Welcome back to GCW Fight Forever! We’re into the second half of the 24-hour wrestling marathon and fundraiser brought to us through YouTube and FITE TV for free. So far, we’ve had For The Culture, UV 60, No Peace Underground and so many other shows within the first 12 hours. Now we move onto the second half of this marathon of wrestling variety and cover all the shows that took place between 1 pm and 1 am UK time as I work to chronicle all 24 hours of this momentous, record-breaking event.

Black Label Pro

The start of the second half of the marathon was the Black Label Pro Block. They promised an array of top-tier matches and some you wouldn’t expect to see.

Calvin Tankman defeated D-Rogue via Indestructible Driver – Up first for BLP was D-Rogue making his BLP debut against the Heavyweight Hustle. It was a brave effort from Rogue but this didn’t last too long and was fairly one-sided as Tankman did his thing and destroyed another human being.

Boomer Hatfield defeated Rob Killjoy via Spike Rana – Next up was a fun little bout between the debuting Duckling Rob Killjoy against the returning Boomer Hatfield. Killjoy was fighting weary as he’d been in a gruelling six-man whilst Hatfield was as fresh as a daisy. It didn’t seem to affect Killjoy too much and we got a delightfully competitive little match here.

Levi Everett defeated 1 Called Manders via Butter Churn – Manders went into his third match of the marathon as he took on the master of Amish Ultraviolence and butter churning Levi Everett. We all know Manders is tough but Everett hits hand and he’s now carrying the war wounds of two matches. Could he best Levi? The answer was no but he had a damn good go at it. These two beat the hell out of each other, but the wear and tear caught up and Manders was forced to tap to the Butter Churn.

A Very Good Professional Wrestler defeated Rohit Raju (w/Karam) via DDT – Next up is a dream match you didn’t know you needed. Rohit Raju met A Very Good Professional Wrestler and they had a very good professional wrestling match. They were both very evenly-matched and played off each other to but on a great match. Raju had Karam running interference but it was not enough to save him as A Very Good Professional Wrestler won with a DDT.

Camp Leapfrog “Cibernetico

Best Campers Ever (Boomer Hatfield, Molly McCoy, Still Life with Apricots and Pairs, Abby Jane, Erica Leigh, Abbs, Midas Black, Boar & Jay Lyon) defeated A Very Good Professional Wrestling Team (A Very Good Professional Wrestler, Matt Makowski, Matt Demorest, BLANK, Masha Slamovich, CC Boost, Dan Champion, Killian McMurphy & Travis Huckabee) via Bridging Fisherman’s Suplex from Leigh

The next block was dedicated to the Camp Leapfrog Cibernetico. It would be two nine-person teams going to war under very unique rules. It would be A Very Good Professional Wrestling team led by A Very Good Professional Wrestler taking on The Best Campers Ever led by Boomer Hatfield. This was organised as competitors would trade places in the ring at regular intervals went people went over the top rope or tagged out. It would also be fought under elimination rules. Masha Slamovich got a massive spot as she had returned to the States for this match and enjoyed being a killing machine early on. We also got the return of Matt Demorest, a wrestler with indestructible abbs, Still Life at her best and so much more. Matt Makowski was another stand-out as another killing machine, making Boomer Hatfield’s life hell and causing the creation of a submission centipede that sent 95% of the competitors flying with a Stunner. Abby Jane became an elimination machine and Dan Champion was a sore loser. The teams slowly decreased in numbers as the match went on and Still Life became a focal point for her unfortunate attraction to dangerous spots. Hatfield would be the one to eliminate A Very Good Professional Wrestler and Leigh and Hatfield eliminated Makowski and Huckabee to be the last two. They fought it out until Leigh won by pinning her captain. This was so much fun to watch and I loved getting to see a whole host of new wrestlers in a highly unique match.

GCW: “EFFY’s Big Gay Block

It was time for a personal favourite of mine. EFFY’s Big Gay Block was upon us and it would celebrate everything special about talent on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum of wrestling. This showed out at The Collective and I couldn’t wait to see the sequel here.

Jared Evans defeated Chris Valentine via Low Blow Curb Stomp – First up was a singles match between the Killer Cupid Chris Valentine and the Blacklisted Prince Jared Evans. Evans has a big mouth and a short temper and both came into effect as he angrily attacked Valentine with words and his fists. Both competitors got to show off a wide range of offensive capabilities, a whole lot of fire and gave us a very fun opening bout even if Evans turned to cheating to win.

Ashton Starr defeated Dillon McQueen via Scissor Me Timbers – Next was another singles bout. This time between the Patriarch Dillon McQueen and my Big Gay Brunch standout, Ashton Starr. This was my first-time seeing McQueen in action so I was definitely curious. What followed was a match full of sass, hard strikes, and technicality. Momentum would swing wildly as Starr would bring the fight and McQueen would turn it against them. Starr was forced to come back from some brutal near-falls and came away with the win after a top rope Rana into Scissor me Timbers. The sass on display mixed with the great wrestling was one hell of an intoxicating cocktail.

Dark Sheik defeated Devon Monroe via Roll-up – So, this could have easily been another show-stealer. Devon Monroe is one of the hottest rising stars on the scene and Dark Sheik is an in-ring master. Put the pair together, the possibilities are endless. Dark Sheik has gotten so powerful she founded the Church of Wrestling, could that topple Black Sexcellence? Once again, it was a battle of attitude as much as a battle of wrestling skill. Both trash-talked as hard as they hit and Sheik broke as many rules as she felt like to punish Monroe. Things got vicious and very intense as both pulled out all the stops to win. After going counter for counter, Sheik eventually snuck out the win with a roll-up bringing this incredible match to its end.

The End (Parrow & Odinson) defeated Oreo Speedwagon (Xavier Faraday & Joshua Wavra) via European Doomsday Device on Faraday – Who’s up for some chaos? It was time for tag team warfare as Oreo Speedwagon met The End. Parrow and Odinson wasted no time in attacking Wavra and Faraday, throwing them everywhere. Fighting broke out everywhere as Wavra and Faraday tried to chop down the monsters and the End threw them around like ragdolls. Wavra often found themselves solo in the ring and went all-out to show they were just as tough as the monsters they were fighting. Faraday did the same off a hot tag and Oreo Speedwagon finally gained the upper hand. It didn’t last though as The End were right back on top again. Oreo Speedwagon fought valiantly but they just couldn’t stop the raw power, cheap tricks, and damaging nature of The End.

Three-Way Dance: MV Young defeated Ace Perry & Still Life with Apricots and Pears via Unprotected Running Knee on Perry – This one was going to be special. MV Young, the leader of the MF’N Polyam Cult taking on the Black Diamond Ace Perry and the wrestling work of art Still Life with Apricots and Pears. Three excellent wrestlers were about to take each other to the limit. No mercy was shown anywhere as everyone hit hard and was hit harder. Everyone got their chance to shine but it would be MV that walked away the winner after taking advantage of Perry being trapped and giving him a running knee. Since MV Young was in this match it’s an automatic seven stars but it gets rated even higher as Still Life and Perry were also in here showing their best.

Billy Dixon defeated EFFY via Seated Bodega Press – The main event of the block would be the brains behind the book himself EFFY taking on the most outspoken men in wrestling, Billy Dixon. Both have organised some of the best celebrations of LGBT culture around and now needed a proper fight with street rules. It went from zero to one hundred as they fought from the balcony, EFFY fell down the stairs and plunder came out. There was nothing sportsmanlike here as Dixon and EFFY used any means necessary to try and score a win. it got ugly, personal, and very violent with Ace Perry interjecting themselves into the match to attack EFFY. Dixon took advantage and ended the match with a seated Bodega Press. He left unhappy with the interference and Perry explained he was here for his soul and that was why he’d attacked EFFY.

GCW: “Allie Kat’s Hot Girl Shit

It was time for a history-making block. If my memory is correct, this is GCW’s first all women’s show/segment. They’d given the booking book to Allie Kat and she had devised this card of women’s wrestling excellence.

Ziggy Haim defeated Brooke Valentine via Mazel tov Cocktail – This block opened with the Girl from another place taking on the Queen Bee. Haim was at a size disadvantage but that didn’t stop her from throwing her body at Valentine with reckless abandon. Valentine took offence to this and came back hard against Haim. The pair continued to trade bombs until Haim drove Valentine into a chair and won with the Mazel Tov Cocktail. One hell of an explosive opener.

Holidead defeated Kaia McKenna via Darkness Falls – Next up was a battle between a good witch and a revenant of the undead. Holidead and McKenna were both technically gifted but Holidead seemed offended that McKenna considered herself a witch. It definitely reflected in the brutal way she attacked her. McKenna tried to keep her locked up and fed off the crowd’s energy to come back. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be enough as Holidead powered through it all and ended her. Holidead continues to terrify me whilst McKenna got time to shine in her GCW debut.

Lady Frost defeated Molly McCoy via Sky Twister Press – Next up was a battle of the ice queens as hockey fighter Molly McCoy took on Lady Frost. This turned out to be another evenly-matched fight as the pair struck, countered, and locked their way around the ring. Frost brought out her mean streak and attacked McCoy with a chair and their hockey stick. Frost continued to punish McCoy, tanking some shots from the hockey stick to put McCoy away with the Sky Twister Press. This was a fight pure and simple. Frost showed a fun level of sadism to rival McCoy’s plucky underdog attitude.

Faye Jackson defeated Erica Leigh via Michinoku Driver – The next fight was a bit of an odd one. It was the 90s Gummy Bear Kid Erica Leigh taking on the leader of the Creep Squad, Faye Jackson. Based on Leigh’s performance earlier and every Faye Jackson match I’ve seen, this was gonna rock. Once again, this fight went everywhere as Jackson treated her to both sadism and silliness, attacking Leigh with all her assets. Leigh tried to battle Jackson but she was just too tough and kept any candy away from Leigh, winning the match with a Michinoku Driver. This was a nice bit of light-hearted fun with Jackson’s unique brand of offence. Great fun.

Willow Nightingale defeated Allie Kat via Gutwrench sit-out Bomb– Last but not least the main event. Allie Kat was taking on the girl with the power, Willow Nightingale. It would be a battle of the cat vs bird with both wanting to be petted. Both women found their opponent to be their equal and the pair spent the match trading and resorting to the occasional cheap tactic. Nightingale’s neck became a weak spot and Allie reluctantly tore at it. Nightingale refused to give up and fought through countless holds and moves to bring herself back into the match. This match had a great story, great action and great atmosphere. It felt like a dramatic main event fight between two friends and that’s exactly what I wanted. Willow fought to the death and earned a well-deserved win whilst we got one hell of a stand-out match.

GCW: “Ironman Challenge

The next block was something a bit different. GCW presented the Ironman Challenge. It would be Jordan Oliver vs Tony Deppen for the Synergy Pro Wrestling Championship.

The next block was something a bit different. GCW presented the Ironman Challenge. It would be Jordan Oliver vs Tony Deppen for the Synergy Pro Wrestling Championship. It wouldn’t be any ordinary challenge though it would be a 60-minute ironman match. Oliver had already wrestled in a hellish six-man tag earlier in the marathon, now he was going to have to go sixty minutes with one of wrestling’s best. Talk about a tough defence for new champ Jordan Oliver. Deppen has the perfect style to fit Ironman matches as he can be grounded and technical with plenty of knockout blows to make sure his opponents won’t get up. Jordan also has a solid ground game but he definitely relies more on speed than technicality. It would take clever planning from both to last the full hour. Things started technically as Oliver tried to stall for time and Deppen tried to keep Oliver tied up in knots and exploit earlier damage. The pair continued to play their game of submission as the timer rang up with neither finding a fall. The time didn’t drag either, it was a nice mix of dynamic and deliberate. Oliver scored the first fall with a surprise sunset flip. Deppen grew livid and used a chair and brainbuster to secure a fall for himself. Deppen earned a second fall through count-out and quickly made it 3-1 with a brutal piledriver. With ten minutes left, Oliver needed to find falls and fast. Deppen tried to pile the pressure on but Oliver regained a fall with a duo of Clout Cutters. As time ran out, Deppen and Oliver were both kicking out left, right, and centre but a costly trip by Deppen allowed Oliver to even the scores with a roll-up. The scores were level with one minute apiece and after a frantic exchange, Deppen tried to tap out Oliver but the time ran out. 3-3 meant it went to a draw, so Oliver retained his belt on champion’s advantage. Except Oliver wasn’t having that shit and said he could go for another hour.

Draft Day was given the boot and the ironman challenge went from one hour to two. Deppen instantly gave a fall away by hitting Oliver with a low kick because of what he’d just been locked into. At 4-3 to Oliver, they took the fight to the balcony using plunder for the fun of it as people gawked on. Deppen gave a commentary update then chased down Oliver. All the rules had been thrown out and plunder attacks became plentiful. Deppen scored another fall by making Oliver tap bringing the scores to 4-4. We went back to the deliberate attacks at injured limbs as Deppen maintained his control. At least he did until he gave Oliver a knee to work over. The action continued to spill everywhere as Deppen nearly scored a nearly fall with a flipping cravat driver. He was able to score a fall minutes later though as he put Oliver to sleep with a rear-naked choke. The score was now 5-4 but it became 5-5 when Oliver scored a revenge count-out fall on Deppen after a Clout Cutter on the apron. Exhaustion took its toll and the pair went back to grappling and knees. Slugfests broke out and Cleopatras were thrown but neither man could score another fall. It took another low blow for Deppen to get his next fall, making it 6-5 Deppen. Oliver brought the scores right back with another Clout Cutter. After being used as a speed bag, Oliver locked in a Boston Crab and finally regained the lead at 7-6 with 15 minutes to go. They continued at a solid pace with neither man score a fall, we ended up in a second submission situation. Deppen tried everything to force Oliver to tap or sleep but he couldn’t. Oliver retained his title in a two-hour ironman match. How wild is that? This is probably one of the best Ironman matches I’ve ever seen and I think it’s all down to the talent in the ring for keeping my attention. Talk about a baptism by fire for Oliver.

44OH!: “What we Want

It wouldn’t be a GCW show without some 44OH! interference. They had been given a full hour to do whatever the hell they wanted to. They had booked a series of matches pitting most of 44OH! against legends. Eric Ryan was providing commentary duties and Gregory Iron had an open challenge. They came out after the Ironman match, had their tape, featuring Eric Bishoff played, and took control of the marathon.

El Drunko defeated Eddy Only via Beer Taser – Up first was Eddy Only vs the IWA East Coast legend El Drunko. As expected Drunko was drunk and could barely stand straight. It’s rare you see someone do less in the opening of a match but Drunko was annoying Only with his continuous pratfalls. Drunko attempted to wrestle but outside of Atomic Drops he could barely do anything without falling over. They fought away from the camera and were made for each other as both couldn’t be bothered to fight. Spyder Nate Webb secured a win for Drunko by tasing him through the beer-soaked ring. I found this hilarious and think it suited Only perfectly.

Gregory Iron Open Challenge: Mance Warner defeated Gregory Iron via Belt DDT – Gregory Iron had declared an open challenge to give his RSP Title some prestige. The floor was open to anyone. The man to answer that challenge was the one and only Mance Warner. This was a brawl that went everywhere as Mance just wanted to kill. Mance pummelled Iron with plunder and Iron picked his spots to strike. They put on a fun brawl and Mance walked away with the RSP Title after putting Iron through a door for good measure. He also called out Ricky Shane Page once again as he preached in victory.

44OH! (Atticus Cogar & Rickey Shane Page) defeated Ricky & Kerry Morton via Roll-Up – Ricky Morton has been a part of some of the best tag-team matches on the planet. He might be one of the best tag team babyfaces out there. Now he was teaming up with his son to take on the biggest villains out there, 44OH! The Mortons started strong but 44OH! did what they did best and started working over Kerry. 44OH! were being their usual dickish selves as Eric Ryan apologised for them constantly. Morton was being built as a hot tag, then when he came in RSP won with a roll-up. Once again, 44OH! managed to cockblock people out of a dream match conclusion. Blake Christian came out to end the block by making a title vs GCW career match to end the marathon.

Violence x Suffering: “Rockstar Knights

The last company to get in on this history-making broadcast was one of my favourite indies, Violence X Suffering. They presented Rockstar Knights, a card featuring a match no one had ever considered until they’d presented it, Redbeard (FKA Erick Rowan) vs Homicide. Yes, that was happening in this hour.

Ken Broadway defeated Gabriel Skye via bridging German – The first match for VxS was Ken Broadway’s third of the marathon as he took on Gabriel Skye. Both guys got speed and creative so this should have been a banger. Broadway went three for three on amazing matches and Skye had an exceptional opponent to play off. Both tried to kill each other as they pulled out stiff blows and creative moves. After a whole host of deadly knocks, Broadway put this amazing match to bed with a Bridging German. He took to the mic and called out Jimmy Lloyd for the next VxS. Lloyd gave him his wish.

Pure Rules: Daniel Garcia (w/Robert Martyr) defeated Atticus Cogar via Leg Breaker Sharpshooter – Atticus Cogar is more than just a deathmatch guy. He can wrestle as well as any other person in a wrestling company and now he was being given a chance to prove his shooting skills against Red Death Daniel Garcia under pure fighting rules. No closed fists and limited rope breaks lurked ahead. Garcia was at home in this ruleset but Cogar adapted and after smacking Garcia in the mouth, took control. The match got more competitive and it became a back-and-forth battle of wits and wills. Garcia got pissed and locked in the nastiest looking Sharpshooter I’ve ever seen. Martyr stopped him from killing Cogar post-match and Garcia tried to break his legs too in a fit of rage. Red Death was really seeing death.

Redbeard defeated Homicide via Claw Slam – Last but not least, the match no one was expecting. Homicide, the Notorious 187, a giant killer taking on Redbeard, the former Erick Rowan. I didn’t know what to expect here. Homicide would have to battle height advantages and weight advantages to best Redbeard. He did just that as we saw Homicide survive slams galore and manoeuvre around Redbeard’s size. However, the veteran couldn’t counter forever and Redbeard caught him one too many times, softening him up for the Claw Slam. This bout rocked and I honestly hope we see more indie Redbeard now.

GCW: “The Wrld on GCW Part 3

We finally made it, the final block. 22 hours down, it was time to go out with one last two-hour bang. Enter The Wrld on GCW Part 3. GCW was going to put on one final party block and end the show the way they began it.

Eli Everfly defeated JJ Garrett via Top Rope Destroyer – First up was a Styles clash between the high flying, head dropping Eli Everfly and the Headlock Artist JJ Garrett. This was every bit as fun as expected as Garrett overpowered Everfly with cocky swagger whilst Everfly made him pay with high-flying and cutters galore. Garrett is one hell of a wrestler and one hell of a sadist as he threw Everfly from the ring to the bar and the bar to the ring. He got too cocky though and Everfly took the win in a flash with a top rope destroyer. What an impactful opener.

Paco “Chris Dickinson” Loco defeated Juicy Finau via Super DVD – Ouch. Ouch Ouch and more ouch. Chris Dickinson hits like a freight train but here, he was fighting someone way bigger than him. We know Juicy can take a hit, but could he withstand Dickinson’s deadly persona, Paco Loco? Juicy knew the drill and took the fight to Loco, forcing him to take multiple breathers to regroup. Loco tapped into that Primal fury and rocked Finau but still couldn’t dominate. Finau was unstoppable until he made the mistake of going to the top rope and giving Loco a way to his knee. Once the knee became a target, that was it and Loco brought out the toys. The pair continued to beat the piss out of each other until Loco got the win with a Super DVD. Finau may have been the closest thing to a survivor against Paco Loco. What a brutal beatdown for both guys. Juicy is one hell of a fighter.

Shane Mercer defeated Braydon Lee via Moonsault and Battery – Oh my. This came out of nowhere. Shane Mercer vs Braydon Lee. Two freakishly big athletic guys about to tear each other apart. Mercer did what he did best, throw bodies around like nothing. Lee brought that same level of fight and we got an interesting little bout. Lee gave as good as he got but once again, there was just too much power from Mercer for him to best. A Moonsault and Battery later and it was over.

G-Raver defeated Cole Radrick via Top Rope Door Senton – What happens when you put two wild men in a match? This. Cole Radrick and G-Raver both have a drive that sees them do crazy things to win. They’d fought before years ago, how would they fair now? This started fast and ground to a halt as Raver started to torture Radrick. Momentum would shift as quick as the pace once Radrick found his feet. Raver would go to sadistic lengths to take out Radrick but couldn’t kill his heart. Chairs and doors became horrendous spots and Raver would use a door to end Radrick with a jumping senton. Radrick gave it hell but this new Raver has become borderline unstoppable and he still has his sights set on Jimmy Lloyd, especially since Lloyd cut him up with barbed-wire post-match.

Everett Conners defeated Joey Janela via Elbow Drop Roll-Up – Joey Janela aimed to close out the marathon the same way he started it, with a big win. He’d touted this as a squash match on Twitter, would Conners prove him wrong? Both guys came in cocky but Janela was carrying extra baggage in the form of injured ribs. Conners would try to hit fancy moves and Janela would just shit can him. All this built-up frustration was unleashed on Conners but he got too complacent and started to get dropped on his head. Janela regained controlled and the seething fury returned as he nearly put Conners away on several occasions, taking his opponent on a brainbuster tour of the GCW Performance Centre. Connors wouldn’t give up and sent Janela flying through a door into the bar below. This war raged on forever proving that Conners would be no squash match. This went on a little too long for my liking but again, the punishment these guys absorbed was off the charts.

Career vs Title: Rickey Shane Page defeated Blake Christian via Super Powerbomb – Well, the fate of GCW came down to this. Blake Christian sacrificed his GCW career to get another shot at the GCW World Title and take a chance to dethrone RSP. As always with big match Christian, this was way more than flips. He took the fight to RSP and nearly caused an upset with an early Elia. RSP came back in a nasty way and worked to keep Christian grounded. Christian managed to launch RSP and started picking up the pace and flying at him to keep the momentum. He survived a chokebreaker and the MDK gang and 44OH! collided. With the goons gone, it was counters galore and more near falls. Both guys engaged in a bit of cheating but RSP raked the ref’s eyes and killed off Christian’s GCW career with a super Powerbomb. RS Pussy cheated his way to victory again and now GCW has lost another of its best and brightest. Good luck in pastures new Blake Christian.

Well, 24+ hours reviewed for your reading pleasure. It might not have started smoothly but by the end of it, this marathon fucking rocked. We got a continuous variety show of different styles, companies and stars all busting their ass for free. You can watch the stream for free on FITE. If there’s still time you can also donate to the Indiegogo. Thank you to everyone involved in the running of it, who took part and who put on a banger of a match. Oh, and always remember to fight forever and ever and ever and ever…

All images courtesy of GCW Twitter, HeyyImRob, SirLARIATO

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