At first glance, that may look like an odd name for a review but allow me to explain. VxS have prided themselves on offering incredibly unique wrestling matches. They have one hell of a unique roster and manage to book some of the types of matches you’d never expect. Just look at this card, for example, Ken Broadway vs Jimmy Lloyd in a hardcore match, Jordan Oliver vs Red Death Daniel Garcia, TJ Crawford vs Kevin Blackwood, Sebastian Cage vs Treehouse Lee, and the main event of Tony Deppen vs the legendary 2 Cold Scorpio. See how many matches are there that you’d have never thought of. Let’s get into them now!

Jordan Oliver defeated Daniel Garcia via Boston Crab

First up was one of the most heated fights of the show. Red Death Daniel Garcia always brings the intensity and this time he was facing the cocky heavyweight Jordan Oliver. Over the past few months, Oliver has been improving his technical game to whole new levels, Garcia was going to be the perfect test for that. The pair started with a series of technical exchanges with Garcia bridging out of pin attempts and both guys working to break an arm. Oliver tried to prove a point by going for the Boston Crab early on but it just pissed off Garcia who tried to choke him out in the ropes. They dragged each other around the ring and jockeyed for more holds on the mat. The pair chopped it out and Garcia used misdirection to take Oliver down with a pair of shoulder tackles. Things continued to stay even as Oliver chopped Garcia in the corner and Garcia kicked out Oliver’s leg, then hopped on his back for the Rear-Naked Choke. Oliver made the ropes so Garcia continued to break him down with strikes and kicks. However, a corner charge was missed and Oliver superkicked Garcia through the ropes. He took things a step further by locking in a Boston Crab on the top rope as the ref counted. Oliver delivered a swift kick to the back after breaking the hold and tried for a Cross-Armbreaker. The pair fired up off of more chops but Oliver kept the advantage with a clothesline. Garcia was backed into another corner and chopped so hard he fell out of the ring.

Oliver followed and both brawled around the outside, Oliver throwing Garcia into the wall. Back in-ring Garcia reversed the Clout Cutter into a German Suplex and followed up with a pop-up forearm into a chop and shining wizard. He scored a near fall with a bridging Northern Lights and tried to lock in the Rear-Naked Choke again. Oliver reversed with a backpack stunner. Oliver came back hard with a corner boot into a brainbuster and continued to punish Garcia with chops and German Suplexes. The fight fell to the apron and Garcia broke Oliver with a barrage of elbows then dumped him with a German to the hardest part of the ring. Both made it back into the ring and both knocked the other back down on a collision. Another wild slugfest broke out and Garcia launched Oliver with a John Woo but an ill-fated Suplex saw Oliver regain control with the Stundog Millionaire. Oliver fought out of the Rear-Naked Choke and crumpled Garcia with a pop-up knee into a half and half. He slammed Garcia into the mat a final time and tapped him out with a deep Boston Crab. This was insanely good. It was a battle of guts, wits, and sheer violence. Both guys brought it hard and, in the end, it was a close fight with Oliver scoring the win by being able to lock his submission in.

TJ Crawford defeated Kevin Blackwood via Modified Michinoku Driver

Up next was the Windy City Kid TJ Crawford going against the Aesthetic Crippler Kevin Blackwood. Both these guys are big strikers so putting them in a ring together just sounds like a good time. Let’s see which one survived. Once again things started technical as the pair went through a series of counter-holds and quick pins. Blackwood ran into a forearm and Crawford whipped him into a dropkick. The brutality picked up as Crawford kicked at Blackwood’s leg and Blackwood lit up Crawford with jabs into a spinning gut kick. A corkscrew European Uppercut followed and the pair fought over corner chops. Both went for trades and stalked the other until Crawford hit a misdirection kitchen sink knee. Crawford kept up the pressure with more kicks into a standing moonsault. The back and forth continued until Crawford took the fight out of Blackwood with another nasty back kick. The crowd willed Blackwood back into the fight but Crawford had an answer and dumped him on his head with a brainbuster. Blackwood shook off the damage and forearmed the hell out of Crawford before launching him into the corner with a German Suplex for a running dropkick. He flew off the top with a John Woo and brought Crawford crashing down with a powerbomb. More heavy shots came from both until Crawford hit a corner senton and dragged Blackwood into a swinging uranage. Crawford continued to disrespect Blackwood so Blackwood played possum to hit him with a Hangman’s Elbow and a DVD. A fight broke out on the top rope and Crawford reversed a sunset bomb into another moonsault to the back. Crawford went for another kick but Blackwood caught it into a half crab. He couldn’t lock in the STF so he tried to KO Crawford with a rolling forearm but Crawford caught the follow-up with a monstrous kick and ended the match with a modified Michinoku Driver. My God, this match looked painful. It was a straight-up bomb-fest of nasty strikes, kicks, and head drops. Words fail me here as I just want to keep saying ouch. Both guys are insanely good in the ring and both beat ten shades of shit out of each other.

Treehouse Lee defeated Sebastian Cage via Twisting Splash

The aesthetics continued with Treehouse Lee coming to VxS and taking on the Chosen One, Sebastian Cage. I always know it’s going to be a good time seeing Treehouse Lee in the ring and Cage seemed more than down to fight. The pair started fast with Lee scoring a knockdown and Cage reversing a slam into an arm-drag. Cage kept the advantage with an around-the-world head-scissor and a corner uppercut into a dropkick. Lee escaped a fireman’s carry and took out Cage with a high spin kick, then choked him in the ropes. He followed up with a quick Suplex and beatdown Cage in the corner with body jabs and leg chokes. Cage tried to answer back with a corner combo of his own but Lee kicked him away and downed him with a Samoan Drop. He followed with the Moonsault twisting elbow drop but Cage kicked out and hit a comeback series into a sling-blade. Lee got his knees up on a springboard moonsault and KO’ed Cage with a spinning Axe Kick. He climbed to the top one final time and ended it with the twisting splash. It was short, it was sweet and it showed a raw, aggressive side to Lee that is starting to emerge from all the Soundcloud aesthetics. Lee came to fight and win, he did it here with very little in-between.

Hardcore Match: Jimmy Lloyd defeated Ken Broadway via Glass Pile Jay Driller

After that, it was time for some plunder-based violence. Ken Broadway had called out the VxS ace for a fight on his own home turf, a hardcore match. This was going to make money but I was surprised Broadway wanted to play under hardcore rules. We’ve seen Lloyd deal with the names of old but could he deal with the returning big deal in Broadway? It started with a hockey fight and the pair dodged and weaved until Lloyd landed an Enzuigiri. The action spilled outside as Broadway was bounced off the ring apron and bounced off the wall. Broadway did the same to Lloyd and threw a ladder into the ring. He choked out Lloyd against the ropes and slammed him into the mat for a one-legged Quebrada. Broadway promised death but had it brought unto him as Lloyd reversed a ladder bomb into a DVD against the ladder. He dodged a second trip into the ladder and sent Lloyd crashing onto it with a back-body drop. Broadway picked up the ladder and stabbed it into Lloyd’s guts, then let it fall across him before raking his eyes and crotching him on the second turnbuckle. He delivered an Enzuigiri and trapped back cracker, then ate a superkick into a Package Piledriver from Lloyd. Light tubes entered the ring as Lloyd brought them out from under the ring and brought in a trashcan alongside them. A tube duel broke out faster than the tubes as spooky dust filled the air. Broadway stunned Lloyd with a high kick and brought the trashcan down over his head. He slumped Lloyd over the can but took too long climbing to the top so Lloyd put him through it with a powerbomb. Broadway didn’t take this well and delivered a nasty PK to Lloyd’s chest. The pair slugged it out again and Lloyd reversed Broadway’s rebound lariat into another superkick and ended the Match with a Jay Driller into the glass. If Broadway wanted to prove he could get hardcore he more than proved it here. This was a vicious sprint of freakish athleticism from Broadway mixed with the smashing of tubes and violent fuckery. It was really damn fun to watch and now I want more hardcore Broadway.

Tony Deppen defeated 2 Cold Scorpio via STF Pass Out

Last but not least, the main event. 2 Cold Scorpio returned to VxS to take on one of wrestling’s best, Tony Deppen in a match that was sure to leave both guys aching when it was done. Both are masters of hybrid offence and both know how to fight. This was going to get wild. Scorpio started with a dancing test of strength and took Deppen to the mat. Deppen took control of the wrist but Scorpio grabbed the ropes and flipped out. He took Deppen’s wrist so Deppen rolled out and bust a move of his own. The submission games continued as both Scorpio and Deppen battled to keep their opponent locked up. Deppen got a grounded Abdominal Stretch locked in but Scorpio was right back on him locking an arm. Scorpio started having fun at Deppen’s expense as he stomped his legs and delivered a falling headbutt to his balls. He started hammering at Deppen’s back and rolled Deppen through a series of pin attempts. Deppen mocked the fans by running to apply a headlock but Scorpio was ready for it and dumped him with a backdrop. Deppen reapplied the hold so Scorpio fought up and whipped Deppen over with an arm-drag, then fought out of a waist-lock to deliver a wrist-clutch head kick. He launched Deppen out of the corner and gave him a flipping leg drop to the back of the neck. Things were starting to get heated as Scorpio continued to work the neck with a neckbreaker to his knee but Deppen stunned him with palm strikes and kneed him to the mat. He targeted Scorpio’s knees and bit out of a choke to lock in a deathlock. He continued to stomp at the downed Scorpio and taunted the crowd, then missed a running senton. A slugfest got underway and both guys threw jawbreakers. Deppen got hit with a spinning gut kick but caught the second and baited an Enzuigiri, then locked on an STF to choke out Scorpio for the win. Once again, Scorpio proves that he can rock it in modern matches. Deppen was the perfect foil as a brash, all-business type of guy to strip away the fun-loving nature and bring out the fire of the match. When all was said and done though, real respected real and mutual respect was shown.

It was a great way to end the show and one hell of a main event. VxS are going to be making their presence felt on IWTV with their old school approach to modern-day wrestling and you know I’m all for it. They’re upping their show count so I’ll be upping the review count to keep up because VxS knows how to give you something unique every time.

All images courtesy of VxS Twitter, Nick Karp Photography, Jocay19

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