What will we see from this weeks Dynamite? Will we find out what was in Hangman Page’s contract? Will we find out any more developments within the Inner Circle? Will we get NEW Tag Team Champions? We do know there will be an explosive six man tag team main event. So enough of the questions, let’s get reviewing.

Hangman Page and Matt Hardy vs. The Hybrid 2

The match kicked off with The Hybrid attempting to ambush Page from the opening bell and immediately he was having none of it, fughting them out and tagging in Hardy. Quickly, the duo of Hardy and Page isolated Evans with fast tags and even faster double team combinations between the two kept the match in their favour.

Angelico, witnessing they were losing their grasp of the match, blind-tagged Evans to enter the match and cheap-shotted Hardy who was distracted, with a blind kick to the back of the head. From there, The Hybrid demonstrated why they are a team to watch out for, with a combination of athletic offences and stiff kicks, they had Hardy on the ropes.

The match itself, despite The Hybrid’s best efforts, was a showcase for Page, who once again demonstrated why he should be challenging for a Championship. He countered everything his opposition could muster against him. Hitting a fallaway slam on Angelico, a crossbody to the outside on Evans, a brain buster to Angelico and then a powerbomb to Evans who was leaping from the top turnbuckle and was caught in mid motion.

The closing of the match occurred when Hardy tagged himself into the ring but suffered a Phoenix Splash from Evans, near-fall. It was once again up to Page to rescue the match as he hit a double Buckshot Lariat to both members of The Hybrid and of course Hardy leaped in the ring to score the pin, for the glory of it all.

After the Match: Hardy grabbed the microphone and stated that Page had signed with him. But as viewers witnessed last week Page had swapped the contract and he called out the Jacksonville Jaguars mascot to the ring with the contact itself to reveal what Hardy had signed. It was that both men will have a match at Revolution and if Hangman wins, he gets 100-percent of Hardy’s first-quarter earnings.

Hardy requested Page that he do the same and Page agreed. Suddenly, the mascot attacked Page, and under the mask, was Isiah Kassidy. Hardy bribed TH2 to help Kassidy and himself beat down Page, that was until The Dark Order arrived to help and you could sense an alliance was on the cards between the faction and Page.

Interview with Inner Circle: Fantastic promo by all of members here, but this highlighted hostility between MJF and Jericho, showing that Jericho hasn’t fallen for MJF’s manipulation yet.

Women’s World Title Eliminator Tournament Round One: Serena Deeb vs. Riho

Firstly, the commentating from JR in this match was abysmal, if it was a drinking game and you took a shot every time he mentioned that Riho was 98lbs, or she’s small, or basically belittling her you’d be KO’d.

The match itself was fantastic. This was PPV quality. I’ve stated before that all the AEW Women’s Division needed was a chance to shine because AEW has the talent, they just need time in matches to showcase it. If the Women’s Tournament is the cannonball to propel AEW to give them more time and to demonstrate their skills, then job done because Deeb and Riho killed it here.

From the beginning, it was counter wrestling matched by counter wrestling and it was timed fantastically. During the course of the match, Riho targeted Deeb who had injured her knee during the match while Deeb responded by catching Riho who attempted a 619 and connected with a springboard under the ropes choking Riho’s chest across the ropes.

Deeb launched into a series of brutal lariats and seized on the Guerrero Special, then twisted it into a painful pinning combinations for a series of two counts. Riho fought back hitting a Snap Dragon suplex and a diving cross body but Deeb targeted the left leg with a Figure-Four and a Dragon Screw leg whip, leaving Riho senseless.

Deeb was relentless as she hit swinging neckbreaker, another dragon screw on the ropes, a powerbomb and attacked Riho’s left leg again as she applied a Stretcher Muffler. Riho fought back with a 619 and a double stomp to Deeb’s back and scored a near fall with a double stomp to the stomach. The two traded pin attempts but it was a rollup by Riho who got her the pin.

Video Package: Jade and Shaq shooting hoops and staring at the camera, no seriously that was it.

Orange Cassidy vs. Luther

Does anyone remember when wrestling fans were talking about Cassidy being the top star of AEW, a main contender to the TNT Championship? Yeah, that seems so long ago now.

The match itself wasn’t really anything to write home about. Luther hit a powerbomb on Cassidy and dragged him to the apron outside the ring when Cassidy hit a powerbomb from the ring to the floor. A bump that wasn’t needed in a match like this. While the referee was distracted, for some reason, Taylor and Serpentico were in the ring and Taylor hit the Awful Waffle on Luther’s tag team partner.

Both Cassidy and Luther re-entered the ring and Cassidy hit the Orange Punch for the win and no doubt fans will see all four men in a tag team match in the coming weeks.

Team Taz Segment: Team Taz, admittedly down a couple of members due to the weather, called out Sting, and Sting came to the ring. Armed with his baseball bat, Sting was ready to fight but baited by Taz, he put his bat down and he was immediately overwhelmed by the numbers game as Team Taz attacked. It was at this moment Brian Cage struck him with a powerbomb, leaving Sting on the floor beaten.

Eddie Kingston interview: “Moxley, you are a demon. I need to get rid of you the most… I got to get rid of you by beating you, old friend.”

AEW Tag Team Championship Match: Young Bucks vs. Santana & Ortiz

This match was a long time coming and I’ve stated before that I’m a big fan of Santana and Ortiz. However, I personally would loved to have seen this match a month from now, with the Champions being MJF and Jericho who may capture the Championships from the Young Bucks to develop the self destruction of the Inner Circle storyline.

But without rhyme or reason we had this match on Dynamite and as expected with these four men, it was a great match. Santana and Ortiz were in control of the match from the beginning and continued to press the advantage but then from out of nowhere, MJF attempted to interfere in the match and the referee ordered The Inner Circle members to leave the ring.

This wasn’t an issue for the challengers as they continued to prove why they should be the Champions and focused there attacks on Nick Jackson. Matt finally got a chance to be tagged in and became a one-man wrecking crew devastating the challengers. But Santana would be the difference maker as he saved Ortiz from a More Bang For Your Buck attempt and struck with a Falcon Arrow from the top rope.

Both teams traded the advantage until The Bucks hit the Doomsday Device on Santana, then connected with stereo superkicks for a near fall until Ortiz broke up the pin. Santana and Ortiz hit the Street Sweeper to Nick and Matt broke the pin. For revenge, Santana and Ortiz powerbombed him into the audience. Ortiz ran into the ring to press his advantage but Nick scored the win from a small package.

After the match: All members of The Inner Circle returned to the ring and decimated The Young Bucks. The camera panned to behind the scenes where Kenny Omega was pleading with a defiant Don Callis to help them, and after some convincing, he whispered instructions to The Good Brothers, then said go help them. After way longer than usual, The Good Brothers arrived, but the damage was done.

Brandi Rhodes Gender Reveal: Brandi announced it’s a Girl.

Matt & Mike Sydal vs. FTR

As a match, this wasn’t very memorable, it served to show the fans just how good FTR are and showcase a new tag team in the Sydal Brothers.

The former Tag Team Champions excelled in grinding The Sydal’s high flying abilities and quick attacks to a slow crawl. Despite highlights from Mike Sydal hitting a moonsault from the top turnbuckle to the floor, knocking both members of FTR down, and double knees from the top turnbuckle again hitting both members of FTR, it was FTR hitting the Big Rig to get the win.

After the match: Harwood and Wheeler were about to cut Mike’s hair until the lights went out and Jurassic Express appeared, wanting revenge for where they did to Luchasaurus previously. Jungle Boy locked Harwood in the Snare Trap and Luchasaurus destroyed Wheeler with a choke slam.

Jon Moxley, Lance Archer & Rey Fénix vs. Eddie Kingston, The Butcher & The Blade

It’s turning into a tradition that the main events on Dynamite are just chaos, and this Six-Man Tag Team Match was just that.

The match began with Archer unexpectedly being beaten down by all three members of the opposition and he almost looked vulnerable, almost. Archer recovered and wiped out Butcher and Blade, as Kingston, Butcher and Blade where on the outside of the ring, Archer struck again with massive dive.

After Fénix was tagged in, he stunned The Blade and Kingston with unique arm drags and then a dove to the outside through the ropes destroying Blade. Fénix is just a force of nature when he is in the ring and is such a joy to watch.

Finally fans got to see Moxley versus Kingston in the ring after Moxley took Butcher apart with a german suplex. They traded punches, they traded forearms but after a distraction from Archer who launched Fénix to the other side of the ring on Butcher and the Blade, Kingston struck Moxley with the back fist but the endurance of Moxley came into play and when he beat him with the Paradigm Shift to get the win.

After the match: The Good Brothers attacked Moxley and a manic Kenny Omega appeared in the ring announcing the match for Revolution on March 6th will be an Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match. Omega left a lasting impression on Moxley hitting the V-Trigger knocking him out and Omega standing tall.

Photos, videos and tweets – All Elite Wrestling

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