Welcome back to MLW Fusion. This week, titles will be on the line as Los Parks defend their Tag Team Titles against Bu Ku Dao and TJP after their big win last week. First time ever brawls will happen as Alex Hammerstone goes deep into the belly of the beast to destroy the fellow monster of a man, Mads Krügger, in MLW’s first Baklei Brawl. Alongside these monster matches, we’ll see Gino Medina return to in-ring action against Gringo Loco and Jordan Oliver shows CONTRA no fear by taking on the Sentai Death Squad. Let’s get into the action and see who wins big and loses bigger.

Jordan Oliver (w/Myron Reed) defeated the Sentai Death Squad (w/Daivari) via Clout Cutter

Up first was Jordan Oliver getting to continue Injustice’s war against CONTRA. They’d hit Fatu and Daivari with a sneak attack which had left Josef Samael furious. Myron Reed had sent the auditory warning and now Oliver was going to cash those cheques. Oliver charged out the gate with a vicious boot and forearmed the Sentai goon down for a corner dropkick. Oliver had kicked the guy so hard he’d tweaked his knee and limped after the guy into another corner to end the match quickly with a Clout Cutter. It had taken less than one and a half minutes to end it but the noticeable limp was cause for concern. Hopefully, this will not impact the tag match Injustice challenged CONTRA too next week. Daivari was unbelievably pissed at the loss but Oliver and Reed couldn’t stop celebrating and called out Jacob Fatu once again.

MLW Tag Team Championship: Los Parks (LA Park & El Hijo de LA Park w/Salina de la Renta) defeated TJP & Bu Ku Dao via Tombstone Shoulderbreaker on Dao

Up next, the MLW Tag Titles were on the line as Los Parks took on the winners of last week’s tag title decider, TJP and Bu Ku Dao. TJP and Dao had gotten one over on Violence is Forever could they pull out the same upset here? LA Park made the internet happy by taking out TJP before the bell even rang and strutted his way towards Dao to intimidate him. Hijo and Dao started the action with some technical exchanges and everyone quickly got in everyone’s face. After a standoff between Park and TJP on the outside, Dao and Hijo resumed in-ring action. Hijo took down Dao and riled up TJP so Los Parks could double-team Dao. Park tried to interfere when Dao got the upper-hand but the ref stopped him and TJP shunted Dao aside to attack Hijo. Dao tried for a pin into submission hold but Park kicked him off and another brawl broke out. Park destroyed Dao on the outside as Hijo choked and kicked down TJP in-ring. The double-team continued with dual kicks on both men and whipped Dao into TJP. They tried to do the same again but Dao dodged and TJP sent Park to the outside with a top-rope Rana. Dao dropkicked Hijo to the outside and the pair hit stereo dives onto Los Parks. They threw them back in the ring and locked in dual submissions, Dao with a crossface on Hijo and TJP with an Octopus on Park. TJP was scooped up and dumped onto his partner but he was right back up and launched onto Park with a slingshot dropkick. Dao tried to get the win with a Tornado DDT but Hijo easily kicked out and forearmed Dao in the corner, then hit a second corner dropkick for a two-count. Both crashed with a double clothesline so Salina distracted the ref and LA Park Jr took over from his brother and won the match with a shoulder breaker. Once again Los Parks had employed the use of LA Park Jr in dispatching on their tag team competition. This was every bit as chaotic as I wanted and I’m glad to see Los Parks retained. Dao and TJP cannot seem to gel as a team and it got too much for TJP who lashed out at his protégé.

Gino Medina defeated Gringo Loco via Roll-Up

Gino Medina has been a bit of a spectre since leaving the Dynasty. No one has seen him in action in MLW since then, but with a return to watch Holliday battle last week, we now had him returning to action to battle Gringo Loco, another returning MLW star. He was out to prove he didn’t need The Dynasty to thrive and was out to show just how untouchable he was. It started fast with a counter exchange as the pair went flipping and flying with arm-drags, hip tosses, and missed moonsaults. Medina kicked away a handshake and fought Loco with one hand behind his back. Loco took offence and nailed a springboard arm-drag and tried to tease a dive, then Asai moonsault but Medina kicked out his legs. Back in-ring Medina stomped down Loco and dismantled him with more forearms and kicks. Medina continued to show off with a headstand headlock and was tripped into a low superkick. Loco wasted no time and went to the top for a twisting moonsault and got a two-count. Medina was up and caught Loco with the spinning enzuigiri but was hit by one from Loco too. Both men were on the mat and Gringo found his feet first so he went to the top again. Medina booted him out of a moonsault and lawn-darted him into the turnbuckle. He followed up with a brutal step up knee, then the pair battled over roll-ups and Medina won by folding him up. it was a strong showing for both and a nice reminder of the things both are capable of. This ain’t over though as Loco and Medina fought to the back.

Between the Matches:

  • Salina de la Renta had no sympathy for Savio Vega and after chiding him for letting down Puerto Rico. She then revealed that the new owner of Promociones Dorado had also offered to buy out IWA Puerto Rico.
  • We got an in-depth look at Tim Donaghy, the disgraced ref who worked to secure Richard Holliday’s win last week in the Caribbean Strap match. it appears Donaghy is back at his fixing ways in a new sport.
  • The Von Erichs were pissed at Filthy Island appearing and wanted to give Team Filthy a Texas Hello.
  • Lio Rush responded to Laredo Kid’s challenge to his Middleweight title. He laughed at the challenge and decided to accept because Lio Rush wanted to collect more gold in a double-title match next week.
  • March 24th will be the next special event as MLW presents Never say Never.
  • Filthy Island had its first control centre as Alicia Atout ran down the people invited to attend. We heard from Tom Lawlor himself flanked by Violence is Forever as they promoted all the wonderful things you can get up to on Filthy Island. This will be the setting for Low Ki vs King Mo 2.

Baklei Brawl: Mads Krügger vs Alex Hammerstone ends in No Contest

The main event was something we’d never seen before. Coming to us from an undisclosed CONTRA bunker in the middle of nowhere, under South-African Underground fighting rules, Mads Krügger vs Hammerstone 2, the Baklei Brawl. No one knew what to expect but Hammerstone wasn’t backing down despite the crew’s protests. Krügger burst into frame out of nowhere but Hammerstone was ready and punched Krügger in the face. The pair brawled around the area as punches, drags, elbows, and more were traded. Krügger used a gate to his advantage and the pair battled into a forest of pallets. Krügger tried to grind Hammerstone into a pallet and Hammerstone launched Krügger into a skip. Hammerstone got a three-count with a lawn dart into the skip but it wasn’t Krügger. It was a stunt double. Krügger knocked out Hammerstone with a pair of deadly punches and posed for the camera, promising he had more plans for Hammerstone as CONTRA cut the feed. The episode was over and we were left with more questions than answers. I wanted more from this but I understand this was less of a match and more of a CONTRA trap. What could be next for Hammerstone as he appears to be in CONTRA’s clutches? We know through MLW he’s walking wounded after those blows to the head. Just what could be next?

With that, another episode of MLW had come to an end. CONTRA won the day but Injustice was working hard to give them a black eye and would work even harder in their tag match against Daivari and Gotch next week. Would Oliver be at 100% for the fight though? Alongside that, we’ll have the massive multi-title inter-promotional fight between AAA Cruiserweight champion Laredo Kid and MLW World Middleweight champion Lio Rush. Who will win the winner takes all bout. Plus, we know Calvin Tankman will be back and that means one thing, destruction.

All images courtesy of MLW Twitter, Video courtesy of MLW YouTube

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