Major League Wrestling (“MLW”) today announced it has signed Leo Brien to a long-term contract.

“Leo is one of the sport’s best-kept secrets,” said MLW CEO Court Bauer. “A 265-pound southern brawler that hits like (Stan) Hansen and moves like (Terry) Gordy? You simply don’t see guys like this today.”

Spitting tobacco in the face of opponents while employing dirty and illegal tactics in his matches, Leo Brien is a rawboned, roughhouse wrestler.

Once managed by the great southern wrestling promoter and manager Colonel Robert Parker and trained by Steve Keirn, Brien has recently taken some time away from the sport and entered the profitable bounty hunting business moving to Diablo Canyon, CO.

Returning to MLW as a force to reckon with, this resourceful and dirty brawler looks to wrap his cowbell and lariat around a few heads and collect some wins.

Brien, 26, wrestled his first match in 2012. He met Mike Patrick in 2014 and they started to team up as The Dirty Damn Outlaws, and then The Dirty Blondes. They would become NWA Florida Tag Team Champions the year after. They had their first MLW match in 2017 but would come back the year after.

They became a major team for the company and would even get involved in an MLW World Tag Team Title match against The Lucha Brothers and Team TBD, their long-time foes. Brien had his first MLW singles match in 2019 against Savio Vega. If Brien was signed long-term, there’s no news on the same for Mike Patrick.

All pics and videos courtesy of MLW