Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling. After the chaotic end of episode #89, we were treated to a three-match card of weird teams and intense singles action. This was ChocoPro’s Valentine’s Day treat to all those who watched them as they had matched their season five finale with Japan’s Chocolate Day. In this episode we’d see, Hagane Shinno vs Baliyan Akki, Sayuri and Chie Koishikawa taking on Lulu Pencil and Tokiko Kirihara and the formation of Tropical High Energy as Ryo Mizunami and Yuna Mizumori teamed up against the odd couple team of Emi Sakura and Mei Suruga. The company was determined to end this season with a bang so let’s get into the action!

Sayuri & Chie Koishikawa defeated Lulu Pencil & Tokiko Kirihara via Stretch Muffler on Kirihara

Up first was the hyperactive chopping machine and ChocoPro’s resident Ninja teaming up to take on the leader of the Pencil Army and the queen of the straightjacket Tokiko Kirihara in tag team action. Koishikawa has finally started to find success in tag action, could she rack up one more win again Pencil and Kirihara? Sayuri and Kirihara started the action with some lock-ups and Sayuri nearly won with a quick roll-up. The pair battled around headlocks then both tagged out, Kirihara not wanting to fight Koishikawa. She locked up with Pencil and took her on a run before swinging her into the wall. She ran over her some more but Pencil was prepared and tripped her into a Pencil Roll Crab. She hit Koishikawa with more Pencil attacks for a near-fall and crushed her under a stool. Pencil tagged and Kirihara locked both Koishikawa and Sayuri in a straightjacket as Pencil trapped their legs. This pissed Koishikawa off and she started to hammer Kirihara with her deadly chops. She made a tag and Sayuri rushed Kirihara with a Yakuza kick. The wall-run takeover followed but Kirihara was taking no more and put Sayuri in a heel hook. Sayuri forced a break and quickly had to do so again as Kirihara trapped her in an armbar. Sayuri hit back with some kunai edge chops and tried for a win with a crucifix, changing it into a submission hold when Kirihara kicked out. Koishikawa intercepted Pencil and we got a double submission spot. The Sleeper came next but Kirihara slammed Sayuri against the wall and into the mat. She brought in Pencil for the stomps and chops but Sayuri dodged and gave Pencil repeated rolling wall smashes. She tagged out and Koishikawa went full-on horror movie villain by stalking Pencil across the mat before smiling sadistically into the camera to deliver a lethal chop to her midsection. She dragged Pencil back to and around the mat but Pencil kicked free and climbed to the top. She tried for the stabber but Sayuri was already outside to stop it, snapping her off the window after a stretch in a sleeper.

Pencil tried to take a breather but Koishikawa dropkicked her against the window and chopped her against the wall. She slumped down and Koishikawa ended up chopping the wall, Pencil took advantage and hit a stabber against the wall the quickly tagged out. Kirihara came in like a kicking machine and gave her another wall to floor slam. Kirihara now climbed to the top for the grinding foot stomp but then fell victim to more Koishikawa chops. She caught Koishikawa out of a wall dropkick into an abdominal stretch and tried for another pinfall, starting a pinfall war that nearly ended when Kirihara connected with the Judo throw into a Triangle. Sayuri came to save the day so Pencil and Kirihara tried to bully her but Koishikawa used her as a launchpad for an X chop. Koishikawa hit Kirihara with another dropkick and a diving X chop for a two-count. The Stretch Muffler followed and Kirihara was forced to tap. This was a big win for Chie Koishikawa. She had been dominant throughout the match and got a big submission win over one of ChocoPro’s submission experts. This was an excellent first match and my Sayuri-based bias makes me happy to see her get a win too, even if she didn’t get to take part in much of the action.

Baliyan Akki vs Hagane Shinno went to a time-limit draw

Following that was one of my most anticipated ChocoPro matches. Hagane Shinno and Baliyan Akki were finally going one on one. Both are lethal kickers but who would come away from this with a win to end the season? The pair instantly tried for kicks and went into a swift technical exchange. Shinno tried to bend Akki’s repaired shoulder and Akki tried to work around that. Neither man could keep the advantage and both went counter for counter. Akki missed the head kick and Shinno made him pay with a swift kick in the back. Shinno continued to strike at him so Akki dropped him down and splashed his leg. Akki continued to work the leg with kicks and a leg-DT but Shinno was quickly back on top with a kneebar. Shinno continued this approach with a surfboard stomp and Akki locked him in a leg-trapped Camel Clutch. Once again, Shinno answered back quickly with an elevated Figure Four and ankle lock but couldn’t stop Akki from escaping and trying to kick back. A kick fight broke out with Shinno launching one kick too many and igniting Akki’s wall-run head kick combo. He tried for the Spider but Shinno got his knees up and lit up Akki with jabs. Akki caught another kick and dropped Shinno across his knee for a backbreaker and climbed to the top for a Swanton but Shinno kicked him out of the window.

He got his foot stuck across the window sill from his momentum so Akki climbed across to the other window and went coast to coast. The leg submissions returned with Akki locking on his arm-trapped Deathlock but he broke the hold to hit a window dive Swanton. He tried for a Namaste Splash off the sink but Shinno rolled and Akki faceplanted the mat. Shinno made him pay with more strikes but missed the standing moonsault and ended up in another Deathlock. Shinno locked up Akki’s ankle again whilst in the hold and both ended up forcing a break. Shinno went kick and jab mad, then flipped out of a backbreaker and kicked Akki to the mat. Akki reversed the Michinoku Driver into a rolling cutter and climbed to the top again to nail the Namaste Splash. Shinno rolled through on it for a pin but Akki kicked out. The kicks came out again as Shinno rocked Akki with a head kick into a DDT pin but still couldn’t get the three-count. The pair traded and Akki went for the misdirection pin but time ran out as he got the three-count. The match was deemed a draw despite being an Akki victory if it had been a second later. This was intense. Like really intense, a strong and technical style bout with a whole lot of violence on display. Both guys beat the hell out of each other and would have probably been happy to go a lot longer. I never want this feud to end, the matches are too good. Hell, Shinno even continued to get at Akki as he tried to aggressively put on the referee shirt for the next match.

The Apple Queens (Mei Suruga & Emi Sakura) defeated Tropical High Energy (Ryo Mizunami & Yuna Mizumori) via Tiger Driver to Mizumori

Last but not least, the main event. The big match to close out season 5 would see Mei Suruga and Emi Sakura attempt to put their differences aside to best Tropical High Energy, the powerhouse team of Yuna Mizumori and ChocoPro’s Aniki Ryo Mizunami. Suruga and Sakura may have had matching gear but could they get on the same page for this finale fight? The fight started with Mizunami throwing both Sakura and Suruga down out of lock-ups and after a double lock-up, Mizunami and Sakura traded shoulder tackles. Both teams used both members to push the other and Tropical High Energy won the exchange, downing Sakura and sending Suruga flying. Sakura reversed a double whip and sent Mizunami and Mizumori colliding into each other, then threw Mizumori across the ring by her hair. The Ay Oh chant began again as Sakura locked on the Romero Special and tossed Mizumori back to the mat. She tagged in Suruga, who introduced Mizumori’s head to the wall and tried to forearm Mizumori but she blocked and distracted Suruga with dance to KO her with her own forearm. Mizumori grabbed her again and threw her into a forearm from Mizunami. She tagged out and Mizunami unloaded Machine Gun Chops on and chopped the soul out of Suruga as Mizumori thanked some sponsors. Mizumori took her on a giant swing and locked on another Boston Crab as Mizunami choked her out and the pair posed. Mizunami tried for a slam but Suruga wiggled free and stomped her foot, then hit Aniki with a jawbreaker. Suruga was able to slam her into the mat and tagged in Sakura.

She came out with a dropkick and splashed Mizunami’s arm against the wall. She smashed the arm into the wall again and took Mizunami up for an underhook arm breaker. Yet again, Sakura is busting out all sorts of cool moves ahead of the tournament. She tried for it again but Mizunami broke free with a forearm and chopped away again. Sakura hit back just as hard and the chops just got even harder. Mizunami tanked an ungodly number of chops and downed Sakura with a lariat. The pair jaw-jacked with each other and Sakura dragged herself over to Suruga. She came in with a Supergirl Forearm and locked on the Octopus Stretch. She couldn’t quite lock it in and tried for the Apple Cut Mutilation but Mizunami wasn’t having it and pummelled her with wrist-clutch lariats. She made the tag and Mizumori missed a tropical splash. The pair fought over roll-ups and the Apple Queens hit a wall combo. They tried to tune up the band for a double We Will Rock You but Aniki joined in the singalong and grabbed both by the head. They threw Mizunami against the wall as well and tuned the band up again but Tropical High Energy grabbed Suruga and dragged her down with them. She ducked as Sakura hit the We Will Rock You. Sakura threw Mizunami out of the window and Suruga locked in the Apple Cut Mutilation on Mizumori. She escaped so Suruga a double stomp to the back and went to the top.

Mizunami grabbed her into an electric chair through the window and drove her into the outside of the studio. Back inside, Mizumori had regained control and had Sakura in the Tropical Crab. The camera cut back outside and Suruga was getting vengeance on Mizunami by scraping her across the outside wall and rammed her into the elevator door outside. Everyone re-entered the studio and a double forearm exchange broke out. Apple Queens tried to fire up but Tropical High Energy caught their arms and delivered headbutts to the chest. They dragged out a training bag and dumped it in the centre of the mat. Suruga tried to run along with it but she was caught and powerbombed onto the training bag before hitting a splash/leg drop combo on Suruga and the bag. Sakura saved the match but she got dragged away, and Tropical High Energy played ping pong with Suruga. Mizumori drove her against the wall but Sakura wasn’t letting her hit the Wall-run Splash. She eventually broke free of Sakura’s grasp but missed the splash. Suruga tried for the Propellor pin but Mizumori held her in place and Mizunami hit her with a shining wizard. She was launched at the wall and hit a double crossbody, then hopped on Sakura’s shoulders for a double rolling senton. Suruga tried to end things with Lucifer but Mizumori fought out and continued to fight out of continuous pinfall attempts and was saved from a Dragon Sleeper by Mizunami before falling victim to a Tiger Driver for the three-count. Sakura had viciously won the match. The Apple Queens stood victorious, but it had been a hard fight, and the AEW Eliminator Tournament they were all invested in was still wide open. For now, they’d ended season five on one hell of a high note. This absolutely rocked.

With that, we say goodbye to another season of ChocoPro. This has been my first full season of reviews and it’s been full of fun matches, hard-hitting affairs, and comedic hardcore bouts. This company never fails to deliver and I love seeing them get more recognition through the AEW tournament. This episode was another strong finale, and it left me with a clear winner for the Season 5 MVP, Chie Koishikawa. She got another hard-earned win and continued to show just how much she has improved through the weeks. It won’t be long before season six hits but for now, let’s celebrate everyone’s successes and wish them all well in the tournament ahead. We will see you all again soon.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move Twitter, FlyingVTrigger, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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