Welcome back to the craziest wrestling show on Earth. Gake no Fuchi Joshi Pro is one of the most unpredictable companies on the Japanese wrestling scene and it’s always a damn good time to watch. Now, I bring you a whole new review of their newest one-match show. it would be the two full-time roster members, the Gake Pro Holy Army taking on Yuna Manase and Yumehiro Imanari. This is the second time the Cliff Edge wrestling duo had battled the Chubby Women’s Pro Wrestling duo and they were hoping for a different outcome this time. Let’s see how they fared…

Yuna Manase & Yumehiro Imanari (w/Shota) defeated Miyako Matsumoto & Chris Brookes (w/Munenori Sawa) via Suzuki Dynamic to Chair on Matsumoto

It wouldn’t be a GKPW show if it didn’t have multiple phases. Before the match, there had been a trainee protest over singing contests and now Matsumoto had to try and focus on the match ahead. That’s one of the joys of fighting under Gake Rules. We have nearly 40 minutes of a match to break down so let’s start at the beginning. Both teams made their entrance with Matsumoto singing her entrance theme as always and Brookes waiting to make a separate entrance, trying to coerce the announcer into saying he was from DDT, not GKPW. Meanwhile, Imanari and Manase came out as a united front decked out in PWO shirts. Everyone stood silent for some kind of anthem when Jushin Thunder Liger’s music hits and Imanari starts belting out karaoke to it. Matsumoto seemed okay with this but Brookes was highly confused and just a bit uncomfortable at Imanari’s singing and dancing. Matsumoto took her turn on the mic and Brookes learned that whoever lost got dissolved as a unit and hatched a plan. He laid down and let Imanari pin him, losing the match and “sadly” having to leave GKPW. Matsumoto brought him back claiming it wasn’t that easy and a proper tag match with a points system got underway. Manase and Brookes started the action and Brookes tapped out instantly to a wrist-lock, once again losing the match for Gake Pro. He would have happily taken the loss there and then and left GKPW for good but Matsumoto had something he needed, his citizen card so he started fighting with new vigour to defend the honour of GKPW. He looked to protect his card as Matsumoto beat down Manase and cut Manase up with the card when the ref wasn’t looking. He went for a quick pin and we got our first rule change… a sumo match!

It would be Matsumoto and Manase fighting under these rules so both got into position and Manase won with an instant knockdown. Normal wrestling resumed so Brookes took over and traded knockdown attempts with Manase. He stunned her with a kick but she rolled around another and knocked him down with a shoulder tackle. A second sumo match was announced, this time Brookes vs Manase. Brookes did a better job at holding off Manase but took too much time taunting and got thrown overhead with a back-body drop. Matsumoto attacked from behind and tried to win with a headlock but Manase threw her off and dropped her with another tackle. Just as Manase was taking control the rules switched again and we got a rap battle. Matsumoto fought off both PWO members by spitting fire at them as Brookes watched on in confusion. That gave way to some Tapple App exploration to see whose photos were more popular. After that reached a stalemate it was time for the boys to fight… on Tetris! That’s right we were going ringside for some hardcore gaming action. Imanari was not very good at Tetris so Brookes won relatively easily despite the unusual controller. Brookes bested him at in-ring action but couldn’t get anything too serious going as the rules changed again. Imanari started doing impressions and comedy that everyone hated so Matsumoto won that round. The pair went into some chain wrestling, then Imanari overpowered Matsumoto into a backbreaker and raked at her face. Matsumoto fired back with a stunner and tried for a Boston Crab but another rule change cut her off. It was time for a four-way boxing match! It became a three on one against Matsumoto as Brookes couldn’t pass up a chance to attack his partner. Matsumoto knocked out the PWO and attacked Brookes. She tried to get him to hit her back, then dodged and Brookes KO’ed the ref. For that, the PWO got the win and Matsumoto got more jabs from Brookes.

After that, we got a race from the staircase to the ring and be the first to hit the ref. He dodged Brookes and Imanari so Manase and Matsumoto tried to team up to take him out. The ref fought off both with a spin kick and double chop so Manase and Matsumoto held him in place and Brookes took his jaw off with a superkick. The Holy Family used the lack of rules to hit some cheeky double-team but no one was there to count the pin. Matsumoto argued with Shota on getting another referee out and tried to make him count the pin but he wouldn’t. Shota took out Matsumoto with a clothesline and Suplex, then berated her on the mic. Just as the numbers looked to overwhelm the Holy Family, Munenori Sawa came out to make the save. We now had an impromptu six-man tag. He took out everyone with Dragon Screws and confirmed the six-person rules. The action spilled everywhere as Brookes took out Imanari, Matsumoto took out Manase and Shota took out Sawa. People disappeared from the ring until it was just Manase and Brookes in the ring. He went for a clothesline but she cartwheeled over and stunned him with more quick kicks. Brookes shook it off and choked out Manase against the ropes and called for Matsumoto to look under the ring. They pulled out a giant plastic sheet and prepared to slingshot it into Manase’s face but Brookes let go early and it sent Matsumoto flying. They went for a second attempt but Brookes “accidentally” made the same mistake again. Sawa took over from Matsumoto and stretched the plastic but Manase had switched with Brookes and the plastic hit Brookes in the face. The PWO tried to double-team Brookes but he fought them off and catapulted Manase into Imanari’s iron dong. Brookes threw him out by the dick and beat him up the stairs. He set up a table as a ramp and a familiar sight broke out. Matsumoto was going for another plastic tub ride. This once again didn’t work and Matsumoto was left in a broken mess of plastic at the bottom of the stairs surrounded by people looking in both horror and humour.

More action spilled everywhere as Imanari threatened Brookes with a staple-gun. Brookes begged for mercy and asked to be spared as he was running a show in two days’ time (also reviewed here) before holding up a paper sign for it. Imanari wasn’t having it and booted down Brookes then stapled the sign to his head. We got a double Octopus from Matsumoto and Sawa on Shota and Imanari with Brookes returning to the ring shortly after prying the poster off his face to lock in one on Manase too. Everyone broke free and Sawa was dropped by a misdirection DDT. He threw Matsumoto outside and looked to put her through a table. Sawa held him and Imanari hostage with a streamer gun and shot Imanari in the head. The Holy Army put Shota on a table and Matsumoto dived onto him with a top rope splash. Manase beat down Sawa in the ring and after tanking a flurry of quick jabs, clotheslined him so hard his shirt nearly came off. Matsumoto made the save and slugged it out with Manase and launched a chair into her face with a shining wizard. She hit a double-team shining wizard with Sawa but Shota broke up the pin. Brookes helped her hit a diving double stomp on Manase but Imanari was there to make the save. The Holy Army targeted Imanari with Brookes throwing him into the corner, Sawa hitting a springboard back elbow, and Brookes locking his arms so Sawa could throw a baseball punch. Imanari fought back but Sawa threw him into a running knee. They tried for the assisted baseball punch again but Imanari ducked and Brookes took the punch to the face. Imanari used the malfunction to hit Sawa with a Suplex but Matsumoto cracked him in the head with a chair. He powered up off the chair shots so she kicked him in the balls and turned her attention to Manase. She hit Manase in the arm to break a clothesline but Manase kicked away the chair and dropped Matsumoto with another clothesline. Manase hit a second, threw down chairs, and won with the Suzuki Dynamic onto the chairs. After 35+ minutes of chaos, the Chubby Women’s Wrestling team had come away with the win. This would be the end of GKPW.

Or would it? Sanshiro Takagi came out, promising to take full responsibility for the raucous trainees and promised that GKPW would run forever. Looks like Chris Brookes isn’t getting that sweet escape he hoped for. GKPW lives to run another madcap show and Brookes will no doubt be dragged in as part of it. However, at the Produce Show, Brookes threatened to send Katsumata to GKPW and I would love to see a battle between Matsumoto and Katsumata… that would be crazy. Things ended on a cheery note as we had another musical number, this time courtesy of Shota. Anyway, as you can hopefully tell, I had fun with this. It wasn’t as deathmatch heavy as previous shows and Matsumoto came away more unscathed than usual but it was still fun as hell to watch. I never get tired of the madcap antics that happen every time Matsumoto and Brookes team up or GKPW gets its own solo show. Long live GKPW!

All images courtesy of ddtpro.com

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