Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling. The “show me what you got” attitude that was present in the last episode continues through into this one as we see Baliyan Akki pull double main event duty to help his Best Bro Mei Suruga against Emi Sakura and Cherry after already fighting one gruelling match hours earlier. Alongside that, we’d see Chie Koishikawa take on Tokiko Kirihara and Trans-Am Hiroshi return to ChocoPro to terrify Lulu Pencil through the power of song and yoga. It was time for more of the AEW Women’s Tournament contenders showing what they’re capable of as the rest of the ChocoPro roster battles to keep up, let’s get into the action!

Tokiko Kirihara defeated Chie Koishikawa via Grand Cobra

Up first was a battle of chops vs kicks. Both women in this match are adept at both striking and submissions (one when they get a run-up) but would Kirihara’s kickboxing background give her the edge over Koishikawa’s raw hyperactive energy. She instantly tried to neutralise the speed of Koishikawa by locking in a heel hook but Koishikawa instantly made a break. The pair battled over wrist control until Kirihara put Koishikawa in a headlock and went back to the ankle. This abuse continued with an antagonising stretch in a Boston Crab and a dancing deathlock leg-breaker. Koishikawa answered back with an arm-drag and sent Kirihara flying with a dropkick. After taking a second to recover, she hammered Kirihara with chops and locked her in a Guillotine. She got even more vicious by dragging Kirihara around the mat and locking in the Stretch Muffler whilst chopping down any resistance. More chops sent Kirihara wall-ward and a dropkick smashed her head off of it. Kirihara dodged an X-chop and locked in another heel hook, then softened Koishikawa up with kicks and slammed her into the mat. She climbed up top and dropped a boot, grounding it into Koishikawa’s mid-section. Koishikawa reversed a Cobra Twist and took Kirihara on a series of roll-ups back into the Stretch Muffler. After escaping, Kirihara caught Koishikawa out of the air into a hip toss and snapped the heel hook on again before ending the match by tapping out Koishikawa with the Grand Cobra. This was one of Koishikawa’s strongest showings to date. She brought a ruthless edge out against Kirihara and had the submission expert reeling for a lot of the match. Koishikawa just continues to get better.

Trans-Am Hiroshi defeated Lulu Pencil via Pencil Assisted Sharpshooter

Next up was the return of the musical yoga monster Trans-Am Hiroshi. The last time Hiroshi graced the Chocolate Square he had terrorised Yuna Mizumori in a horror movie-style romp of music and yoga. Now he looked set to do the same to Lulu Pencil but Pencil wasn’t scared, she was ready to fight and learn. She even had a double-sided pencil weapon to use on Hiroshi, especially since he thought he was too cool for a handshake. They started with the world’s most eccentric walkaround as Hiroshi tuned himself to multiple frequencies and dimensions, with Pencil trying to match him. She even scared Hiroshi by matching him at yoga. Things got weirder with a dancing wrist clutch and Pencil once again tanking one of Hiroshi’s eccentric stuns. He feigned sportsmanship and trapped Pencil in a yoga pose. She started to show life and the pair fought using opera cries. Well Hiroshi did, Pencil tried her best to mimic. He laughed at her attempts and pushed her down into a sleeper hold. Pencil fought through the hold and started meditating. He couldn’t break her focus no matter what he tried to do. He fell to the mat in a panic and Pencil came after him with her double-ended Pencil. He used all his flexibility to dodge the pencil and got downed by a strike to the throat. He fired back with a gut kick and grew more and more frantic as she played dead. He went for the Undertaker pin but she rose from the dead and the pair battled over the double-ended pencil, both getting stabbed by it. Hiroshi wanted to put a stop to the fighting and a musical rendition of Let it Be broke out. Hiroshi burst into air guitar so Pencil stabbed him in the back and tried for a roll-up. Hiroshi was livid and snatched away the pencil and used it to lock on a Sharpshooter, forcing Pencil to tap. This was wild, both competitors went all-in on the wackiness and we saw Pencil come so close to victory, only for it to be erased at the last second. Just one hell of a fun time.

Best Bros (Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga) vs Emi Sakura & Cherry goes to a 20-minute draw

Last but not least, the main event. Baliyan Akki and Mei Suruga, the Best Bros taking on the veteran team of Emi Sakura and Cherry. Suruga was still sad overdrawing yesterday and was now enlisting her Bro Baliyan Akki to help in the fight. On the other side of the battlefield, Emi Sakura was out to prove once again she was the best ChocoPro representative. Baliyan Akki was fighting his second match that day with very little rest after a monster of a match at DDT against Konosuke Takeshita. Would that cost the Best Bros here? It seemed that things were going to stay professional as we even got sportsmanship between the two teams. Akki and Cherry opened things with a technical exchange, both battling for control of the other’s leg. Cherry took liberal use of the 5-count on a heel hook and both tagged out. Sakura and Suruga started with kicks and a drag. Cherry pulled at Suruga’s hair as Sakura laughed, sportsmanship was out the window at this point. Sakura then dragged Suruga through a bunch of technical holds into the Romero Special and popped her up with the release. The Mongolian Chops came out and Sakura threw Suruga away by her head. The pair went on a counter fest so Suruga tricked Sakura into the Best Bros crossbody combo, Akki taking a little extra time to hit Cherry on the way out. He tagged in and held Sakura for some light jabs and snapped her over for another hold. Sakura escaped and hammerlocked his arm, then tagged in Cherry who started pulling Akki’s hair out. She went back to the legs with a Figure Four as Sakura hit a handstand splash. The quick tags continued as Sakura returned to Akki’s hair with a dancing stomp and Cherry continued to wreck his legs. She took things one step further with a series of gut stomps and nearly snapped when Sakura used his own Namaste stretch on him. This double-team assault on Akki’s body just wouldn’t let up and Suruga’s attempts to intervene were swatted away. Akki finally got his break by catching Cherry into a backbreaker.

He tagged in Suruga who came in like a house on fire and took out both with a wall-run crossbody. She tripped Cherry through the window and hit her with a sponsor sign before trying for the Apple-Cut Mutilation but Cherry reversed into a head-crushing armbar. She slammed Suruga against the wall and took her over with a monkey flip into another beatdown. Cherry continued to work her submission magic on Suruga, crippling whichever limb she felt like until Suruga escaped and hit the window-sill arm-drag. She ran at Sakura and tagged in Akki for a deathlock double stomp on Cherry. Akki held the deathlock and Suruga added the Apple-Cut Mutilation to the mix on Cherry. Sakura tried to interfere but she got slammed down and Akki hit a double Spider Splash. Cherry didn’t take this too well and locked on an arm breaker. Cherry and Sakura both hit Hurricanranas and Sakura fired up the band for a handspring back elbow. Akki reversed the follow-up and locked Sakura in a choke. Cherry tried to give Akki stick for not breaking a hold on time and Sakura bit him. The pair hit Akki with dual double chops and Sakura hit the underhook backbreaker. Akki and Sakura got into a chop-off with both going for long combos and the Best Bros took advantage with a double La Magistral. Sakura countered the Propellor pin and trapped Suruga in another submission but once again Suruga escaped. She tripped Sakura into the wall and threw her into the camera person for a Supergirl Punch. Suruga didn’t end there, blasting Sakura with a wall-run double stomp and trying for a second Propellor that got countered into an underhook gutbuster. She chop-lined Suruga against the wall and hit her with the wall crossbody. She pissed Akki off again with a Namaste Splash but Suruga reversed another underhook into a rear-naked choke and the Apple-Cut Mutilation. A stretch of pinfalls and submission attempts broke out until the bell rang, signalling Suruga’s second draw of the weekend.

Thus, ended another exceptional match from the Best Bros. Everyone in the main event kicked ass. The match had a big fight feel and both teams were more than evenly-matched. Akki was working incredibly well despite his earlier punishment and Cherry was smooth as hell with the submissions. ChocoPro continues to nail its main event scene and hopefully, all these new AEW eyes are enjoying what they see. The next episode, #89 is going to be huge. There will be a double main event with not 2 but 4 of the AEW Women’s Eliminator tournament contestants in it as Yuna Mizumori battles Ryo Mizunami and Best Bros are in action once again against VENY/ASUKA and Emi Sakura with a very special guest referee, AEW Women’s Champion Hikaru Shida. All eyes will be on ChocoPro so you know the company is going to impress even more than normal.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, FlyingVTrigger, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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