, the aptly named Beastly and two new faces to me in John Ex Machina and Alex Todd, who was a replacement for the originally scheduled Hero. Just who would win here? Beastly made his presence known by attacking Machina and Hyll with a chair until Martyr and Todd teamed up to get rid of him. Martyr turned on everyone and hit Todd with an Enzuigiri and Hyll with a rolling forearm, then dove onto Beastly and Machina on the outside. Todd snuffed out his momentum with a superkick and dove onto the mass from the second rope. Not to be outdone, Hyll followed with a rope-walking corkscrew dive. He singled out Todd and hit him with a corner clothesline into a schoolboy and STF. Martyr broke that up and pummelled down Hyll with a diving corkscrew elbow and superkick. Todd started a slugfest with Martyr but quickly regretted it as he was dumped on his shoulder with a Tiger Driver. Hyll and Martyr fought over pinning Todd until the rest rushed the ring and sent them packing. Beastly got rid of Martyr with a powerbomb and Machina floored Beastly with a big clothesline. The pair continued to battle it out until Beastly won the exchange with a running headbutt and tried to lock on the Mandible Claw. Doors were set up and Hyll sent Beastly and Machina flying through them with a crossbody. Todd got vengeance on Martyr by stomping his head and hitting a TKO, then bodies fell everywhere as we entered a frenzied final stretch. Martyr would have won with a lethal lariat on Todd, but Hyll threw him out and stole the win. This was a messy opener but those who needed to be highlighted definitely got the light they needed. The problem for everyone though was Parrow came out after and killed them all for fun.

Jamie Senegal defeated Devon Monroe via Lie-Over Backslide

Following that was a new style of fight for Devon Monroe. We’ve seen Senegal, the punk rock Kween fight hardcore before but would Monroe be willing to do the same? Regardless, everyone watching knew they were in for something special. There was nothing pretty to start as Nephew Monroe tried to attack Auntie Senegal early. They brawled around the outside with stiff forearms and kicks. Monroe took the advantage and quickly lost it as Senegal crotched him with the ring-post. Senegal continued to drive him into the ring post and caught him with an enzuigiri off the stage. Monroe tried to drag Senegal back down to the floor but she reversed this into a bulldog onto the concrete. Not to be forgotten, Monroe struck back hard with a massive Tornado DDT on the stage after Senegal announced her distaste for the ring. He threw Senegal into the ring and looked for some plunder. He brought out a chair and cracked it over Senegal’s back. He tried for the springboard facebuster but Senegal threw him to the mat and dropkicked the chair into his face. She gave Monroe some vicious chair shots to the back and choked him out with the edge of it. The two continued to trade and Senegal missed a springboard to eat a rolling elbow. Senegal took a seat and Monroe launched off the ropes to down her with double knees. That got two so he pummelled Senegal around the turnbuckles, choked her out and got the same treatment back as Senegal kicked him against the turnbuckles and dropkicked the chair into him again as he lay in the Tree of Woe. She had a special door brought out that proclaimed her hatred for her nephew and threw him into the corner as she grabbed a light-tube. Monroe broke it over Senegal and used the chair to hit a nasty backstabber. He flooded the ring with chairs and tried for a Cazadora but Senegal reversed it into a neckbreaker. They fought around the door and Monroe got the best of it by putting Senegal through the door with a Code Red. He tried to end things with a swinging neckbreaker but Senegal reversed and trapped him in a backslide to steal the win. Experience trumped youth this time but we got an insanely good match between two insanely good wrestlers. Give me more hardcore Devon Monroe anytime.

Jimmy Lloyd defeated Zicky Dice via Flaming Door Assault Driver

Who wants to see something outlandish? Well, good if you did because Zicky Dice the wrestling 80s connoisseur and magician was in the house and he was ready for a deathmatch… by wrapping himself in bubble wrap. He was taking on the No Peace faithful Jimmy Lloyd in a match that Was sure to introduce some ridiculous fuckery. Lloyd instantly hit Dice in the throat and threw him by his magic throat rope across the ring. Dice stunned Lloyd with streamers and took a barrage of forearms and a dropkick for his trouble. Lloyd wasn’t playing around as he continued to beat down Dice and crushed him with a running senton. Dice tried to kick back but got caught into a rolling DVD and jack-knife pin. Lloyd ripped off the bubble wrap and choked out Dice with it before taking a gusset to the head and bridging Northern Lights onto a chair. He threw a pack of cards at Lloyd, stomped his hand and gave him a paper cut with one of the playing cards between his fingers. He dragged Lloyd down by the hair and gave him another paper cut to the mouth. The oral assault continued as he stapled the card to Lloyd’s tongue and hit him with a Stunner. Lloyd kicked out so Dice broke tubes on him and swept the glass onto him. He turned to pose to the crowd so Lloyd struck him in the back and broke the broom over Dice’s head and back. He broke a bundle over Dice’s head and hit him with a Swanton. He grabbed a barbed-wire door and Dice sent them both through it with a Russian Leg Sweep. They slugged it out on their knees, then fought to their feet and Lloyd got dropped on his head with a piledriver. Dice attacked Lloyd with a weedwhacker and hit a spinning neckbreaker but Lloyd kicked out again. He set up another door and set it on fire but took too long and Lloyd took advantage with an Assault Driver for the win. This probably wasn’t for everyone but I loved this. it was good fun with some goofy spots and outlandish fun.

AJ Gray defeated Lord Crewe & Aeroboy via Outta Nowhere Splash on Crewe

This was originally scheduled to be Lord Crewe vs Aeroboy, which in of itself is one sick fight. Then, you throw in an invasion from a returning, very fired-up AJ Gray and you’ve just got the hardest-hitting triple-threat ever. The ring was full of fuckery, fitting for the debut of someone as well-known as Aeroboy. We got a three-way tube duel, then Gray was targeted and launched out of the ring. Crewe and Aeroboy stood off and Crewe had his tube broken and ate a single-leg codebreaker. Gray re-entered, kicked out Aeroboy’s leg and broke a bundle over him. He pelted him with a second and threw him into the mat with a huge spinebuster. Crewe swung back in and dumped Gray on his head with a lethal German before smashing him in the back with a cyclone kick. He was going for a dive but Gray cut this off with tubes to the head but Aeroboy was waiting and dove over Crewe’s lifeless body to hit Gray with a Suicide Dive. Aeroboy carved them both up with a broken tube and tried to put Crewe through an Aeroboy-titled door but Crewe broke free and put him through it with another nasty German. Gray didn’t slouch and put Crewe through a barbed-wire door with an Awesome bomb. Aeroboy found his feet and stunned Gray in the corner before nailing him in the face with a basement dropkick. He hoisted Gray up and after a brief struggle, dumped Gray through a tube star with a Spicoli Driver. Crewe made his presence felt again by punching Aeroboy in the face and covered the ring in tacks. Aeroboy looked to have escaped danger but Crewe kicked him into the ropes and drove him into the tacks with a rope-hung leg-drop. He went for the pin but Gray broke it up with a tube to the back. Crewe and Gray slugged it out but Gray ducked a kick and slammed Crewe into the glass with another spinebuster and drove him into the remains of the star with a sickening powerbomb. Aeroboy also wanted a slugfest with Gray and took the tubes to him, kicking them into his chest and carving him up again. Crewe KO’ed Aeroboy with a bicycle kick and set up a can door. He slugged it out with Aeroboy, then dropped him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and threw him through the door with an inverted Suplex. Gray then leapt in off-camera with a splash and took the win. He had come outta nowhere and won outta nowhere to cap off one hell of a fucking fight. This was insanely good to watch but I imagine everyone felt this one the day after.

The Second Gear Crew (Mance Warner, Matthew Justice & 1 Called Manders) defeated The Rejects (AKIRA, Reed Bentley & John Wayne Murdoch) via Door Moonsault to AKIRA

Did someone say dream fight? Well, we got one, the battle of two of the most violent factions in wrestling were about to lock horns. There was going to be fuckery and brawling a-plenty as these two teams were going to tear the house down. There was no-ordered started as all six men started throwing hands. AKIRA was tossed unceremoniously over the ropes and the other Rejects quickly joined him there. The second series of brawls broke out with the Rejects standing in-ring this time. They launched AKIRA onto SGC and Murdoch quickly followed, throwing his body onto the pile. Last but not least Bentley looked to take to the air but thought fuck that and climbed through the ropes for a dive that knocked the feed out. It came back and the Rejects were attacking SGC with plunder as Bentley attacked Manders with a door and Murdoch carved Justice with a cheese grater. Warner seemed unbothered and broke a keyboard over AKIRA’s back and Bentley attacked the others with a door. Manders was singled out and had a knee dropped on his head as SGC bullied AKIRA. Bentley and Murdoch returned with glass panes and set them up on the stage. They dragged up Mance and Justice but plans fell through and The Rejects went flying through the glass. It was AKIRA against the entire force of the SGC and with help from a door, managed to handle himself well. He accidentally put himself through a door and Justice went back to bludgeoning him. Mance crushed a chair over his head and Manders came to administer some punishment with more doors.

AKIRA mustered a comeback despite Manders trying to literally break his back and dropped Manders with a German. Unfortunately, Manders tanked this and dropped AKIRA with a brainbuster. Manders missed a second-rope move, forcing tags and we got Murdoch running in like a house on fire to murder Justice and Mance. We got a jab off, then Mance hit double eye pokes and a double knee for a two-count. He got caught into a step-up Flatliner and Koji Clutch from Murdoch which Justice broke up with a barbed-wire door. He set that door up in the corner and made it explode by driving Murdoch through it with a DVD. Bentley tried to catch Justice off-guard but Justice dodged and Bentley got nothing but a barbed-wire door. He tried to go coast to coast but AKIRA knocked him down and tried to help set him up for the Deep South Destroyer but SGC fired back with a chair. Manders drove Murdoch into the mat with an Oklahoma Stampede and worked with Mance to chop the soul out of AKIRA. Murdoch was handcuffed to the ropes, as was Bentley, leaving AKIRA to fend for himself again. Mance and Manders beat down Murdoch and Bentley as Justice had fun chopping AKIRA. The Rejects suffered more brutal beatings with AKIRA mounting the comeback of a lifetime using his trapped teammates as weapons. Unfortunately, he got too close to Mance whilst kneeing Justice and got booted down hard. Justice went for the kill, caving in his head with a chair and slamming him into the mat for a plunder pile splash combo. AKIRA kicked out so Manders ended it all with a Moonsault. This was nasty to watch but my god did it make AKIRA a hero amongst a ring of villains. Oh, what brutality and brawling were done here.

Treehouse Lee defeated Kevin Blackwood via Headlock Driver

It’s not all deathmatches and violence in No Peace, we also get some insane technical bouts. That’s what we were about to get here. Treehouse Lee and Kevin Blackwood are two of the most unique and gifted technical fighters on the indie scene. Now they were in a ring against each other. Lee started by showing his technical prowess and Blackwood seemed to get angry quickly, so he brought out the strikes. He continued to kick out at Lee and scored a quick two-count with a running low kick. Blackwood targeted the legs but made the mistake of throwing Lee over the ropes and got hit with a sunset flip spin kick. Lee bullied him in the corner and flipped off Blackwood into a Samoan Drop. He dropped an elbow but showed obvious signs his leg was jacked up. The fight broke to the outside where Lee drove Blackwood against the ring apron and after more shots to the back, threw him back into the ring. He locked Blackwood into an Abdominal Stretch and hammered at his ribs until Blackwood escaped attacking the injured knee and both ran into a double clothesline. Blackwood turned this knockdown into a strike assault and launched Lee overhead with a shin breaker into a T-Bone Suplex. He kicked Lee in the corner and tanked Lee’s offence to land a missile dropkick off the top. A sit-out powerbomb followed but only got two. Lee found the energy to come back and knocked down Blackwood with a ripcord elbow and a flipping kick. He continued this trend with a spinning axe kick and diving twisting elbow. Blackwood tried to go to the knee so Lee punished him with vicious ground and pound strikes. He set up a chair in the turnbuckle but Blackwood got him into a Half Crab. Lee kicked free and drove Blackwood into the chair, then dropped him on his head with a headlock driver for the win. This was a nice break between the carnage and we got to see two exceptional technical wrestlers slugging it out in very creative ways.

Rickey Shane Page defeated Jordan Oliver via Chokebreaker

44OH! has been a thorn in the side of No Peace for a while now. RSP stole a historic match in his last appearance, now he was going against the Young Dagger Dick, Jordan Oliver. RSP had fought fast people before but was he ready for someone like Oliver? The pair started with turnbuckle trips and traded lock-ups. RSP worked to keep Oliver grounded with a side-headlock and did everything he could to prevent Oliver chopping him. The pair went headlock for chop until Oliver went to the ropes and got knocked down. He went behind RSP and pummelled him in the corner. RSP came back with a European Uppercut and gave Oliver the same corner treatment. Oliver fired up and stomped a mudhole in RSP. The ref pulled him off and RSP launched him over the turnbuckle to the floor. RSP threw him back into the ring and continued to torture him, landing a nasty back-body kick and dropping a big elbow. The trash-talking came out as he stomped down Oliver and cut off his comeback with a throat thrust into a step-up enzuigiri. The slow, methodical beatdown continued as RSP worked the back and used the corner to his advantage. He launched Oliver with a Suplex toss and kicked away at Oliver’s head. Oliver tried to fight back but RSP knocked him back down with a stiff forearm. Oliver kipped-up and again tried to fight back but RSP forearmed him to the floor. He threw Oliver in again for a discus forearm but Oliver somehow tanked it and dropped RSP with a cutter. He finally started to get the fight back and hit RSP with a combo into a Uranage. He tried to lock on a Boston Crab but RSP sent him flying. A second attempt proved successful though after RSP knocked him out of the Clout Cutter. RSP bailed to the apron and fought Oliver on the ropes. He knocked Oliver down and flattened him with a massive crossbody for two. Oliver tried for the Clout Cutter again but RSP kicked him in the back and hit a Stunner on the dazed Oliver. RSP tried for a Swanton but Oliver dodged and landed a Clout Cutter. He tried for a second but RSP caught him into a backbreaker and ended the match with his stolen finisher, the Chokebreaker. This was a very strong outing for Oliver but more than anything, it cemented how good of a wrestler RSP is. No fuckery or gimmicks, just strength and resilience won this one. He didn’t even do anything to cheat either. This was a pure win for RSP. Fuck 44OH! count: 1

Ankou Rules: Team No Peace (Alex Ocean, Conor Claxton & G-Raver) defeated 44OH! (Atticus Cogar, Eddy Only & Jeffery Iron) via Meteora through a door on Iron

Last but not least, the main event. A chaotic match that would see the teams slowly trickle in at 3-minute intervals until all six men were in and then, it was no holds barred to a finish. Would the green goons of 44OH! be able to best some of No Peace’s best? With Raver making threats of becoming unhinged and Cogar trying to prove he was the modern-day skewer fiend; which team would hold the advantage? Eddy Only (who’d lost the shitty biker hair) started things for 44OH! whilst Alex Ocean started for team No Peace. Only pulled his usual stalling bullshit to wind up Ocean then knocked him down off of a lock-up. He gave the Flair strut and jacked his own back slamming Ocean into the mat. Only forgot the rules and went for a roll-up giving Ocean a chance to bitch slap him. Ocean teased a test of strength and after some push-ups, Only agreed, then got hit in the face again. He continued to bait Only in and tripped him into a slingshot double stomp. He continued with an Atomic Drop, then followed Only for two more and knocked him out with the Shadow Kick. 44OH! had the first person to enter as Gregory Iron came to the ring and jumped Ocean as Only held him in place. Ocean did a good job at battling the two until Iron jumped on him for a Thesz Press. 44OH! started double-teaming Ocean, tripping him into a step-up senton. There was a malfunction at the junction though as a double whip failed and Ocean sent Iron into Only. Iron hit the mat like a sack of brick and Only shortly followed headbutt Iron in the balls on the way down. They quickly got revenge though by hitting Ocean with an assisted codebreaker/German combo. Just as 44OH! were enjoying their advantage, the timer ran down and Conor Claxton came out to play. He quickly punched both Only and Iron, then slammed them down for double stomps. He kept stomping and knocked Only outside with a flying elbow. 44OH! ate double corner punches and downed both with lariats.

Just as things were looking grim for 44OH! Atticus Cogar came out as the next man in the fight. He low-bridged Claxton hit Ocean with a schoolboy superkick and returned to Claxton with a dive. He bit into Claxton and hit him with a rope-hung knee into a DDT. The plunder started to appear as Cogar hit Ocean with a door and hammered Claxton in the head with a chair. 44OH! continued to swarm team No Peace until G-Raver made his grand entrance. He quickly kicked away Iron and hit Only with a turnbuckle senton as Cogar pretended he wasn’t there. Raver and Cogar stood off, then Raver dropped him on his head with a half and half. Cogar cut him off in the ropes but couldn’t hit the moonsault and entered into a slugfest. Cogar dazed Raver but couldn’t capitalise as Raver blasted him with a jumping knee. Cogar tried to springboard but Raver caught him and put him through a door with a rope-hung Uranage. We got a team standoff and all six men threw hands. Fights broke out everywhere as the cameras struggled to keep track. Only broke a bundle on Ocean as Cogar bit Raver and Claxton clawed at Iron. Only carved up Ocean on the stage and Claxton attacked Iron with a staple gun, stapling Iron’s self-proclaimed good arm. He stapled Cogar in the face and Only in the dick, then dropped Only with a flatliner. He tried for a pin but Iron broke it up with a tube. Iron and Cogar beat down Claxton, Cogar taking it one step further and giving Claxton the green skewers to the head. He superkicked them back out of Claxton’s head and Raver came back to kill everyone. He launched Iron through the ropes and hit Only in the eyes.

At this point, everyone but G-Raver was down. He climbed to the top rope and dropped onto Iron with a Swanton. Ocean set up a pane of glass in front of Cogar and a second in front of Only, then had Raver throw him into assisted cannonballs through the glass and his opponents. Both somehow kicked out so they went to the tubes. As they set up 44OH! hit them in the balls and threw Ocean onto the tubes with a triple powerbomb. Ocean kicked out and Claxton came back to pick up the slack. He beat the shit out the green goons and dumped Cogar on his face with a sit-out burning hammer. Iron took care of him with a Tornado DDT but Ocean, then came for him with a fisherman buster over his knee and a back elbow to the back of the head. He clotheslined Iron onto some tubes and fought out of the Brain Haemorrhage but accidentally sabotaged Raver in the process. Cogar hit the Brain Haemorrhage in the confusion and kept Raver dazed with a chair to the head as he set up a door. He and Only tried to drag Raver off the top with a double superplex but Claxton made the save by driving a tube grid over the pair. Iron was shocked at the carnage and ate a Meteora through the door to give team No Peace the win. No Peace won the day and gave 44OH! the middle finger to top off what had been their biggest (in terms of matches) show to date. It had been a fun mess with a nice blend of technical wrestling and chaotic deathmatch fuckery capped off by one hell of a fun faction warfare match. I do hope No Peace blend their two styles going forward as the occasional ring show works nicely amongst the no-ring madness. 44OH! Fucked count: 1

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