So what have AEW Dynamite got planned this week? “The Forbidden Door has been opened!” as KENTA is tagging with Kenny Omega to face Jon Moxley and Lance Archer in what will be a blistering tag match, the Women’s No1 Contender Eliminator Tournament kicks off and there is TNT Championship match, so, let’s dive in and review this Show.

TNT Championship Match: Darby Allin (c) vs. “The Bad Boy” Joey Janela

Now, this was a superb match, a question to some fans, was this going to be as chaotic as their frantic brawl from PWG was a few years ago? It wasn’t but this match has shown how much Allin has grown as a wrestling talent and how much Janela has to offer when he’s not overlooked since then. Many including myself used, why is Janela getting a Title match? We didn’t get an answer but they both produce matches like this, I can’t argue when he does get a Title match.

The two began with trading technical offences with Allin gaining the advantage. Janela got back into the match when he hit a brutal facebuster on the outside of the ring that Allin’s face connected with the apron, looked horrific. Janela wasn’t done though, as he followed up with a suicide dive and gained a near fall. The pressure continued with Janela punishing the TNT Champion with a body-scissors and then struck with an elbow from the top turnbuckle.

Janela came to play in the match but Allin proved why he’s TNT Champion for a reason, as he recovered and connected with a full-speed dive through the ropes. He then targeted Janela’s left arm, using the Fujiwara Armbar, then used the ropes as leverage to wrench the arm, limiting Janela’s attack.

Both men went back and forth throughout the match as Janela hit a German suplex, a falcon drop, a piledriver and a series of thrust kicks, each time able to get a near fall. But as stated, Allin is the Champion and showed exactly why as he was to recover and adapt with what was being thrown at him. He struck with an avalanche, a Code Red and concluded with the Coffin Drop to get the win in a hard-fought and frankly must-see match by the wrestling.

Backstage Segment: Jon Moxley spoke directly to the camera, responding back after the attack suffered by Kenta last week on Dynamite. He spoke about their NJPW US Title Match and the tag team bout on Dynamite which will be a prelude of what’s to come when they do have their Title Match.

Backstage Segment:  Sammy Guevara walked into the Inner Circle locker room and asked to be alone with MJF. As everyone left, they all seemed to have allegiances to MJF.  As the two spoke, the camera seemed to focus on MJF placing his phone on a nearby table.

Guevara stated that he knew exactly what MJF was doing and he denied any wrongdoing, Guevara said he knew MJF making an attempt to take over the Inner Circle. MJF defensively stated he thought the animosity between the two may have been a childish rivalry because he replaced Guevara as Jericho’s new “favourite” but pushed it further insinuating that it was something more sinister that Guevara wanted to take over the Inner Circle himself.

MJF baited Guevara into jokingly saying that he hates Jericho and he wanted to take over the “Inner Circle” suddenly MJF, grinned and stated that he recorded the whole statement on his phone. Guevara then angrily seized the phone, threw it against the wall, punched him in the ribs and stormed off.

Cody Rhodes (w/ Arn Anderson) & Lee Johnson vs. “Pretty” Peter Avalon & Cezar Bononi

Quote: “Avalon is a strange character” – Jim Ross.

It was Rhodes versus Avalon to start the match, and Johnson was tagged in to showcase his talents. Bononi took advantage of this with a cheap shot to Johnson’s back allowing Avalon’s team to take control. The pendulum swung many times between both sides but it was Bononi who was given his chance to shine in the match.

Bononi was using his raw power to dismantle Rhodes with an inverted suplex and proceeded to stomp and kick Rhodes. The team of Avalon and Bononi isolated Rhodes and he genuinely looked to be in pain with his left shoulder during the assault. However, Johnson was given the hot tag and launched a flurry of attacks on the opposing duo. He connected with a backbreaker and a corkscrew dive on Bononi at ringside and struck with a Fisherman neckbreaker on Avalon to get a near fall.

Cody and Bononi were taken out of the match as the two brawled outside leaving Johnson and Avalon in the ring. The shock of the match occurred when Johnson struck with a roll-up on Avalon to get the pin.

PAC vs. “Hollywood Hunk” Ryan Nemeth

Quote: ”He’s fast, he’s slick, and he’ll hit right. I’m the mouth if he wants to” – Jim Ross.

Now, this was a quick match, Nemeth had been chosen as the sacrificial lamb to be fed to PAC, as this match lasted barely after 4 minutes with PAC almost in complete control. Straight into the match, PAC wasn’t messing about, after a barrage of kicks Nemeth was on the back foot, and had to escape to the outside. PAC was in pursuit and thrown him back in, Nemeth struck back with a dropkick and a spike DDT.

Realising he was in trouble, PAC retreated to the outside only to lure Nemeth into his trap who followed him. PAC seized him, threw him into the railings then back into the ring and viciously stomped on his chest and his face as Nemeth retreated to the corner. It was over as a match when PAC hit the Black Arrow transitioned into The Brutaliser for the submission.

“The Acclaimed” Max Caster & Anthony Bowens vs. Chris Jericho & MJF (w/Santana, Ortiz, Wardlow, Jake Hager)

Quote of the night: ’ we’ll cut your lights off like we cut off Judas.” – Max Caster.

Right from the start of the match, The Acclaimed targeted MJF’s ribs. Earlier on, MJF said that Guevara had broken them during their altercation. The duo constantly tried to single out the injured member of The Inner Circle using suplexes and springboard splash combinations to gain near falls. However, weathering the storm, MJF tagged in Jericho and from there, the momentum had propelled their way, as the duo used quick tags to do the damage and cut off any chance The Acclaimed had of getting back into the match, especially Caster.

The experience of Jericho would play a part, he distracted the referee after throwing Caster to the outside of the ring and he fell prey to all of the members of The Inner Circle who would take cheap shots when he was down.

But this is Caster and Bowens, a tag team who have won 11 out their last 12 matches, they have come back from fights like this before, and on this instance, it was Caster who was charged with making the hot tag to Bowens who launched an all-out assault the Inner Circle duo.

The match took a turn as Jericho looked to complete a moonsault but was hit with a stereo to the head by Caster while the referee was distracted with a near fall. At this point, you realised the ending wasn’t in doubt, thanks to the commentators who stated, “that would have been an upset of epic proportions if they pinned Jericho.” Thanks, guys, for ruining a really good match. And as predicted, while The Acclaimed went to hit The Claim to Fame, they were interrupted as Bowens was pulled out the ring and Caster was struck with the Judas Effect for the pin.

Aftermath: As The Inner Circle were gathered in the ring united after the match, Guevara’s music played and he headed to the ring with a purpose. Jericho asked what’s his problem, questioning why he was late to the match, why he punched MJF in the stomach and smashed his phone. All while Jericho was asking this, MJF, like the weasel he is, was screaming you did this for no reason.

Guevara answered,“… if one more thing happened with him, I’m done. So I’m out here to tell you I’m done. I quit the Inner Circle.” And like that, he walked away while Jericho looked upset as MJF tried to reassure him.

Backstage Segment: Hangman Page and Hardy were at a bar already into a drinking session. However, while Page has been drinking, Hardy has been pouring his own drinks out behind Page’s back in an attempt to get Page drunk. Why was he doing this? It was an attempt to sign Page to the Hardy Brand. Quickly Hardy seizing his moment thinking Page is vulnerable, he pulled out a contract and convinced Page to sign his name to a contract that amazingly Hardy has right there.

Hardy looked directly to the camera, stating that he wanted this recorded so Page couldn’t get out of the contract, unknown to him though while Page was out of his sightline, Page had his own contract and swapped it with Hardy’s and signed his own contract and said Hardy should sign it too, With Hardy ecstatic, he signed the contract and makes his sharp exit unbeknownst to what has happened while Page sat at the bar, pleased knowing he just outsmarted big-money Hardy.

Tony Schiavone Interviews Sting

This was nothing interview, we didn’t even hear from Sting. Team Taz interrupted the interview, once again. They were outside but this time, they attacked Darby Allin (we didn’t see it happen) but he was laid out in a body bag tied to a rope attached to Taz’s car. The bag was zipped up and they proceeded to drive away with Sting looking annoyed.

AEW Women’s World Championship Eliminator Tournament (First Round): Legit Leyla Hirsch vs. Thunder Rosa

Quote: “Britt Baker and your big assed nose, I’m coming for you!” – Thunder Rosa.

Both wrestlers were evenly matched early on, and if this is what fans can expect from this Elimination Tournament then, HELL YES! For weeks, I’ve been asking for longer matches to showcase wrestlers talents and this did exactly that. Rosa, we all know how good she is, and finally, fans got to see more dimensions of Hirsch.

The match itself saw both competitors were trading their attacks, with Hirsch hitting German suplexes and Rosa hitting shotgun dropkicks while Hirsch was prone in the corner. The match was non stop action as both wouldn’t give up, Hirsch landed a crossbody, near fall and then launched her herself for a moonsault from the top turnbuckle but Rosa brought her knees up.

Hirsch fought back and was on a roll, as she dazzled Rosa with a series of bicycle knee strikes, she looked to have the former NWA Women’s Champion at her mercy when she climbed to the top turnbuckle for a second moonsault but Rosa dodged it.

Rosa tried to go for the Fire Thunder Driver but, Hirsch countered and seized in an armbar. Rosa was sensing victory and muscled her way out and connected with Fire Thunder Driver for the final time to get the win and advance in the tournament.

Backstage Segment: Jungle Boy talked directly to the camera, reflecting on his match, Dax stating Jurassic Express never got FTR suspended. In fact, Jungle Boy wanted them in the ring, “… to look at them in the eyes and when he gets face to face with Dax again, he will make him his b*tch.

Falls Count Anywhere Tag Team Match: AEW World Champion Kenny Omega (w/ Don Callis) & KENTA vs. IWGP United States Champion Jon Moxley & “The Murderhawk Monster” Lance Archer

Quote: “We can’t put Jake on a live mic!” – Excalibur

Falls Count Anywhere seemed to the mean Tornado rules for this match. But what did that mean for this match? It meant chaos, brutality and high octane action, that made this a must-see bout!

How did the match go? It started with KENTA attacking Moxley with the briefcase and Omega hitting a chop block on Archer allowing KENTA to strike him with the briefcase. Moxley would take the punishment early on as KENTA and Omega would take turns beating him down with stiff kicks and splashes. As mentioned, Tornado rules applied, and as Omega went for another splash, Archer intercepted and propelled him halfway across the ring. This gave Moxley the chance to regroup and target KENTA with a lariat.

The fight continued in the ring KENTA went for a GTS on Moxley but was reversed into a Paradigm Shift attempt but Omega returned to the ring with a trash can shot to Moxley. Omega struck Moxley with a moonsault with the trashcan in hand, and KENTA pummelled him a running dropkick to Moxley’s face as he was trapped in the corner with the trash can on his face.

Archer was by himself in the ring and brought a ladder to the fray taking out Omega and KENTA. Moxley launched himself at KENTA as he was devastated outside, this allowed Archer to suplex Omega onto a ladder in the corner. The carnage flowed outside as Omega and Archer brawled all over the area around the ring. Somehow, Peter Avalon who seemed to be getting too close to the action received a GTS from KENTA for his troubles. But afterwards, Omega received a chokeslam from Archer through a table, it looked brutal as if Omega looked to have caught the back of his head on the steel leg that lays underneath the table.

The match was beautifully destructive in so many ways, as they fought in the staging areas of the building, and the kitchen as well. Highlights of this included KENTA hitting Moxley with a DDT on a steel table and then Moxley who recovered, hitting KENTA and Omega with potatoes. No, you didn’t misread that, actual potatoes.

There was much more to this match that included Moxley showcasing just how much of a badass he is when he was let loose with a kendo stick. Holy hell, the next sequence I’m gonna describe to you was just chaos. Omega hit Moxley with a knee strike that propelled him into a table as KENTA was fighting with Archer on the stage set. KENTA escaped a powerbomb attempt, by running with a striking double foot stomp onto Moxley, who was laying on the ringside table, it was breathtaking to witness.

But, back in the ring, and the conclusion to the match was due, Archer battled Omega and looked to have the Champion defeated after he stuck with a chokeslam and a flying moonsault from the top rope for a near fall. However, the arrival of the Good Brothers spelt the end as they connected with the ‘Magic Killer’ on Archer, followed by a ‘V-Trigger’ from Omega, and a ‘One-Winged Angel’ with an assist from the Good Brothers to get the win.


I didn’t know what to expect with this Dynamite. Was it going to be a one-match show? I’m damn pleased to see it wasn’t and everyone excelled in their matches, but two things that really irritated the hell of me. Firstly, Justin Roberts. For any fans who don’t know who AEW are pushing this week, leave it to Roberts to put as much gusto into announcing them if AEW isn’t pushing someone, it’s a casual announcement of who it is. You can say, does it matter though, but trust me once you notice it, you can’t un-hear it and there lies the irritation. Secondly, the commentary, it’s exactly the same situation, the language they use to let you know who the company is pushing without actually saying it compared to their remarks on their opponents. It’s embarrassing sometimes to listen to at times and it can put you off a really good match.

Photos, videos and tweets – All Elite Wrestling

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