Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling. The AEW Women’s Eliminator has brought all it’s attention to the Chocolate Square as not one not two, but four of the competitors in the Japanese bracket are in matches today with one very special guest playing referee for one of the two main events. That’s right, Hikaru Shida herself is in the building to referee what will certainly be tag team chaos between the Best Bros and ASUKA/VENY (depending on how you know her) and Emi Sakura. Our first main event match will see ChocoPro’s Aniki Ryo Mizunami return ahead of the tournament and battle the Tropical Powerhouse Yuna Mizumori. Let’s get into the super edition of ChocoPro.

Ryo Mizunami defeated Yuna Mizumori via Lariat

Up first was a kaiju battle for the ages. Yuna Mizumori, the Tropical Powerhouse vs Ryo Mizunami, ChocoPro’s Aniki and holder of the world’s coolest yet heaviest chain. Both competitors are strong as hell, who’d get the better of their opponent here? The pair started by trading shoulder tackles, throwing the occasional chant in before hitting another deadly tackle. Mizunami sent Mizumori flying, then kicked her in the gut to stop the tackles. She missed hitting Mizumori against the wall and walked straight into a flying shoulder block. Mizumori paid homage to today’s camerawoman by hitting a Pencil Roll and the pair went into an exchange of side headlocks and wrist-control. She won the exchange and splashed Mizunami against the wall. She applied a half crab and used all of the ref’s count to apply extra damage. Mizunami tried to change the tide of battle but she missed a wall chop and Mizumori assailed her with elbows. She met the wall on an ill-fated Mango Papaya charge and Mizunami gave her some payback with a stiff chop into her Kojima-Esque Machine Gun chops. After expending her clip, she powered up with dance and hit another lethal chop that crumpled Mizumori. She tried to run away so Mizunami gave her more nightmarish chops around the studio. Mizumori tried to power up off of them but the chops kept coming and Mizunami wasn’t falling for any tricks, it was just chop, stalk, chop again. A second magazine of Machine Gun Chops followed and another charged-up chop into one hell of a nasty lariat. This only got two so Mizunami trapped Mizumori in a Camel Clutch and tried for another lariat. Mizumori caught it and distracted Mizunami with dance to hit a Diving Coconut Crush into a dropkick. She put Mizunami in the Tropical Crab and hit a handstand senton when Mizunami made the ropes. The pair had a tug of war with a table after Mizumori lost her temper.

Mizunami got the better of the exchange and used the table to crush Mizumori against the wall. Mizumori slipped free and used a table leg to crush Mizunami’s hand. She placed the table down on the mat and tried for a slam but Mizunami put the block on it and slammed Mizumori onto the table instead. Mizunami applied a Boston Crab to the table trapped Mizumori but broke the hold to deliver a body attack and smashed her tailbone off of the table. Mizumori wasted no time in taking advantage and delivered a duo of splashes to Mizunami and the table. A slugfest broke out and after a barrage of deadly forearms, Mizunami scored another near-fall with another lariat and Mizumori got the same with another splash. She went for the wall-run splash but Mizunami got her knees up. She winded Mizumori with a spear and locked in a submission hold when Mizumori kicked out. Mizumori forced a break and kicked out of another lariat so Mizunami took another run-up and KO’ed Mizumori with one final lariat. This got very damn stiff, didn’t it? Both women beat the hell out of each other and Mizunami wanted to do it again. They’d end up sharing the mat again very soon indeed.

Best Bros (Mei Suruga & Baliyan Akki) defeated VENY & Emi Sakura via Ref Shida’s Decision

The second main event of the show was the star-powered tag match between the Best Bros and the team of VENY and Emi Sakura. Neither team was going to hold back and everyone was going to come away sore. Hikaru Shida was going to have a hard time keeping order in this match as the special guest ref. No sportsmanship was shown and VENY started by mocking Suruga’s height with a test of strength she couldn’t reach. Suruga didn’t take too kindly to this and stomped VENY’s feet, then dragged her down to stomp her midsection. VENY caught her out of the follow-up exchange and cartwheeled away so Suruga gave her another boot to the midsection. Suruga went for the window-sill arm-drag but VENY pulled her down, gave her a chop and hit the window-sill arm-drag herself. The pair both tried for pin-falls and Akki took a turn with VENY. They went into a technical exchange and traded around a test of strength. VENY got the better of some shoulder barges and went into another test of strength. Sakura made a blind tag and took over, hitting Akki with a sneak attack and back rakes as Shida tried to calm VENY. Sakura continued to attack and kick Akki with VENY hitting him when she could. She threw Akki by the hair despite Shida’s admonishment and gave Akki a hard chop but he staggered back and set up the Best Bros Crossbody Combo. He locked in the Namaste Stretch and walked over to Sakura to make a tag. Suruga trapped Sakura in the Octopus Stretch and Akki helped save it when Sakura tried to back her into the wall. He added extra torque to the hold so VENY broke the hold up. Suruga didn’t slouch and quickly locked on a body-scissor for the Kawaii Pin whilst holding the AEW sign to the camera. The Best Bros continued to bully Sakura with more submissions and shoulder-breaking moves. Sakura tried to chop back so Akki punished her with wrist clutch shoulder tackles. Sakura reversed a whip and went around the world to send Akki into the wall with a Hurricanrana. She made the tag to VENY, who quickly made her presence felt again with a cartwheel dropkick and a Swanton from the window. She trod on his hair and hammered him with strikes and kicks before letting Sakura hit him with a window-hung backbreaker. The hair stomping continued so Shida shunted Sakura away.

Akki and VENY got into a slug and slap fight where VENY rocked Akki with a deadly slap and slammed him into the mat for an elbow drop. Sakura channelled her in Freddie Mercury and started an Ay-Oh singalong as she applied the Romero Special to Akki. She tuned the band up for another singalong but Akki caught her out of the We Will Rock You crossbody and flipped her into a backbreaker. He made the tag and Suruga came in hot, dropkicking VENY and slamming Sakura into the wall. She hit a wall-run double chop and tried to slam Sakura but Sakura overpowered her and dropped her with a Suplex. Sakura tagged out and VENY delivered a Snap Suplex to Suruga and reversed a roll-up attempt into a sit-out facebuster. She went for a deadlift German but Suruga flipped out and hit a double stomp. Suruga tried for the Apple Cut Mutilation and survived getting spun around to bridge it in. VENY’s long legs forced a break and Suruga made the most of the five-count. VENY whipped her at the wall and caught the wall-run crossbody but Suruga countered the counter into an arm-drag and the Best Bros roll-up/Swanton combo. Akki was tagged and gave VENY a receipt for the earlier strikes, then superkicked her down. The knee drop followed and a second Swanton was attempted but VENY got her knees up. He charged but VENY reversed into a Cazadora double stomp and gave him a stiff punt kick to the ribs. She tried again for a German but Akki broke free and charged again, only to be hit with a Dragonrana. She now made the mistake of charging and ran into the wall-run head kick combo. He hoisted her up for a backbreaker and nailed the Spider Splash but Sakura broke up the pin. He didn’t pause and instantly locked the Deathlock in but VENY escaped again. More jaw-breaking kicks were traded between the two and both struggled across the mat to tag out. Suruga scored first blood with a Supergirl Forearm and launched off the sink to deliver another double stomp. She dodged a Propellor counter and slammed Sakura into the mat but couldn’t follow up as Sakura hit the twisting facebuster.

The We Will Rock You Splash quickly followed and Suruga reversed the underhook backbreaker into another Apple Cut Mutilation. VENY broke the hold so Akki kicked her away and Sakura locked a double bow and arrow on the Best Bros. Team Sakura tried for a double-team manoeuvre but the Best Bros countered it into dual crossbodies. Suruga hit both with a double stomp and VENY rolled away as Akki totalled Sakura with a Swanton. VENY tried to mount a comeback but Akki booted her out of the window and followed her with a Namaste Splash. A chop vs forearm fest broke out between Suruga and Sakura with both women powering up of the other’s strikes and a pinfall battle raged on after. Sakura argued over a pin count and threw Shida into Suruga before accidentally blasting her with a kick. Suruga used the downed form of Shida as a stepping stone for another Supergirl punch and nailed another diving double stomp from the window. Akki followed with the Namaste Splash and the Best Bros nailed the Best Bros-Sault but no one was there to count it. A frustrated Suruga ran into a chop-line and another pinfall fest broke out. Shida really had her work cut out for her as pinfall after pinfall drew dangerously close to a three. Suruga locked on the Apple Cut Mutilation again and Shida called for the bell citing Sakura had given up. Sakura was livid, but Shida’s decision was final. She had called that her teacher had given up and she was standing by that. Suruga took the big win as Akki had worked to keep VENY at bay outside.

What a hell of a match to watch. What a show in general. This was a top-tier ChocoPro show, which already has a high standard, to begin with. Everyone brought it and the extra presence of Hikaru Shida just made it all feel that bit more special. I’ll always be happy to see VENY or Mizunami in action and alongside the ChocoPro roster, they always show out. Shida made an enemy of herself by winning the Janken tournament leading to a weird team for the Season finale, episode 90. Mei Suruga and Emi Sakura will be teaming against Ryo Mizunami and Yuna Mizumori. Alongside that, we’d see Chie Koishikawa and Sayuri team up against Lulu Pencil and Tokiko Kirihara and we get the long-awaited singles match between Hagane Shinno and Baliyan Akki. Come back soon to read all about it! As always ChocoPro is free on YouTube, you totally should be watching it. It’s always getting better.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, FlyingVTrigger, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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