Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling. Once again, we find ChocoPro on the cusp of something special. Emi Sakura and Mei Suruga have been confirmed for AEW Women’s World Championship Eliminator Tournament, so both have singles matches today to show off what they are capable of. Emi Sakura was taking the second match slot against her tag partner Sayaka Obihiro whilst Mei Suruga had the main event spot against SAKI, an opponent she’s had quite the experience with, in both singles and tag bouts. Rounding out the card with another opening match spot was Chie Koishikawa as she took on her winning tag partner too, Hagane Shinno. It was proving day on ChocoPro for a potentially whole new audience. Let’s get into the action.

Hagane Shinno defeated Chie Koishikawa via Ankle Lock

First up was another test for Chie Koishikawa. After scoring a victory alongside Shinno last week as Team Egg Tart, she’d now have to see if she could score a victory against him to continue her growth. This would be no easy feat as she would have to battle Hagane Shinno. He might give her more leeway than he gives some but he’d still try to kick her in the head. After a lock up and running wrist-lock, the pair turned the match into a striking standoff. After a couple of traded shots, Shinno couldn’t hide his amusement and took Koishikawa to the mat and ground his knees into her back. He barred an arm and continued to manipulate her joints until Koishikawa could create some separation with mutual hair pulling. Shinno was straight back on her with a grounded headlock and Koishikawa escaped again and tried for the bow and arrow. She failed the first attempt so Shinno let her get a run-up and try again. That failed as well so she hit a rolling leg drop and got the hold off on the third attempt. Shinno escaped with an Ankle Lock but Koishikawa forced a break. He started lashing out at her leg with quick kicks and locked on a heel hook. Koishikawa escaped again but was greeted by a basement dropkick and a hamstring kick off of a failed slam. She escaped further damage with an arm-drag and dropkicked Shinno to the mat. She tripped him down again and entered psychopath mode, chasing him around the mat to deliver a devastating back chop. Koishikawa delivered a barrage of chops against the wall and blasted him with another dropkick. He tried another heel hook and got tired of being rolled up and chopped so dropped Koishikawa with a vicious front kick. Koishikawa answered back with more roll-ups into the Stretch Muffler but Shinno countered that into the Ankle Lock and Koishikawa was forced to tap. She had given Shinno one hell of a fight and for that, he showed a rare act of friendship with her, showing he had hope for her journey. Team Egg Tart will ride again.

Emi Sakura defeated Sayaka Obihiro via Walls of Sakura

Up next was another tag team implosion as Emi Sakura looked to prove a point to any AEW doubters against her heavy-handed friend Sayaka Obihiro. The pair had shared a victory in Shinkiba but now it was all about singles action. Obihiro charged out of the gate with a glancing dropkick and snapped Sakura over. She drove Sakura into the wall and chopped her down but Sakura broke free of a leg hold and stomped on Obihiro. She threw Obihiro into the wall for more stomps and rained down Mongolian Chops before tossing Obihiro across the mat by her head. Sakura transitioned to leg work but bending Obihiro’s ankle and putting her in a stretching Romero deathlock. Obihiro came back with more stiff chops but Sakura answered each with a stiff boot. She finally got her moment to strike by reversing the underhook backbreaker into a back-body drop and hit Sakura with a lethal sliding chop. The intensity increased as Obihiro went mad with chops and headbutts to Sakura’s back and nailed a full-power running dropkick. Sakura reversed a Suplex attempt into the twisting facebuster and fired up the band for the We Will Rock You Crossbody. She tried to drape Obihiro across the window for a running kick but Obihiro dodged and got her eyes raked. She shook this off and dived towards Sakura with a throat thrust. She continued to spike Sakura’s throat and dragged her to the mat with a Sleeper. The pair exchanged more strikes and Obihiro scored another near-fall with a bridging headlock Suplex. The trading continued against the wall with chop-lines and throat thrusts, then Sakura chopped Obihiro down from the window for a window sill-hung backbreaker. Sakura hit a diving splash and after trading pin attempts, Obihiro ran into another chop-line. Obihiro was knocked out so Sakura locked on the Walls of Sakura to tap her out. This had been a heated exchange of a match but the big boss of ChocoPro had racked up another win in a nasty fashion.

Mei Suruga vs SAKI goes to a 20-minute draw

Last but not least, the main event. It was time for Mei Suruga vs SAKI III. These two had fought in several matches before with SAKI tending to take the advantage. with AEW lurking on the horizon could Mei Suruga best SAKI and put on a good showing for all those new eyes on her? SAKI wasn’t playing nice and instantly dumped Suruga to the mat and dragged her against the wall. They battled around a headlock and SAKI double chopped Suruga out of a break. Suruga went for her jump-scare and tried for the window-sill arm-drag but SAKI brought her crashing down. She knocked SAKI down with a dropkick and locked on a body-scissor. SAKI forced a break but Suruga ignored it, pulled her hair, and went for the Kawaii pin. This quickly bit her in the arse as SAKI countered that into a rocking submission. SAKI returned the favour on hairpulling and locked Mei in a Dragon Sleeper. As an added insult to injury, she then forced Suruga to literally kick out of her own Kawaii pin. Suruga stomped both of SAKI’s feet and took her over with the window-sill arm-drag, then locked in a bridging Choke into a deathlock with her arms trapped. SAKI made the break so Suruga hit her with a trio of wall whips and tried for a slam but SAKI scooped her up and drove her into the wall. She slammed Suruga into the mat and stepped on her back before delivering a handstand splash for a two-count. She put Suruga in a stretching deathlock and smashed her off the wall. The punishment continued with a series of stomps into a hanging pin and finally a Boston Crab. It was looking bleak for Suruga.

Suruga finally forced a break after an agonisingly long time in a half crab and scored a near-fall with a roll-up. Sensing a way back into the match she ducked a clothesline and hit the wall-run crossbody. She tried for the Apple-Cut Mutilation but SAKI reversed it into an arm-puller pin and European Clutch. She delivered another slam and went to the top for a Vader Bomb but Suruga moved in time. Suruga trapped SAKI in the window and crushed her with the glass. After ref Shinno admonished her, she grabbed a sponsor sign and slammed it into SAKI’s back. She tried to fire-up for another move but SAKI kept kicking her in the face. On the third attempt, she ducked her boot and finally charged SAKI into the wall and bounced her off it for a dropkick. Suruga locked in the Full Nelson but SAKI crushed her on another Apple-Cut Mutilation attempt. A third attempt saw it locked in but SAKI was already out of bounds. The pair locked-up on the reset and SAKI regained control by winding Suruga with a gutwrench Suplex. She locked in the rocking submission again and caught Suruga out of a crossbody into a Michinoku Driver. Suruga stunned SAKI by rolling through into a pin attempt but only got two. SAKI fired back with an Atomic Drop into a Suplex and landed the Vader Bomb off the window. SAKI upped the ante again by locking in a hanging Sharpshooter and tried for another Suplex but Suruga pushed her down into a Gedo Clutch. SAKI reversed the Propellor but got tripped into the wall and hit with the Supergirl Punch. She continued with a double stomp off the sink but somehow only got two. The two got heated with forearms on the mat and SAKI tried for a series of pinfalls into another Boston Crab. With a minute left, Suruga escaped the hold and tried for another propellor but settled for locking in Lucifer. She desperately tried to keep the hold on but SAKI kept rolling free and the bell rang to signal the end of the match.

SAKI was pissed at this result and attacked post-match but Mei seemed just as distraught. She wanted to show off what she could do and she had, just not by winning. This was a vicious drag out match full of technical excellence and vicious power moves. Now we’ll look to tomorrow as Baliyan Akki pulls double duty for ChocoPro and Chris Brookes’ DDT Extravaganza where he takes on Konosuke Takeshita in singles action and works with Suruga as Best Bros battle Emi Sakura and a returning Cherry. Alongside that main event, we’ll see Lulu Pencil do battle with the musical weapon Trans-Am Hiroshi and Chie Koishikawa fight Tokiko Kirihara. Be sure to return for more ChocoPro action.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, FlyingVTrigger, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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