Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling. It’s day two of the double-bill and Best Bros are still reeling after their time-limit draw against Shinno and Sekine. Despite no losing, they seemed cut up they didn’t win and have been given a shot at redemption against Chie Koishikawa and Tokiko Kirihara. We’ll also see Ryuichi Sekine take on Emi Sakura after his vicious attack on her yesterday and the main event where Sayaka Obihiro goes one-on-one with Yuna Mizumori. It’s going to be tropical-tinged chaos so let’s get into the action.

Best Bros (Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga) defeated Chie Koishikawa & Tokiko Kirihara via Deathlock Special on Koishikawa

Up first was the Best Bros shot at redemption following their draw against Shinno and Sekine. This time they’d be facing the rag-tag team of submission specialist Tokiko Kirihara and chop extraordinaire Chie Koishikawa. Would their tag team experience come in handy against these opponents or would the makeshift alliance come away with a win? Kirihara and Akki started things with a kick exchange into a battle for wrist control. The pair battled for submissions on the mat until both realised, they couldn’t keep the other down. Koishikawa and Suruga took over and after a quick roll-up attempt by Koishikawa, the pair both locked up and threw hands until Suruga also tried for a roll-up. Koishikawa chopped out of the window-sill arm-drag but Suruga tripped her through the window anyway and hit her with a sponsor sign. Akki admonished her for being mean, then tagged in to lock on the Namaste Stretch. He continued to lock up her arms and brought Suruga back in for the Full Nelson. Koishikawa tried to break out but Suruga snapped her over for a double stomp and tagged out again. Akki tried for a quick pin, then began trading uppercuts for chops with Koishikawa, nearly taking her jaw off and making ref Sakura wince. Koishikawa came back with a barrage of her lethal chops and a massive dropkick to finally escape from the Best Bros. Kirihara came out on fire and kicked the soul out of Akki before slamming him into the mat.

She locked a guillotine on out of a Suplex attempt and the pair went into a heavy strike/kick exchange. The pair battled around kneebars and Akki was able to roll over and hit a gutbuster over his knee. He dropped a knee across her chest and tagged out. Suruga rushed Kirihara with a wall-run Supergirl forearm and after failing a slam attempt, locked in an Octopus stretch. She missed a wall-run double stomp but was able to trip Kirihara into a table but her follow-up was caught into a Cobra Twist and nailed the diving foot grind. She put Suruga in the straightjacket and tagged in Koishikawa who dragged her around the mat. She tried for the Stretch Muffler but Suruga kicked her into Akki and the pair hit the assisted double stomp to her back. Akki looked to slam her again but Kirihara kicked out his leg and the pair used him as a speed bag. He lashed out at both but got caught into a Judo Toss. He tried to fight back again but was treated like the ball in a game of kicking ping pong. Akki fought out of a schoolboy but got caught in the Stretch Muffler so Suruga had to make the save. She ran both Kirihara and Koishikawa into the wall and the Best Bros dispatched of Kirihara with the double-chop/backbreaker combo. Koishikawa put up a last stand with another Stretch Muffler but Akki broke out and locked in a deathlock variant of the Romero Special for the win. The Best Bros had gone to war once again but this time they came out victorious. Everyone deserves credit for what they pulled off in this match.

Emi Sakura vs Ryuichi Sekine Goes to a time-limit draw

After that was Emi Sakura vs Ryuichi Sekine. A special singles match set up after Sekine mercilessly attacked Sakura at the end of the last episode. He had pissed her off to a whole new degree and now Sakura was out to prove that her spine, which had been a weak point in previous matches, was fine. Could she best the imposing beast that is Sekine or would she be doomed to failure? The pair dragged each other around the Chocolate Square and Sekine tried for an early PK but Sakura caught it and drove an elbow into his knee. Sekine tried for Let’s Combine but Sakura forced a break before it could be applied. They argued over how much time had passed and Sekine slammed Sakura into the mat, then dropped an elbow into her ribs. He threatened to break another stool so Sakura trapped his foot in a folding chair. Sekine attacked her with the stool and found an even bigger chair. He took a seat and scraped his boot across Sakura’s face, then tried for the stool-breaking senton but fell off the chair and crashed into the mat. Sakura was caught by one of the stool legs as it fell and took her anger out on Sekine by stabbing it into his head. She too took a breather in the chair and kicked Sekine away. She struck away at Sekine and tried to lock in Let’s Combine but Sekine reversed into a triangle. Sakura clawed out and did a tight-rope walk up the tail attached to his trunks to lock in Let’s Combine.

He broke free so she threw him across the mat by his beard and further pried at it with a chin-lock. Ref Akki tried to keep the match under control but Sakura dragged him into the line of fire, getting him caught by an elbow to the back and a wall splash. The pair struck each other in the head and Sakura bit into Sekine’s wrist since the ref couldn’t stop her. They traded headbutts to the gut and Sakura used Sekine’s momentum to faceplant him on the mat. She clawed his head and tried for the underhook backbreaker but Sekine booted free and planted her into the mat with a Full Nelson Slam. The pair went reversal crazy as Sekine reversed La Magistral into Kamikaze and Sakura reversed the landing of Kamikaze into a Koji Clutch. Sakura avoided another Let’s Combine and the pair tried to ram the other into submission with shoulder tackles. Sekine was launched into a table and dropkicked across the mat but answered by with a flying elbow and put both of them down. They tried for grounded clothesline pins but neither could keep the other down. Sekine hit Dragon’s Shoot and fought through a chain of pin attempts to kick in Sakura’s back and lock on Let’s Combine but time ran out before Sakura could either break free or tap out. Sekine is a real draw in ChocoPro as both of his matches have gone to time. Both were entertaining as hell though and here he brought out the sadistic Sakura we don’t see too often. Both were happy by the end of the match and celebrated with onigiri. Sekine announced he was taking a break from wrestling come the 30th of January but promised he’d be back as long as the Choco Square lives. His last match will be on the 29th Shinkiba Show.

Yuna Mizumori defeated Sayaka Obihiro via Supergirl Pin

Last but not least, the main event. Sayaka Obihiro was given a main event match against the Tropical Powerhouse Yuna Mizumori in a first time ever match. Could the heaviest hands in the game best the raw power of Mizumori? They started respectfully and fought to lock in headlocks. The submission battles continued until a stalemate was reached and Mizumori started beating down Obihiro. She elbowed Obihiro against the wall and tried for the Papaya Mango charge but Obihiro blocked it and drove her into the mat. She rained down clubbing blows on Mizumori’s back and punched her in the head to lock in a side headlock. She continued to bully Mizumori with more shots and kicks to the back and after tanking some shots to the knee, locked in a sleeper. Obihiro turned her attention to Mizumori’s arms and put her in a grounded hammerlock, then stamped on her wrist as she tried to escape. Obihiro’s heavy hands came out and fired up Mizumori into striking back. Mizumori fired back with forearms and tried to stun Obihiro with a dancing throw but Obihiro wasn’t affected and kneed Mizumori in the chest. She mimicked Mizumori’s chant for a second time and wound her up into an arm-drag. She followed up with a sliding double chop and tried for a wall whip but Mizumori reversed and flattened her with a wall splash. She took Obihiro down with a flying shoulder block and tried for a catapult. Obihiro kicked her in the jaw and attacked her with vicious throat thrusts into another blistering chop. She climbed to the top but Mizumori dragged her down into a Coconut Crush and a massive splash. Mizumori tried for the Tropical Crab but Obihiro kicked free and hit her with a knee. The pair traded shoulder barges and Mizumori hit Obihiro with a spinning wall kick. The rolling senton followed but still only for two.

Obihiro found a second wind and answered back with another vicious double chop into a double foot stomp. She scored a near fall with a bridging Butterfly Suplex so she climbed to the top and took out Mizumori with a missile dropkick. Mizumori rolled away and got into another chest smashing exchange with Obihiro. She rained down forearms and got knocked back down with more nasty chops. The pair went back and forth on horrific strikes until Mizumori created space with headbutts and locked in the Tropical Crab. Obihiro forced a break but received a wall-run splash for her trouble. She turned this into a roll-up but only got a two-count. The pair went back and forth on sunset flips, then Obihiro scored another near fall with a dropkick. Mizumori was able to manoeuvre around Obihiro and as she took out some props on the outside, trapped Obihiro in the Supergirl pin for the win. This was another big fight main event with no comedy or shtick, just two women beating the hell out of each other. Both clearly had a massive amount of respect for one another and gave their all in the ring. This was an excellent way to end off the show ahead of the big Shinkiba Event where Mizumori will team with Chris Brookes to take on the Best Bros. Alongside that, we’ll see Sekine and Shinno joined by Honda to battle Koishikawa, Kirihara, and Lulu Pencil and the massive exhibition match that’ll see Masahiro Takanashi return to action against Chon Shiryu. Now there has also been a new match announced which will see Emi Sakura and Sayaka Obihiro team up against Sayuri and a mystery opponent. See you all on the 29th!

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move Twitter, FlyingVTrigger, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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