Welcome back to Paradigm Pro and more from the experimental No Hook wrestling series. After opening with some weird mysteries and awesome matches the company looks to do more of the same this week. We’ll see if Jody the Wrestler’s deal has borne fruit as he defends his VERZUS Battleborn title against Jeffrey John, Detroit Punk all fight each other, Sandra Moone battles Kayla Kassidy and much much more. There’ll be new teams to fear and new challenges ahead for some of your favourites. Let’s get into the action. Not to mention we’d hopefully hear more of the J-Rose interrogation about the wild events of these tapings.

Alex Kane defeated Alex Cluckey via Corkscrew Suplex

Up first was the Suplex Assassin taking on the newly solo Alex Cluckey. With his stepbrother unable to compete on account of being grounded for buying too many Onlyfans Subscriptions, Cluckey was now a new singles wrestler at the encouragement of a space detective and man, had he been given a challenge. Cluckey made the mistake of slapping Kane and found himself on the receiving end of multiple knockdowns and a Doctor Bomb. Cluckey rolled to the outside and snapped Kane off the ropes. He targeted Kane’s knee with a low kick and snapped it into the mat. Kane tried to swat him away but Cluckey relentlessly went after the knee. He got Kane in the Boston Crab but Kane kicked him off after a struggle and drilled him with a clothesline. A back elbow followed and despite Cluckey’s protests, Kane launched him with a German. Cluckey stomped Kane’s foot and created some separation with a superkick so he could lock on a Guillotine. Kane hoisted him up and ended the match with a Corkscrew Suplex, planting Cluckey into the mat, hard. It seems all of Daddy’s Money cannot save you from a Suplex Assassin.

EMS (Big Beef Gnarls Garvin & Austin Connelly) defeated Awesome Odyssey (Chris Copeland & Jack Andrews) via Doomsday Device on Andrews

The last time I saw Big Beef and Connelly in the ring together, they were trying to kill each other. Now they had joined forces to form EMS and their first targets, Chris Copeland and Jack Andrews of the Awesome Odyssey. Would this duo of madmen be able to best the established team in the Odyssey? Garvin started by working over Andrews but both made tags and Awesome Odyssey showed off some awesome double-team work including an assisted kick and Hadouken German. They nearly scored a quick fall with a gory cutter but Connelly kicked out. The pair tried to beat down Connelly further, but he caught Andrews into an Electric Chair, and EMS sent him to the Emergency Room with a Doomsday Device. This was an emphatic statement from EMS about just how destructive they can be and how invincible Austin Connelly is.

Don’t Die Miles defeated Sam Beale (w/Forgotten Fight Team) via Shooting Star Press

Myron Reed had gifted Don’t Die Miles to a title shot at the start of this series. Unfortunately, though, that wouldn’t come for some time yet and Miles would have to fight his way through several people who were pissed at Reed forcibly making him jump the queue. The first in that list, The Permanator Sam Beale, the newest protégé of the Forgotten Fight Team. Not to mention behind the scenes Myron Reed was trying to pull strings with other teams when this fight was made. Beale started with trash-talking but Miles quickly shut him up with some technical work. He continued to outpace Beale and brought the big man crashing down with a dropkick. Beale rolled out so Miles followed him out with a dive and went for another headscissors, but Beale caught him and broke him over his knee with a high gutbuster. He held onto Miles and swung him into a lethal Uranage. Miles tried to fight back but Beale knocked him loopy with a forearm and tossed him across the ring. The trash-talking returned and Beale took some nasty kicks but withstood and kept Miles down with a clothesline. A cocky pin and nasty beatdown followed but Beale just couldn’t keep Miles down. He lost his temper and choked Miles out in the ropes and caught him out of another kick into a nasty Suplex. Miles found a spark of life after another kick-out and forearmed away at Beale, then hit him with another duo of dropkicks but Beale reversed a whip and chopped out his legs. He crushed Miles with a step-up Senton and angrily wrenched at Miles’ head. Miles escaped with a jawbreaker and hit Beale with a single-leg dropkick into a stunning enzuigiri. He followed up with a rolling X-Factor and tried for the springboard cutter but Beale reversed it into a pop-up headbutt and crushed Miles again under a rope-walking Famouser. Miles kicked out and Beale went into full-on freak-out mode. He thought Miles was dead but Miles played possum and escaped into a massive Trouble in Paradise kick. He rushed to the top and ended things with the Shooting Star Press. Wow, this was quite the match. Beale is painfully 80s but I love that and his dickhead attitude. It played perfectly with Miles’ hearty underdog, and we got a really fun match out of it. I hope Beale is back again some time. Miles has now bested one opponent on his way to the title!

Sandra Moone defeated Kayla Kassidy via Gutwrench Powerbomb

Up next was Sandra Moone vs Kayla Kassidy. We’d been briefly introduced to Moone through some audio of her interacting with Billie Starkz and claiming fate had brought the pair together at that moment. Now she could show off her attunement with the world and the sub-space by besting Kayla Kassidy in combat. Moone tried to offer a handshake but Kassidy wasn’t having it. This was echoed in the way both broke up their corner counts. Moone welcomed Kassidy to the sub-space division with a series of arm-drags into a turnbuckle crossbody and rained down punches. Moone scored a near-fall with a low bulldog and got blasted with a snapmare kick. Kassidy continued to kick at Moone and choked her out on the ropes in front of the camera. Moone tried to strike back but Kassidy cut her off with a knee and slammed her into the mat. Moone answered this with a back elbow but Kassidy maintained control by dragging her to the mat by the hair. She kicked out and made her comeback with a series of hard strikes into a backdrop. Moone climbed to the top and killed Kassidy further with a massive dropkick for a two-count. Kassidy wasn’t out yet and nearly took the win with a swinging neckbreaker. She gave a banshee’s cry and swung down on Moone but it wasn’t enough and Moone caught her into a massive Gutwrench Powerbomb for the win. Moone is certainly an interesting character and has some interesting moves in her arsenal. Again, this was a nice little match between a force of good and a force of contempt.

VERZUS Battleborn Title: Jody the Wrestler defeated Jeffrey John via Rolling Elbow

It was time to see if Jody’s deal with the mysterious stranger had come true. He had to defend his second title, the VERZUS Battleborn title now and he couldn’t face a repeat loss. His opponent this time was the fighting male model Jeffrey John. He’d already shown Xavier Faraday the item that would secure all his wins and now had a match to worry about. Jody put on a new elbow pad and took some time to stretch before fighting. John rushed Jody with an uppercut and dumped him on his head with a backdrop. Jody struck back but John caught him into a nasty backbreaker and stomped Jody’s back. He locked Jody in an abdominal stretch and transitioned it into a pump-handle backbreaker. He whipped Jody between the corners and fought off his kicks to deliver a deadly Blue Thunder Bomb. John missed the kill shot and got KO’ed by a rolling elbow from Jody. It looks like that new elbow pad had secured Jody’s win here as we’ve never seen him win with something like that before. Looks like something good might finally be coming for Jody… though hey, we should also appreciate how good John was here.

Nolan Edward defeated Dylan Derringer & Mitch Hewitt via Liability Headbutt to Hewitt

Last but not least, the main event. Detroit Punk suffered a loss last week to Creature Feature and imploded there and then. Now the Punks were going to fight in a triple-threat to determine who was the best. Would it be Nolan Edward (no S), Mitch Hewitt, or Dylan Derringer leaving with the win? The trio had some individual scraps, then went into a three-way lock-up, well it would have but Edward kicked away Hewitt and put Derringer in a headlock. Hewitt and Derringer worked to throw Edward out and forearmed the hell out of each other. They countered around each other until Hewitt started a train of corner forearms on Derringer. Hewitt scored a near-fall with a sliding clothesline but Edward broke it up and threw Derringer out. Edwards lashed out at Hewitt with kicks but Hewitt tanked and threw him with a Butterfly Suplex. Derringer rushed the pair and took out Hewitt with a springboard back elbow. He leapt over halfway across the ring and drilled an elbow into Hewitt’s chest for another near-fall. Edward came back into the match and pummelled Derringer with forearms and chops. Derringer fell from the ropes so Edward hit him with a dropkick and Hurricanrana. He followed up with a massive slam but crashed out on a standing Shooting Star Press and dodged a second from Derringer. Edward went for a rope-bounce slam but Derringer reversed it into a Hurricanrana and nailed the SSP. That wasn’t enough so he went up top and smashed into Nolan with an imploding senton.

Hewitt returned to break up the pin and used the ref to block Derringer’s superkick. Edward got Derringer into the Gory position and used him as a human shield against another Hewitt kick. However, Hewitt just launched a second one and blasted Edward in the jaw. Everyone crumpled to the mat and a game of ping pong was played with Hewitt as the ball. Derringer and Edward climbed to the top and after jaw-jacking, collided in mid-air. As those two recovered, Hewitt gave both the finger and set up some doors on the outside. He dragged Derringer towards the doors and the pair battled on the apron. Derringer got the better of it and went to the top but Hewitt dragged him down and put him through the doors with a Psycho Driver. Hewitt couldn’t drag him back into the ring so climbed back in to battle Edward. He rushed with a running headbutt but couldn’t pin Hewitt as there was no ref. Edward threw the ref back in and blasted Hewitt with a second headbutt for the win. He had bested his brothers and taken the win here after Hewitt all but killed Derringer. It was an excellent fight and a more than worthy main event. It’s nice to see No Flinch pick up a win. Though I feel he’s not quite himself as he rather rudely accosted J-Rose after winning, threatening to slam him and giving him a slap. Definitely not nice. We’ll see where this goes next week when we return to No Hook! Remember, cheer for your favourites and keep asking the questions.

All images courtesy of Paradigm Twitter, Jocay19, ThatRoseTattoo

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