Welcome back to Bloodsport. It’s time for the second show in the double-bill of brutality with another high-profile fighter returning to the action. This time, Jon Moxley is in the house and he is taking on none other than the undefeated Davey Boy Smith Jr. Alongside that we’d see Team Filthy fight each other as JR Kratos takes on Chris Dickinson, Filthy Tom Lawlor battles Jeff Cobb, Superbeast tangles with Kal Jak, and much, much more. Not to mention, Rocky Romero is making his debut on the fighting stage. Let’s stop the stalling and get into another load of technical and striking excellence.

Calder McColl defeated Bad Dude Tito via Rear-Naked Choke

Up first was the Scottish MMA fighter turned wrestler Calder McColl taking on the LA wrestling veteran and BJJ-trained Bad Dude Tito. McColl had taken the win in his last match whilst Tito had fallen to The Superbeast. Would Tito be able to recoup his stats or would McColl add another scalp to his win list? This started with both guys looking for takedowns as McColl looked to win the fight on the mat against whilst Tito worked around the submission attempts and looked to best McColl at his own game. Tito really made him suffer with a German and flurry of strikes, then locked in an Achilles hold. McColl got free and another trade-off of submission attempts played out. The pair found their feet where McColl got a stunning kick on McColl and locked on a Rear-Naked but Tito broke free and the pair traded mounted punches. McColl was forced to play defensively and tried to lock an arm but Tito turned that into a Cobra Clutch. For the third time, they found their feet and Tito was done playing, throwing more strikes, and stunning McColl. However, McColl stunned Tito with a flying knee and McColl choked out Tito with the Rear-Naked Choke. Once again, Calder McColl proves to be the ultimate escape artist as he takes another tough fight and finds a way to win. This also worked as an excellent showcase for Tito’s mat-skills as he really had McColl on the backfoot for a lot of the match. What a brilliant opening contest.

Calvin Tankman defeated Nolan Edward via TKO

Next was Heavyweight Hustle Calvin Tankman returning to the fighter’s stage after the loss to Davey Boy Smith Jr last show. This time he’d be taking on No Flinch Nolan Edward. We know Edward can take punishment would he be able to survive what Tankman could throw at him? Edward tested his jaw by tanking an opening barrage of strikes from Tankman and withstood the damage to take the big man to the mat. He didn’t keep the high ground for long and once again they threw more strikes and Tankman knocked Edward to the ground with a right. Edward kicked up and stunned Tankman with a flying knee. He tried for a front choke but Tankman just slammed Edward into the mat hard and rained down the strikes until the ref called for the bell. Once again, it was a loss for Edward but he definitely stunned the monster and seemed to impress Barnett in the process. Meanwhile, Tankman is back to being the dominant heavyweight force you’d expect from him.

Kal Jak defeated Superbeast via Side Choke pass out

Who’s up for a battle of the beasts? It was time for the Grizzly amateur wrestling star Kal Jak taking on the technically sound powerhouse mystery man, Superbeast. Both guys are monsters on that platform, which would be walking away the winner? Jak was able to withstand the opening onslaught of KO punches for Superbeast and used his amateur skills to ground him and keep him down on the mat. He dumped Superbeast with a Gutwrench Suplex and took a whole load of kicks from Superbeast, a guy that bulky shouldn’t be able to do a Tornado Kick… Superbeast continued to hammer away at Jak but a wrestling throw had Beast back on his back. Jak dominated on the mat again switching from the back to the arm to a side choke. Beast worked the wrist but Jak dropped him again with a belly to belly. He tried for more kicks but Jak caught it into a Blue Thunder Bomb and put Beast to sleep with a side choke. This is one hell of a feather in the cap for Jak as he has now put down someone as freakishly athletic as Superbeast and doing it in surprisingly rapid fashion. Honestly, both of these guys better be back for the next one as both have been very impressive over the double-bill.

Royce Isaacs defeated Alex Coughlin via Dragon Sleeper

It was redemption time as both Royce Isaacs and Alex Coughlin looked to rebound from their previous losses. It would be the LA Dojo vs NWA as Coughlin had the Shibata training whilst Issacs has wrestled everywhere. The two started with a takedown war and went straight into a mat-based battle. Coughlin and Isaacs jockeyed for position with Coughlin showing off more of his technical side. It was a highly-even battle as neither guy could keep the advantage. After a cagey standoff, Isaacs had Coughlin on the mat and started to work the leg, trapping the Young Lion in a Calf Crusher. Coughlin transitioned to a mount and forearmed Issacs. He went to the arm but Isaacs broke the hold with a one-armed powerbomb. The submission game continued as Coughlin relentlessly went after the arm and Issacs forced Coughlin to the floor with a Texas Cloverleaf. Coughlin found the advantage with a Gutwrench Bomb and quickly tried for a submission with a half crab and crossface. Isaacs mustered a comeback with a Backdrop Suplex and went after the previously-injured neck with a Dragon Sleeper, forcing Coughlin to tap. Once again, this was an intensely close fight with both guys showing some masterful technical ability. Coughlin has really shown out in this duo of return fights but the victory was just out of reach as Issacs had an answer for what he had to throw at him. Again though, amazing fight.

Rocky Romero defeated Simon Grimm via Cross Armbreaker

Up next was the debut fight for Rocky Romero. The wrestling veteran is a proficient submission specialist and already wrestling genius but would we see any of his patented sneaky-style enter the fight? He’d need every bit of technique he had as he was in a fight with another technical genius, Simon Grimm. The pair started heavily with counters and continued this cat and mouse game on the mat. Both guys targeted the neck and Romero showed off some catch as catch can skill. Grimm took things back to the mat with a scoop slam and hammered Romero with strikes to soften him up. Romero shook this off and the pair continued to go counter for counter on more submissions. The pair found their feet as Romero showed off some Barnett teachings and tried for a standing Octopus hold. When he couldn’t lock it in, he tried to light up Grimm with strikes but Grimm floored him with a clothesline and locked in another side head and arm trap. Romero slipped out of an Anaconda Vice and broke through Grimm’s defence with knees. Grimm scored another knockdown and locked an ankle but Rocky broke free again with the Rewind Kick. A snap Suplex followed and Romero desperately tried for the Cross Armbreaker. Grimm locked the ankle but Romero did the same so Grimm threw in some strikes. Romero slipped away again and the fight reset. A strike battle broke out until Grimm locked a wrist and took the fight to the mat again but Romero found a full mount again. Grimm moved to the half guard and hammered into Romero with elbows but the fighters found their feet again. Romero continued to cling to a cravat but Grimm took him for a ride with an Exploder Suplex and a belly to belly. He tried for the Gotch Piledriver, but Romero wouldn’t budge, so he kicked him in the head and tried for a Fireman’s carry. Romero locked the face and transitioned to the Octopus but Grimm flipped him again. Romero locked in a triangle and sandbagged a one-armed powerbomb to lock in the Cross Armbreaker for an instant tap. Goddamn, this one was fun. Talk about two technical masters playing cat and mouse with the other’s limbs. Grimm might often be on the losing end but he will always leave a mark on his opponent and bring the best out of them. I expect a lot of wrestlers will be studying the tape of this one.

Chris Dickinson defeated JR Kratos via Rear-Naked Choke

This fight scares me. I’m really glad it exists, but there is a very strong possibility this one ends with someone in a body bag. Both of these guys are big, heavy-hitting wrestling machines with massive gas tanks and expertise. This is as even as it gets. Kratos instantly speared Dickinson down and tried to work him on the mat. Kratos dodged a kick but Dickinson took him down and looked to keep him grounded. Kratos fought through and got on top, trying to capture different limbs. He tried to stun Dickinson with a strike and flatted him to the mat. The strikes kept flying as Dickinson tried to defend until he could break free and smack Kratos in the mouth. He once again went to the leg as Kratos pulled at his arm. Kratos spent an agonising amount of time in a kneebar and tried for a toe hold but Dickinson kicked him away for a reset. The anger came out and the striking/kicking battle came into full swing. Dickinson stunned Kratos with a high kick and continued to target the legs. He tried for a takedown but Kratos just powerbombed him into the mat. Kratos was back on top but Dickinson worked back up quickly. Dickinson dropped Kratos on his head with a deadlift German and avoided a toss to lock in the Rear-Naked Choke and tapped out the monster. Yeah, this one got nasty but Dickinson found the win by tanking the blows, giving them back as heavy, and using his speed and cunning to tap Kratos out. This fight rocked and honestly, I wouldn’t say no to a rematch.

Jeff Cobb defeated Filthy Tom Lawlor via Full Nelson

Up next was one of Bloodsport’s newcomers against one of its established fighters as Jeff Cobb looked to continue his winning streak against the filthy one, Tom Lawlor. Cobb showed he could battle the best with his win over Dickinson but could he outwit and out-technique Lawlor? Both guys quickly found the mat as Lawlor went for the legs and Cobb went to the ground. They jockeyed for position and Lawlor slowly elevated himself back to his feet before spinning around for a Triangle. He continued to roll through and tried to break Cobb’s hold for a Cross Armbreaker. Cobb reversed and took the top position, trapping and choking Lawlor. He couldn’t keep him down though and Lawlor went right back to the legs with more kicks. The fight reset and Cobb scored a takedown but Lawlor used it to grapevine the leg for a kneebar. He went right back to the arm but Cobb got free. Lawlor continued with his game plan and continued to punish the legs and smashed Cobb’s head into the mat with a running leg drop. Cobb turtled up and rolled through a choke to trap Lawlor in a cradle. Lawlor found his feet and went right back on the attack, blasting Cobb with strikes, kicks, and Muay Thai knees. He put on another choke but Cobb tossed Lawlor to the mat and tried for the Bas Rutten neck lock. Lawlor fought up again and locked Cobb in a Guillotine and broke the hold to rain down strikes. Cobb tried for a Northern Lights but Lawlor held on and continued to choke out Cobb. He rained down blows again from the full mount but Cobb launched him with a duo of Germans into a teardrop Suplex as Lawlor locked his wrist. Cobb locked in a Full Nelson and Lawlor had no option to tap. Lawlor had given Cobb one hell of a battle and left him with a massacred arm but the strength and base of Cobb had secured him a win.

Jon Moxley defeated Davey Boy Smith Jr via DDT Knockout

Last but not least, the main event. Jon Moxley was back and ready for another fight. He hadn’t gotten an easy opponent either, he was fighting one of the undefeated stars of the Bloodsport fighting arena, Davey Boy Smith Jr. Smith had issued the challenge, would he come to regret it? Moxley instantly took a different approach to the other fights by trying to taunt and intimidate Smith. It didn’t work as such and Smith threw back the same air jabs. Smith rolled Moxley to the mat and controlled him on the mat before dragging him up and throwing him out of the ring after an attempted double wrist-lock. They tried for a knuckle-lock but Moxley kept kicking at Smith’s leg so he once again took him down and tried to lock him up. Moxley reclined on top and continued to work free as Smith looked for more holds to apply. Moxley climbed onto Smith’s back and assaulted him with crossfaces and pulled Smith into a sleeper by the jaw. Smith broke free with a toe hold and switched to a side guard to elbow Moxley in the temple. Smith continued to try for the double wrist lock but Moxley was defending too well. He went for the toe hold again but Moxley rolled and tried for a Cross Armbreaker. The pair had another standing strike bout but Smith put a stop to it with a head and arm lock, then victory rolled into a kneebar. Moxley tried to crossface free but Smith switched position and crushed him into the mat. He unloaded his anger on Moxley with a barrage of strikes and elbows straight to the head, forcing Moxley to turtle up. The assault didn’t stop though, Smith just changed course and hit him in the temple again. Moxley was busted open and frantically struck and clawed free as Smith ground a forearm into the bloody forehead. Moxley finally switched to a full mount and went headbutt wild on Smith, smearing blood everywhere.

They continued to roll and strike until Moxley tried for another choke and Smith continued to grind at the wounded forehead. Moxley got to his feet and hammered Smith in the face with stiff knees and gave him another running knee and stomp on the way down. Smith turned a front choke attempt into a Snap Suplex and nailed a bridging Northern Lights but Moxley locked him in another choke. Smith tried for the double wrist-lock again but Moxley cheekily tried to counter into the Sharpshooter. Smith kicked this off with a double-leg screw and hammered Moxley in the head again and dumped him with a backdrop. Moxley was staggered so Smith tasted his blood and gave him a sickening elbow. He tried for another backdrop but Moxley held on and punched Smith in the head, trying to get the Bulldog Choke locked. Smith rolled free into an arm breaker but Moxley clasped his hands again. Moxley broke out again and leapt onto Smith with a deadly stomp. The pair traded headbutts and Smith rolled Moxley into another toe hold. Moxley kicked free and a frantic palm strike battle broke out. Moxley stopped Smith with a knee and dropped him on his face with a double-underhook DDT for the win. Smith was knocked out and Moxley had taken another scalp. He had defeated the unkillable Davey Boy Smith Jr through sheer guts and frantic violence. What a main event. Both fighters put on a world-class fight with an emphasis on sheer violence. The fun doesn’t stop for Moxley though, his next fight is the Warmaster himself, Josh Barnett at Bloodsport 6. That is going to be insane.

All images courtesy of GCW/Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport Twitter, omgjess, Hiban Huerta, FITE TV, Scottyda78