Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling. After the second Pencil War, we see the competitors of the company looking to move on with another double-bill of action, starting with episode 83 right here. After being called weak and being discarded from the Pencil War, Chie Koishikawa will try to refute those claims against the person who made them, Emi Sakura. Can the hyperactive chopping machine tackle her mentor? Then, in the main event, we’ll see the Best Bros in action once again as Mei Suruga has an ally again in the fight against Hagane Shinno. Unfortunately, he has a new ally too, BASARA’s Ryuichi Sekine. Could the Best Bros topple such a powerful team? Let’s get into the action and find out!

Emi Sakura defeated Chie Koishikawa via Diving Window Splash

First up was Chie Koishikawa on a mission to prove that she wasn’t weak. After being unsuccessful in recent singles outings, Sakura had piled on the pressure by publicly shaming her out of the Pencil War. Now, she had been given a chance to show Sakura how wrong she was. Sakura wasn’t messing around either though as the Mercury gear was back. With an AEW women’s tournament lurking, you know Sakura has her eyes on that particular prize. Koishikawa started by overpowering Sakura off the mat and the pair went into a technical exchange. Sakura tripped Koishikawa out of a running wrist-lock and tried for an early La Magistral but Koishikawa rolled her up. Sakura stomped her down and started working the arm with a grounded elbow drop into a hammerlock. The arm-based murder continued with a pointed elbow and a series of strikes to the arm against the wall. The pair went reversal for reversal until Sakura had a knee in Koishikawa’s back and clawed at her face. Ref Suruga admonished her for this so she twisted the limbs of Koishikawa instead. Every time Koishikawa looked like she’d get back into it, Sakura drove her back into the mat to attack the arm, or break the rules. She hammered Koishikawa with Mongolian chops and chased after her as Koishikawa tried to swim away. This looked to be working but Koishikawa couldn’t see what was behind her and collided with a bin.

Sakura catapulted her around the mat but went for too many arm holds and got tossed away with an arm-drag. Koishikawa came back with a vengeance and snapped Sakura over multiple times. She tried for the Bow and Arrow but couldn’t get Sakura over and instead, hit her with a rolling leg drop, then locked on the Bow and Arrow. The pair got into a striking contest and Sakura tried to throw Koishikawa into the mirror. She reversed a wall whip and pummelled Sakura with chops before staring into the camera and delivering a killer X Chop. Koishikawa unleashed a barrage of dropkicks on Sakura and after missing a diving X chop, reversed another La Magistral into a back chop. She put Sakura in the Stretch Muffler but Sakura forced a break. She geared up for more chops but Sakura speared her into a table and went back to trying to break her arm against the wall. She locked on a unique arm breaker variant but Koishikawa quickly forced a break. She didn’t stop there and Hammerlocked the arm again with a single-leg crab applied. Koishikawa forced another break so Sakura stalked her and hit her with a duo of nasty dropkicks.  Koishikawa responded with more lethal chops and hit the diving X chop but Sakura rolled out of pinning range. She powered-up for a dropkick but Sakura chopped her soul out and hit her with a wall chop-line and We will Rock You Crossbody for two. She climbed to the top and dived onto Koishikawa with a splash for the win. Sakura had picked up the win here but Koishikawa had taken her pound of flesh as the fight went on. She wasn’t weak and for once Sakura actually showed some respect after a fight. Something we haven’t seen in a while now. This was an excellent little match.

Best Bros (Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga) vs Hagane Shinno & Ryuichi Sekine goes to time-limit

Last but not least, the main event. Hagane Shinno and Mei Suruga have not been the best of friends lately. Since his return to ChocoPro, Shinno has been determined to hurt Suruga (and anyone else who crosses him) by kicking them very hard. Now he was taking on Suruga and her best bro with an ally of his own, the imposing BASARA fighter Ryuichi Sekine. He seemed very happy to be here whilst Shinno just wanted to murder people. Akki and Shinno started with a technical exchange and quickly picked up the pace as kicks and counters came out. They reached a stalemate and both tagged out. Sekine joined in on the try to kick Suruga game but Suruga dodged and took him over with the window-sill arm-drag. He slammed her down off an attempted crossbody but Akki flew over with one of his own and the Best Bros hit an assisted double stomp. Akki was tagged in and dropped a knee but got reversed out of a slam and suffered a back-breaking kick from Sekine. Shinno came in to continue the back kick train and the pair got into a leg kicking contest. Akki scooped Shinno up into a backbreaker and tagged in Suruga, who wasted no time exploiting the bad back by bouncing him off the wall. She tried for a slam but Shinno powered out, slammed her into the mat, and tagged out. He tried to get an easy win by pinning Suruga but she kicked out multiple times so he threw a tantrum at the ref and stomped her back. Sekine and Shinno bent the rules to crush Suruga against the wall and Shinno tried to break her arm with an elevated wrist-lock. He locked in a double armbar but Akki made the save. Both men stomped her hand and Sekine once again broke more rules to damage her, using hair pulls and chokes to launch her with a Biel. She tried to fight back but Shinno was back in and he murdered her with a forearm. Sekine looked to take it further by digging a knee into her back as Shinno threw broken stools at Akki to distract the ref. Sekine then broke another stool by missing a (literal) seated senton and crushing the stool under his body. Sekine managed to recover quickly and prevented Suruga from making a tag by jumping her and throwing her against the wall. He charged but Suruga dodged and watched on as he ran head-first into the wall. She downed him with a wall-run crossbody and got the hot-tag to a fired-up Akki.

He used Sekine as a stepping stone to boot Shinno, then brutalised Sekine with his patented combo into a knee drop. He tried for the Spider but Sekine rolled under him and punched at his guts. The pair traded forearms, then Sekine snapped Akki over for a heavy chest kick. Akki powered through and dropped Sekine across his knee and got the Spider on the second attempt. He climbed to the top for the Namaste Splash but Sekine met him up there and suplexed him off the window to the mat. Sekine tried to light Akki up with strikes but Akki turned it into a Deathlock. Sekine forced a break and Akki tried for a triangle but Sekine reversed into a Boston Crab. Suruga broke this up and Akki escaped a Fireman’s carry to start a slugfest. The heavy shots continued until Sekine went Super Saiyan 3 with a head kick. Akki returned fire with a thrust kick and ran into a forearm from Sekine. Both men tagged and Suruga ducked a kick to launch Shinno into the wall. She ducked a second head kick and wall attack but Shinno caught her out of a roll-up and booted her in the face. He tried for the Michinoku Driver but she broke free and the Best Bros hit an assisted Frankensteiner. Both hit wall-run crossbodies but missed follow-up double stomps and got locked in submissions. Shinno continued to punish Suruga but Akki made the save again and crippled Shinno with another backbreaker. Sekine dropkicked him away and got slapped, then slammed by Suruga. She then dropkicked Shinno and tried for the pin. She nailed Shinno with a double stomp but Akki missed the follow-up splash and Shinno escaped the Propellor to hit a standing moonsault. She trapped Shinno in a supergirl style pin off his shoulders but only got two. Time was running out and the Best Bros nearly won with the double La Magistral but Sekine broke it up. Shinno powered through and hit the Michinoku Driver but the bell rung and the match went to a time limit draw. What a manic match.

Twenty minutes had gone by and neither team could get the win. There had been kill-shots galore and some intense action but in the end, both teams had reached a stalemate. Once again, ChocoPro delivered an excellent main event with Sekine being a fun addition to the card. He’ll be back tomorrow as he takes on Emi Sakura as will the Best Bros as they take on Tokiko Kirihara and Chie Koishikawa and the main event of tomorrow’s show will see Yuna Mizumori return with a single match against Sayaka Obihiro. Today didn’t go the Best Bros way, can they make up for it tomorrow against another challenging team? Come back soon and find out!

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move Twitter, FlyingVTrigger, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube