Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling. After the big farewell of the last episode, it was time to keep the wheels moving. In this episode, we’d see some interesting teams formed to go to war and Mei Suruga would fight an old man. Chie Koishikawa and Hagane Shinno would battle Antonio Honda and Baliyan Akki, Mei Suruga was taking on Gabai Ji-Chan and AnCham was back again to team with Yuna Mizumori against the Pencil Army. It was going to be another fun one so let’s get into the action!

Chie Koishikawa & Hagane Shinno defeated Antonio Honda & Baliyan Akki via Dropkick Roll-Up on Akki

First up was a team featuring a lethal striker and a lethal kicker against another team with a lethal striker and a lethal kicker. It would be Hagane Shinno teaming with Chie Koishikawa to take on his bandmate Antonio Honda and the ally of his greatest enemy, Baliyan Akki. Once again, Shinno couldn’t be bothered to keep up with Koishikawa’s energy. Honda and Shinno started the action with Honda controlling the arm. Shinno reversed the pressure and Honda nearly gave up from a Hammerlock. They both tagged out so Akki and Koishikawa went into an arm-control battle too. Koishikawa went on a wrist-lock run and after escaping some technical holds, went for a run around Akki. He waited for her to stop, scooped her up, and carried her to his corner to tag out. Honda gave Koishikawa a devastating head flick and snapped her over to step on her face. Akki was surprisingly villainous and aided Honda in some rule-bending before tagging in again. He locked up Koishikawa and tagged back out so Honda could perform a magic trick into a fist drop. Koishikawa started fighting back so Honda raked her eyes. Koishikawa fired back with a back rake into a leapfrog dropkick and tagged in Shinno. He elbowed the life out of Honda and dropped him on his head with a bulldog, then took an elbow to the knee and slugged it out. Shinno tried to kick away from the Dancing Elbow but Honda kept up the dance and battered Shinno in the forehead. Both tagged so we were back to Koishikawa and Akki.

Koishikawa assaulted Akki with chops but he caught her out of a roll-up and tried to uppercut her jaw off. She caught him into a roll-up and used an X Chop to apply the Stretch Muffler. Akki reversed into a Deathlock but Shinno broke the hold and the pair got into another strike fight. Koishikawa chopped her way to freedom and tagged in Shinno who came in kicking and locked on a heel hook. They continued to trade until Akki nearly decapitated Shinno with a dropkick and landed a backbreaker but ate knees on a Namaste Splash attempt had to be saved from an X chop pin by Honda. They went for a double dancing elbow and Akki held Shinno for a Gon attack but Honda hit Akki and Koishikawa dropkicked him into a Shinno Roll-up. Koishikawa had gotten another win and over the ace of ChocoPro nonetheless. Once again, ChocoPro opened with an enjoyable tag match that showcased everyone’s best.

Mei Suruga defeated Gabai Ji-Chan via Propellor Pin

Second up was Mei Suruga taking on what could possibly be the most unusual opponent I’ve seen in a ChocoPro show. The Apple Girl would be taking on an old man with a distinct lack of pace. It took a while for him to make it to the ring and even longer for him to disrobe to his wrestling gear meaning Suruga grew more and more impatient as time went on. He tried to leave the ring but Suruga stopped him, thinking he was confused. That concern vanished a minute later when she nearly gave him a heart attack by spooking him. She tried to call the match but he was too deaf to hear her commands. Ji-Chan got the better of a lock-up by using his walking stick as a weapon so Suruga tried to have it taken away. He went for an incredibly weak wrist-lock so Suruga reversed it and nearly ripped his arm off. Ji-Chan fought back up using his stick and went for a roll but fell on his head and got stuck. Suruga tried to use the stick for an arm-drag but it wouldn’t give and Ji-Chan followed her trying to break the stick over her head. He tripped her up and cracked her in the head by swinging his cane like a golf club. She tried to pry the stick off him again and nearly tore his arm off again. She slammed him into the turnbuckle and hit a slow-mo turnbuckle charge. Ji-Chan fell into the corner and Suruga charged him again but ran into his outstretched stick.

He climbed to the top and took Mei rope-walking but she stole his stick and he fell to the mat. She hijacked the camera and gave us a first-person perspective on the ass-kicking. Unfortunately for her, we also saw Ji-Chan punch her in the head and find a sudden burst of energy. He chased her around the outside and she sucker-punched him in the guts. Ji-Chan nailed a Dragon Screw and shining wizard but went for the world’s slowest kill taunt on a piledriver and his back gave out. She gave him a diving double chop to the back but Ji-Chan shrugged it off and charged her in the corner. We learned the walking stick gives you a bad back as they tossed it between each other and Ji-Chan tried for a piledriver but Suruga reversed it into the Propellor Pin for the win. She remembered who she was after a brief encounter holding the stick and had to leg it as Ji-Chan is a very bad loser. This was incredibly dumb but it was really damn funny too. There would be some story about respecting your elders but Ji-Chan was just as dirty a fighter as Mei was.

AnCham & Yuna Mizumori defeated Pencil Army (Lulu Pencil & Emi “Pencil” Sakura) via Tropical Crab on Pencil


Last but not least, the main event. AnCham, the fighting gravure idol was back in action teaming with Yuna Mizumori to fight the woman who keeps getting in her way, Emi Sakura and her commander Lulu Pencil. Mizumori still hadn’t gotten over her hatred for the Pencil Army and she had the perfect teammate to get under Sakura’s skin. Things started chaotically as both teams posed and all four fighters collided. Mizumori was hit with dual pencil attacks to the throat and locked in a posing double armbar but AnCham broke this up. Pencil Army tried for dual schoolboys but both kicked out. Mizumori and AnCham came back hard with a Peach and Pineapple hip attack and the pair locked on a posing crab whilst Sakura walked around them beeping. The pair continued to crush Pencil whilst posing and Sakura looked on in frustration. AnCham came in to deliver a low dropkick and locked on a posing sleeper, giving the camera her winning smile. AnCham choked out Pencil against the rope, then tried for a corner charge but Pencil ducked and tried to use a Pencil Roll for a pin. Sakura was tagged in and rushed AnCham with Riverdance kicks and ran into a dropkick. AnCham hit her with a diving crossbody and the pair traded low kicks. This transitioned to forearms and Pencil Army formed a Megazord to attack AnCham from multiple heights.

AnCham kicked both down and hit a double DDT. She tried for a second but Sakura reversed into a twisting facebuster and went for the Stabber. AnCham caught this into a Triangle so Pencil broke this up. Mizumori sent her packing and splashed Sakura in the back so she’d land on AnCham’s knees. The assault on Sakura continued with a corner charge and choke into a back cracker. Pencil saved Sakura from a splash with a handstand kick but Mizumori pushed her away and hit Sakura with a diving shoulder block. Sakura created some separation with a chop-line and made the tag to Pencil, who came in with stomps and chops. Mizumori tried to dodge but Pencil kicked her into the splits and trapped her with a Pencil roll. After some struggle, Pencil whipped Mizumori into a pencil stab and the pair hit double stabbers. AnCham and Mizumori tried for an ill-fated double team but avoided disaster and used AnCham as a weapon of hip attack destruction. Pencil Army nearly won with a sneaky La Magistral but AnCham broke this up and Mizumori tanked Pencil’s lariats to lock on the Tropical Crab. Pencil tapped and Mizumori got herself a win over her hated foes. Of course, this meant more posing with AnCham but no one was complaining. Pencil Army continues to lose but they’re still giving us excellent matches. What more can you ask for?

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, FlyingVTrigger, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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