Welcome back to Paradigm Pro. With the UWFI rules series done, for now, the company looked to make a new series that was just as different as its forerunner. Enter No Hook, a mashup of wrestling and hip-hop culture featuring Paradigm’s regulars and some of the hottest talents on the scene, directed by the master of ceremonies J-Rose. In this episode we’d see, Xavier Faraday vs Alex Kane, Detroit Punk battle the Creature Feature, Jody the Wrestler defending the Party Hard Party Monster Title, a four-way featuring a Samurai, two money men, and a Shooterweight and the main event that would see the Hoodfoot Mo Atlas defend the Heavy Hitters title against Hardway Heeter in a hardcore match. Let’s get into this new breed of action!

We started with an interesting opener going over what the project was and J-Rose explaining that both Glitch and Chase Holliday weren’t able to make it so they were going to crown an interim title for the Midwest Territory Chain, much to the number one contender, Calvin Tankman’s displeasure. We also learned the title plans for the Paradigm Heavyweight Champion Myron Reed as he challenged Don’t Die Miles and refused to wrestle anyone but Miles. Lastly, J-Rose reminded everyone of the app they were to use to record promos and message others.

Alex Kane defeated Xavier Faraday via Mark of Kane

The first match of the episode was the Paradigm debut for the Kimono King, Xavier Faraday. His debut opponent, the Suplex Assassin Alex Kane so it wasn’t going to be an easy first match. Faraday started quick with some fast strikes and flipped out of a German to land a kick. He delivered a high impact face-wash and once again countered Kane’s assault with a popped-up dropkick. He launched off the ropes again but Kane was ready and dumped him into the mat with a heavy uranage. He continued the punishment with a backbreaker across his shoulder and dropped a knee into Faraday’s back for a Camel Clutch style submission. Faraday was able to fight up and slip out the back to deliver a running knee to the back of Kane’s head. That only got two so Faraday tried to light Kane up with forearms but caught into a wheelbarrow/German Suplex combo. Faraday had a little fight left so Kane dropped him with an X-Plex and finished the match with the Mark of Kane. Faraday had brought a ton of energy and agility but he was unable to get the win here. He did leave a mark though and that running knee looked lethal.

Creature Feature (Lazarus & Adriel Noctis) defeated Detroit Punk (Nolan Edward & Mitch Hewitt) via Bed of Nails on Hewitt

Up next were some new faces for me, I’d never seen Creature Feature in action but I was all for their aesthetic. On the other side of the ring No-Flinch Nolan Edward and his partner Mitch Hewitt, Detroit Punk. They tried to mimic Creature Feature’s pose but Edward was having a lot of difficulty with it. Hewitt and Noctis started by throwing bombs and Hewitt tried to end things quick with a sliding forearm. Edward sent him out of the match with a dropkick and Lazarus took his place. Lazarus walked right into a combo of double-team moves from Detroit Punk and ended up on the receiving end of a nightmarish backbreaker. Noctis interrupted another combo and Creature Feature hit Edward with an apron kick/Electric Chair facebuster combo. Lazarus and Edward brawled around the outside and Lazarus continued to pummel Edward in-ring. Edward nearly kicked free to a hot tag but Creature Feature cut it off with a blind tag Meteora. Noctis continued to break down Edward but got too cocky and Edward was able to kick free and dump Noctis with a headlock Suplex. Hewitt came out hot and beat down both Creatures and snapped Lazarus with a TKO. Noctis cut off more double-team and hit Hewitt with an Assisted Lungblower (which they call the Bed of Nails) for the win. This was a great little tag bout with a lot of tag-team smarts shown by Creature Feature. I hope to see more of them now. It looks like it might also be the end of Detroit Punk given the spat they had to end the segment.

Party Hard Party Monster Title: Billie Starkz defeated Jody the Wrestler via Bridging German

It was time for the first title match. Jody the Wrestler finally had to defend the Party Hard Wrestling Party Monster Titles. His opponent for this defence, Space Jesus Billie Starkz. Jody had fought through blood and monsters to get the title; would he be able to now beat Starkz? Jody made a deal to join the Big Starkz Brand if he won and seemed determined not to wrestle. They both ran past each other and Jody made the mistake of insulting Billie-Tista earning him a slap. She stomped him in the corner and scored a near-fall with a Perfect-Plex. She watched Jody stagger to his feet and hit him with a rolling forearm in the corner. He caught a corner kick but it was a ruse and she blasted him in the face with a rebound kick. Starkz tried for a Suplex but Jody caught it into a jawbreaker. He followed up with two more into a forearm but Starkz kicked out. He went for Indie Stuff but Starkz dodged and ended him with a kick combo into a Bridging German for the win. This was obviously more comedy focused than the first two matches but it still delivered some hard hits and good laughs. Congratulations Billie Starkz on your new title. Post-match the app showed Jody questioning his abilities after losing the title when a mysterious voice promised they could make things better. He would win every match providing he could put something of personal value up each time and he pledged his undying loyalty to the mysterious person making the deal. Jody accepted because he didn’t want to leave the mysterious alley a twink failure.

Four-Way: Ken Broadway defeated Nolo Kitano, Yoya & Charles Mason via Cashflow Kick to Kitano 

Now here are some names you want to see fighting, the Money Man Ken Broadway, Wrestling’s Hannibal Lector Charles Mason, the Shooterweight Yoya, and the Ghetto Samurai Nolo Kitano. This was going to be one hell of a wild multi-man match with a whole host of wrestling brutality. Mason made everyone wait as he stripped out of his suit and trash talk was thrown between Broadway and Mason. The money men dumped Yoya and Kitano to the outside, then Broadway tried to win with a quick roll-up on Mason. Broadway sent Mason outside, then threw him back in for a corner charge. Mason staggered him with a boot and sent Broadway out with a massive leg lariat. Kitano rolled back in and ran the ropes with Mason before sending him to the outside with a pop-up head-scissor takeover. Yoya was lurking in the shadows but Kitano was ready and caught him flush with a quick kick. Yoya returned fire over the corner and after more rope running tripped Kitano into a faceplant and a basement dropkick. He tossed Kitano outside for a dive but Broadway cut him off with an uppercut. He dumped Yoya on the mat with a Back Suplex and hit him with the one-legged moonsault for the two-count. Kitano gave him the run-around and hit him with double knees in the corner, then Mason interrupted both and hit Broadway and Kitano with a kill the poor corner combo ending in a slingshot dropkick on Kitano and leaping DDT on Broadway. He continued to bully the pair by DVD’ing Kitano onto Broadway with Yoya having to save the match. Yoya lit up Mason with palm strikes and twisted around him into a codebreaker. He went for a sunset flip PK on Broadway but Broadway caught it citing move infringement.

Yoya transitioned it to a double stomp and low-bridged a returning Mason back out of the ring. Broadway caught Yoya out of the air and threw him into the turnbuckles for the Bread and Butter combo of the enzuigiri and back cracker. Mason broke up the pin and the pair slugged it out. Broadway took advantage with a spin kick but Mason jumped onto him and locked in a Guillotine. Kitano freed Broadway with a leaping head kick and nailed both men with kicks into a double Pele Kick. He jumped of Mason and hit a Destroyer on Broadway, then tried to hit something on Mason but he turned it into a Tombstone. Yoya tried to jump on him but Mason caught him by the throat and chokeslammed him into the mat, hard. He dragged both Yoya and Kitano up and decided he was going to choke out Kitano. He set up the kill but Kitano reversed into Trigram’s Rotation, a move I refuse to try and describe and looked to have the match won but Broadway ran in from off-camera and drilled Kitano with the Cashflow Kick for the win. Bloody hell was this exceptional. What a showcase for all involved in the match. It was a hyper-paced showcase of highly-athletic violence and unique personalities all clashing in one ring. It was a massive spotlight for Kitano, who has impressed me twice now, a big win for Broadway and a bitter loss for Mason. I doubt he’s going to take that well, don’t be surprised if you hear reports of more poor people being murdered, that was probably him.

Heavy Hitters Title: Hoodfoot defeated Hardway Heeter via Pumphandle Driver

Last but not least, the main event. Hardway Heeter was getting his shot at the Hoodfoot’s Heavy-Hitters title. This one wouldn’t be fought under UWFI rules, it would instead be a hardcore match. Hoodfoot has taken on and bested any and all challengers to his title. What would happen when things got hardcore? Plus, it was his way at getting back at Heeter for bullying Don’t Die Miles. The match started with heavy hands and Heeter knocking Hoodfoot down with a kick. The fight went outside and both guys traded knockout shots. Hoodfoot sent Heeter into the ring post and sat him down in a chair he’d rammed into his ribs for a running charge but Heeter stood up and Sabu’ed him with the chair. Hoodfoot somehow shook this off and slammed Heeter onto the ring apron. Both guys then felt the pain as Heeter tried to drag out Hoodfoot’s leg but Hoodfoot shifted his position during the fall and landed on Heeter. A headbutt fight broke out with both men collapsing to the floor after several headbutts to the chest. Hoodfoot dragged out a door and tried to put Heeter through it with a DVD but Heeter wiggled free and sent Hoodfoot flying with a Saito. Heeter threw the door back outside and set it up on the concrete. He took too long so a pissed-off Hoodfoot mauled him from behind and kneed the soul out of him. Heeter KO’ed Hoodfoot with a forearm but couldn’t hoist him up so Hoodfoot fired back and took him up to the apron. After more back and forth strikes, Heeter found a space to breathe and threw Hoodfoot off the apron and through the door. He rolled Hoodfoot back in for a pin but only got two. The pair battled over a Suplex with Hoodfoot yelling out a war cry and dumped Heeter on his head with a half and half. The pair somehow had the energy to beat each other with palm strikes and after a multitude of clotheslines, Hoodfoot had knocked Heeter silly enough to win with a Pumphandle Driver. Once again, Hoodfoot proves he is unkillable as he took one monster of a beating and gave just as monstrous back. This was a fine main event and a fine way to end the show. Be sure to come back next week as we delve into more mysteries and matches with Paradigm’s No Hook. Remember cheer your favourites and ask the questions. This is going to be an interesting series to follow.

All images courtesy of Paradigm Twitter, Jocay19.  J-Rose Twitter, ThatRoseTattoo

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