Ever since he took part in the 2018 Mae Young Classic Tournament, rumours have never stopped being rampant on Sendai Girls’ Pro Wrestling co-founder and 25-year veteran Meiko Satomura signing with WWE. It was reported that, in mid-2019, she was guest coaching at the Performance Center in Orlando. Also, around the same time, SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks got in contact with Satomura to train with her at the Sendai Girls’ dojo in Japan.

But yesterday, Yahoo! Japan revived rumours of a signing until WWE broke the news and confirmed Satomura will be a part of NXT UK. The signing was first reported back in the fall but was made official today when a vignette for Satomura aired during the new NXT UK episode on the WWE Network. The 41-year-old Japanese wrestling veteran said she’s taken many titles in her home country, but now she’s here in NXT UK. Satomura warned that the rest of the roster better be prepared.

WWE Hall of Famers Shawn Michaels and Triple H both took to Twitter to react to the signing. “@satomurameiko’s presence will be an absolute game-changer for the #NXTUK women’s division. @Kay_Lee_Ray wanted some more competition, one of the best in the world is coming… #WeAreNXTUK #BePrepared,” Triple H wrote. Michaels added, “This is absolutely HUGE news for #NXTUK. If you don’t know what @satomurameiko can do … I only have two words … #BePrepared!!!!!”

Here is how WWE was describing us in 2018, by the time of the MYC tournament:

“Meet the boss. Not The Boss, the boss. The final goal. The last obstacle en route to victory. Meiko Satomura, a competitor who has attained the highest available ranking in Japan — yokozuna — as a result of a 23-year career that began when she was 15 years old. Her kicks make opponents regret their career choices, and her Death Valley Driver creates tremendous business for chiropractors.

Satomura has put her blistering strikes to good use in the ring under some of the highest pressure imaginable, and as the founder of Sendai Girls’ Pro Wrestling, she has been a formidable advocate for women’s wrestling in her own right. A living legend in every sense of the word, it’s clear that anyone looking to win the Mae Young Classic will have to go through Satomura to do it.”

Regarding her relationship with Sendai Girls’ Pro Wrestling, the Yahoo! Japan report indicated that the former PROGRESS World Women’s Champion would continue to be the president of the promotion and would continue to work with them.


All pics and videos courtesy of WWE